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LG Christmas Red Fair Gift Guide 2022

We are now into the month of December 2022, the final month of year 2022, this is also the festive Christmas season, a time for festive season celebrations, gatherings with family and friends! Time to buy Christmas gifts for your family, loved ones and friends. Thinking of which lifestyle technology gadgets, home, entertainment and kitchen appliances to get for your family and loved ones? Let me share with my readers: LG Christmas Red Fair Gift Guide 2022! LG Electronics has a great collection of tech innovations, from earbuds, television, IT solutions, home appliances and air care devices to surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift this festive season!

For the New Homeowners

LG OLED Objet Collection (Posé): Lifestyle Art-Inspired TV

Immerse in a luxurious cinematic experience at home with the premium LG OLED Objet Collection, Posé. In a stunning combination of artistry and technology, Posé provides unbeatable OLED evo picture quality with a sleek and timeless design. Together with its opulent stand, gentle curved edges, and Gallery mode, it enables you to display exquisite artwork on the self-lit digital canvas for a welcoming festive sight. Powered by the a9 Gen5 AI Processor, Posé delivers an optimal viewing experience and up to 20% more luminance2 for incredible colour and detail with the Brightness Booster.

LG Red Fair Special 

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary grocery e-vouchers worth S$300 and free delivery and installation with purchase of LG OLED Objet Collection (Posé) at S$3,699. Customers will also receive additional complimentary grocery e-vouchers worth S$100* with any bundle purchase of LG StanbyME (S$1,799) and LG OLED Objet Collection (Posé).

*Vouchers can be redeemed online at https://www.lg-redemption.com/register.

LG styler with Mirrored Finish: Bespoke Steam Closet for Delicates

Quickly refresh and sanitise your favourite outfits by placing them into the LG styler to ensure clothes are free from germs, odour and wrinkles. Using TrueSteam™ technology, it penetrates deeply into the fabrics and effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Hard-to-wash items such as stuffed toys, bags and pillows can also be deposited to give them a good cleanse. A stylish and elegant accessory for every home, the LG styler comes with a mirrored finish that is perfect for checking your outfit before heading out while seamlessly blending into any space.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary shopping vouchers worth S$200 with the purchase of the LG styler™ with Mirrored Finish at S$2,499.

For the Audiophile Buddies

LG TONE Free True Wireless Earbuds: Refreshing Listening Experience

Step into a world of immersive sound with the LG TONE Free T-series earbuds. The flagship T90 earbuds feature the world’s first Dolby Atmos Wireless Earbuds with Dolby Head Tracking™ across all entertainment, calibrating sound according to head movements for a natural sound experience. Powered by Meridian Audio, users can listen to every rhythm and beat with gusto. The distinct audio experience is enhanced with features catered to different needs. The T60 comes with Double-step Active Noise Cancellation for a no-frills option, while the TF8 offers an IP67 water resistance rating – excellent for withstanding rain, sweat and dust.

The Plug and Wireless feature are available on the T90, TF8 and FP9 units, providing wireless freedom by plugging the case into any compatible device with the included USB-C to AUC cable. Rounding up the host of innovative tech features is the industry’s only auto-cleaning charging case with UVnano technology that helps reduce 99.9% of bacteria on the earbud’s mesh speakers4 so users can enjoy the refreshing sound with peace of mind.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary grocery e-vouchers worth S$100 with any bundle purchase of selected OLED/QNED TV models (from S$1,449) or LG StanbyME (S$1,799) and LG TONE Free T60, T90, TF8 and FP9 models (S$229, S$329, S$299 and S$298 respectively). Customers will also receive complimentary grocery vouchers worth S$50 with purchase of LG TONE Free FP5 and FP8 models (S$198 and S$258 respectively).

LG Eclair Sound Bar: Compact Sound

Great sound comes in small packages! The LG Eclair is an ideal solution for any home sound system. Wrapped in a minimalist shell, the LG Eclair provides powerful acoustics from Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X and delivers an immersive listening experience.

Equipped with Meridian’s Horizon technology, it creates a wider soundstage, while the AI Sound Pro mode automatically applies the best sound settings depending on the content genre.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary grocery vouchers worth S$100 with the purchase of the LG Éclair (S$999).

For the Peers who hustle

LG gram Laptop: Portable Work Companion

Hustle on the go with the LG gram! Ideal for travellers, the 16-inch LG gram is an ultra-lightweight laptop and boasts powerful performance with the built-in 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, Gen4 NVMe™ SSD and LPDDR5 RAM. You can multitask on the beautiful WQXGA IPS anti-glare display (2,560 x 1,600) and enjoy sharp, vibrant images with 99 percent DCI-P3 coverage. With a battery life of up to 20.5 hours, you can work and play freely without needing to juice up the system.

LG Red Fair Special 

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive a complimentary VERBATIM 100W 4-Port with Type C PD and QC3.0 USB Charger (worth S$99) with the purchase of the LG gram 16Z90Q i7 series (from S$2,599).

LG DualUp Ergo Monitor: Achieve New Heights for Productivity

Pioneering the first-ever 16:18 aspect ratio, the LG DualUp Ergo Monitor delivers an expansive vertical screen size to optimise productivity and efficient screen management. Offering a unique Square Double QHD (2,560 x 2,880) resolution, it provides the real estate of two 21.5-inch displays without additional space. The Nano IPS display with 98% DCI-P3 colour support results in vibrant colour reproduction and stellar detail accuracy that is sure to impress. Paired with the ergonomic arm, it allows for greater comfort and flexibility to adjust the monitor based on your preference.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive a complimentary LOGITECH MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse (worth S$169) with the purchase of the LG DualUp Ergo Monitor (28MQ780) at S$999.

