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3rd January 2023 – Celebrating 15 years of TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

On 3rd January today, 15 years ago in 2008, TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog was officially launched with not much branding and fanfare, it was titled “Tan Geng Hui Personal Blog” if I recalled correctly. In the blink of an eye, 15 years had passed, this personal/technology website has changed and transformed so much over the years into the TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog that organisations, media outlets, PR agencies and supporters know about today.

A small and humble beginning

TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog had a small and humble beginning. In 2008, this website was created to separate technology and business topics away from my other portal/blog TGH Photography and Travel, allowing them to specialise in both areas, and allowing me to  expand on food, hospitality and creative side of things.

TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog celebrated its 15 years milestone on 10th April 2021, a milestone that I was proud of, the visual storytelling journeys that I embarked on, along with the growth, changes and honing of my craft and skills over the years.

I am humbled by my years of technology and business media news coverage, yet I personally don’t feel doing as much as compared to what I did for my 15 years milestone for my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog.

Growth, Change, and Transformation over the past 15 years

For those brands, organisations, PR agency folks and loyal supports who had worked with me or followed my website over the past 15 years. You will know first hand how much this website has grown, changed and transformed over the past 15 years.

From just covering consumer technology news/topics/interests to covering media news coverage in the enterprise/B2B technology and startups sectors.

The stages of growth, change and transformation started around 5-10 years back when I started to visit more technology conferences, that’s where I ventured into the enterprise technology and startups sectors.

As I grew older along with my websites, my special topics of interest expanded into future technology trends and changes, digital transformation digital marketing/social media marketing, Fin-Tech, blockchain and NFT.


A personal writing space for the writer in me

A personal writing space in a heavy content technology and business sectors might not seem to be the best complement or combination.

Everyone talks about technology jargon and applications, yet there were gaps in how to bring them to the ground level and in a language and style that most people can understand. This might not be the easiest thing to do, it’s not just about your language skills, it’s how you understand the technology, gadgets and how it plays a part in our daily life and work.

Being able to write freely, away and beyond technology and business topics, allowed me to hone and refine my writing skills (and I still have a lot of room for improvement), as well giving me another alternative space for writing on very personal deep in my heart matters, also deep thought leadership and opinions.

Through my years of writing on both visual storytelling approach and in-depth personal thoughts approach, I was encouraged and enlightened by “No Missing Tools: Creativity in an Age of Abundance” by Fernando Gros, that we are and can be creative in our own self, that just need to believe and trust in ourselves for our inner most creativity to be unleashed.

What’s next ahead for TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog?

15 years not out, I am continuing to strive forward, writing, media news coverage and sharing thought leadership in key areas. What’s next ahead for TGH Technology and Business in the next 5,10, 15, 20 years and beyond?

I can’t see what’s going to happen in the future, I can share what I am working on right now and in the very near future, would be in the areas of

  • Expand on special topics of interest such as sustainability
  • Future technology trends and changes e.g. Future of Work, Impacts of AI, Digital Transformation, Web 3.0, NFT
  • Thought leadership in technology and business industries

All of them tied in closely with my Yearly Theme 2023 for my technology, business and personal sectors – “Transform”.

Yearly Theme 2023 (Technology | Business | Personal)

My Yearly Theme 2023 for Technology, Business and Personal is “Transform”.

Why “Transform”?

This word “Transform” was chosen for its connection to my 15 years milestone for my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog, how can I can change, transform and improve, from my media news coverage, business and technology analysis, social media marketing/digital marketing and as a writer?

Join me in my “Transform” adventures in 2023

I would like to invite all of you, come join me in my transformation exploration in my technology, business and writer journeys in 2023 and beyond.

Together we can and we might discover something common to work on, advocate together and transform the way we work and live, and on special themes that we can push for more awareness and publicity.

Last but not least, I would like to say a big Thank You for your support, your belief and trust in me, and encouragement over the past 15 years, I would continue to strive and work even harder in my technology and business media news coverage and thought leadership.

Italian FinTech start-ups at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022

Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2022 is back with a big bang in Singapore with the MICE industry leading the way to bring back Singapore’s trade, FinTech hub and business tourism into the limelight, with the business meetings and conferences industries leading the way. SFF 2022 is the 7th edition, it took place from 2nd to 4th November 2022 at Singapore Expo. It was great to be back visiting SFF 2022 again, an in-person physical event and not virtual. During my visit to SFF 2022, I checked out the best and brightest of Italian FinTech start-ups at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022, at the SFF EcoSystem stage and at the Italian Pavilion.

Ms Rosella Gentile, Deputy Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, speaking at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2022

Italian FinTech at SFF 2022

Eight Italian FinTech start-ups made their maiden appearance at SFF 2022, showcasing their latest technologies and services at the 54sqm Italian Pavilion in Singapore Expo Hall 5 to over 60,000 participants at the event. The Italian Pavilion is made possible by the Italian Trade Agency, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and in collaboration with the Italian Association of FinTech & InsureTech (AssoFintech).

In addition to that, the Bank of Italy participated in SFF for the third consecutive year, with Deputy  Governor Alessandra Perrazzelli speaking at this year’s event. The Bank of Italy’s continued participation at SFF signifies the commitment of Italian institutions to the the FinTech sector in Singapore and region. This is a recognition for Singapore, as a critical location and a major global player in the FinTech sector. Singapore offers key talent, know-how and experience that start-ups in the industry will find invaluable on their growth journey.

Ms Rosella Gentile, Deputy Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, speaking at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2022

Ms Rossella Gentile, Deputy Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, said: “The Italian FinTech ecosystem has enormous potential. Although small in size, it is a fast-growing sector attracting increasing investments and talents. Our policy makers and institutions support Italian companies engaged in this digital revolution and encourage foreign investors to recognize the potential of these realities. The Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan, for example, allocates 11.44 billion euros for digitalisation and innovation to strengthen research and development centres investing in FinTech, big data, quantum computing and other key technologies.”

Ms Veronica Soriano, Head of International Relations, AssoFintech, talking at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022.

Who are the 8 Italian FinTech start-ups at SFF 2022?

