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Reflecting Year 2022 (Technology | Business | Personal)

Today is 31st December 2022, we are now into the last day of this year 2022, soon we will say Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023! Taking this time reflecting year 2022 (technology, business and personal) – Year 2022 in review. A regular feature on my portal/blog, you can read my year in reviews for 2016 Part 1 and 2016 Part 2, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

A Recap – Yearly Theme 2022: Onward

My Yearly Theme for 2022 was “Onward”, moving into 2022 from 2021, I felt that this was most suitable at the point in time as the world was edging closer towards reopening of the economy and lifting of risk management measures for the global pandemic COVID-19 that impacted us so much from 2020 to around mid 2022.


Consumer / Enterprise / B2B

Consumer technology media coverage has been a regular and consistent coverage feature for my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog since its inception. On the enterprise / B2B technology sectors, I am gradually and slowly adding more to my overall technology media news coverage portfolio.

I am probably at a stage whereby I can only handle so much media news coverage workload on my own. Although I tried to cover and publish technology media news regularly, I found it harder to do it on a consistent and regular basis, my publishing pace kind of dropped in Q3 2022 onwards.

How would I be able to manage my consumer / enterprise / B2B technology media news coverage better? A closer working relationship with brands and PR agencies would be the best way moving forward.


I have always been interested in the startups scene since I started learning more about this sector when I entered into enterprise / B2B technology sector at technology conferences and exhibitions. This year 2022 wasn’t too bad in my startups coverage, considering that there weren’t any physical in attendance conferences/exhibitions for the past 2.5 years.

When Singapore gradually reopened her doors and risk management measures from around the half year mark, the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) were taking this opportunity to make a push to return back to face-to-face networking events.

During this period, I met and chatted with a few startups. Moving forward in 2023, I would look at covering specific sectors in the startups community.

Future of Work

The future of work has been in the limelight for the past 2.5 years (and still counting), accelerated by the onset of the global pandemic situation in 2020 forcing us to work from home. A hybrid future of work is probably going to be the norm moving forward, even as businesses and organisations are  gradually returning back to working in office, they are also adjusting and adopting their own rules and working styles in a hybrid future of work environments, giving rise to new gadgets in communications and work for both office and remote.

How would the Future of Work change in the years to come? There is an area that I am planning to explore more, from both technology and human resources perspectives.


Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing

An area that I was planning and I did expand into, social media marketing/digital marketing didn’t take off as I thought it would be for me. Another set of big business and life lessons learnt from this hiccup, how would I change and approach this business segments in a new financial year 2023?

It’s back to the drawing board again, back to reality, back to basics and start from scratch again.

Future of Social Media and Trends

Have you asked yourself how you feel about using social media nowadays, as compared to 5 to 10 years back? How much has social media changed over the years? How much has you changed because of social media platforms and usage over the years?

The future of social media and trends are areas that I always observe closely though, on both professional and personal basis. For those who are on Twitter, the recent saga with the new ownership has caused quite a bit of upheaval, concerns and thinking, what would happen to this platform in the near future? As a avid heavy user on Twitter, as compared to the other social media platforms that I am on, that got me thinking a lot, finding alternatives to Twitter platform and how I would do my engagements and networkings differently.

Social media trends are changing and evolving, while the current media landscape is dominant and favours videos, we might be seeing a new video era, it’s like version 2.0. The other areas of interest would be Web3.0 and a return back to analogue or basics as we could be getting more tired of social media.

I would talk more about future of social media and trends in another article sometime down the road.

Other Business Interests / Reopening of World Economy

Beside working on social media marketing/digital marketing, I was on the lookout for other business interests. There were some preliminary thoughts on some sectors, still a lot more homework to be done before making any major moves. With a new set of uncertainties coming in Year 2023, I have to be more cautious.

The world economy reopened in 2022 with the lifting of risk management measures and borders in many countries worldwide, bringing back the much missed business trades, movement of people, revival of the travel and tourism industries. It’s not an exponential climb back, it’s slow and gradual, probably with some dips here and there.

Dark Clouds/Challenges looming ahead in 2023

In this year 2022, just when the world is relieved and happy to be recovering, reopening and moving away from this global pandemic that turned the world upside down for the past 2.5 to 3 years, the world economy is facing a new of economic challenges (high inflation with a recession looming over us) and political instabilities in some parts of the world.