For the Home Chefs

LG Side-by-Side-Refrigerator: Perfect for Festive Feasting

The classic gift for someone who enjoys cooking at home would be the LG side-by-side refrigerator (GS-B6472MC). Packed with LinearCooling™ and DoorCooling™ technologies to lock in freshness and evenly distribute cold air through the fridge, the GS-B6472MC ensures that groceries are kept fresh for a longer period of time, treating your guests to crisp produce this season.

Thanks to LG’s Smart Inverter Linear Compressor™, you can reduce energy consumption and enjoy peace of mind with a 10 year warranty. With a large storage capacity of 647L, shop to your heart’s content and stock up the fridge with plenty of festive foods for hosting.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary grocery vouchers worth S$50 with the purchase of the LG side-by-side refrigerator (GS-B6472MC) at S$2,349.

LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher: Fuss-Free Cleaning

Ease up washing the dishes after a party with the LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher (DFB227HM). Designed with four high-pressure spray arms that clean dishes from multiple angles and paired with TrueSteam™ technology, the dishwasher helps break down stubborn stains and food scraps easily to deliver sparkling clean dishes.

The SmartRack™ Plus system allows for easy and flexible loading of dishes to maximise the space utilised in a single wash cycle, cleaning more dishes in each cycle. In addition, with LG ThinQ™ support, users can conveniently monitor the dishwasher’s status from anywhere, bringing the gift of time and convenience to your loved ones.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive a complimentary dishwasher tablet bundle with the purchase of the LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher (DFB227HM) at S$2,099.

For the Masters of Cleanliness and Hygiene

LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower™:  Ultimate Solution for Cleaner Homes

Keep your home spick and span with the LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ Handstick Vacuum (A9T-Ultra). With a convenient cordless design, the handstick vacuum offers multiple nozzles and accessories, including the Power Drive Mop™, a two-in-one cleaning solution that reduces cleaning time by vacuuming and mopping simultaneously. The vacuum cleaner features a five-step HEPA filtration system that effectively filters up to 99.999% of fine dust and dirt; the vacuum cleaner prevents particles from re-entering the airspace and keeps the environment clean for your guests.

LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™ (A9T-Ultra)

The crown of the jewel is the space-efficient All-in-One Tower™ which acts as a charging station and accessory stand which also offers a fully-automated dust removal system. When the vacuum is docked, the All-in-One Tower™ automatically empties the dustbin contents into an attached 2.5L dust bag, minimising contact with dust.

LG Red Fair

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary grocery vouchers worth S$50, a Total Care Kit worth S$200, and a dust bag worth S$60 with every purchase of the LG CordZero™ with All-in-One Tower™ (A9T-Ultra) at S$1,599.

LG AI Front Load Washing Machine and LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer: Complete Laundry Solutions for the Family

With an 11kg capacity load, LG’s new AI Direct Drive Front Load Washer (FV1411S2B10) makes laundry time a breeze. It features the efficient TurboWash™ 360° cycle, which thoroughly cleans laundry in just 39 minutes. The AI Direct Drive mode also optimises each wash cycle based on the weight and softness of fabrics, bringing the utmost protection to your clothing. Laundry is complete with Steam+ technology that reduces up to 99.9% of dust mites and minimises wrinkles14 so you can look sharp and smart in your clean clothes.

The LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer (TD-H90VBD) pairs perfectly with the LG washer. Stay worry-free on clothes shrinkage and damage as the low-temperature heat pump technology works delicately on clothes and protects fabrics to extend the lifespan of each item. With Eco Hybrid technology, you can choose the optimal mode to save up to 15% energy savings or 18% time, based on your lifestyle needs.

LG Red Fair Special

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive a complimentary laundry detergent sheet bundle with the purchase of an LG AI Front Load Washing Machine (FV1411S2B) at S$1,799. Customers will also receive a complimentary fabric softener sheet bundle with an LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer (TD-H90VBD) at S$2,149.

LG PuriCare™ AeroTower Air Purifying Fan: Fresh and Cool Air

Combining an air purifier and a fan, the LG PuriCare™ AeroTower makes the ideal addition to any home to enjoy the clean and cool air. The sleek, cylindrical shape of the air-purifying fan instantly elevates any interior and creates a cosy ambience.

The innovative air solution purifies the air effectively with a 3-step filtration system16. It applies UVnano technology on the fan blades to remove 99.9% of airborne bacteria and distribute sanitised air to your loved ones. The three airflow modes allow you to customise the breeze coverage from a focused, Direct flow to a Wide mode or a gentle Diffused stream.

LG Red Fair

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2022, customers will receive complimentary grocery vouchers worth S$150 with the bundle purchase of LG PuriCare™ AeroTower Air Purifying Fan (S$1,099) and selected OLED/QNED/NanoCell/UHD TV, Easel or Posé models (from S$1,449).

LG ARTCOOL and ALPHA+ Air Conditioners: Clean and Comfortable Environment

Beat the heat with the LG ARTCOOL and ALPHA+ air conditioners. Built to make life better with healthy indoor air quality, the air conditioners are equipped with auto-cleaning capabilities that prevent the formation of bacteria and mould on the heat exchanger to ensure that clean air is delivered into the room.

The ARTCOOL air conditioner also protects the home from harmful odours, germs, and bacteria thanks to the Plastmaster™ Ionizer+ that infuses the air with over three million ions to sterilise the area. With the LG ThinQ™ app, you can control your air conditioners remotely and arrive at a cool home without having to keep the air conditioner running all day.

LG Red Fair Special

From 17 November to 31 December 2022, customers can receive free grocery vouchers up to S$150 with purchase of any air conditioning system. Additional vouchers are applicable for the 2nd set of purchase within the same invoice.

Terms and conditions apply for all promotions. For the full details of the LG Red Fair promotions, please visit https://www.lg.com/sg/promotions/LGRedFair.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2022 in advance! Have a great and fun festive season and gatherings with your family, loved ones and friends! Happy Christmas shopping with LG!

