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Reflection: Gratitude, Staying Down to Earth, Humility - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

1st June 2015, a new start to a brand new month. That would also mean 5 months of 2015 had passed through my life, our lives. This is not a half time report for 2015, if I am planning to do it, it would be in the month of July when 6 months of 2015 have officially been over.

The past 5 months of 2015 had been quite a bit of a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, it had also been an a period of heavy workload, responsibilities, strategic directions and making changes. Chatting with friends, some of them seemed to be in a similar situation with me, on the heavy workload portion. Some of my leisure activities were affected to the extent that it wasn’t too healthy and I decided to realign my work timings, allowing me to go back for my leisure activities on the weekend. This would allow me to rest, clear my mind and thoughts before heading back to work on a Monday. Writing and sharing articles on new IT gadgets and products also took a back seat recently in the past few months. I am trying to get this area back running again, starting to share about new IT gadgets and products with my friends and readers.

Some areas that I had been working on for the past months were on branding, public relations, brand awareness, publicity and networking. This process was learned through life and work experiences over the years, networking, learning from fellow peers, mentors and experienced seniors in their respective industries. Planting the seeds today doesn’t guarantee that it will grow up big and fast, sometimes, it can be a very long journey. “You reap what you sow” is so true for me.

During the time and behind the scenes that were building up towards the two key months of May and June 2015, I classified it as the branding, public relations, awareness and publicity months, for both work and personal. While the seeds were planted, grew, matured and ready for harvesting, there were blessings that came and appeared upon me.

It’s like 99% consisting of hard work, sweat and tears before that 1% of special blessings that were delivered to me, making it 100%. 

There were some really big highlights for me recently in the past 6 months, in my day job work and photography. This newspaper feature (of me, on my life, on Marina Bay and my photography) on The Straits Times on 20th May 2015 was definitely a pinnacle in my life!  My old primary school classmate (31 years not out and counting) gave me gentle reminders that I need to remain down to earth and grounded. I am very thankful and grateful for such reminders!

I am filled with gratitude, reminding myself to remain down to earth and be humble. I would like to say a Big Thank You to those who believed in me, supported and encouraged me all these time over the years!!

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