There are eight young Italian start-ups that earned the right to participate in SFF 2022 after a rigorous nationwide search in Italy. The eight Italian FinTech start-ups are Cyberneid SRL, Enginius SRL, Geeks Academy, Keyless, Mymoney, MyAppFree, Opstart and Wavenure.

They were not just eager to learn from delegates from all around the world at SFF 2022, they were just as willing to share more about their start-ups and what they are doing.

Ms Veronica Soriano, Head of International Relations, AssoFintech, said: “AssoFintech is honoured to support the Italian startups and SMEs at SFF 2022. This is not only a great chance for the world to witness the high quality of Italian companies, but also an important opportunity to help them grow and become more globally competitive.”

Ms Veronica Soriano, Head of International Relations, AssoFintech, talking at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022.

Italian FinTech EcoSystem

Venture capital activities focusing on start-ups and the FinTech industry has experienced a sharp slowdown worldwide in first half of 2022. However, for Europe and in particular Italy, they have shown signs of reversing the trend in recent months.

In Italy, over €1 billion (S$1.4 billion) has been raised by Italian start-ups in the first nine months of 2022, compared to €900 million in the whole of year 2021. Comparing it to the mere €247 million raised in 2020, this growth has been remarkable.

Ms Rossella Gentile, Deputy Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, said: “With the recent launch of the “Milano Hub”, the Bank of Italy’s first innovation centre, the Italian innovation ecosystem made a qualitative leap. However, it is also important for Italy to participate in events, such as SFF 2022, in a FinTech Hub like Singapore. Only then, we will be able to ride this financial digital revolution together.”

The “Milano Hub” allows the Bank of Italy, while respecting its institutional role, to engage innovators with the aim to accelerate the development of projects, promoting quality and safety of specific innovations. These engagements include a series of consulting services, mentorship, and educational components, on physical and virtual spaces, to financial intermediaries, startups, and research centres. As part of this space, the FinTech Hub is specifically dedicated to startups that offer digital solutions to innovate financial, banking, and insurance services by leveraging new technologies and new approaches.

No FinTech start-ups can just stay put in their home market to grow and expand, or learn new technologies and approaches. They would be seeking new exposure and try to gain as much experience as possible in as many markets worldwide. This is imperative for any FinTech companies, from start-ups to SMEs.

As such, Italy encourages home-bred companies to widen its horizons by attending events all around the world. In a post-pandemic era, as world borders open up again in many countries, many companies are now taking this opportunity to expand and grow.

More information on the 8 Italian FinTech start-ups at SFF 2022

The eight Italian FinTech start-ups participating at SFF 2022 are Cyberneid SRL, Enginius SRL, Geeks Academy, Keyless, Mymoney, MyAppFree, Opstart and Wavenure.

If you like to know more about them, you can read more about them, through the short introduction and write up about each Italian FinTech start-up at SFF 2022 below:

Cyberneid SRL

Cyberneid SRL specialises in artificial intelligence and electronic identity. With their own Instasign and Identikyc technologies, they aim to provide customers with business enabling solutions such as on-boarding automation, ‘Know Your Customer’ procedures and electronic contract signing across markets such FinTech, insurtech, utilities and telecommunications.

Enginius SRL

Enginius SRL is an IT consulting and software production company determined to become a global green operator in reforestation activities. With an aim to directly tackle environmental issues, Enginius SRL wants to make their products accessible to green actors in the global arena and to become the go-to source of finance for green projects. Enginius SRL is also part of the Redelfi Group and hopes to reward environmentally consumers in the future with NFTs and cryptocurrency developed with their own proprietary system.

Geeks Academy

Geeks Academy offers a range of post-diploma blended courses and certifications both part time and full-time, in the fields of: blockchain and coding, artificial intelligence and big data, cyber security and cloud, gaming and metaverse. Their mission is to transform the way people access the new professions of the Data Economy by creating diversified opportunities regardless of the type of previous education, occupation, and age. It has trained over 1000 people, consisting of both workers aiming to reskill or upskill, and post-diploma students starting from scratch.


As its name suggests, Keyless’ mission is to realise a password-less future for people and organisations where users are the key. By taking a modern approach to password-less security, Keyless empowers organisations around the world to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experiences, while safely navigating strict compliance requirements. Keyless has also pioneered privacy-first authentication and personal identity management solutions with products that enable password-less logins, payment authentication, authentication for high-risk transactions as well as self-service account recovery and device management.


As a FinTech company that delivers the first-of-its-kind completely biometric and device-free payment, My-Money has created a new, revolutionary payment method which will allow you to pay anywhere using only your fingerprint. My-Money believes its new payment method is Easy, Fast, but most of all: Secure. My-Money is determined to replace payments by card and telephone with payments by fingerprint. My-Money envisions a future where everyone will have access to financial services, regardless of age or geography. With My-money, all the financial institutions will be able to fight card frauds attacks.


MyAppFree is a full stack platform for user acquisition on mobile. Their community of tech savvy and early adopters’ users are scouting their marketplace for new mobile-first investment solutions. They aim at becoming the first non-intrusive ad-tech solution to match FinTech products and users, bringing back the choices in the hands of the users. At Slush, a leading start-up event, they presented MyAppFree’s Native Ads to acquire crypto-enthusiast users based on market trends. Their native ads solution is built into more than 500 apps reaching over 30 million users monthly.


Opstart’s core businesses include debt crowdfunding (Crowdbond) and lending crowdfunding (Crowdlender). Beyond that, Opstart also operates within other specific industries such as Real Estate crowdfunding (Crowdre), and Legal Action Crowdfunding (Crowdlegal). It is the first FinTech hub in Italy to offer all investment and funding opportunities based on crowdfunding. Their mission has always been to propose new solutions to provide capital to the real economy (start-ups and SMEs) and to offer alternative and diversified investment opportunities to their community of investors.


Wavenure is an artificial intelligence (AI) FinTech funds performance enhancer, offering AI solutions for investment management and high-performing trading where everything is engineered to analyse deeper, understand broader, and invest better. Wavenure combines state-of-the-art methods and advanced technologies, in a unique value-generating ecosystem of AI predictive models and innovative WealthTech features, to boost investment decision making processes and offerings of institutional investors.