Recovery from an uneventful down time in 2021

A few uneventful events got me spiralling down into a rabbit hole in 2021, it took me a while to get myself out of that situation, allowing me to enter 2022 with a clean slate of mind, personal well-being and mental health.

JOMO versus FOMO

JOMO = Joy of missing out, FOMO = Fear of missing out. The world of social media in recent times had been getting more messy and complicated, oversharing, excess showing off, all wanting fame, likes and first to post/share.

There was a time when I was FOMO, however I got so delusional on some aspects of social media, even though I am still actively using social media platforms, just more selective. I am moving into JOMO mode.

Maybe JOMO would free me up from those shackles, allowing me to concentrate on honing my craft, creativity and writing even further and better, as a writer, a visual storyteller.

There were still struggles

I am not going to paint a beautiful scenario or picture, like people posting on their FB or social media platforms, smiling, enjoying life and living a fun and exciting lifestyle.

There were still struggles over the whole year 2022, hidden away from social media. Not many people or nobody can really know what I am going through.

Year 2022 Theme: Onward vs Year 2022 in Reality

Year 2022 in reality was definitely Onward for me, even though the economy wasn’t giving us a smooth and easy recovery, I have to ride out the usual ups and downs like the rest, even as the world economy is working towards reopening and returning back to a more normal living of pre-pandemic days.

Last But Not Least

Reflecting Year 2022 in my technology, business and personal segments is just one half of my equation of my Year 2022 in Review. The other half of my equation of my Year 2022 in Review can be found here in this article: Reflecting Year 2022 (Photography | Travel) on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog.

I would like to say a big Thank You to the various technology brands and PR agency folks that I worked closely with in Year 2022, to my readers for their utmost support for this year. Keep a lookout as my website is marking a 15 years milestone in January 2023!

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2023! Good luck and all the best in the new year ahead!

On a media publishing break for last week of 2022 (Technology | Business | Personal)

Today is 24th December 2022, it’s Christmas Eve. I would like to announce that I am on a media publishing break (Technology | Business | Personal) for the last week of 2022. I woke up feeling exhausted on Christmas Eve morning. Therefore, I feel and I do think that I need to take a break now and rest for this Christmas weekend, and enjoy whatever this festive season brings in for the final week of Year 2022.

On the subject of backlogs in my technology and business media news coverage, I would try my best to clear them in January 2023. As for CES 2023 media news coverage that I received earlier, my CES 2023 coverage would begin in January 2023. As for technology media pitches, collaborations and discussions, I would look into them in January 2023. 

During the last week of Year 2022, I would be taking this period to rest, followed by reflecting 2022 in my areas of technology, business and personal. I am also in the midst of writing and sharing more thoughts and plans into my Yearly Theme 2023 that I have already selected.


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve gathering with your family and loved ones! Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2022 in advance!

Thoughts, Views, Updates, Changes, Directions – 23rd May 2022

As we are getting closer to the halfway mark of year 2022, the time seemed to have accelerated its pace since the world started to open up even further with the ease of restrictions and safety measures. Although I am not going into a Q2 2022 or H1 2022 review, there are times whereby I have things happening, many thoughts and views inside my mind, it would also be good to take a break from the regular technology and media news coverage, going instead into writing and sharing personal thoughts, views, updates, changes, direction.

Thoughts and Views

The world is in a mess, we are not out of the woods in the ongoing battle against the global pandemic COVID-19. Further escalations and blowout from the conflict in Europe are very frightening for the whole world. The world is facing inflationary pressures and possible recessions in the next few years. A pandemic induced recession is continuing and converting into an economic recession.

World travel and tourism is opening up again, the world is finally restarting tourism. This industry has been so severely hit during this pandemic, the recovery is not going to be immediate, time is need to ramp up and return back to normal for the world travel and tourism industries. My travel wanderlust is getting stronger, I am not rushing out to travel yet, hopefully in Q3 or Q4 2022.

Social media marketing/digital marketing work is way more challenging than I first envisioned. Sometimes, there could be 5 different work roles packed inside one person’s workload. That’s still so much to learn from this work area.

Things are still not easy and rosy on the ground level, the economy is still working to get back to its feet and it’s not immediate or an exponential climb. On LinkedIN, you might not think so, with so much ra ra and hype going on for some big companies sharing what they are doing on LinkedIN.

Updates and Changes

I probably have very boring updates, not exciting, not glamorous, not showing my face or selfies on Facebook personal, Facebook Page or Instagram. Although I might be tweeting away a lot on Twitter, that’s a mix of social media marketing, digital marketing, intellectual conversations, interesting travel networking chats, and of course, my usual ranting and emotional updates. I don’t show my life as much as some of my friends are sharing.

