In the world today, the study of the human brain, behaviour and studies has been going on for a lengthy period of time. Extensive research has been done yet our brain is still something so unique and intriguing even in today’s advanced society because the powers of our brain has not been fully uncovered.

I was trained today that gives an insight into whether our brain is left brainer or right brainer and are your brain a Left Upper or Left Lower or Right Upper or Right Lower and how it affects you in your life communication with people.

Ever wonder why you tried yet can’t speak to the other person ? Whether in life, social or sales ?

It was a simple 2 page test and at the end of the test, you would know what “colour” of the brain that you dominantly use. At the end of the test, my brain is Green 🙂

Oh, my scores for Purple and Green are quite close, does that mean I am weird ?? 

While I continue to seek and learn more about this test and learning about oneself further and handling and communicating with people in life, social and sales. Very interesting, intriguing, mind searching …. just like a neurologist understanding the brain in-depth.

Take a look at this link and another link on right brain vs left brain.

Have you ask yourself ?

Are you a Left Brainer or Right Brainer ? What is the colour of your Brain ?

I think more tests are needed for my Brain ! 😉

4 thoughts on “Is Your Brain Blue, Purple, Red or Green ?”
  1. Sorry you had trouble on your other page, I was interested in seeing your photo’s from your back packing trips. Too old for that stuff now, but did enjoy it when I was younger.
    Welcome mats always out, please come by

  2. In order to find out what color my brain is, I first have to find it. lol I think it stepped out for a brief moment and decided to stay gone. I will take the test when my smarts decides to return.

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. Hi Sandy

    Thanks for dropping by here !

    Love reading your blog too ! Great adventures & photos !

    Do drop by often to my both blogs !

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