Chatting to FinTech start-ups

Whenever I get the opportunity to visit FinTech, consumer technology or enterprise/business technology conferences, I do keep a lookout for the various start-ups, especially those that caught my attention with what they are doing, the technology and services that they are offering. The start-ups are usually    

At the Italian Pavilion during SFF 2022, I had a chat with Egninius SRL on their green projects, learning and understanding about what they have done, what they are planning to do around the world and in this region, connecting with institutions, business and people. Sustainability and ESG have been on my topics of coverage in recent years.

I also had a chat with Wavenure on their AI technology solutions for FinTech funds, learning more about their AI technology models and methods, views on cryptocurrencies and expansion plans. Coming from a previous financial advisory services work experience background, coupled with a strong personal and subject interest in trading and cryptocurrencies.

Due to time constraint, I couldn’t manage to speak and chat with all eight Italian FinTech start-ups at SFF 2022, I am planning to follow up with further coverage on the Italian FinTech start-ups at SFF 2022 when possible.

I would like to thank Italian Trade Commission and Black Dot for the invitation to visit and know more about Italian FinTech start-ups at SFF 2022.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Italian Trade Agency and Black Dot *

Temus to support and accelerate digital transformation in Singapore and beyond

Temus was established in April 2021 by Temasek in partnership with global digital services UST, to support and accelerate digital transformation of leading enterprises and public sector agencies in Singapore and beyond. Temus today counts some of the country’s most future-forward government agencies and large enterprises as its customers, spanning a range of industries from financial services and insurance, healthcare, education, consumer goods, telecommunications, infrastructure, energy and waste management, among others.

Temus’ workforce has expanded to around 200 professionals in under 18 months, and they are expected to grow by five fold over the next three years, as they continue to serve the digital aspirations of its growing base of customers. Temus has attracted a strong line-up of experienced talents in strategy, design, architecture, technology, data and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Temus’ growth momentum is a testament to our unique proposition of forging long-term partnerships with our customers while keeping ‘value creation’ at the heart of helping to shape their digital futures,” said KC Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Temus. “We will build on this promising start to accelerate the growth of Singapore’s digital talent pool and build distinct digital capabilities for our customers – in tandem with the country’s Smart Nation aspirations.”

“Temus was born into a generation-defining crisis, at a time when organisations accelerated their investments in digital to thrive,” said Srijay Ghosh, Founding Member and Chief Revenue Officer, Temus. “Experts predict that by the end of this year, more than half the global economy will be powered by digital. Imagine what these digital transformations can do to uplift lives, raise productivity, and grow the economy. Temus was founded for these reasons and more. We remain committed to unlocking economic and societal value through holistic transformation.”

Growing Digital Talent – Step IT Up x Temus – “Hire, Place and Train” programme: Helping locals with no tech training or experience 

Growing digital talent in Singapore, Temus announced “Step IT Up x Temus”, this is an accelerated “Hire, Place and Train” programme, helping to broaden digital opportunities and expand the local digital talent pool for Singapore. Candidates with no prior coding or software programming training and experience will be given priority admission to the programme.

Step IT Up was first introduced in 2014 by Temus’ strategic partner UST, to create computer science career opportunities for minority and disadvantaged groups in the United States. Since then, the Step IT Up programme has run in other countries such as Mexico, Poland, Australia, Costa Rica, and Israel. About 87% of graduates have secured digital and technology jobs at leading global companies, and 90% of them have stayed at least 2 years. A key point to take note is that, none of these trainees had a technology background.

Step IT Up is now available in Singapore, around 400 people are expected to benefit from Step IT Up x Temus by 2025. Candidates will be offered a full training sponsorship, financial stipend, and a full time job upon graduation from their training.

“When Temus was founded, it was as much about building capabilities and value creation, as it was about organically developing digital talent. People and talent are central to any transformation and close to the purpose of Temus and at the heart of what we do, how we do it,” said Srijay. “We are proud of the launch of Step IT Up x Temus. As our candidates digitally transform, so will we – and the customers we serve. I hope more people will join us and be the change.”

Interested to sign up for Step IT Up x Temus?

If you are from a non technology background and you are interested to sign up for Step IT Up x Temus programme, you are welcome to apply to the programme at https://www.stepitup.temus.com. Application for the fist batch of trainees will close on 24th October 2022 and training will commence on 28th November 2022.

Building Digital Capabilities: Temus makes first acquisition – Dreamcloud

Building digital capabilities in Singapore, Temus announced the completion of its first acquisition, Dreamcloud, a home-grown Singapore headquartered, and award-winning integrator. They are founded in 2011, Dreamcloud was one of the pioneers in the low-code space. They became the first partner of OutSystems in Southeast Asia in 2014, and they have one of Singapore’s largest OutSystems delivery teams today.

The integration of Dreamcloud’s capabilities will strengthen Temus’ app development practice and complement its tech modernisation capabilities, helping customers develop, deploy, and scale digital solutions with speed.

“We are excited about this milestone because there is strong alignment between both organisations in terms of culture and purpose. Dreamcloud’s low-code, high speed app development capabilities synergises with Temus’ strategy to build a strong app development practice, and this will allow us to take a broader view of our customers’ digital transformation initiatives and provide more holistic solutions,” said Daniel Lim, Managing Director, Dreamcloud. “Having the full support of Temus gives us the capability to deepen engagements with our global network of over 30 customers, and continue to offer them with cutting edge digital transformation solutions.”

“Organisations of every size and industry are transforming how they do business in the digital age – speed, agility, and simplicity are at the heart of successful transformations,” said KC. “As Temus grows, we will unlock even greater value for our customers by catalysing digital transformation holistically, for economic and societal impact.”

Discovering Digital Transformation Journey

Although I started off writing about and covering consumer technology sectors, I found myself expanding into enterprise and business technology sectors, writing and covering more into those sectors. Discovering digital transformation journey is an area that I am working on whenever the opportunity to discover more about this sector arises. This is also something that I am interested in, continuing on from my previous working experiences in a local small-medium business in Singapore.

This introduction to Temus is opening up another avenue in my discovering digital transformation journey. I would like to find out more and learn more about Temus’ work, and share more when the opportunity arises.

