In 2 weeks time, I would be embarking on my running season for the year 2009, with the Saucony 100 Plus Passion Run 2009 on 24th May 2009 and the distance that I will be running is 15km.

Thereafter, my next long distance run and my 1st full marathon for 2009 would be the Sundown Marathon 2009, starting at the stroke of midnight of 30th May 2009, running at 0000 hrs on 31st May 2009. A gruelling 42.195km and my 5th full marathon participation, my 2nd Sundown Marathon.

In terms of preparation, I am on track for my 15km distance, however, for my 42.195km distance, I am preparing for another 3 weeks of intense preparation, being a 4 times full marathon finisher, I do have running preparation and marathon experience to cope with it.

For 1st timers running a full marathon, my methods may not be that suitable, you would need to look at training over a longer period of time instead.

In my next post, I would be writing up on how I intend to plan for the next 3 weeks running schedule and run with me, to complete a marathon. Do keep a lookout !

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