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Training Runs Schedule & Pointers

The countdown to the start of my running season has begun and I am looking at my running schedule below in preparation for my 2 runs. It’s not the most ideal training run schedule, however, I believe that it would be able to give me the ample training and preparation for my runs.

4th May – 7km – Completetd

6th May – 10km – Completed

9th May – 15km

11th May – 7km

13th May – 10km

16th May – 21km

19th May – 5km

21th May – 7km

24th May – Passion Run 15km

30th May – Sundown Marathon 42.195km

Besides the training runs schedule, I would be keeping note of the following pointers

(1) Diet

– No unnecessary supper

– Avoid greasy/deep fried food

-No overloading of food during meal times

– Avoid alcohol

– Loading of carbohydrates into your body system closer to the marathon

(2) Bit & Pieces of Sports Science

– Intake of salt water daily at least 1 week before the marathon ~ facilitate isotonic drinks intake during the marathon

– Increase Soy Bean intake

– Importance of stretching and warm up before and after training runs

– Being mindful of running technique, style and breathing, to improve and make changes

– Target to reduce current weight by 5kg prior to the marathon ~ Imagine running with a 5kg backpack while running a marathon, if you shed it off, how much lighter you feel and how much faster can you possibly run ?

Of course, physical preparation is essential, however, we must not forget the mental preparation too ! Being a 4 times marathon finisher, it is a lot less daunting when I ran my 1st marathon. It is a very important personal development tool in preparing for  a marathon and during a marathon run.

– Psyching myself up to embrace a marathon ~ Seriously, I am really looking foward to it !

– Mentally going through the full 42.195km distance, visualising the surroundings and route of running

– Feeding my mind, heart and brain with key encouraging words that I would improve on my previous marathon timings

Well, folks, hope these pointers would help you !

I always tell myself during a marathon run – “Finishing is not an issue , it’s how good and how fast I want to be !”

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” – Robert H. Schuller

4 thoughts on “Training Runs Schedule & Pointers

  • You are such a hard working person, And you know you goal so clearly. You will win what you should have. 🙂

  • Lucy Lopez

    Hi tangenghui, this is the first time I’m leaving a comment here and probably the second time visiting :-). Your blog has a nice feel about it 🙂

    I was wondering, what it is about running marathons that appeals to you.

    I appreciate that the physical and mental/emotional training can be both demanding and rewarding. It’s wonderful to be so committed to something like this!

  • Hi iWalk

    Thanks for your support, you have been my loyal supporter of my blogs !

    Finishing the marathon with a better improved timing from previous runs is my goal and I will win it !

  • Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for dropping by again ! Appreciate it greatly, your comments and visit !

    Running a marathon is addictive for me, after completing my 1st marathon. It became a pilgrimage for me and inspiring me to improve in every marathon or runs that I embarked on.

    The improvements are enormous and incredible, do embark on a marathon and you would definitely share my thoughts !

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