For more information on Temus, please visit their website and check them out.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Temus *

New Vehicle Price Predictor by Motorist app

Do you own a vehicle in Singapore, or do you wish to buy or sell a vehicle in Singapore, have you ever thought about how much would your vehicle price value be for you to sell it? Do you manually track the vehicle sale prices and trying to guess when is the best time to sell your vehicle? Fret no more, with this new Vehicle Price Predictor by Motorist app, this new feature inside the app may just be the solution that you (the vehicle owner) are looking for.

Motorist is the first in Singapore to launch this new feature, offering real-time valuations of vehicles. All you need to do is to simply add information about their vehicles, users will be able to view daily generated reports on the estimated valuation and depreciation. This feature is FREE for users! It’s powered by a machine learning algorithm that is backed by more than seven years of proprietary valuation data completed by Motorist.

If you are a car owner in Singapore, one of the sources to check car prices are listings by dealers on car portals that sell the cars to consumers. That means that the prices on those portals are usually higher and not an accurate benchmark to use when one is looking to sell their car. With Motorist’s Vehicle Price Predictor, it would solve this problem by drawing on valuation data to provide an accurate, real-time valuation of the vehicle.

“The Vehicle Price Predictor’s greatest value proposition is the ability to show the estimated value of a car without the owner having to trawl through past data that’s not easy to find. This way, users no longer have to make a blind guess when they are able to just input the data into the Motorist app to get an immediate, real-time valuation,” said Damian Sia, founder and CEO of Motorist.

Motorist’s Vehicle Price Predictor tool is the most accurate in the market, thanks to the company having facilitated over $900 million worth of vehicle transactions. This, along with Motorist’s 270,000 valuations, results in vehicle valuation within just a 5% margin of error, although vehicles that do not have enough data such as newer cars, vintage cars, exotic cars, motorbikes and more might have a slightly higher margin of error.

The app uses 270,000 valuations to calibrate and adjust the valuation based on 21 attributes to feed into the machine learning model to make the estimate more accurate. Thus, users will be able to get the valuation of their car, trackable by the day. Inside the app, the graphs provided are by the month, which allow for a birds eye view of how the valuation as well as depreciation per year has changed over a longer period of time.

This app will also send custom alerts and prompts to users. These include notifications if the depreciation value corresponds to that of what the owner is targeting, as well as, if the estimated returns predicted will translate to positive sales proceeds after the deduction of the loan balance.

The system will be able to accurately predict the value of a vehicle within the aforementioned 5% margin of error, as long as a user has their vehicle added into their Motorist account. In addition to the price data, there is also plenty of useful information about the key dates and rebates of the vehicle at a glance: road tax expiry date, inspection due date, PARF eligibility, COE rebate amount and more to help owners know when to sell their vehicles for the best price.

Motorist has a comprehensive database with over 150,000 app users (that’s 10% of the car population) as well as historical data, they are able to accurately predict the final bidded price that dealers will offer and thus, offer users an immediate estimate of how much their car will sell for.

This new Vehicle Price Predictor was developed by Motorist and Farid Hasanli, who is an experienced and dedicated Data Scientist with more than 3 years of experience in solving complex problems and working with Big Data daily.

“After having worked on the machine learning model for almost a year, we are proud to finally unveil the Vehicle Price Predictor tool with an accuracy of 95 percent to help our users easily figure out the best time to sell their vehicles,” said Mr Hasanli.

Highly Recommended for vehicle owners in Singapore

I downloaded the Motorist app, it’s a very useful and handy app for vehicle owners in Singapore. The Vehicle Price Predictor feature is going to be very useful for current vehicle owners if they would to sell their vehicle. My family has a shared family car and this allows me to access information on my family car, the current valuation via the price predictor graph.

More than just a price predictor that most, if not all vehicle owners would want to know, this Motorist app is packed with many other features and functions that are very useful for vehicle owners in Singapore, this is going to be a super app for motorists in Singapore in my personal humble opinion.

For more information on Motorist, please visit https://www.motorist.sg/

* Information and picture courtesy of Motorist and GLOO *

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TVs, Lifestyle TVs and Soundbar Lineup in Singapore

Samsung unveiled 2022 Neo QLED TVs, Lifestyle TVs and Soundbar Lineup in Singapore. The new 2022 Samsung products lineup demonstrate advancements in picture and sound quality, as well as larger screen size selections, customisable accessories, and an upgraded Smart TV interface. Designed to bring user experiences closer to reality by delivering life-like visuals, immersive sound, and hyper-personalised experiences.

The theme for Samsung’s 2022 portfolio is “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All”, a vision for Samsung’s televisions serving as the hub of consumers’ homes for entertainment, connectivity, work and more. The new Samsung soundbars also have improved features to enable seamless connectivity, enhanced customisation, and integration, as well as better audio and visual synchronisation from scene-to-scene.

Steven Koh, Director, Consumer Electronics Business (TV/AV), Samsung Electronics: “The role of TVs has shifted dramatically in recent years as a result of technology advancements and changes in how entertainment is delivered. We want to provide consumers with a truly immersive visual and audio experience with our new 2022 lineup, particularly with our revolutionary Neo QLED technology. Whether you’re a cinephile, a gamer, or an art aficionado, Samsung offers cutting-edge products that can complement any setting. Samsung’s ongoing efforts to develop new revolutionary TVs and soundbars also further contribute to our position as the number one global TV manufacturer.”

Evolution of Neo QLED with Neo Quantum Processor and Dynamic Sound Experience

The 2022 Neo QLED 8K will bring viewers screen experiences to new heights, with pristine images and immersive soundscapes. Equipped with Neural Quantum Processor 8K that features 20 independent neural AI networks that analyse the characteristics and picture quality of the content to provide optimal viewing regardless of the source. Along with its new Shape Adaptive Light technology, this leverages on the Processor’s powerful AI algorithms to detect lines, shapes, and surfaces and control the shape of light emitted by the breakthrough Quantum Mini LED backlight, maximising the brightness and accuracy of shapes on the screen.

Another new technological innovation powering the Neural Quantum Processor 8K is the Real Depth Enhancer. This scans the screen and maximises contrast with the background by enhancing the object while keeping the background unprocessed. It works similarly to the way our human eyes perceive images in real life so the object on screen stands out against the background.