Even my Instagram posts are slowing down, my Instagram stories are copy and paste from Twitter, and my impromptu photography from my boring and unglamorous daily life. I am exhausted from the social media chasing, the FOMO stuff. I just want to return back to producing quality visual stories, documentations and travel adventures on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, instead of chasing for the wrong things on social media.

I am still working on the review, editing and amendments for my second photography zine. There had been some delays, I need to do better than this, time to pull up my socks and get to finish up this unfinished segment.

On the subject of changes, change is the only constant, applying changes to adapt to the situations, for the present and for the future.


While I am not exactly at the crossroads, I might be entering into the crossroad soon and that would set me thinking. Even though I am craving out new business, strategic and content creation directions, new ones came onboard.

I am expanding my travel writing/content marketing and travel photography segment, I reckon the travel and tourism industry needs a bit more time to ramp up before it can return back to its pre-pandemic levels, thus I have a media pitch titled, Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism. The initial response is not too bad, I would start publishing on travel and tourism news and insights soon. Meanwhile, would my travel writing/content creation/photography take off with the world fully restarting tourism? I won’t know yet.

There is also a business partnership discussion that is currently ongoing, I estimate the timeline for this to take between 3-6 more months for it to be fruitful, whereby all parties are agreeable to go ahead with this.

A surprise came in recently when I received a job proposal pitch for a content marketing role at a fin-tech start up, a permanent full-time role. I would not go into more details on this part, let’s just say this is another opportunity to explore, you never know where this might brings you.

What’s Next?

What’s next? There are still many parts unknown, I am navigating my journey ahead with a mix of optimism and caution. Anyway, many people would not care or read much into what I have written here. They are probably more concerned with sharing their life photos and what they are doing to their social media networks.

One step at a time, we are not out of the woods yet, many more challenges and difficulties ahead.

Updates, Thoughts and Views on 1st May 2022 Labour Day

It’s Sunday 1st May 2022, start of a new month in the midst of a long weekend here in Singapore with Hari Raya Puasa public holiday on Tuesday 3rd May 2022. If you have been following and reading my portal/blog for a while, you would know I would break my technology and business media news coverage with personal updates, reflections, thoughts and views on personal matters and other areas. Here’s me starting off the month of May, on a long weekend break with something different – Updates, Thoughts and Views on 1st May 2022 Labour Day.

Call for media pitches: Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism

First and foremost, a major update for my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. I am inviting a call for media pitches: Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism. The world is opening up their borders, lowering/removing the travel restrictions. This reopening/restarting is not immediate, it would need a bit of time to ramp up resources, training, planning and getting hands on again.

More information on this media pitch can be read here!

Photography Business

An area of concern as this is not picking up as fast as I would like it to be. I would relook into this from both internal and external factors/environments, what I am currently doing, planning and in relation with my other areas of work/other business.

Social Media Marketing

I entered into this sector with high hopes that I would do alright at the start. However, I was taken aback in the wide scope, requirements and expectations for this field of work, this was much harder than I initially thought and expect.

Hard and harsh lessons learnt, now to continue adapting and changing to implement and combine all elements of my photography, videography, writing, content creation and all things social media/digital marketing together, more efficiently and effectively.

Oh yes, throw in “You have to be a designer/graphic artist” as well.

Other Business Interests

I have always been on the lookout for other business interests, finding opportunities to invest or work in them. I can’t say much more due to business sensitivity and privacy. When the time is ripe, I would share more.

Content Creation / Writer’s World

Content creation and writing, on both personal and professional basis, have opened many journeys, avenues, social media platforms and friendships that I never dreamt about. My second photography zine is undergoing review, edit and amendments, there should be an official announcement coming in later part of May 2022.

On a personal note

We are finally opening up, from the economy, borders and travel, to our daily living. We all want a full return back to normal life again soon, will we be the same as before? I am not too sure whether we can still return back to those pre-pandemic days. How would the new future of work and living turn out, I do not know.

I am planning to consolidate my stories, thoughts, feelings and emotions that I went through during this global pandemic period (from 2020), my visual stories and my photographs, before giving a deep thought on my next course of action.

Reflecting Q1 2022, Updates and Thoughts

We are near to the end of March 2022, approximately 1 week+ away from today 20th March 2022. Since I had a number of thoughts and things going on in my mind, I was thinking why not combine them with my Q1 2022 reflections, along with some updates and lastly my thoughts and things going on in my mind.

