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Running 2009 Singapore Bay Run 21km !

It’s the time of the year again, the Singapore Bay Run 2009 is back again ! On Sunday 16th August 2009, at 0530 hrs, I would be embarking on my half marathon, enjoy a great workout, healthy living, active and sporting lifestyle. The route would start from the Esplanade Bridge running towards the Benjamin Sheares Bridge into East Coast Park and returning via Nicoll Highway and back to the Padang.

My 4th Half Marathon, running had become a pilgrimage for me, for personal development and growth, keeping a fit, healthy, active and sporting lifestyle. Taking this Half Marathon to improve my timing from previous years and challenged myself further.

For the 1st timers, have fun running and Run Your Own Race !! For the seasoned runners, have fun too and better your timing !! Prepare yourself for the race –

(1) Rest Well and have enough sleep

(2) Drink lots of water the night before the Run

(3) Remember to stretch before and after the Run

(4) No rich food and oily diet

(5) Be Happy, Have Fun & Don’t Worry !

Remember to Enjoy Yourself !! See you all at Singapore Bay Run 2009 !!

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