Fact time – Samsung’s all new 2022 QLED received the world’s first “Pantone Validated” certification in display from Pantone, the global authority on colour and creator of the Pantone Matching System (PMS) — meaning the models authentically reproduce more than 2,000 colours as well as the newly added 110 skin tone shades found in Pantone’s guidelines.

Along with Samsung’s new EyeComfort Mode, the brilliant colours are comfortable to watch. This feature uses AI technology to automatically adjust the brightness and colour temperature of the TV screen based on on how the dark or bright the room is, combined with the detected sunset/sunrise information to optimise the most comfortable viewing experience.

On the Neo QLED’s sound capabilities, they have also been greatly enhanced. The TV now includes both the patented Object Tracking Sound technology and Dolby Atmos®. These would enable both upwards and side firing speakers to deliver the perfect cinematic experience right in the comfort of your own home. Samsung’s Neo QLED is also the industry’s first television to support Dolby Atmos.

Award-Winning Lifestyle TVs with Seamless Integration of Design and Technology

Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs represent a blend of design and technology, inspiring more unique and personalised living environments. Packed with 4K QLED technology features and benefits, Samsung’s lineup of Lifestyle TVs, The Frame, The Sero, and The Serif now boasts a new Matte Display with anti-glare, anti-reflection, and anti-fingerprint features. This significantly reduces light reflections, allowing users to see what is shown on the screen clearly. In addition, the artworks presented in Art Mode are now more realistic than before.

The Serif – KQ43LSB01AFXKR
The Sero – KQ43LSB05AFXKR

Furthermore, the new Matte Display on Samsung’s 2022 Lifestyle screens received three verifications from UL (Underwriter Laboratories) for being ‘Reflection Glare Free’, ‘Discomfort Glare Free’ and ‘Disability Glare Free’.

Consumers can also match their TVs with accessories to further enhance the products’ ability to complement consumers’ individual preferences while elevating their overall home aesthetic.

Expanded Accessory Options for Greater Personalisation and Customisation

There is an expanded accessory options for Samsung customers to pair their TVs with accessories for greater customisation:

  • Auto Rotating Wall Mount and Stand (1): Once the TV is mounted with the rotating components, users can easily rotate the screen horizontally or vertically to watch their content in any orientation they like.
  • SlimFit Cam: Users who require the TV to act as a second screen for work or play can also purchase the brand-new SlimFit Cam, which has an ultra-slim back and a clever detachable camera that can be positioned on top of the TV without compromising with the aesthetic.
  • Exclusive bezel design for The Frame: Samsung Singapore has partnered with Commune, homegrown furniture design and lifestyle company, to create a new bezel design (2). This will be available from Q3 2022.
  • Bespoke Carrier for The Freestyle: Separately, Samsung Singapore collaborated with local fashion label Pedro, to launch a one-of-a-kind carrier for The Freestyle (3). This will be available from October 2022.

In addition to the expanded accessory options, Samsung has partnered with the National Gallery to offer 10 pieces of digital artwork from the institutional gallery dedicated to promoting Singapore and Southeast Asian art for users to admire at home. The art pieces will be available for The Frame users via the Samsung Art Store (4).

Breaking Sonic Barriers with Latest Soundbar Lineup

There will be three new soundbar series with refurbished designs – Q series, B-Series and Ultra Slim – designed to complement all types of TVs and interiors. The 2022 soundbar range introduces technology enhancements to provide a more immersive, three-dimensional audio experience.

Equipped with Q-Symphony (5), the Q Series soundbars work well with all TVs to produce a flawless and immersive harmony via the front, side, and up-firing speakers as well as the TV speakers. The top-of-range Q990B soundbar also features wireless rear speakers as well as true 11.1.4Ch sound (6), providing a complete audio experience by reproducing all action on the screen and delivering the audio in 11 different directions.


For consumers who are seeking to upgrade their home theatre setups for streaming or gaming requirements, Samsung has teamed up with StarHub, a leading communications, entertainment, and digital service provider in Singapore, to offer a complimentary Q600B or Q800B soundbar, worth up to $1,899, to its new or re-contracting customers who sign up for or renew a two-year 2Gbps Broadband plan.

This promotion will be available from 14th April 2022, for a limited time only! To sweeten the deal, they will also enjoy a free Smart WiFi Pro router worth $399, as well as Disney+ and Netflix Premium subscriptions.

The Q Series is also first soundbar in the world to come with Wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity (7), a wireless Smart TV-to-soundbar connection that allows both the display and the soundbar speakers to produce outstanding audio experiences without using additional cables. The SpaceFit Sound technology analyses the room’s sound reverberation and optimises sound delivery accordingly. Users can be assured of top-notch audio experiences that fits their rooms. The feature can now work with TVs of any brands.


For consumers who want a slim soundbar, the Ultra Slim Series fits well with a minimalistic design, especially for homeowners who opt for a wall-mounted TV set-up. It has an ultra-slim design with a 39.9mm side profile, measuring just 38mm height. It is available in classic black or white. The Ultra Slim Series soundbars also deliver exceptional audio quality, as it is equipped with Wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity and SpaceFit Sound, as well as WiFi & Bluetooth connection.

The all-new B Series soundbars looks a as impressive as it sounds, with a polygonal design and a metal finish for a sleek and elegant appearance. For heavy music and action movie lovers, the soundbars come with bass boost for people who want considerably heavier bass tones and frequencies. It also features Adaptive Sound Lite technology, which optimises the audio track for all types of entertainment content, from TV shows, movies to news and gaming.

The New Smart Hub and Apps for the Ultimate User Experience

Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup is equipped with smarter features and a new user interface so that can provide users a better and smoother viewing experience.

  • New Smart Hub: This year’s TV will come with Smart Hub, an all-new user interface, powered by Tizen. The all-new Samsung Smart Hub consolidates all aspects of the smart experience into a single, easy-to-navigate home screen. It’s the go-to place for all entertainment needs as well as the apps so users can easily glance through and access what they want right away.
  • Gaming Experience: The 2022 lineup comes with specifications and features that are made for the ultimate gaming experience. They include four HDMI 2.1 supporting ports (8) , Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144Hz gaming (9), Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar (10), making gaming more efficient and accessible for a fast-paced and streamlined experience.
  • SmartThings: Samsung’s SmartThings is a vital component of the connected experience at home. With SmartThings, the screen becomes the central hub to conveniently control other smart devices from a single point.
  • NFT Platform: Samsung’s NFT Platform will debut in 2022, in collaboration with industry leader, Nifty Gateway. It will provide consumers with a one-stop NFT platform to explore and display NFT digital art on 2022 Neo QLED and QLEDs, ushering in a new era of art collecting and display (11)

For more information on Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TVs, Lifestyle TVs and Soundbar Lineup in Singapore, please visit Samsung Singapore website.