Give peace a chance 

First and foremost, this matter had been troubling me inside my mind when the Ukraine and Russia crisis erupted. It’s all over international news networks, I wanted to write down and share my thoughts, feelings and views, however, I just got stuck trying to write it down into words.

Give peace a chance, stop the war, no more war please.

Social Media Marketing / Content Creation

If you remembered my earlier post, I have embarked on social media marketing / content creation for a food business. This is a heavy workload gig, it’s very challenging to be consistently creative and being able to produce unique content on a regular basis. Only very few friends would know about my work situation when I met them and shared about my work. Many challenges ahead with added workload too, a number of other areas to work on and handle as well. Let’s see where this would take me to.

There is also a potential content creator/writer gig for a technology website, I am working on their trial and I hope to pass their writing test before I can be accepted. As of now, I won’t know how it would turn out, I will try my best, fingers crossed and see whether this would work out for me.

Photography Zine / Playbook update

In this article that I published on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, I am excited with my new photography zine / playbook. However, I underestimated my workload and time management on this project, balancing with my photography business and social media marketing / content creation commitments.

My adjusted timeline is to get my curated photographs placed and layout nicely inside my book, a final check before a trial print to have a feel, look, followed by another final check and adjustments before talking to the local printing house.



On the photography business segment, it’s not getting back on track as I would like to. Therefore, I would relook again into this, the areas that I can work on, changes and marketing/publicity side of things.

Canon EOS R3, RF600mm f/11 IS STM and RF800mm f/11 IS STM reviews

I have recently reviewed the Canon EOS R3, RF600mm f/11 IS STM and RF800mm f/11 IS STM lenses, glad to have the opportunity to do a more in-depth review after earlier hands on experiences with them in 2021 and 2020 respectively.

Keep a lookout for my reviews, coming soon on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog.

Training / Consultancy

An area that I found myself entering into, training and consultancy in the field of photography, camera technology. While I did consider photography/camera training previously, I didn’t embark on this sector due to prioritising my commitments and time.

With an opportunity coming onboard for a collaboration project, this is definitely an area that I would be looking into more in-depth down the road. I may have the photography / camera knowledge and experiences, the time is now for me to translate them into easy language, understanding and usability from a “consumer perspective”, for those just entering into photography, or moving them up from the smartphone photography / compact camera photography segments.

Personal Photography Projects

On the topic of personal photography projects, I have embarked and worked on different personal photography projects over the years, you can view them on my Flickr albums/collections!

I have yet to decide on which personal photography project to embark on, I might continue on some of my existing personal photography projects.

Personal Matters of the Mind, Heart and Soul

Covid fatigue

The past 2+ years (and still counting) had not been an easy time for many of us around the world due to the ongoing global pandemic situation. This year 2022 might be the year that the world can truly open up again, hopefully, this would not be a false sign.

Covid fatigue has brought some people to their breaking point, the whole world needs to work together closer and faster, as compared to 1-2 years back when we were still trying to learn and understand about this pandemic. The world needs to be break out from this global pandemic,  embark on the route to opening up and recovery.

Mental health / Emotional health

Our mental and emotional health/well-being has been severely affected, the future impacts and outcomes on the society and us in a post pandemic world still awaits to be seen.

I am still mentally and emotionally drained, exhausted yet showing no signs on the outside. The ongoing struggles are real, they are still very tough and challenging. Although comparing now to a period in 2021 whereby I was struggling, stuck in a rut, my mental and emotional health was not in a good state, the situation at this current stage has improved.

While I may seem to share a lot on Twitter, relative to my personal Facebook and Instagram, I don’t really share as much details and photos into my life, keeping my things and stuff private.  Most of you would also know or realised that I don’t show much of myself in photos unless I am being tagged.

A reminder to myself: We can choose and Decide to be Happy.

22022022 – Thoughts, Views and Updates

Today is Tuesday 22/02/2022, a unique day 22022022, this is both a palindrome and ambigram. A unique day and time for me to take the occasional break from technology and business media news coverage, becoming a writer penning down my own views, thoughts, feelings and updates.

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing/Content Creation

I have also adapted, changed and finally added digital marketing/social media marketing/content creation to my suite of business/marketing services provided in conjunction with my photography and videography.

A new challenge is upon me, the time is now to combine my skills, strength, knowledge and experiences as well as my networks, partners and collaborators into play.

