Exploring more & learning more into the power of social media, I was looking for particular tips in social media for specific industries e.g. Photography, Tourism, Food & Beverage etc etc (if applicable and there are companies doing/writing/researching on it).

While searching, I found Social Media Tips by Kodak, that I found very short, sweet and interesting. Kodak being a photography related company, would suits nicely to attract photographers practicing, embracing and starting into social media. When looking through their slide presentation below, keep your minds and hearts thinking –

10 Social Media Tips from Kodak’s Chief Blogger

(1) Know What You Are Talking About ~ If you don’t know what you are talking,writing about, your readers would know … sooner or later.

(2) Always be Transparent ~ Lies, deceptions, cheating would not get you far and the truth would come to you someday soon.

(3) Be Yourself ~ You are who you are and not somebody else, every one of you is unique and special. What is your style ? What defines you ?

(4) Post Frequently ~ Keep your readers (new and returning) updated constantly and they would always come back consistently and tell their friends too.

(5) Add Value ~ How much value are your blogs/sites giving your readers ? How rich is your content ? Would your readers return again ?

(6) Respond ~ Communication is only successful when there is 2 – way communications at all times, therefore, respond is the return leg of the communication channel.

(7) Listen to What Others Have to Say ~ Feedback, good and bad, are for us to learn, improve and interact with our readers, friends, mentors.

(8) Learn from your Mistakes ~ NOBODY is Perfect, we all make mistakes, big and small, once a while. Remember to learn from your mistakes, move on, don’t REPEAT them again.

(9) Be External ~ Link up, share, ReTweet, Drop comments,  Chat – Remember to interact ! That’s a key and very crucial point of Social Media Networking!

(10) Have Fun ~ Yes, never forget that !

The above 10 tips would be an excellent reference guidelines/tips for photography and travel buffs moving/starting into blogs and social media. It’s just getting bigger and more exciting.

Are you (as a budding photographer or photojournalist or travel journalist or travel blogger) with social media or are you avoiding social media ?

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