  1. Compatible with 2022 The Frame and selected Neo QLED 4K/8K models up to 65”
  2. Available in Q3 2022
  3. Available in Q4 2022
  4. Subscription to the Art Store required
  5. Compatible with selected Samsung TVs
  6. Only available on Q990B
  7. Compatible with 2022 Samsung QLED
  8. Available only on selected models
  9. Available only for QN95B Neo QLED 4K TVs
  10. Available only on QLED models
  11. Detailed features or user interface may vary by model and region.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Samsung Singapore and IN.FOM *

Jabra PanaCast 20

Jabra announces PanaCast 20, an AI programmed enterprise-grade personal web camera. This is designed for the busy executive in a new future of work environment, seeking effective communication in a new era whereby video conferencing is the new norm for business meetings.

The hybrid future of work is here, we might be looking at a mix of working in office, working from home/remote working. This would also mean video conferencing is going to become a staple of today’s work life and future work life too. Video conferencing tools are technological devices that executives use, hold great power over their work efficiency. The Jabra PanaCast 20 is just that tool, as its artificial intelligence-driven (AI) imaging software helps relieve the video fatigue that professionals experience due to attending numerous virtual meetings. The Jabra PanaCast 20 automatically makes necessary adjustments so they can focus on delivering their presentation.

With zero delays, smart lighting optimization, AI automated focus and Picture in Picture mode, the Jabra PanaCast 20 is a powerful device that delivers excellence in one camera.

Unlike any other video conferencing device on the market that clips onto the laptop, the compact PanaCast 20 uses a unique triangulation design for easy attachment to the laptop and monitor screens which avoids the risk of damaging the LCD screen. Another unique feature of PanaCast 20, is its compatibility with Jabra Direct, a free downloadable software that lets the user customise the image settings of your PanaCast 20.

Seamless and uninterrupted high-definition video

The PanaCast 20 uses intelligent technology to provide Ultra- HD video quality without interval disruption so the user can have seamless video conferencing experiences with their business partners, facilitating coherent conversations.

Jabra PanaCast 20 4K Ultra HD Comparison

Lighting Optimization – automatically enhances video quality 

The Pana Cast 20 is embedded with Jabra’s smart lighting optimization to ensure the user looks best in every single video conference. It automatically analyses the environment and adjusts the video quality to adapt to poor lighting. Therefore, the on-the-go executive can conduct his or her meeting from anywhere, be in at home, in a café or in the office and still look picture-perfect regardless of the conditions.

Intelligent zoom-in mode – keeps you within of the frame

Along with a 90-degree field of view, Jabra’s AI-driven Intelligent Zoom automatically tracks the user’s movements to adjust the framing so her or she is always at the centre of the frame. This way the user will always stay within the field of vision.

Picture in picture mode – for convenient product demonstrations

The PanaCast 20 also features Picture in Picture mode which breaks the camera stream into two screens. It allows the user to appear in a video via a small window pinned to a corner of the screen while the AI zooms into the product that he or she is holding. This mode can be used within any unified communications platform, ranging from Zoom to Microsoft Teams Meeting. As such, instead of using two cameras for dual-stream, PanaCast 20 uses a singular camera to produce two screens. This function allows the professional to deliver an impactful presentation to his or her audience, allowing them to take an up-close look at the product and have a view of the speaker simultaneously.

Ultimately, the PanaCast 20 is a plug and play device that can be used everywhere. Its portable size allows the user to bring it around conveniently for easy set-up. The PanaCast 50 is a large video bar that requires a stationary set-up in a room. It is designed to be shared among multiple users for video conferencing. On the other hand, the PanaCast 20 however is meant for personal use.

Therefore, Jabra Panacast 20 is an ideal video conferencing camera whose smart optimization functions and picture in picture mode ensures the executive excels in his or her next business meetings.

Pricing and Availability

The Jabra PanaCast 50 is available from all authorised Jabra distributors and resellers at a retail price of S$511.

For more information on Jabra PanaCast 20, please visit https://www.jabra.sg/business/video-conferencing/jabra-panacast-20 

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra and GLOO *

Ducati and Lenovo Continue Partnership in new MotoGP Season.

The role and importance of technology in the motorsports industry can never be underestimated in recent years. From the backend technology to the actual motorsports action, how much has technology play a key role in these areas? In the MotoGP world, we can see it in the Ducati Lenovo Team. In 2021, they ended with the victory of the MotoGP Constructors’ World Title for the second year in a row. In 2022, Ducati and Lenovo continue their partnership in the new MotoGP season, Ducati Lenovo Team is ready for a new season, in which technology will play an increasingly crucial role.

Lenovo’s technology partnership with Ducati started in 2018, Lenovo has helped Ducati team innovate and improve on-track performance. Innovation, speed and security is at the heart of this evolution. Enabled by a wide range of smarter solutions, Lenovo’s data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart collaboration continue to drive improvements and help the team to accelerate simulations and real-time data analysis, constantly transferring technology between the racing world and Ducati’s street bikes.

The first goal for the 2022 season is to complete the Remote Garage project, which allows engineers to receive data in real time and to interact with the garage and bikes while working remotely. Moreover, Ducati and Lenovo are committed to improving video conferencing both in the headquarters and in the garage. The aim is to better connect the virtual teams for successful collaboration, even from miles away.

“2021 was an important year for the Ducati Lenovo Team. We have strengthened our technology partnership – paving the way for bolder innovation in the new hybrid working world. We are proud to collaborate with Ducati, who share our core values of speed, dedication, team spirit and a focus on results. In line with our mission to enable intelligent transformation, we will continue to invest and innovate with Ducati to achieve increasingly ambitious goals in the fast-evolving industry of motorsports,” commented Luca Rossi, President of Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo.