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and APRW *

LG showcased latest total Air Care Solutions at LG Air Solutions Event

LG Electronics (LG) showcased latest total Air Care Solutions at LG Air Solutions Event recently in Singapore, unveiling its latest air conditioners and air purifiers. At the LG Air Solutions Event, the newly launched climate-friendly R32 refrigerant for air conditioners and the LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan were highlighted and showcased to emphasise the importance of clean air and healthy homes. Combining the new LG total air care solutions together, LG latest innovations provide fresh air for homeowners looking to upgrade their appliances (or buying new home appliances for your new home).

Mr Gerald Chun, Managing Director, LG Electronics Singapore, said, “As one of the global leaders in air solutions, LG has been diversifying efforts to introduce forward-looking products that deliver clean air to users at their comfort and convenience. Striving to make life better for all, we are focusing on developing sustainable innovations that protect the earth and cater to the evolving consumers’ needs for a healthier and better life at home.”

The LG R32 Refrigerant: The Environmentally, Friendly Refrigerant 

Are you planning to upgrade your air-conditioner at your home? Are you searching for environmentally friendly air-conditioner for your new home that you are moving into? If you are looking for a new air-conditioner, check out the LG R32 refrigerant.

Taking ecological responsibility to the next level, LG announced the R32 refrigerant, they have adopted the industry’s next-generation R32 refrigerant for its single and multi-split air conditioners in commercial and residential settings. This energy-efficient R32 refrigerant is combined with LG air conditioners’ intelligent features and innovative product design to deliver cool air in a greener way.

Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore

With zero ozone depletion potential and significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to the mainstream R410A refrigerant (1), the R32 refrigerant is widely known to be more environmentally friendly for Mother Nature. The R32 conveys heat efficiently and offers a higher cooling capacity, so less energy is required to cool indoor spaces – this highlights the industry’s gold standard in heat transfer. Users can then reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy more significant savings on electricity costs. The R32, a single-component refrigerant, can also be easily recycled or reused, minimising the environmental impact of HVAC equipment, making it the refrigerant of choice for many businesses like LG today.

Unique to its multi-split residential air conditioners line-up, LG also developed the peak current control technology to manage energy consumption efficiently. Users can set a maximum consumption level to limit the total power used. An internal test result shows that usage patterns at 1.9kW and 1.7kW compared to the maximum power consumption of 2.5kW will help to save 24 per cent and 32 per cent energy, respectively (2).

With an excellent 5-tick rating on Singapore’s Energy Guide (3), LG’s Multi-Split Smart Inverter Air-Conditioner has a coefficient of performance (COP) that surpasses regulatory expectations (4). The Dual Inverter Compressor is also structured to operate with low vibration and less noise, resulting in optimised airflow that cools the room quickly and ensures greater energy efficiency.

The compact size of the outdoor unit makes it easy to install, perfect for those with HDBs looking to upgrade their air-cooling systems. To help users make an informed decision when choosing new air conditioners, LG’s air conditioners that use the R32 refrigerant will be identified with a Climate-Friendly label.

LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan lets you Enjoy Clean, Cool Air

The new LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan is a perfect combination of an air purifier and fan, it’s aesthetically cool looking with a well-thought out design. They have an adjustable, three-way airflow modes that deliver fresh and clean air to every corner of the house.

The LG AeroTower™ graces any home with its sleek design that blends seamlessly into the interior. Employing a 3-step filtration system – comprising the Pre-Filter, 360-degree HEPA filter and Deodorisation Filter, the LG AeroTower™ effectively removes allergens, fine dust (5), odours and harmful gases (6) in the air, improving indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air purifying fan is equipped with LG UVnano™ technology to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria (7) on the fan blades, ensuring that clean air is delivered to every corner of the house.

Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore
Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore

Control Usage Remotely with the LG ThinQ™ App

The LG ThinQ™ app provides next-level convenience for users to remotely control and manage their LG products. The LG ThinQ™ app allows users to switch on/off the device and adjust temperature settings to avoid energy wastage. It also provides updates on indoor air quality and notifications to replace air purifier’s filters.

For More Information and Availability on LG Total Air Solutions

If you like to know more about LG Total Air Solutions for your home, for your office or for your commercial or housing project development, please visit https://www.lg.com/sg/air-solutions 

LG air conditioners with R32 refrigerants and AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan are available at LG official brand stores – KrisShop, Lazada and Shopee, and authorised retailers.

Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore


(1) R410A: Ozone Depletion Potential of 0, Global Warming Potential of 2,088. R32: Ozone Depletion Potential of 0, Global Warming Potential of 675.

(2) LG internal test results on 7kW model. Cooling: Indoor Ambient Temp. 27°CDB / 19°CWB, Outdoor Ambient Temp. 35°CDB / 24°CWB

(3) Model Z3UQ18GFA0 – Energy Rating: 5 ticks, Annual Energy Consumption: 1956kWh, Annual Energy Cost: S$528, Cooling Capacity: 5.21kW

Model Z3UQ26GFA0 – Energy Rating: 5 ticks, Annual Energy Consumption: 2389Wh, Annual Energy Cost: S$645, Cooling Capacity: 6.46kW

Model Z4UQ28GFA0– Energy Rating: 5 ticks, Annual Energy Consumption: 2786Wh, Annual Energy Cost: S$752, Cooling Capacity: 7.51kW

(4) For more information, please refer to https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/climate-change-energy-efficiency/energy-efficiency/household-sector/tick-rating

(5) Tested by SGS IBR Laboratories in November, 2021 with DOE radial-pleat filter element using test method in compliance with IEST RP CC001.6 (2016) HEPA and ULPA Filters. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.

(6) Tested by Korea Air Cleaning Association in April, 2021 using test model FS061PWHA, test method in compliance with SPS-KACA 002-0132 indoor air purifier. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.

