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Are You a Daily Reader ?

Today’s society is filled with many technological gadgets e.g. smartphones, portable game machines such as PSP and many forms of outside activities watching movies, shopping, eating, drinking and of course, not forgetting our hectic work routine hours and home/personal hours.

Do you feel your time is always rushing and running away from you ? Even to the extent that you have no time for your own leisure activities ? The pace today is very hectic and it can be very stressful and frustrating, on top of that, the current world economic crisis adds fuel to the fire you are in.

I did face the issues and it is a challenge and a learning experience that is most enriching in the good and bad sense since the Great Depression in the early 1920s. Reading on personal development, training, sales and growth was among my works here on this blog and it came to a halt due to my ill-discipline, laziness and “fighting the fire”. Well, I decided to go back reading consistently again, to refresh, improve and change.

Anthony Robbin’s book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, mentioned on the importance of reading something of substance, something of value, nurturing, teaching new distinctions everyday and it should be at least 30 minutes a day. Anthony’s values were taught by his teacher Jim Rohn and it got me back to reading and be CANI – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.


Reading cleanse your old system, empowerment, new skills, strategies, personal development and growth. The opportunities now may seem to be lesser, yet there are still opportunities out there, if we just shut ourselves and blame everybody and society, we are just hurting ourselves. 

The opportunity is now even better to demand more of myself than other people would expect or judged and to grow and move foward even higher than what you actually set, your goals and my true ends values.

I am getting back to my books on personal development, training, sales and growth !

Why ? It is because I am both a Mentor and Mentee 🙂

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