Technology media news coverage

Embarking on new topics of interests/sectors, notably Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3.0, Cybersecurity and Future of Internet on how we work and live. A new era is upon us, they might be arriving faster than we can imagine.

I can’t predict what’s going to happen next as I don’t have a crystal ball with me. I am learning new knowledge on all these technology developments, getting ready to get onboard this new wave of diverse technological advancements and changes. Some are not new, they are just picking up pace even faster. I hope that my sharing can help my followers and readers navigate through this new era of technological changes coming soon.

Therefore, I find it even more challenging as my ongoing consumer technology news coverage, and part enterprise technology coverage, can be pretty heavy in content load, adding in the new topics might slow down some segments of my technology media news coverage.

Coming soon – Second photography zine/playbook

Finally, it’s coming soon, my second photography zine/playbook that has been in the works for the past few months, facing delays, distractions and disruptions along the journey. I wrote and shared about this in more detail on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, do visit and check it out!

Mentally and physically tiring

Juggling digital marketing/social media marketing/content creation with running my photography business, technology media news coverage, personal photography and documentary projects are mentally tiring and physically tiring.

This situation is definitely different from the mental and emotional downtime that I went through during year 2021. It’s not that bad a situation overall, these are part of the changes, growth and recovery especially during this trying time.

Hardly people read what I wrote anyway

Sometimes, I have a feeling that people don’t read much into what I wrote, even though it’s written, published and shared on my websites, or even on my various social media platforms.

Some are just sharing so much of their personal life, happenings and what they are doing on social media with their photos, versus really wanting to know what’s happening in your life.

The struggles are real

The struggles are real, the year 2022 ahead is not going to be a smooth recovery journey, unpredictable and volatile. Many a times, you don’t see in on my face, the mental fatigue, covid fatigue, emotional fatigue, they are real, deep hidden inside me.

Anyway, how many would be reading all these? How many really care?

Please be kind, please don’t judge.

Today is 22/02/2022, for some people, this is going to be special day for some since this is both a palindrome and ambigram. This is also Founder’s Day 2022 for all those in the world scouting movement.

For me this 22022022 is another day of writing down some of my thoughts, feelings and updates.

Round Up Jan 2022 and Short Break for CNY 2022 (Technology and Business)

Today is 31st January 2022, last day of January 2022, this is also the eve of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2022, a time for reunion dinner and family gathering. I would like to take this time to do a quick round up Jan 2022 before taking a short break (from Monday 31st January to Sunday 6th February) for CNY 2022 for my technology and business segments.

The month of January always seem to be hectic since it’s a short turnaround time from Christmas weekend to New Year weekend, followed by 4 more weeks to Chinese New Year festive holiday. It takes a while to get up to speed while there were ongoing adjustments, adapting and settling into new gig/role, on top of getting my business back on track.

Round Up Jan 2022 (Technology and Business)

Technology writing / media news coverage

A regular segment on my website since the founding of my technology and business website. I started off with consumer technology (B2C) market, and I expanded into enterprise / business technology (B2B) market some years back.

This sector can be pretty taxing at times, depending on the frequency and number of press releases received in a week. That’s a good and bad headache to have.

Social Media Marketing / Digital Agency

As part of my business diversification and integration with my photography business, as well as my technology writing segment, I am in the midst of building up and developing my social media marketing / digital agency business portfolio.

I previously mentioned about a social media marketing gig, I am transiting and settling into this new role. In this year 2022, I hope to expand this segment further, getting one to two more accounts under my charge.

Crypto / Blockchain / NFT

Crypto and Blockchain are the next two technology sectors that I would be covering, not just because it’s linked to my NFT photography plans. I see potential in the cryptocurrency world, their use case scenarios in a digital world and as an alternative investment tool. There are a number of discussions on crypto and blockchain  industries, both pros and cons.

This is an area that I am keen in, still learning and exploring. There are quite a lot of discussions on the NFT field, both pros and cons, and how it can be part of my diversification for my photography. I am reading both sides of the NFT equation, I believe in its potential and future prospects. I would be doing more research before embarking on this platform and share more updates on my NFT photography journey along the way.

Short Break for CNY 2022

I am planning to take a short break for CNY 2022 from my technology and business media news coverage, content creation and writing. There would definitely be some more backlogs piling up. Do also check out my Round Up Jan 2022 for my (Photography and Travel) segment too!