(7) Tested by TÜV Rheinland using test model FS061PWHA measuring a bacteria solution (Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Klebsiella pneumoniae) on the blower fan blade at speed Level 1 for an hour exposed to LG UVnano UV-C LED test method in compliance with ISO22196:2011. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.

* Information courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and APRW *

LG unveiled Sustainability Report to make Better Life for All

LG unveiled Sustainability Report to make Better Life for All, with an enduring vision to better the lives of its customers. In the LG Sustainability Report, it comprises six initiatives that detail its commitment to sustainable business practices in all areas of its diverse business operations. LG Electronics (LG) is more than just running a global business, they are also a responsible global corporate citizen too. They provide quality products and services to customers worldwide and making a positive social impact around the planet.

As with its vision, LG’s specific sustainability goals and plans for implementing related practices have constantly evolved over the years. In 2021, LG established a comprehensive framework for its sustainable practices. Key initiatives were re-established and categorised according to a new ESG structure, and corporate ESG communication guidelines were instituted for the first time.  In this year 2022, LG has further refined its far-reaching program of ESG initiatives in the new ‘BETTER LIFE PLAN 2030’.

LG’s newly revealed sustainable vision aligns perfectly with its phrase, “Better Life for All“. LG has always consistently shown its commitment to providing a better lifestyle for customers through its innovative products and services, with this catchphrase “Better Life for All“, this signifies yet another step forward for the company. LG therefore is expanding the scope of its sustainable practices with 6 key ESG initiatives to create a better life for its customers, the environment, employees, suppliers, and everyone of us who call this planet Earth – Home.

“LG Electronics have come a long way since our first Environmental report two decades ago. Together with our stakeholders, we have made significant improvements to our business practices and contributed to a cleaner, greener Earth. Taking the next leap forward, LG recognizes that our strategies must evolve according to the ever-changing climate of our environment and society. Detailed in the ‘Better Life Plan 2030’, the initiatives demonstrate our steadfast commitment to creating a Better Life for All,” said Mr Chun SungHo, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore.

LG Electronics’ ESG Vision

1. Better Earth – To strive for carbon neutrality and the use of renewable energy

LG will achieve its carbon-neutral goal by 2030 by continuously reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the production stage through process improvement and introducing energy-saving technologies. This can be seen through LG Smart Park, this is LG’s first lighthouse factory for home appliances.

The factor reduces carbon emissions by tapping on the high pressure generated from waste steam from waste incineration plants and supplying energy to the production building. This results in a reduction of carbon emissions by 30% in 2021. LG also aims to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050 by purchasing new and renewable energy and expanding solar power installation.

2. Better Circularity – To create a circular economy by reusing resources from waste 

On the subject about sustainability, LG’s “Better Life for All“, outlines its new focus on creating a regenerative environment for the better well-being of all lives by establishing a circular economy. A circular economy has a production and consumption model that minimises waste and the extraction of new resources.

This will be carried out in several ways:

(a) LG will proactively use eco-friendly materials from the manufacturing stage to minimise environmental pollution. The LG Soundbar has incorporated polyester jersey fabric made from recycled PET bottles, and utilised recycled moulded pulp in its packaging to lower the use of EPS (polystyrene) foam and plastics.

(b) LG will recycle waste generated at production sites to create worksites with zero waste for landfilling by recovering 8 million tons of e-waste and recycling them.

3. Better Eco Products – To create products and services that consider the environment 

LG will reduce carbon emissions from using its seven major products by 20% by 2030 (compared to 2020) through energy improvements to new and current products and expand the application of recycled plastics by 2030.

The 2022 LG OLED Evo TVs are a testament to this goal. The TV stand of the C2 65-inch uses a new material, making it 40% lighter than 2021’s model, resulting in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. Eco-friendly materials also applied to the back cover of the TV and remote control, while the packaging uses corrugated cardboard.

LG is ultimately moving on from aiming to do less environmental harm within the traditional linear economy – a system where materials are processed into products and then thrown away after use – to creating an altogether new business process that promotes the recirculation of finite resources. With this new initiative, LG is redirecting more of its environmental efforts to retrieving and recycling used products.

4. Better Workplace – To build a better supply chain through enhanced ESG risk management

While LG has always endeavoured to work closely with partners in its pursuit of sustainability, the company is further establishing guidelines to better collaborate with supply chain partners, nurture a more embracive corporate culture, and introduce products that are accessible to all.

To this end, LG will increase the inspection of production sites and have experts at each worksite to maintain management standards required by international practice to establish a safe and systematic supply chain system. Three targets have been set to achieve this goal: acquire/preserve safety and health management system certification for production sites from 87% (as of 2021) to 100%.

5. Better Society – To unfold a healthy organisational culture that embraces diversity

LG seeks to provide more opportunities for persons with disabilities and expand recruitment efforts to nurture female leaders and experts by growing the employment ratio by 3.5% and 20%, respectively, in Korea. Together, these efforts share LG’s goal of a Better Life for All.

6. Better Access – To develop products and services that are convenient for all

To create universal designs and accessible features that comfort all users, LG will enhance its research and development process and gather feedback from diverse groups of people – from elderly to children, disabled to non-disabled users. In customer service, LG will develop a technical manual for persons with disabilities to enable a barrier-free user experience.

If you would like to know more about LG’s ESG goals, key achievements and activities in the 2021 – 2022 LG Electronics ESG STORY BOOK and FACT BOOK, please visit this link.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics and APRW *

mc.2 Celebrates Milestone 18th Anniversary

Singapore’s largest smart blinds fashion gallery mc.2 is celebrating its milestone 18th anniversary in the year 2022. They are commemorating 18 years of equipping homes with smart, stylish and sustainable home solutions, being at the forefront of it since 2003.

mc.2 is entering into a new chapter with a focus on sustainability, with a particular focus on energy-efficient products running on green energy. mc.2 would like to thank its loyal customers over the years for their support, they will be offering 10% OFF storewide and exciting surprises with any purchase of their products in May.

