What is your Creative Type?

What is your Creative Type?

I didn’t think too much about it, nor did I ever do tests previously on my creative type and which creative type I would be since I am doing more tests on other aspects of personal development and growth such MBTI and DISC tests when I was in junior college (MBTI) and when I was in the financial services industry (DISC).

There was this test that I saw on my friend’s Instagram stories and I decided to visit the website and took a look. What was this all about? Everyone has a creative type/side, you may not believe it and may not know about this inside you, what is your creative type? Previously, over the decades, I was kind of brought up, probably due to influences from surroundings, education and society that I am not really a creative person by nature. That was this book written by a very talented artist, musician, writer, photographer, that I got to meet personally, Fernando Gros, with his book, No Missing Tools – Creativity in an age of abundance, that I bought (a limited edition hardcopy), read and opened my mind and world up. I wrote a short article on his book, that expressed a lot of my inner most thoughts and feelings, humbling, grateful and thankful for his acknowledgement. Through Fernando’s book, opening up my world that I have something creative inside me, “Creativity exists within ask of us“, a line inside his book that I will not forget.

I had been jaded and burn out, feeling my creativity being zapped away, dried up, like a local food delight, the salted fish, dried under the hot tropical sun. Therefore, I decided to take the test and I discovered my creative type at the end of the test.

The result of my creative types test was ….


Image from Adobe Create

“The PRODUCER is the quintessential “doer” of all the creative types. People-oriented, analytical, pragmatic, and dynamic, you have a highly creative nature that’s balanced by a grounded realism and “get it done” attitude. In your eyes, an idea has real value only when it’s turned into something that others can enjoy and benefit from.”

What does this means to me? It probably reinforced my initial belief from reading Fernando Gros book, “No Missing Tools – Creativity in an age of abundance”, that opened up my creative world that I do have a creative side waiting to be explored even further. This would also be a confidence booster and directional true compass that I badly needed and somehow lost in a commercial and monetary world of photography, writing, social media and digital marketing.

This is time to open up again, my creative side that I used to think that I don’t have, explore my creativity again, let the creativity go, let it flow. Just like the Canon EOS RP Explorer Stories that I have started in 2019. Maybe this is an omen for me in the year 2019, is this the creative game changer for me?

Do you ever believe that you have a creative side inside you, waiting to be explored and showcased to the rest of the world?

Creative Types Test – https://mycreativetype.com

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