While I am not publishing media news and content creation for a week, that does not mean I am totally not working. I would be working on my photography and videography areas.

Wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2022, good health, happiness, luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

May the Year of the  Tiger be the year whereby we can truly and surely lift ourselves up from this global pandemic situation and embark on a route to economic recovery and a more normal way of living.

Topics in my mind + Updates 24th October 2021

We are now in the last quarter of Year 2021, forcing our way through this ongoing global pandemic crisis, just trying to survive and get out of this mess that will leave a mark in our lifetime. I had some topics in my mind, along with some updates to write it out here and share.

Business, Economics and Finance

Squid Game

A most recent Korean drama on Netflix that captured the world’s attention and following. There have been an extensive coverage all over the world on this drama from a number of perspectives, social, cultural, business, economics and finance. After watching the whole Squid Game drama series, it got me thinking really hard.

Although the situations depicted in Squid Game are in the context of South Korea society and economy, how different are the rest of the world in relation to the context of the situations portrayed in South Korea?

Are we living in a world filled with rising debts and loans to fulfil our thirst to show off our high standards of living? Do we use all means and methods to get our way to the top, removing people on our way up? Is the rich and poor divide getting bigger and wider, would there still be a middle class in the future?

Oh, on a personal photography note, I am still in the midst of planning on Squid Game Singapore Edition fun photo shoot, using our local Singapore childhood games.

More than just a healthcare and economic crisis

This ongoing global pandemic has caused so much economic and healthcare issues for the whole world, how we work, live and play has changed dramatically and drastically, life would probably not be the same moving forward in a post-pandemic world.

I might (I do/I am) sound like a broken recorder put on repeat. When are we going to see light at the end of the tunnel? Sometimes, the light brightens up, dims and flickers. The process is repeated again and again.

We have more than just a healthcare and economic crisis on our hands, we might already have mental and emotional health crisis in our midst that are getting worse.

When can we see light at the end of the tunnel?

A question that many of us are asking again and again, when can we see the light at the end of the tunnel? Most recently, our COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures were extended for another another month as we needed more time to stabilise the situation. When I heard this announcement, it’s going to be another big blow to us small and medium sized businesses here in Singapore.

When can we really be endemic, living with COVID-19, getting our life and business back to a bit more normalcy similar to pre-COVID times?

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Crypto, Blockchain and NFT

NFT group project funding application had been declined

In some of my earlier articles on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog, I might have mentioned about a NFT group project funding application. This application had been declined, therefore I am going to venture out on my own into the NFT world, building this journey up along with my Crypto trading and Blockchain technology coverage.

Crypto, Blockchain and NFT

Just a quick recap, I wrote about taking the first step in the fields of Crypto, Blockchain and NFT here on my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog. I am reading up and learning more about the new fields that I have started my new journey into, I want to be a thought/opinion leader in those fields. Hopefully, more sharing on those fields would be coming soon.

Begun my crypto trading journey has with Gemini

Finally, I took the first step into crypto trading, opening my account with Gemini! I am going to slowly build up my crypto trading and accumulation of crypto assets from here onwards.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Media Coverage, Content Creation and Media Relations

Slower in technology / media news coverage

That’s no denying that I have slowed down in my technology / media news coverage on my two portals/blogs. It has been too exhausting personally, on my mental and emotional health and well-being, that affected my technology / media news coverage.

I hope to pick myself up again soon, if you have any sponsored posts or commissioned work assignments that would suit my digital marketing, content creation, social media marketing along with my commercial photography skillsets, please reach out to me!

Media relations

I recently published and shared an article on my website, it’s titled “Blockchain, Crypto and NFT”, that I mentioned earlier in my paragraphs.

A few days later, I received an email pitch from Fadzly from WE Communications, sending me crypto-fintech related news from the accounts that he’s handling, after reading on LinkedIN that I am entering into the above mentioned fields of blockchain, crypto and NFT.

I was pleasantly surprised yet humbled since I am not a big media organisation, just a very small technology and business website. Some don’t even see me as a media outlet. I am thankful for the trust, good working relationships and friendships that I built up with some of the PR folks over the past 15 years (and still counting).

Also a shoutout to Thiviya, as well as Sharyl, Marcus and Sara whom I have worked with for a number of years.

There are also a few PR agencies with good personal touch and building good relationships, they do read my articles that are non media coverage, usually my personal updates, reflections a.k.a. me ranting and having a verbal diarrhoea.    

