This morning, I completed my Singapore Bay Run 2009 and Army Half Marathon, a hot and sunny morning. Overall, it was a very large running event with about 70,000 runners in different categories. Based on my previous running experiences in the Singapore Bay Run for the past 4 years, 2006 – 2009, this run was less crowded due to staggered running groups and it was a good run overall without too much human traffic jam.

As for my own personal time, it was slow, disappointing in a way, yet happy, enjoyed and had fun in the midst of the hot sun ! Reflecting and reviewing my half marathon –

(1) Insufficient Training – mileage and frequency

(2) Changing a poor/bad habit of not eating something before a run

(3) Understanding my age metabolism and fitness level – we human beings lose it gradually as we age, therefore, in order to compensate for it, we have to train harder, more  frequently to match the level of  fitness and metabolism. As one of the doctors said, Use It (Exercise/Fitness) or Lose It.

(4) A new and lighter running shoes to replace my cross trainer that served me very well

(5) Diet Control – a challenge in Singapore’s gourmet society

(6) Incorporating other training methods – gym weights training and swimming to be included

Another achievement completed in finishing my 21km, need to go back to my drawing board, analyse and improve on the finer points in my sports training and development.

Congrats to all Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon Finishers !! Hope you all have fun too !!

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