#iGotMyShotSG – 2nd vaccination completed on Thursday 15th July 2021. Looking back when I got my first vaccination on 3rd June 2021, six weeks had passed, I am finally vaccinated (still need two weeks for the vaccination to take effect though).

On a personal note

This is not just an interim post in between my technology and business news coverage as I am taking a two days (Thursday 15th July and Friday 16th July) break from my usual news/media coverage. I am taking this “break” time, writing from a personal perspective.

I am giving my body a rest at home as much as possible for 48 hours from my 2nd vaccination. There are some side effects, that’s normal. I still continue WFH, just on a smaller workload for this period of time.

Over the past six weeks since I had my first vaccination, much things had happened if you have read my articles. From hitting a rock bottom, almost spiralling down even further, to a turnaround, climbing out from the rut and slowly getting things/life back to normal. There is still a long journey ahead in our battle with this ongoing global pandemic.

KTV clusters fallout

It’s hot in the news recently with our COVID-19 numbers rising as a result of the KTV clusters. There have been pretty big news coverage on them on both traditional and social media. These KTV clusters fallout has the potential to send us back into a semi-lockdown like the recent heightened alerts or the worst case scenario, back to circuit breaker in 2020. If this event ever has to take place, all our efforts to work our way back to an economic recovery is going to be derailed.

Whether it’s a heightened alert or circuit breaker, it’s not going to do us any good at all, both on the economy, social and mental fronts. I really hope the authorities action can fence, isolate and control the KTV clusters situation as soon as possible. A small group of people desire to have fun, triggering a rise in numbers, that might result in a derailment of our recovery efforts will not sit well with the rest of the population.

Fatigue, Mental Health and Journey to a New Normal

The world is facing COVID19 fatigue, it’s affecting not just our economic and daily living, our mental health has been severely affected too. This ongoing global pandemic has not been an easy time for any of us, financially, emotionally and mentally. The pressure and stress can be really huge, some might felt it more than others, with their cushy and comfortable job or wealth. The toll on our mental and emotional health will take a bigger spotlight in the very near future.

The world has made some progress yet we still faced new variants and challenges. There is still some way to go before we see light at the end of the tunnel, we can see a bit of light as the world strives towards in their journey to a new normal.

This is not going to be straightforward, not every country or everyone in your country can be of the same pace and wavelength. Inevitably, some (or many) might fall behind in this journey to a new normal.

COVID-19 has exposed the extreme ends of the human race. It’s time to take the good side of us human beings – Help, unite and work together towards exiting this global pandemic, transiting and settling down to a new normal in a post COVID world.

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