The mc.2 story

mc.2 began its humble roots in the early days of 2003, with its first store in Funan in the Civic District. They were into retailing computers, laptops and information technology (IT) accessories, within the walls of a modest 3,000 square feet space. Conceived during the boom of the IT wave, business picked up briskly and mc.2 recorded $50 million in revenue per annum.

Competition grew over the years in the form of bigger players by international brand names entering the market and online retail retail channels eating into the computer and IT accessories business pie, mc.2 persevered and discovered its niche in smart home solutions.

mc.2 prides itself on offering end-to-end service to its customers. They have a factory in place that has the capabilities to manage its own research and development for products such as retractable outdoor blinds. mc.2 sells directly to its customers, they handle the installation process as well, for quality assurance.

Home Solutions and Singapore’s Largest Smart Blinds Gallery

In 2016, Wilson Chew, who is the founder and managing director, saw opportunities and demand in seamless smart home concepts, as an increasing trend home homeowners. A full year of research and development led the partnership of mc.2 number one bestseller, the ALTEX SecureZIP Smart Blinds, that quickly and efficiently transforms outdoor balcony spaces into indoor living spaces.

Driven by this stroke of innovation, mc.2 continued to create more SKUs under its home solutions umbrella while importing international offerings, including Hunter Douglas, Renson, Somfy, TOSO and more into Singapore. It was the first smart blinds producer to set up a home fashion gallery spanning 4,200 square feet to showcase its comprehensive list of home solutions for balconies, flooring, windows, audio and more.

In the year 2019, mc.2 expanded its floor space to a 7,000 square feet gallery to accommodate the growth of its own as well as its partners’ brands. In less than two years, they also welcomed the world’s first TOSO Gallery into its portfolio, a space of over 2,000 square feet showcasing one of the world’s widest range of blinds and curtain tracks selection, each fully designed and produced in Japan for the strictest quality assurance.

Today, mc.2 stands as Singapore’s first-of-its-kind gallery with its setup space that showcases home and blinds solutions that encompasses both indoors and outdoors show spaces.

Looking to the Future

mc.2 is now looking to the future, having carved a name for itself in providing quality and innovative home solutions. They are aligning itself with the vision of Singapore’s Government to champion sustainability beginning from home. mc.2 is pivoting its focus to energy efficient products as well as those powered by green energy.

One of its first of many efforts includes its Renson FixScreen 100 Evo Solar blinds, a vertical sun protection screen powered by solar energy to harness electricity for indoor use while protecting the interiors from heat and glare. In the pipeline is another solar-powered indoor blinds offered at a more affordable price by ALTEXTM for more variety and choice for all customers.

Exclusive Discounts and Cashbacks 

mc.2 is celebrating its 18th anniversary milestone this year, they would like to thank its many customers for the many years of support. mc.2 will be offering 10% OFF storewide and customers can stand a chance to win up to $888 cash vouchers or electronics items with any purchase of their products during the month of may.

Note: The cash vouchers can be used to offset immediately with minimum spending of $3,000. While stocks last!

Product Name Price
$888 mc.2 Cash Vouchers $888
$288 mc.2 Cash Vouchers $288
$188 mc.2 Cash Vouchers $188
$88 mc.2 Cash Vouchers $88
Duval-Leroy: Femme de Champagne Grand Cru 1996 $455
Dyson AM07/WS Tower Fan $449
Electrolux WQ61-10GG 18V Stick Vacuum $349
Sharp FU-NC01 Tower Air Purifier with Night Light $299

They are applicable for 1-31 May 2022, customers can choose and select the right solutions for their home with these exclusive offers.

Visitors are also invited to complimentary Udders artisanal ice cream and get printed photos at the photobooth in mc.2 showroom located at 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-28/29/30, Vertex Building, Singapore 408868 operating from 11am to 7pm on weekends and 10am to 5pm on weekends.

* Information and pictures courtesy of mc.2 and Brand Cellar *

LG announced commitment to set targets to cut Greenhouse Emissions

LG Electronics (LG) recently announced on 11th August 2021, its commitment to set targets to follow science-based targets with the goal of cutting greenhouse emissions (GHG) in the use phase of major LG products by 2030. This makes LG the first Korean company to participate in the net zero global campaign, Business Ambition for 1.5°C. The campaign, led by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) with support of the CDP, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), World Resources Institute (WRI) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), has commitments of participation from nearly 700 global companies.

LG announced its Zero Carbon 2030 initiative in 2019, committing to reduce the total amount of direct carbon emissions and indirect emissions generated during the production process by 50 percent compared to the 2017 baseline. With its commitment to Business Ambition for 1.5°C, LG is setting a new target to also reduce GHG emissions generated during the use phase of products such as refrigerators, washing machines and residential air conditioners, a far greater challenge. In fact, LG’s report to the CDP this year showed that the use phase of major products accounted for more than 80 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions.

Science-based targets as promoted by SBTi are in line with the latest research and what is deemed necessary to meet the stretch goal of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. LG’s carbon emission reduction target to reduce emissions in the entire production process from production to use by 2030 will be reviewed and validated by SBTi based on scientific data.

“LG’s current activities are in line with our mid- to long-term ESG strategy to produce eco-friendly products and services for future generations,” said Kim Joon-ho, executive vice president and head of LG Electronics’ Quality Management Center. “LG is actively working on environmental solutions focusing on the themes of net zero and circular economy so that future generations can enjoy a better life and contribute to a better tomorrow.”

* Information courtesy of LG Electronics and APRW *

Smart Home Cleaning with ECOVACS ROBOTICS and Hyun Bin on Shopee

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading home service robotics maker, recently introduced the latest robotic vacuum cleaners, DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 PRO, at the first ECOVACS ROBOTICS Brand Day on Shopee. If you are also a Hyun Bin fan, this will be of interest to you, discover Smart Home Cleaning with ECOVACS ROBOTICS and Hyun Bin on Shopee!

