Steve Linder at the National Achiver Congress 2008, talks about his key specialty in the area of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), 7 Keys to Achieving Performance.

NLP is something that I am looking to explore further into, learning and understanding how NLP would be able to help me grow further in the areas of more wealth, love and happiness in my life. Steve Linder’s session was a more thorough start into this intriguing field of personal development and growth.

During his session, I copied down many short point sentences on his various teachings, now reflecting on my notes, therefore, I would summarise them and elaborate on it, to the best of my learning and knowledge learned during the short session conducted by Steve Linder –

  • It is so easy to be successful if you are fulfilled, success = fulfillment
  • There is a key difference between a coach and a mentor, a coach (e.g. Mission Control, Houston) is somebody who has the skills, knowledge and training to teach while a mentor (e.g. Neil Armstrong) is a coach who has already been there and done it before. Therefore, in life, a mentor is crucial in the growth and development of a person’s career and personal growth.
  • Motions create Emotions
    – Unconscious Mind Control Body
    – Once the Body is Locked, Mind is Locked, Future is Locked
  • How you use your body, is how you use your Life.
  • Watching out for a dangerous  “cancer”  to our personal development and growth – “I KNOW THAT”, a stage whereby we think we know everything but in actual fact, we know nothing or even lesser than before.
  • Flexibility in Vision = Flexibility in Reality
  • More Rules = Less Flexibility = Poor Results = Poor Life
  • The person with the Most Flexibility wins.
  • Our biggest challenge is Mental Inflation and Emotional Inflation
  • What makes us successful today would not make us successful in the future, it will tear us down and wear us down.
  • If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will definitely repeat it.
  • 4 Steps to Neuro Strategy
  1. What does this MEAN ?
  2. What can I LEARN from this ?
  3. How can I INTEGRATE this ?
  4. How can you SHARE the learning with others to keep them from making the same mistakes ?

I can’t say I have all the 7 Keys to Achieving Performance written down, since my notes were pretty much all over the pages ! Nevertheless, the pointers that I written down would definitely help me in understanding NLP further and how it can be applied here. NLP is more complex and it is something new and an area that I would plan to learn more about NLP further the road.

Please do visit Steve Linder’s website if you would be keen to learn further from my short and summarised posting here from my session with Steve Linder at National Achiever’s Congress 2008.

I had learned a number of new knowledge and skills from the 3 speakers of National Achiever’s Congress Day 1, hopefully, through my sharing and writing, this would also help you in someway or another.

Let’s all seek to learn, change, improve, ourselves, constantly and all the time. 

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