“To be competitive and achieve the best results, on and off the track, it is essential to have a clear idea of the central role of digital innovation and to rely on the support of the best partners. Thanks to the collaboration with Lenovo, we have accomplished important goals, such as accelerating data collection and analysis, thus speeding up the decision-making process. This is how we brought to circuits worldwide the bike that won the MotoGP Constructors’ World Title last season for the second year in a row,” said Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO. “Thanks to a passion for technological innovation that we share with Lenovo, we will continue moving forward in this direction, exploring tech solutions that will achieve even better results on the track, in serial production, and in corporate infrastructures.”

Lenovo Computing Power at Anytime, Anywhere

Lenovo has supported Ducati’s engineers and designers in the innovation of racing and street bikes since 2018, helping the company to reach maximum performance and enhanced levels of security.

Using High Performance Computing technology, based on Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530, SR630 and SR650 servers, Ducati has been able to simplify and accelerate data analysis concerning aerodynamics, fluid dynamics and stress tests. The improved computing power has allowed the company to obtain data and information in a third of the computation time and run almost twice as many simulations at the same time – making it easier for engineers to understand how the bikes will react to various weather conditions and continuously improve on track performance. In addition, Lenovo infrastructure grants high standards of data protection and has allowed Ducati to minimize the risk of dangerous and expensive downtimes.

Ducati has adopted the ThinkSystem SE350 edge server to boost connectivity and advanced real-time analytics, even in the most challenging environments. Lenovo’s server boasts a high computing power in an extremely small, versatile and easily portable device, bringing compute capabilities and AI features wherever you need them. Designed and built with the unique requirements of the Edge in mind, ThinkSystem SE350 can operate effectively in any location, even in extreme environments: from the Malaysian humidity, which could reach 90%, to the dry heat and the sand of Qatar. ThinkSystem SE350 allows engineers to manage in real time, wherever they are, about 15GB of data for each bike, and to produce customized insights for each rider that can be leveraged to take fast, well-informed decisions. Finally, the security tools integrated in the device allow automatic data encryption in case of tampering, helping to protect Ducati’s intellectual property and prevent data leaks.

Collaboration, productivity and mobility at its core

Ducati has deployed a new virtual desktop infrastructure, built in partnership with Lenovo. Over 250 2D and 3D virtual desktops are used across the organization from the R&D department to the garage. Ducati is benefiting from increased productivity as users can connect to their workstation whenever they want, wherever they are and from any device. Virtual desktops also help to simplify IT management and maintenance, to improve data protection and business continuity, as well as to optimize resources and allow professionals to focus on higher value-added tasks. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of working on the move, Ducati designers can remotely collaborate in real time with the development team and the test rider during test phases, making changes to the design of the bike or of a single component based on the feedback received, reducing production times.

Everyone across the Ducati team – from managers, engineers, and riders – rely on Lenovo tablets, PCs and workstations to achieve the highest levels of collaboration, power and speed. Technicians use the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 mobile workstation, to analyze data coming from the bikes’ sensors in minutes and to study the lap statistics, compare them and optimize the bike setup.

Top management, on the other hand, rely on the innovative ThinkPad X1 Fold foldable PC to enjoy maximum productivity and mobility, whereas designers can count on the power of Lenovo workstations, including the ThinkPad P Series, for design and development using CAD software.

Driving towards an augmented future

Together, Ducati and Lenovo have big plans for the future. The two companies are already looking at how they can harness AI, machine learning and augmented reality to drive even greater levels of innovation in MotoGP. Reproducing the bike and its components virtually, in full size in a real context, will represent a differentiating factor accelerating future R&D, testing and maintenance, as well as of after-sales support for street bikes.

For more information on Lenovo technologies, visit Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Workstations, Lenovo Edge Computing, Lenovo Yoga, ThinkReality.

* Information courtesy of Ducati and Lenovo *

Jabra new videoconferencing solution – PanaCast 50

Jabra recently launched its new videoconferencing solution, the PanaCast 50. This new videoconferencing solution is created from the ground up in response to new business and future of work needs that arose from the ongoing global pandemic. The Jabra PanaCast 50 is designed and engineered to provide high-quality videoconferencing experiences for meeting participants while keeping them safe and always in compliance with workplace safety measures at the same time.

Patrick Khor, Country Manager, Enterprise, Jabra Singapore, said: “The new PanaCast 50 combines immersive video, world-leading audio technologies and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a new way of hybrid work in the new normal.”

More natural and productive collaboration

Jabra leveraged technology to deliver intelligent zoom, active speaker detection, and other innovative capabilities – all to streamline and optimize the conferencing experience. This technology powers the Virtual Director feature to automatically adjust the frame, allowing Jabra PanaCast 50 to detect active speakers and the flow of conversation, thereby delivering a remote meeting experience that’s fully immersive and responsive.

Three 13-megapixel cameras create an immersive 180° field of view in Panoramic-4K that covers the whole room. Patented real-time video stitching technology uses advanced algorithms to decide exactly the right way to live-stitch the video streams together in real time with ultra-low latency. From single person calls to full team meetings, this intelligent technology always includes everyone in the most optimum way.

The PanaCast 50 also features eight beamforming microphones with precision voice detection which are backed up with intelligent algorithms that remove disruptive noise. Four powerful Jabra-engineered speakers – two 50mm woofers and two 20mm tweeters – in a zero-vibration stereo setup fill the room with premium, high-definition audio, while the latest 2-way audio technology delivers more natural conversations.

Enhanced workplace safety

Businesses need to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace. Jabra uses Intel-powered AI to deliver real-time people detection and counting that helps promote compliance with infectious disease protocols. Because of its 180° field-of-view, PanaCast 50 can achieve 100% coverage of the meeting room and provides the best opportunity to count everybody in the room.

Additionally, through the network interface, longer-term analytics data is available for IT administrators, enabling the business to make data-driven decisions about how they’re utilizing their meeting spaces. Organisations will have an overview of how many rooms are being used, even when there is no active meeting, helping inform decisions on office space.

