In the world of laptops, there are many sizes, types and specifications that differentiate among the many laptops for each and different group of users today. Recently in the past 1-2 years, there is a trend moving towards portability, lightweight and powerful laptops. This gave to the birth of Ultrabook and it’s getting popular with many people out there, from the business owners who are always on the move and very mobile to the students and younger generations too.

I was recently to a HP Singapore event by GoodStuph whereby I was given a hands on experience with HP’s new Ultrabook systems and Sleekbook. The new laptops on display were the HP ENVY Sleekbook and HP SPECTRE XT, their lastest series of HP’s family of laptops in their lineup. There was a demonstration on the versatility and dynamic powers of the modern HP ENVY Sleekbook and HP SPECTRE XT, whereby technology, work, leisure and play all mixed together. DJ MacDoctor was there to demonstrate how he used the HP ENVY Sleekbook and HP SPECTRE XT to connect with his DJ setup and spin music for us to listen and play with. A nice integration of work and play together as and when you want it.

Let me highlight and hare with you readers some of the key specifications of the HP ENVY Sleekbook and HP SPECTRE XT

HP ENVY Sleekbook

  • 19.8mm thin
  • 1.75kg
  • 14inch diagonal display
  • 320GB, 500GB Hard Drive Optional Intel® Smart Response and Rapid Start Technology with a 32GB SLC mSATA HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
  •  Starting price of S$1,099


  •  14.5 millimeters (mm) thin
  • 1.39 kg
  • 13.3-inch HD diagonal display with a slim bezel line
  • 128GB or 256 GB SSD
  • Starting price of S$1,499

For a more detailed comparison between these 2 HP laptop models, drop by the HP link here where they do a comparison between these 2 HP laptop models.

During my short experiences with the HP ENVY Sleekbook and HP SPECTRE XT, I was impressed with the functions and capabilities of the 2 HP laptops. On a personal preference note, I will prefer the HP SPECTRE XT, not only does it look really cool in design, it’s also lightweight, portable with technical specifications that provides great performance too. The HP SPECTRE XT does live up to its reputation of an ultramobile premium Ultrabook.

If you are looking for an Ultrabook, do check out the above HP ENVY Sleekbook and HP SPECTRE XT !

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