Photography – Personal and Business

A lot lesser photography sharing on my Instagram/Instagram stories

You can view from my Instagram account that I am not posting a lot of photographs there, as for my Instagram stories, while it may seem like a lot of sharing, it’s a lot of sharing other posts and very few on my personal posts.

I am getting more private, confidential and selective of what I am going to share, due to some very private personal reasons as well as getting more fatigued from how I use social media.

Any further Photography related Updates?

My most recent article “Reflecting Q3 2021 and Plans for Q4 2021” would provide insights into my current photography updates till any further additions and updates in the coming months ahead.

Mental, Emotional and Personal

Exhausted – mentally and emotionally

Exhausted, fatigued, drained, any more words that I can use to describe my mental and emotional state of health/well-being? It’s been a constant daily struggle, getting from bad to worse probably in the past six months since May 2021.

Some of you have lost your way in human communication

First and foremost, I don’t confess to be the best communicator, I have my flaws, characteristics and style that made me not a good communicator in my much younger days. I still remember my university lecturer’s words “Human’s greatest flaw is communication”. Through the years working in a service oriented and sales industry, coupled with blogging, social media, working with PR agencies, institutions and brands, I learnt to improve my communication through life lessons instead.

You and me, we lose some, we gain some, sometimes we do lost our way in human communication. When conversations came to a standstill due to unforeseen circumstances, whereby it doesn’t go beyond one line of text as compared to previous chit chats, we might have already lost our way in human communication.   

Some personal matters can’t be shared

If you have been following and reading my regular updates, reflections, as well as my goals, objectives and planning, I might have come across as someone who shares quite a lot. From a certain perspective, yes, I do share quite a fair bit from a social media marketing, content creation, digital marketing or photographer perspective. However, I don’t share too much in-depth and widely on my personal life, situations and happenings.

Some personal matters can’t be shared, they are simply too personal, entrenched and buried deep inside emotionally and mentally.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Last but not least (again)

My articles can be boring (they are boring to some), some don’t read, they don’t bother about reading and they might be carrying burdens and issues that they also can’t talk about openly too. Although I am not sharing my most private matters and updates, I do write and share a number of my thoughts and views on topics and interests in various fields.

I might be boring to you, not having a fanciful lifestyle at restaurants, bars, cafes etc etc. However, my writing and photography do bring me to another realm that I discovered, partly being forced by this ongoing global pandemic.

Somehow, my writing went up a notch (alright, I know, I still have a lot to improve) that I never realised that I was able to do it, maybe this is one of the good (and rare) things that did happen to me during this ongoing global pandemic onslaught.

To all those who read till the end, thank you very much. Not many people read, not many people care.

We are all trying to survive, to each on its own, are we heading into an ending like Squid Game?

Reflecting H1 2021 and New Themes for Personal and Business in H2 2021

1st July 2021, this marks the end of the first half (H1) of Year 2021 and the start of the second half (H2) of Year 2021. The first half of Year 2021 had been mixed for me, taking this day to give myself some me time, reflecting H1 2021 and new themes for personal and business in H2 2021 while reviewing the themes that I set earlier in January 2021 for my Themes and Goals for Year 2021 (Technology and Personal).

Photo credit: Ryan Cheng

Reflecting H1 2021

H1 2021 had been mixed for me, while we were still battling the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 at the start, I was cautiously optimistic that we can slowly start our route to recovery. Q1 2021 seemed to be heading that way, I was working towards my 15 years milestone for my photography and travel portal/blog in April 2021, with my business expansion and diversification plans put in place.

However, at the later part of Q2 2021, the ongoing global pandemic situation took a turn for the worse, resulting in tightening measures being put in place, that was known as Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) in May 2021. While it wasn’t exactly a circuit breaker (CB) like the one we had in 2020, P2HA was close to being a circuit breaker in action on the ground level.

During that trying and difficult period, business plans were derailed, the economy and market started to slow down. There were other very personal situations that came into the picture, I was overwhelmed mentally and emotionally, I thought that after going through the CB period in 2020, I am better prepared mentally and emotionally. However, this wasn’t the case at all.

I wrote about it, “Reflection, Thoughts and Feelings – 1st June 2021” and “Fate and Time”, thinking that I would be feeling better after that. However, it took a twist and turn, I spiralled down further to a level that I called, “A Tipping Point”. If it wasn’t for friends such as Chef Keith who took me out and away on that Monday 7th June 2021, I won’t know how far I might have spiralled down that day.