Smart Home Cleaning with ECOVACS ROBOTICS and Hyun Bin on Shopee

Through this collaboration, ECOVACS ROBOTICS aims to empower users to live a smarter and hassle-free lifestyle with easy access to its innovative robotic solutions. Starting from 17th April, the DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 PRO which come upgraded with more powerful and intelligent features will be made exclusively available on Shopee. Shoppers can look forward to attractive perks such as gift-with-purchase of the DEEBOT T9, limited-time deals and brand vouchers during the campaign.

Shopee shoppers can also stand a chance to win the DEEBOT T9, just by participating in a social media contest inspired by South-Korean heartthrob and celebrity Hyun Bin, who was recently unveiled as ECOVACS ROBOTICS brand ambassador for five Asian countries. There is also a video specially featuring Hyun Bin, produced by Shopee and ECOVACS ROBOTICS for this campaign!

Johnny Zhu, General Manager of Asia Pacific, ECOVACS ROBOTICS, said, “The prevalence of smart technology has driven up demand for smart home cleaning solutions across the region in recent years. At the 11.11 Big Sale last year, ECOVACS ROBOTICS was listed as the best-selling brand for vacuum cleaners in Southeast Asia, on Shopee. We are very excited to partner with Shopee again for this exclusive launch to introduce a robot into every home, helping consumers to ease their cleaning chores. We look forward to replicating our success this year, and strengthening our partnership with Shopee, giving more consumers access to high-quality and intelligent home service robotics.”

Zhou Junjie, Chief Commercial Officer at Shopee, added, “Shopee Mall is home to many of our region’s favourite brands, with ECOVACS ROBOTICS being one of the most loved smart home appliances brands for homeowners in Southeast Asia. We’ve observed that more shoppers are purchasing big-ticket items online, and are willing to spend more on quality home appliances on our platform. Therefore, we are delighted to launch this first Brand Day with ECOVACS ROBOTICS to provide our shoppers with first-hand access to smarter tools for their homes.”


The new DEEBOT T9 is the first model with intelligent 9-in-1 obstacle avoidance features that combine powerful vacuuming and mopping functions, with a built-in mobile air freshener. Its leading-edge TrueDetect 3D 2.0 obstacle detection and avoidance technology help the robot intelligently clean the floor without entanglement or being stuck around the home. Users can enjoy an effective and superior cleaning experience with the model’s upgraded suction power and Intelligent Control feature to provide hands-free cleaning management.


The new DEEBOT N8 PRO comes with enhanced laser detection function and integrated industry-leading algorithms, which helps the robot to plan an efficient cleaning route faster and with more precision. Users can use the ECOVACS Home App to control where the robot enters and clean, to maintain privacy where needed. The electronically-controlled water pump and water tank allow for mopping and vacuuming in one go, without the need for repeated stops to top up the water tank.

From 17th to 18th April, ECOVACS ROBOTICS Brand Day will bring a host of exclusive deals and fun exclusively on Shopee, which include:

  • Special launch prices and gift pack only on Shopee: Get the new DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 PRO at special prices of SGD$689 and SGD$499 respectively, with a SGD$20 Discount Voucher and a gift pack only on Shopee. Shoppers can also enjoy up to 60% off on selected ECOVACS ROBOTICS products and limited-time $20 vouchers.
  • Learn how to clean like Hyun Bin on Shopee Live: Shoppers can watch Key Opinion Leader, Sharlyn (https://www.instagram.com/emcee.sharlyn/), unbox the new DEEBOT T9, and demonstrate how the new DEEBOTs can maximise home cleanliness with their superior vacuuming and mopping functions.

Find out more about the ECOVACS ROBOTICS Brand Day on Shopee at https://shopee.sg/m/ecovacs-exclusive-t9launch

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For those who are keen in on smart home gadgets and appliances that can make your home cleaning easier, do check out Smart Home Cleaning with ECOVACS ROBOTICS and Hyun Bin on Shopee.

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Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Guide

Chinese New Year 2021 is just round the corner, starting on Friday 12th February 2021. During this time, families would be busy preparing for this upcoming festive season with spring cleaning and some might be planning to take this time and replace some of their household and kitchen appliances too. Let me share with you this handy Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Guide.

Ruhens V 

A bright and colourful water dispenser for your whole family and for your visitors. Ruhens flagship model, the Ruhens V comes in 4 different colours. The Bubblegum Pink is the pick for this Chinese New Year, suits the festive mood! This multi-temperature water dispenser will help you save the effort of cooling and heating your water, you can conveniently serve drinks to your family and friends when they come over for visiting!

Ruhens V, starting from $2,549

Check out Ruhens V here: https://www.ruhens.com.sg/v-series

Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven

Need an extra hand to help cook this Chinese New Year? The Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven is here to give you a helping hand. You can use it to bake your favourite snacks, grill your meats and you can even steam your lucky fish dish in here! Plus point is that you can sterilize your utensils in here, your visitors can feel safe especially during this period!

Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven, S$1,759

Check out Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven here: https://sg.sharp/products/kitchen-appliances/ax-1700vmr?v=1434

Sharp Bluetooth Speaker

With the Sharp Bluetooth Speaker, you can play Chinese New Year festive songs when your relatives and friends visit your home. Not just for your home, you can bring it out and have music everywhere you go!

Sharp Bluetooth Speaker (GX-BT480), S$399

Check out Sharp Bluetooth Speaker here: https://sg.sharp/products/tvav/gx-bt480rd?v=1469

Sharp Grand Refrigerator

A refrigerator is an essential home appliance (and you need more space too!) to store your food and groceries. With this Sharp Grand Refrigerator you can keep your ingredients fresh and clean, the Plasmacluster™ Technology by Sharp eliminates 99% airborne bacteria and 97% airborne mould in the refrigerator!

