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3rd January 2023 – Celebrating 15 years of TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

On 3rd January today, 15 years ago in 2008, TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog was officially launched with not much branding and fanfare, it was titled “Tan Geng Hui Personal Blog” if I recalled correctly. In the blink of an eye, 15 years had passed, this personal/technology website has changed and transformed so much over the years into the TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog that organisations, media outlets, PR agencies and supporters know about today.

A small and humble beginning

TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog had a small and humble beginning. In 2008, this website was created to separate technology and business topics away from my other portal/blog TGH Photography and Travel, allowing them to specialise in both areas, and allowing me to  expand on food, hospitality and creative side of things.

TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog celebrated its 15 years milestone on 10th April 2021, a milestone that I was proud of, the visual storytelling journeys that I embarked on, along with the growth, changes and honing of my craft and skills over the years.

I am humbled by my years of technology and business media news coverage, yet I personally don’t feel doing as much as compared to what I did for my 15 years milestone for my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog.

Growth, Change, and Transformation over the past 15 years

For those brands, organisations, PR agency folks and loyal supports who had worked with me or followed my website over the past 15 years. You will know first hand how much this website has grown, changed and transformed over the past 15 years.

From just covering consumer technology news/topics/interests to covering media news coverage in the enterprise/B2B technology and startups sectors.

The stages of growth, change and transformation started around 5-10 years back when I started to visit more technology conferences, that’s where I ventured into the enterprise technology and startups sectors.

As I grew older along with my websites, my special topics of interest expanded into future technology trends and changes, digital transformation digital marketing/social media marketing, Fin-Tech, blockchain and NFT.


A personal writing space for the writer in me

A personal writing space in a heavy content technology and business sectors might not seem to be the best complement or combination.

Everyone talks about technology jargon and applications, yet there were gaps in how to bring them to the ground level and in a language and style that most people can understand. This might not be the easiest thing to do, it’s not just about your language skills, it’s how you understand the technology, gadgets and how it plays a part in our daily life and work.

Being able to write freely, away and beyond technology and business topics, allowed me to hone and refine my writing skills (and I still have a lot of room for improvement), as well giving me another alternative space for writing on very personal deep in my heart matters, also deep thought leadership and opinions.

Through my years of writing on both visual storytelling approach and in-depth personal thoughts approach, I was encouraged and enlightened by “No Missing Tools: Creativity in an Age of Abundance” by Fernando Gros, that we are and can be creative in our own self, that just need to believe and trust in ourselves for our inner most creativity to be unleashed.

What’s next ahead for TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog?

15 years not out, I am continuing to strive forward, writing, media news coverage and sharing thought leadership in key areas. What’s next ahead for TGH Technology and Business in the next 5,10, 15, 20 years and beyond?

I can’t see what’s going to happen in the future, I can share what I am working on right now and in the very near future, would be in the areas of

  • Expand on special topics of interest such as sustainability
  • Future technology trends and changes e.g. Future of Work, Impacts of AI, Digital Transformation, Web 3.0, NFT
  • Thought leadership in technology and business industries

All of them tied in closely with my Yearly Theme 2023 for my technology, business and personal sectors – “Transform”.

Yearly Theme 2023 (Technology | Business | Personal)

My Yearly Theme 2023 for Technology, Business and Personal is “Transform”.

Why “Transform”?

This word “Transform” was chosen for its connection to my 15 years milestone for my TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog, how can I can change, transform and improve, from my media news coverage, business and technology analysis, social media marketing/digital marketing and as a writer?

Join me in my “Transform” adventures in 2023

I would like to invite all of you, come join me in my transformation exploration in my technology, business and writer journeys in 2023 and beyond.

Together we can and we might discover something common to work on, advocate together and transform the way we work and live, and on special themes that we can push for more awareness and publicity.

Last but not least, I would like to say a big Thank You for your support, your belief and trust in me, and encouragement over the past 15 years, I would continue to strive and work even harder in my technology and business media news coverage and thought leadership.

Pause, Rest, Self-Care and Find Your Flow

Looking back at my month of October 2021, I was writing and publishing much lesser than previous months. I had been doing more reflections, soul searching, thinking and planning than I would previously do. I am also facing more mental and emotional demons during the past few months. In a rather ironic way, my level and style of writing took on another different field arising from facing, challenging, adapting and adopting in the battle against this ongoing global pandemic, as well as inspired by the many in-depth writings, thoughts and flow of writing by Fernando Gros, whom had an influence on thought thinking and writing. During a period of pause and reading, I found a series of posts that inspired me to link some of my thoughts, writings and directions together in this “Pause, Rest, Self-Care and Find Your Flow”.

