4 more days to the end of the year 2010, as  it draws to a close, I began to look back at Year 2010. There was a session whereby we were asked to share our best moments/achievements for year 2010 and not on our failures/non-achievements instead. This thought came into my heart and mind immediately

“Standing on my feet and walking again”

Looking back, my freakish incident resulting in a hip fracture and left shoulder fracture, that resulted in an operation, hospitalisation for 2 months, not able to walk for 2 months, total 3 months of medical leave. I thought, I should be able to get back into action after 3 months of medical rest. However, it didn’t turn out ideally this way as I initially thought, instead, my recovery took longer due to my body adjusting back to normal routine life and my mind and emotional self have to manage and get back on track.

Businesses was affected, time lost, readjustments, it’s the life experiences that will serve me well in the future, providing guidance and encouragement for friends if they ever go through a crisis like me, to be there for them and able to empathise with them. In terms of personal growth, it only made me appreciate my life more than before, somehow I had less anger and frustrations inside me, learning to let go more of such negative thoughts than previously. Well, I still have room for improvements in these areas.

Not able to exercise, run and keep fit, active and healthy, it dawned upon me the importance of healthy and active sporting lifestyle. Slowly, I will start back my running and active sporting lifestyle, from Ground Zero up to my previous level and breaking through to higher level of fitness and well being. Looking forward to running and completing my full marathon again for the year 2011.

In the blogging and social media grounds, this had been another great year of bigger and wider networking of new friends, knowing more friends in interests such as photography, travel, food etc etc …. Have my blogs become more prominent and influential ? Maybe it has improved and nevertheless, that’s always room for improvement, growth and expansion. The belief and trust by my friends to help/assist and mentor them in setting up blogs, social bookmarking and social media networking, it’s a big growth and the rise in my speciality towards the role of being a consultant and entrepreneur.

Moving into year 2011, I will start planning, strategising and writing down my steps/directions for execution and completion of my small and big goals and objectives, short term, medium term and long term goals and objectives.

I stumbled, I failed, I am judged, I climbed myself up again and again, continuing my journey and quest, my own marathon, my own race, my own destiny.

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