Sharp Grand Refrigerator (SJ-PG39P-BR), S$1,299

Check out Sharp Grand Refrigerator here: https://sg.sharp/products/home-appliances/394l-grand-refrigerator-sj-pg39p-br?v=1321

Sharp Portable Ion Generator

Keep yourself protected while on the go! Travelling in the car to your relative or friend’s place? With the Sharp Portable Ion Generator, its Plasmacluster™ technology is able to help remove allergens, airborne viruses, mould, and clinging odours, helps you stay safe while travelling around.

Sharp Portable Ion Generator (IG-GC2E-P), S$299

Check out Sharp Portable Ion Generator here: https://sg.sharp/products/air-care/36m2-car-ion-generator-ig-gc2e-p?v=1296

Sharp J30 Air Purifier

Hosting your friends and family over for Chinese New Year? Keep everyone safe with the Sharp J30 Air Purifier! Other than its festive colour, it is able to protect you, with Sharp’s exclusive Plasmacluster™ Technology is able to fight bacteria and viruses including corona viruses, preserve skin moisture, remove odours and reduce allergens. Sharp Plasmacluster™ Technology is also the world’s 1st technology to reduce more than 90% of airborne novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in 30 secs.

Sharp Air Purifier (FP-J30E-P), S$499

Check out Sharp J30 Air Purifier: https://sg.sharp/products/air-care/23m2-air-purifier-fp-j30e-p?v=1281

Turbo Retractable Power Chimney Hood

Preparing your speciality dishes for your Chinese New Year gathering? Keep the kitchen clean even with heavy cooking with Singapore’s first ever Retractable Power Chimney Hood from Turbo! The smoke guide board in this chimney hood is designed to generate a negative pressure area to make smoke easier to absorb. When the hood is activated, the smoke guide board will descend based on a stepless digital adjustment to create powerful suction according to users’ needs. When deactivated, the smoke guide board will retract, bringing the chimney hood back to its sleek design.

Turbo Retractable Power Chimney Hood, S$1,898

Check out Turbo Retractable Power Chimney Hood here: https://shop.turbo-italia.com/product/turbo-incanto-td8096-90cm-retractrable-power-chimney-hood/

Happy Chinese New Year 2021 shopping! Wishing all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year 2021 in advance!

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New Audio House Hub Located Above Ubi MRT Station

Audio House, a local online-to-offline (O2O) retail platform in Singapore, has recently opened a new 7-storey building with a total of over 100,000 square feet – New Audio House Hub located above Ubi MRT Station (DT27). The new Audio House O2O showroom at the first level of Audio House Hub allows customers to browse product specifications of the appliances and gadgets, the prices and make payment via QR codes while they can personally and physically view a wide range of home electronics and appliances.

I visited Audio House Hub recently and checked out their Audio House O2O showroom. Let me share with you more information on Audio House Hub below!

One-Stop Building Centrally Located for Greater Convenience

The revamped 7-storey building is fully owned by Audio House. This is part of their strategy to provide their customers with the fastest delivery possible. Audio House Hub is located in Ubi, making it one of the most centrally-located hubs in the industry, thus allowing for convenient delivery to any part of Singapore. Their island-wide delivery is as fast as 3-hours for smaller items and same day delivery for larger items that are in stock.

Cashless Shopping through QR Codes at the Showroom

In 2017, Audio House launched Singapore’s first cashless electronic concept at its previous showroom at Bendemeer: the store operates with no cashier counters, instead provides QR codes on products for customers to scan. These QR codes then take them to Audio House’s e-commerce platform, where they can find out more about the product specifications and complete payment.

Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

If you have plans to transform your home into a Smart Home and you don’t really know where to start or plan, you can visit Audio House Hub smart home technologies mock up studio apartment. When you visit the mock up studio apartment, you will be able to experience first hand on a variety of home appliances including aircon, TV, audio, curtains, lights and more, how they will respond to voice and smart phone app commands.

From Traditional Retail to a Game-changing O2O Platform

The homegrown business came from humble roots: founder Mr Alvin Lee started Audio House as a 500sqft store in Sims Drive in 1989. Since then, the business has grown from strength to strength — at its height, Audio House had 2 stores with over 65,000sqft of retail space in Singapore.

In 2016, when Alvin saw how consumers were moving online, he started building his e-Commerce platform, and closed down his largest retail store at Liang Court. He launched Singapore’s first cashless electronics showroom, encouraging all purchases to be made through the Audio House online platform, and ensuring that all his staff were equipped with the skills and knowledge to assist customers to purchase online, even at the showroom level.

Its digital transformation proved even more fortuitous during the circuit breaker period, where Audio House had to rely fully on its online concierge service for sales. Through a series of digital sales campaigns — including Facebook Live streams and limited-time sales — Audio House dove more deeply into the online realm.

Today, Audio House carries more than just home appliances and electronics. Its e-commerce platform retails furniture, groceries, alcohol, children toys and more. With focus on e-commerce, Audio House is able to keep its new showroom space to just 12,000sqft, allowing them to save on retail and manpower costs, and pass these savings to their customers. Not only is Audio House able to match prices by any authorized dealer, they also provide customers with an additional $20 eCashback with every $100 spent. Customers are able to use these eCashback for subsequent purchases, and benefit with greater savings. Since then, Audio House has gained close to 170,000 active members.

“As the low-price champion in this industry for over 30 years, our vision is to create a comprehensive O2O retail platform that brings our customers the lowest prices, the best service both online and offline, and the fastest delivery speed for a wide variety of items,” said Mr. Alvin Lee, managing director at Audio House.

Grand Opening Promotion 

From 18th December 2020 to 18th January 2021, Audio House is having a Grand Opening sale. This is to thank their members for the support over the years and to also welcome their members to visit Audio House Hub while grabbing the best savings for home electronics and appliances.

