On 2oth August 2009, it’s been 4 years officially since I entered the world of self-employed, building my own business and entrepreneurship.

These 4 years ….. it wasn’t easy at all …… it was very very difficult. What did I went through during these 4 years ?

– Lessons in life

– School of very hard knocks

– Learning strong financial management, business management, maintaining a business, customer relationship management

– Corporate and personal social responsibility

– Personal Development, Growth and Change

–  Training and Development

– Improved Emotional Quotient, Intelligence and Managing of Human Emotions

– Entrepreneurship

– Many new friendships

– Leadership in life, among friends, peers and the younger generation

– Mentoring people

– Networking in Alumni and business networks

And it was from this entrepreneurship journey that I embarked on, it got me back into having and keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle, thus my 1st marathon in 2006 and going for my 6th marathon in December 2009.

– Running and more running

– Sports Science and its applications

– Training and development

4 years old ……………. What Do I See in the next few years ?

4 thoughts on “It’s Been 4 Years”
  1. Congrats on your successful career!
    Hope you’ll have many many more successful years to come.. It’s my dream to be my own boss too.. 🙂

  2. Four years and counting for you…4 exciting and challenging years.

    Three months for me… and looking forward and embracing all the excitement and challenges coming my way. 😀

  3. Hi Cashmere

    Thank you very much for your support here !

    Still not successful, working hard, strategising on PR, Marketing and Social Media Networking !

    Wish you all the best too !! Go for your dreams !! Be your own boss !!

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