Western Digital at IT Show 2013

Today is the third day of IT Show 2013 and it is held at Marina Bay Sands Level 1 and B2 from 7th March 2013 to 10th March 2013, the opening hours are 12pm to 9pm daily. I would be sharing fresh off the IT Show 2013 information and brochures with all of you, my readers here! Let me introduce the Western Digital list of storage products that you can find at IT Show 2013!

Everybody needs to have extra portable hard disk, whether you are carrying it around for your work or leisure or you put it at home to store and archive everything that you have! It’s a must have and Western Digital is a great portable storage HDD brand!

Enjoy and have a fun weekend shopping for Western Digital products at IT Show 2013!

**All information and brochures courtesy of Western Digital Singapore**

WesternDigital-IT Show2013-0


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