All customers will enjoy 10% off store-wide plus 40% eCashback with every $100 spent on participating brands and models during this period. Interested shoppers can RSVP for the sale at https://exclusive.audiohouse.com.sg and head down to the new Audio House building to enjoy the promotion.

Audio House Hub information

Audio House Hub Address: 23 Ubi Road 4, Level 1, Audio House Building, Singapore 408620 (UBI MRT Exit A)

Operating Hours: 1230pm to 9pm

Online: www.audiohouse.com.sg

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/audiohousesg/

Telegram: https://t.me/sgelectronicshotbuys

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New Kärcher handheld vacuum cleaner VCH 2

Kärcher, the global leader in cleaning technology and solutions recently launched a new Kärcher handheld vacuum cleaner VCH 2, adding on to their portfolio of lightweight handheld vacuums, providing mobility for spot cleaning requirements. A compact, lightweight and portable handheld vacuum cleaner makes an ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones, family and friends!


The VCH 2 is compact and lightweight, weighing at only 0.65kg, this allows easy storage in a backpack, car, office or at home. It comes with a suction force of 5 Kpa, making this handheld vacuum cleaner a trusty companion whether you are using it to vacuum the dust and food crumbs in the interior of your car or to perform spot cleaning at home. The VCH 2 cleans your work desk and even keyboards in your home too.

Vincent Sim, General Manager of Kärcher Singapore said: “Handheld vacuums have become more popular as it is highly portable, fuss-free and can typically be used instantly without requiring any assembly. The compact size makes one-hand operation a breeze, allowing users to do light cleaning anytime and anywhere.”

Compact, lightweight & convenient

The handheld vacuum is powered by a double filtration with a steel net and HEPA-12 filter. The steel net rapidly filters large particle dust and crumb while the HEPA-12 filters 99.5% of tiny dust that is smaller than 0.3?m.

The VCH 2’s 0.15 L dust container is 50 percent larger than the average handheld vacuum in the market. The dust container can be rinsed under running water to get rid of dust, dirt and other debris.

The Kärcher VCH 2 can be charged via a USB cable provided in the unit.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at S$128, the Kärcher VCH 2 is now available at selected Kärcher Singapore authorised retailers and online stores.

For more information, please visit kaercher.com/sg/.

Kärcher VCH 2 Technical Specification

Kärcher VCH2

Rating power (W)


Voltage (V)


Suction force (Kpa)




Noise (dBA)

< 78

Running time (min)

Up to 11

Dust container (L)


Weight (Kg)


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Kärcher launched new lightweight VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner

Kärcher launched new lightweight VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner to their lineup of cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore. Having a vacuum cleaner at home is very useful for cleaning and making sure the home is neat and tidy. A cordless vacuum cleaner makes it even more convenient and accessible.

Having an older design vacuum cleaner plugged into the power socket, it can be inconvenient having to unplug the power and carry the vacuum cleaner to the next room, plug it back into a power socket to continue the vacuuming. Therefore, a cordless vacuum cleaner makes it really convenient and easy to use.

The Kärcher new lightweight VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner weighs at only 1.25kg, allowing users to operate the vacuum cleaner effortlessly for a long period of time across the rooms in the household. The VC 4s vacuum cleaner features a dual-hold ergonomic design that gives optimal weigh distribution to the vacuum when held, reducing the user’s fatigue when they are using the vacuum cleaner. Users can choose to hold the vacuum upright at its tail end to clean the floor, or horizontally at the top of the vacuum to clean the walls of the house.

The VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner also has a runtime of up to 60 minutes in Eco mode which lets users clean large apartments without interruption. Cleaning can also be done more quietly as the maximum noise output of the vacuum is 79 db(A), which is similar to the volume of some washing machines.

Vincent Sim, General Manager of Kärcher Singapore said: “Many home makers are cleaning their homes more frequently; especially during this COVID-19 situation. Kärcher, as one of the leading cleaning companies in the world, believes that ergonomics of cleaning products is just as important as its cleaning effectiveness. The new Kärcher VC 4s offers a perfect combination of ease of use and cleaning effectiveness with its light weight, dual-hold ergonomic design and industry leading technology. With the VC 4s, Kärcher offers the market’s widest range of cleaning solution for all home makers.”

Comfortable operation and maintenance

With a 180-degree rotation feature, users can easily swivel the VC 4s to clean around and under the furniture and other hard-to-reach areas at home.

Users can easily dislodge the extension tube and convert the VC 4s into a handheld vacuum cleaner. The handheld mode of the VC 4s lets users clean mattresses, car seats, sofas and cabinets with ease.

Cleaning the VC 4s is simple and easy. Users can just push the safety lock on the waste container to empty it with just a single touch.

The VC 4s also has its own self-standing charging station. When the vacuum is parked at the charging station, the vacuum will automatically be charged. Vacuum accessories such as different nozzles can also be placed on the charging station for easy storage.

Excellent vacuum performance

Powering the VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner is a 100,000-rpm high-speed brushless motor and a multi-cyclone technology. The motor gives the vacuum a strong suction performance and the multi-cyclone technology lets the vacuum separate big dirt and fine dust in the air flow so that the waste products are easily collected in the waste container.

The VC 4s can also be easily configured to clean dust, dirt, hair, fine dust on various surfaces such as upholstery, hard floor, carpet and even the bed. The floor nozzle can be used to clean all types of dirt on hard surfaces while the flat floor nozzle can is suitable for cleaning both carpet and hard surfaces.

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Pricing and Availability

The Kärcher VC 4s cordless vacuum cleaner is now available at all major leading electronic stores at a price of $498.

Technical Specifications VC4s cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Battery voltage (V)


Battery capacity (Ah)


Battery charging time (h)


Run time (min)

Up to 60

Pressure (Kpa)


Noise level ((db)A)


Weight (kg)


Dimensions (LxWxH)

255 x 150 x 1060

* Information and pictures courtesy of Kärcher and GLOO PR *