Photography by Ryan Cheng


Many of us live in a rat race society, we are chasing many things in our life, however, do we really know what we need, what we want and do we really want/need it? When the global pandemic hit us on a full impact around Q1 2020, it seemed like we were forced to pause, re-organise and re-invent our work and daily living. However, did we really get the chance to pause at all? Or are we continuing to chase for our survival instead?

I found still.life Instagram post on 9 ways to pause intentionally, it strikes something inside me, do I know when and where to pause and take a breather? Probably my quest for my business survival during this global pandemic period (it’s close to 2 years and still counting) eventually inflicted some worse impacts on my mental and emotional health during this year 2021.

I decided that I really and I must pause.

Here are my types of Pause

  • Learn to stop and say NO
  • Change your environment if you can
  • Practice gratitude and be thankful
  • Take a break from work when you need it
  • Head to the outdoors, into nature and outdoors
  • Get up, stretch, walk, and exercise


This was where I first discovered still.life Instagram account after reading their post on 9 types of rest. This post was short with simple words/phrases to describe the types of rest that we can implement. I was kind of enlightened, it dawned upon me that I badly needed a rest, mentally and emotionally. My content creation and media news coverage on my this website TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog had slowed down as I was feeling a lot of pressure, overwhelmed a number of occasions by this ongoing global pandemic situation and its impacts.

Feeling restful, I started to explore still.life Instagram account in-depth, discovering more posts that I found meaningful, helpful and therapeutic. At the back of my mind, heart and soul, I visualised a workflow – Pause, Rest, Self-Care and Find Your Flow, the subject heading of my article.

The truth is, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted, as well as physically exhausted from my mental and emotional drain.

Here are my types of Rest

  • Reduce time/Go offline on social media platforms
  • Read a book (physical or e-book)
  • Head to the outdoors, into nature and outdoors
  • Find a new hobby to embark on
  • Rediscover your old hobbies that you used to like
  • Write down, let your thoughts and feelings out, on a journal (physical) or online (blog, social media)

Self-Care (Balance and Recharge)

Starting from Pause, next is Rest. Now is to Self-Care (Balance and Recharge). I probably never learnt my previous lessons to Self-Care, that I need to take care of my own self first instead of putting others before me. Inspired by still.life Instagram post on Self-Care (Balance and Recharge), I am seeking to rebalance and recharge my Self-Care.

Therefore, it’s high time that I apply Self-Care (Balance and Recharge) for myself.

Here are my types of Self-Care (Balance and Recharge)

  • List down the things that are draining me, take the steps to remove them
  • Avoid people who are judgmental, negative, people that put you down
  • Head to the outdoors, into nature and outdoors for a recharge
  • Talk to someone that you can trust, someone that will not judge you for what you are going through
  • Reduce your time online on social media platforms, go offline if you can or if you have to

Find Your Flow

While I was stringing together this flow of Pause, Rest and Self-Care (Balance and Recharge). The concept of Flow brought me back to a teaching that I learnt during my UQ Honours Year, when I was reading “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who has recently passed on in October 2021.

How do “Pause, Rest and Self-Care (Balance and Recharge)” leads to “Find Your Flow”? I am taking an approach to write and explain in a language and style that is more suited for the ground level versus from an academic journal jargon or from a psychology perspective.

What is Flow? How does it apply to me and to you?

Flow is a state in which you are so involved in it that nothing else matters. This is something that we feel when we are fully alive, it involved not just what we do, it’s also in harmony with the our environment that is around us. A simple and daily activity such as singing, dancing or participating in sports, or it can also be from reading a good book or having a good and engaging conversation.

In this current climate occupied with a global pandemic situation, our mental and emotional health and well-being has been severely impacted downwards. What can we do, or change, to let us back into the flow again, a return to the days when we are happier doing and enjoying our favourite activities or hobbies?

For more in-depth understanding on the Flow theory, you can watch his YouTube video below when he gave a talk about this topic.

YouTube video links: https://youtu.be/TzPky5Xe1-s and https://youtu.be/fXIeFJCqsPs

After my flow of Pause, Rest and Self-Care (Balance and Recharge), I need to get back on my feet again (for the record, I didn’t fell and spiral down again, it’s not like during May and June 2021), taking the steps to regroup, reorganise and continue striving forward in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic situation.