The 4 weeks from the start of P2HA was a very tough test for me emotionally and mentally, a rare few people would know what was actually going through my mental and emotional state of mind. Alarms and warning signs were triggered, friends started to ask about me. There were some matters that I could say, there were some very personal matters that I can’t say out on social media, only in very private and very personal settings.

Climbing out from this even deeper rock bottom, depressed in a rut, was so much tougher than I envisioned it that I was able to handle them. The recovery took a bit more time than usual, along with reflecting H1 2021 and planning for H2 2021, this recovery started to phase in nicely with my route to recovery. The recovery is not immediate, it’s not fast at all, the key thing is recovery has started.

Mental Health Matters

I would be the first to acknowledge that I was feeling depressed and stuck in a rut at that time. The massive economic impacts, social and emotional impacts caused by this ongoing global pandemic cannot be underestimated.

If it wasn’t for friends like Chef Keith, old primary school friends like Wendy and Michael, photographer friends Ryan and Isaac, and my cousin-in-law Tiffany, they all helped to pull me out from this recent depression and rut.

Mental health matters, it’s time we acknowledge it to be a health issue and look into how we can manage and handle it, on a personal, professional and medical (if need to be) basis. This ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 situation accelerates the impacts, seriousness and fallouts on mental health issues.

New Themes for Personal and Business in H2 2021

My themes for Year 2021 were “Recovery” and “Rejuvenation”, I decided to review them, and my themes for H2 2021 would be:


This comes to a point in time whereby I need to learn to take care of myself more, this does’t mean that I am going to be a selfish person down the road. Maybe I care too much for others and other things that I forgot to take care of myself.


Recovering from my depressed emotional and mental state of health and mind. It’s a critical time that I start to recover, in order for me to take on the current ongoing battles and challenges in a better frame of mind, mental and emotional state of well-being.

H2 2021 – Other Business Interests and Personal Interests

This is still going to be a difficult and trying period especially for small and medium sized businesses as we are still battling this ongoing global pandemic.

I am upgrading/learning/working on adding digital marketing specialist diploma to my qualifications, fully transforming into my TGH Digital Studio business setup consisting of my TGH Photography, videography and content creation.

Other digital marketing/social media marketing plans/discussions are taking place, a work in progress.

As for other business interests/collaborations/plans, there are some discussions in progress, planning and strategising. Let’s see if they can be materialised and turn into something feasible and workable.

Photo credit: Ryan Cheng

In Short

H1 2021 had been a mixed of ups and deep downs for me, Q1 2021 wasn’t too bad, Q2 pretty much went diving straight down. I was depressed, in a rut. However, thanks to a few friends, I managed to pull out and started the road to recovery.

I was taught a number of life lessons in the past few months, they will definitely serve me well in the future as we gradually recover from this global pandemic situation and start to rebuild a new normal of life and new future of work in a post COVID-19 world.

1 year ago on 7th April 2020 – Singapore entered Circuit Breaker

1 year ago on 7th April 2020, Singapore entered into Circuit Breaker mode, do you still remember the start of your Circuit Breaker days or have you forgotten about them? Looking back in time at my stories that I published, the limited photographs that I shot during that period. It was a very difficult and stressful time for everyone of us here in Singapore.

As I looked back in time on my stories that I wrote, “Start of Circuit Breaker in Singapore – 7th April 2020” and “Begun the Circuit Breaker has in Singapore”, there were so much things happening and taking place during that time when we entered into Circuit Breaker mode. Some of the measures that took place during that period are now a common and standard procedure in our daily living and work.

What do you recall some of the things that took place for you during the Circuit Breaker period? Working from home (WFH) along with your children studying from home for families were very challenging when I heard their stories and experiences from friends who had schooling children, juggling both concurrently.

We all had our own personal stories, experiences and photos to share from our Circuit Breaker days. While it was very tough, this also resulted in (many) changes in how we do our work, operate a business, daily living and we are now entering into a new era, a new hybrid future of work and living. From all the lessons and experiences learnt, let them be the foundations for a new era of living and working, for a better future and living environment.

We are not out of the woods yet in our fight against COVID-19, not just in Singapore, around the whole world too. While the situation here in Singapore has improved over this one year time frame from 7th April 2020 to 7th April 2021, we cannot let our guard down against our battle against this ongoing global pandemic.

One last message, we DO NOT WANT another Circuit Breaker! Everyone of us here must play our part and continue our fight against COVID-19. Slowly, we can get back to a more normal lifestyle again soon.