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Return of (Mini) Power PT Running

On the 1st day of February 2010, I decided that my running needs to kick start for my long distance runs in May 2010. After I stopped running and training for about 2 months since the Singapore Marathon 2009 in December, it was back to zero or square one again for me, I reset my training and running mileage clock back to zero, starting fresh again for a new target.

Looking for Jack Lan and he asked me to go Power Physical Training (PT) Running first with Brian Lam and catch up after that. Since it had been a long time since I went through Power PT and quite some time since I went running, I thought, why not ? Returning from work, packing up some stuff and went off to meet the runners to Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Power PT Running today was running the uphill road followed by downhill road, a loop around the summit of Telok Blangah Hill Park. The time target was 2min 30s for every loop with rest time of 3 minutes, repeating over 5 times. Being an unfit person as of now & a slight age gap, I think my timing was between 3 mins to 3mins 22s for every run.

Whether I am training for sprints, short distance, medium distance or long distance running, Power PT Running does have its place in a physical training regime and must be part of any sports training regime. Reflecting back the time when I learned the techniques of Power PT, the training runs were like 4 rounds of 100m run and 4 rounds of 400m run, within a stipulated time frame, aerobic training and anaerobic training.

A return of (Mini) Power PT Running, I used to be a much fitter person, as age catches up, we have to train harder to maintain the level of fitness that we desire when we were younger. I confess that I have to train more and harder than my younger counterparts, I will push myself, improve my own fitness and I run my own race !

My training philosophy is to train together for a common target – Run Your Own Race and I am NOT here to race against people.

Let this be a start of my regular training runs towards my May 2010 running goal !

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