During this writing journey on Pause, Rest, Self-Care (Balance and Recharge) and Find Your Flow, I am also indirectly building up my chapters and notes for my upcoming photography therapy zine. How can I find my flow and adapt it for my photography business, content creation and writing?

On a personal note

Most of us, if not all of us, not just here in Singapore, the whole world is facing a very difficult and tough time battling this ongoing global pandemic. Our life has changed drastically, it might not return back to normal pre-COVID days. Our working life has embarked upon a new future of work, of a hybrid working environment.

As for our mental and emotional health/well-being, the impacts are huge, wider and affecting more people. On the subject of mental health, this pandemic has significantly raised the importance of mental health awareness and why mental health matters.

Photography by Isaac Ong

I hope that my short sharing on Pause, Rest, Self-Care and Find Your Flow, along with still.life quotes and sharing, would help you in some ways or another, as we continue battling this ongoing global pandemic, as we strive towards the reopening of our economy, society and travel. We have a healthcare and economic crisis on our hands, we are facing additional mental health crisis too.

We are learning and adapting towards endemic living with this COVID19, we all want a return back to some normalcy. This has not been an easy time for you, for me, for all of us.

When can we see the light at the end of the tunnel? I really don’t know, most of us don’t know too. This might take another 6 months? Or would it take another whole year in 2022?

Implementing our own personal flow of Pause, Rest, Self-Care (Balance and Recharge) and Find Your Flow, maybe we can adopt and adapt in a new direction as we continue to battle the twists and turns of this ongoing global pandemic.

Book Title: “No Missing Tools”

In life, we meet many different kinds and types of people from all walks of life, from all over the world. There are really nice ones, really nasty ones. Some of these people come and cross into your life, they are here for a reason, for a purpose and they impact you in some ways or another through their actions, words and things that they do.

There was this bloke that I got myself acquainted on social media, his name is Fernando Gros. Over time, chatting with him on Twitter regularly, following his photography works and articles on his blog. He is an inspiration, a very talented artist, musician, photographer and writer. I managed to meet Fernando in person and had kopi when he was based/living in Singapore, yes, we talked a lot about photography, more on the art and craft of photography than the technological advancements of cameras.

Being a photographer (serious amateur/freelance), I looked upon fellow photographers for inspirations and advice from their photography works and sharing. Through Fernando’s networks and sharing, I got to know more photographers, their works and sharing. All of them were immensely talented and skilful, yet something stands out among them in common, it’s their practice on the creativity, the art and craft of photography as a beautiful form of artwork, the photographer as an artist. Through this process and journey, I learned and explored more in-depth about my photography that I might have lost touch with, the themes, the art  work and most importantly, why I want to photograph this. All this might have just helped me to unlock the creativity inside me.

We would love to meet up more and go out on photography walks, however, Fernando moved to Japan and we couldn’t do photography walks here in Singapore. I have to plan a meet up and photography walkabout in Tokyo when I am visiting! A few months ago, I read on his progress and updates via his articles on the book that he was writing. This got me excited and I was looking forward to the launch of his book and I waited patiently (while busy handling day job matters and lesser time for my photography).


Soon the book was launched, titled “No Missing Tools”. There were 50 limited edition hard cover books with the author’s autograph and I thought I missed getting 1 of them! Amazingly, I managed to secure a limited edition hard cover “No Missing Tools”!!

Collecting it from my local post office, unboxing and opening up the book, the feel of a hardcover book, opening up the book, flipping through the pages, the aroma of the paper print. It’s an amazing feeling, that artists and publishers can feel it and understand. This was what I went through when I collected my Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Books from my printer company. It’s priceless.

I had a quick read through the introduction and acknowledgements page. I was in awe when I spotted my name inside on the acknowledgements page!! This was a very humbling and very happy life experience for me, never in my life did I expect that I am (and can be) a creative person to my friend Fernando who is an immensely talented and creative artist, musician, writer and photographer. Never did I expect that I can be of such an impact to my friend Fernando Gros!! It’s a really a great honour and I can learn so much more from you and your wonderful book!!


If you like to follow the works and writings of a very talented friend, artist, musician, photographer and writer. Fernando Gros, here are the links to his works




Book title: “No Missing Tools”

Congratulations Fernando, on the launch of your book “No Missing Tools” !! I did a quick flip through and some topics immediately strike a chord inside me, my heart, my soul, my creativity.

Thank you for believing in me and my creativity!! When I am reading “No Missing Tools”, I will learn from your teachings, share my thoughts and experiences with my photographs with you and my readers!!

It’s time to Pay-It-Forward and Impact the life of others through “Creativity In An Age of Abundance” !