Data security

Security and privacy are top concerns for organizations. The Edge AI processing capabilities within the PanaCast 50 help keep sensitive data secure by eliminating the need to transmit video and audio data to the cloud. By performing the analysis directly on the device, cloud security and data-in-transit risks are removed from the collaboration experience. Additionally, because the experiences are powered on the device, not only are the risks of security breaches significantly minimized, the accuracy, speed, and overall quality of the experience are maximized.

Pricing and Availability

The Jabra PanaCast 50 is available in Black and Grey from all authorised Jabra distributors and resellers at a retail price of S$1,855.

For more information on the Jabra PanaCast 50, please visit https://www.jabra.com/panacast50

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra and GLOO PR *

LG Transparent OLED Signage x Coffee Kiosk

We are currently in an era of minimised physical and face-to-face contact with people, from work to everyday living and activities. A new era requires a new and modern-day solution to innovate and adapt to the current and future needs. For the business owners, the LG transparent OLED signage might be of interest to you and on how you operate your business. LG Electronics (LG) presents a modern-day solution, LG Transparent OLED Signage x Coffee Kiosk, with the innovation of its transparent OLED signage, unveiling a 55-inch transparent OLED signage (model name: 55EW5F-A) installed at Singapore’s fully automated coffee kiosk, Ella, The Robotic Barista by Crown Digital.

Having knowledge of LG signage from my coverage a few years back, and having seen The Robotic Barista in action at various technology and media events some years back, it was fitting and easier for me to pick up and continue from here with the LG Transparent OLED Signage x Coffee Kiosk.

Ella, The Robotic Barista, by Crown Digital, this autonomous kiosk is situated at the first floor of Plaza Singapura, located along Orchard Road, Singapore’s largest retail downtown area. When you are at the coffee kiosk, you will be greeted with the LG transparent OLED signage and Ella, an AI-powered barista that sits behind the screen. If you are not sure on how to use this unmanned kiosk, information is available and it would be flashed on the transparent OLED screen. Thereafter, customers can place an order through an unmanned ordering system or a dedicated app. After they finished ordering, they can relax and watch the robotic barista in action, making coffee through the transparent screen.

The LG transparent OLED offers an elevated platform for information display via s see-through view and brings content to life by overlaying information over objects. Customers not only can admire how the coffee is made through the screen, watching the video being played on the screen simultaneously, allowing them to have an immersive experience while getting a quick caffeine fix.

How can the LG transparent OLED signage plays a role in your business or organisation? 

From the example above with Ella, The Robotic Barista, it is meaningful as it signifies a blueprint for diverse opportunities for businesses, not just in retail and services, but also for other organisations and institutions such as schools, transport hubs, museums and banks. The transparent OLED signage provides a safe, seamless and contactless solution in the non-face-to-face era. They can also be used in the interior of autonomous vehicles or aircraft cabins in the future.

LG’s OLED technology features self-lighting pixels, maintaining accurate and vivid colours, delivering awe-inspiring picture quality even when viewing from wide viewing angles. The customizable and expendable design allows for the signage to be used in various ways, even tiled together to create an immersive large screen.

“Leveraging on the company’s expertise in OLED technology, our transparent OLED signage continues to deliver innovative, contactless solutions to accelerate digitalization of businesses in the new normal,” said Chun SungHo, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore. “We are excited to work with our partners to drive their business goals and tap on the unlimited potential of the usage of our screens.”

For more information on LG transparent OLED signage and how they can play a part in your business, please visit https://www.lg.com/global/business/oled-signage/lg-55EW5F-A.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics and Asia PR Werkz *

LG OLED and Xbox One S Promotion

The weekend is here, however with the current circuit breaker situation in Singapore, we are not able to enjoy your usual weekend lifestyle that we used to have prior to the Covid-19 virus situation. Nevertheless, while we are taking measures to be safe and staying at home, we can do online shopping. Let me share with you a LG OLED and Xbox One S promotion!

Since we all have to stay at home, let’s make full use of this time and make the best out of this time with educational content and entertainment available online. From self-enrichment like recipe videos to fitness classes, from blockbuster movies and the latest television series to choose from to action-packed video games to play, now is the perfect time to experience the LG OLED TV.

From April 17 to May 4, customers can purchase the 55” C9 OLED TV* at a special price of S$2,799 (RCP: $4,099), and redeem a gift-with-purchase: Purchase the 55” C9 OLED TV and redeem an Xbox One S Two Controller Bundle (worth $429) or $200 worth of grocery vouchers. (Redemption date: May 5 to July 31)

Let me share with your more information on the LG OLED C9 TV

An Optimal Cinematic Experience powered by AI

The LG OLED C9 TV has the second generation a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor with a deep learning algorithm built inside it. Their AI Picture recognises the quality of the content and optimises clarity and sharpness, while AI Brightness detects ambient light in the surrounding environment and automatically tweaks brightness in the image to keep the visuals optimally clear for comfortable viewing. AI Sound analyses the source of the sound and optimises the sound quality, and is also able to replicate rich virtual 5.1 surround sound from 2.0 channel sound sources. AI Acoustic Tuning recognises the position where the viewers are seated to automatically adjust and improve how audio is delivered to them, the end product is a pure and refined auditory experience regardless of content.

Poetry in Motion

For the sports fan in you, the LG OLED TV C9 offers a distinguished image on every frame, made possible with an OLED display with self-lighting pixels that can individually turn off during dark scenes to achieve deep black levels or “perfect black”

For the gamer in you, enjoy a heightened, uninterrupted experience with Automatic Low-Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) in the LG OLED TV C9, giving them the ultimate edge.

Multi-tasking made Easy

Inside the LG OLED TV C9, there is LG ThinQ AI with Google Assistant built-in, busy families can control their smart home devices and streamline their household chores through simple voice commands.

Safe Cinematic Experience

Certified with the Eye Comfort Display Certification from TÜV Rheinland, an independent testing organization, families with young children can be assured of a safe viewing experience on every family movie night.

The perfect Audio Accompaniment 

Complete your LG OLED C9 TV perfect home theatre setup with LG Dolby Atmos Sound Bars, incorporated with MERIDIAN technology (model SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG).

For more information, please visit: https://www.lg.com/sg/tvs/lg-OLED55C9PTA-oledtv

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During this circuit breaker period, be safe, stay at home, as we stay #SGUnited #SGTogether against the #Covid19 situation!

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *