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SHARP New Year Sale 2023 (Till 3rd February)

Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023 is just round the corner, it’s starting on Sunday 22nd January 2023. This would be a busy time with spring cleaning, buying goodies for your CNY reunions, gatherings and celebrations. If you haven’t bought your new home or kitchen appliances/gadgets for your home yet, don’t worry! Sharp’s New Year Sale 2023 is here (till 3rd February)!

Shoppers rejoice! You can enjoy exciting deals for selected products such as the SHARP 4K AQUOS TVs, Washers, Dryers, Fridge, Air Purifier and Microwave Oven! Buy 1 Free 1 promotions for selected items are also exclusively available for this ongoing sale!

SHARP 4K AQUOS TVs (Panels Made in Japan)

SHARP is the No. 1 TV Brand in Japan, its 4K AQUOS TVs come with 7 enhancements that includes 4K up-converter, digital noise reduction, colour optimiser, 6 axis colour management, 4K HDR and comfort mode. 4K TVs have become a preferred choice among buyers as more 4K movies and shows are available in ultra-high definition. Its resolution and cutting-edge image processing technology are able to produce more precise and stunning 4K images. The result is an astonishing clarity that brings all pictures to life.

4K TV Promotion:

  • Enjoy up to $170 off selected SHARP TVs
  • Free SHARP 32” HD TV (2T-C32BD1X) with purchase of selected SHARP TVs

SHARP Multi Door / Side by Side Refrigerator

Trusted by users worldwide, 100 million units of SHARP’s products with Plasmacluster Technology have been sold worldwide. SHARP’s Plasmacluster Technology is a world-renowned technology that eliminates 99% airborne bacteria and 97% airborne mould in the refrigerator. Placed at the top interior of the fridge, ions are released to protect your foods from contamination and keep them fresh for longer.


  • Enjoy up to $400 off selected SHARP Refrigerators
  • Free SHARP Air purifier (FP-J30E-A) or SHARP Plasmacluster Ion Hair dryer (IB-JX9KE-N) with purchase of selected SHARP Refrigerators

SHARP Front Load Washer / Dryer

SHARP Washer is equipped with J-Tech Inverter Technology, which comes with a steam care function. It removes allergen, comes in a guided control panel with 10 different programs. With a Water Efficiency Rating of 4 Ticks, this washer is also able to take up a load of 10.5kg!

SHARP Dryers comes in a stunning, sleek design front load drying with glass touch panel to reflect your exclusive lifestyle. Other than being elegant and durable, it also provides an express 34 minutes tumble dry mode, which comes in 15 different programs. With a delicate wave cabinet, it also comes with Energy Efficiency Rating of 5 Ticks!


  • Enjoy up to $140 off selected Washers/Dryers
  • Free SHARP Plasmacluster Ion Electric Stand Fan (PJ-IGS16M(WH)) with purchase of selected SHARP Washers
  • Purchase selected SHARP Dryers to enjoy complimentary Premium Stacking Kit & Basic Installation with selected existing SHARP Front-Load Washer
  • Purchase selected SHARP Dryers and receive complimentary Universal Stacking Kit to pair with non-SHARP Front-Load Washer

SHARP Plasmacluster Air Dehumidifier

Sharp’s air dehumidifiers are equipped with their revolutionary Plasmacluster Ions. Plasmacluster technology generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature. Dehumidifying maintains ideal humidity levels by removing excess water content in the air. It eliminates the musty odour and prevents the growth of mildew or molds. In addition, it also can dehumidify and deodorise the laundry with rapid action.


  • Enjoy up to $140 off selected Sharp Air Dehumidifier
  • Free SHARP Plasmacluster Air purifier (FP-J30E-B) with purchase of selected SHARP Plasmacluster Air Dehumidifier

SHARP Donabe Microwave Oven

Designed with a flat and wide table design, the Donabe Oven is the modern-day cook’s cheat sheet to delicious, wholesome meals prepared in a matter of minutes. It not only heats food up effectively, but it also manages quick and easy auto cooking with 26 auto cooking menus. Enjoy fuss-free meal preps with 26 pre-programmed cooking menus to whip up your favourite dishes, featuring seven rice functions to cook rice and six features to cook a variety of vegetable, pasta and stew dishes with speed and ease. Its multiple power settings also mean you can control the amount of energy and time required to defrost, reheat and cook your food.


  • Enjoy $30 off SHARP Donabe Microwave Oven
  • Free SHARP Air purifier (FP-J30E-B) with purchase of SHARP Donabe Microwave Oven
  • Promotion Period: 6 January 2023 to 3 February 2023. While stocks last.
  • Redemption Period: 1 February 2023 till 2 April 2023.
  • You may find redemption form here: https://bit.ly/SHARP_RF21A

For more information on SHARP New Year Sale 2023

For more information on SHARP New Year Sale 2023, you can simply visit SHARP official online stores: Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10 and authorized retailers’ stores.

Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year 2023! Happy New Year and Chinese New Year Shopping with Sharp!

* Information and pictures courtesy of SHARP and Brand Cellar *

Sharp launched SHARP WORLD – An Original Animated Series

Have you ever wanted to buy a product for yourself or for your home and you are faced with product technical specifications and key selling points can be dry and overwhelming? Fret not, you are not the only one who faces it! Brand jargons and technical numbers more often than not are lost on consumers. Sharp wants to change all that! Sharp launched SHARP WORLD – An original animated series to tell its story in true Japanese spirit.

Sharp wants to change the way it connects with its consumers, coming up with an original manga that tells the story and innovation of its products in a fun and engaging manner.

Titled SHARP WORLD, the series made up of episodes that are one and a half minutes in length each sees three fictional characters travelling across a fabled world of magic and warriors. In each episode, our three protagonists are aided by a different magic to overcome challenges that come their way.

Two episodes have been released till date, each underlined by engaging dialogues, relatable characters and eye-catching visuals to retain viewer’s attention. The first episode tells the story about the Sharp AQUOS 8K Television, while the second shares the tale of the Sharp Healsio Water Steam Oven.

More episodes will be released on schedule, each highlighting a different product and its innovations, told in a lighthearted yet educational manner that even the kids will love.

“As a Japanese company, we believe that manga best explain our technology in a light-hearted and memorable way. We hope that our customers will better understand Sharp innovations through unique Japanese artistic manga story telling in a world of magic coupled with modern innovations” says Mr. Arai, Managing Director of Sharp Electronics Singapore. “

If you are a fan of Japanese manga/anime, SHARP WORLD – An original animated series would be of interest to you. Through this animated series, you would be able to learn more about Sharp and its wide range of products for your home and even the kids will love and learn from!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Sharp Singapore and Brand Cellar *

Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Guide

Chinese New Year 2021 is just round the corner, starting on Friday 12th February 2021. During this time, families would be busy preparing for this upcoming festive season with spring cleaning and some might be planning to take this time and replace some of their household and kitchen appliances too. Let me share with you this handy Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Guide.

Ruhens V 

A bright and colourful water dispenser for your whole family and for your visitors. Ruhens flagship model, the Ruhens V comes in 4 different colours. The Bubblegum Pink is the pick for this Chinese New Year, suits the festive mood! This multi-temperature water dispenser will help you save the effort of cooling and heating your water, you can conveniently serve drinks to your family and friends when they come over for visiting!

Ruhens V, starting from $2,549

Check out Ruhens V here: https://www.ruhens.com.sg/v-series

Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven

Need an extra hand to help cook this Chinese New Year? The Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven is here to give you a helping hand. You can use it to bake your favourite snacks, grill your meats and you can even steam your lucky fish dish in here! Plus point is that you can sterilize your utensils in here, your visitors can feel safe especially during this period!

Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven, S$1,759

Check out Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven here: https://sg.sharp/products/kitchen-appliances/ax-1700vmr?v=1434

Sharp Bluetooth Speaker

With the Sharp Bluetooth Speaker, you can play Chinese New Year festive songs when your relatives and friends visit your home. Not just for your home, you can bring it out and have music everywhere you go!

Sharp Bluetooth Speaker (GX-BT480), S$399

Check out Sharp Bluetooth Speaker here: https://sg.sharp/products/tvav/gx-bt480rd?v=1469

Sharp Grand Refrigerator

A refrigerator is an essential home appliance (and you need more space too!) to store your food and groceries. With this Sharp Grand Refrigerator you can keep your ingredients fresh and clean, the Plasmacluster™ Technology by Sharp eliminates 99% airborne bacteria and 97% airborne mould in the refrigerator!

Sharp Grand Refrigerator (SJ-PG39P-BR), S$1,299

Check out Sharp Grand Refrigerator here: https://sg.sharp/products/home-appliances/394l-grand-refrigerator-sj-pg39p-br?v=1321

Sharp Portable Ion Generator

Keep yourself protected while on the go! Travelling in the car to your relative or friend’s place? With the Sharp Portable Ion Generator, its Plasmacluster™ technology is able to help remove allergens, airborne viruses, mould, and clinging odours, helps you stay safe while travelling around.

Sharp Portable Ion Generator (IG-GC2E-P), S$299

Check out Sharp Portable Ion Generator here: https://sg.sharp/products/air-care/36m2-car-ion-generator-ig-gc2e-p?v=1296

Sharp J30 Air Purifier

Hosting your friends and family over for Chinese New Year? Keep everyone safe with the Sharp J30 Air Purifier! Other than its festive colour, it is able to protect you, with Sharp’s exclusive Plasmacluster™ Technology is able to fight bacteria and viruses including corona viruses, preserve skin moisture, remove odours and reduce allergens. Sharp Plasmacluster™ Technology is also the world’s 1st technology to reduce more than 90% of airborne novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in 30 secs.

Sharp Air Purifier (FP-J30E-P), S$499

Check out Sharp J30 Air Purifier: https://sg.sharp/products/air-care/23m2-air-purifier-fp-j30e-p?v=1281

Turbo Retractable Power Chimney Hood

Preparing your speciality dishes for your Chinese New Year gathering? Keep the kitchen clean even with heavy cooking with Singapore’s first ever Retractable Power Chimney Hood from Turbo! The smoke guide board in this chimney hood is designed to generate a negative pressure area to make smoke easier to absorb. When the hood is activated, the smoke guide board will descend based on a stepless digital adjustment to create powerful suction according to users’ needs. When deactivated, the smoke guide board will retract, bringing the chimney hood back to its sleek design.

Turbo Retractable Power Chimney Hood, S$1,898

Check out Turbo Retractable Power Chimney Hood here: https://shop.turbo-italia.com/product/turbo-incanto-td8096-90cm-retractrable-power-chimney-hood/

Happy Chinese New Year 2021 shopping! Wishing all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year 2021 in advance!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Brand Cellar *

New Audio House Hub Located Above Ubi MRT Station

Audio House, a local online-to-offline (O2O) retail platform in Singapore, has recently opened a new 7-storey building with a total of over 100,000 square feet – New Audio House Hub located above Ubi MRT Station (DT27). The new Audio House O2O showroom at the first level of Audio House Hub allows customers to browse product specifications of the appliances and gadgets, the prices and make payment via QR codes while they can personally and physically view a wide range of home electronics and appliances.

I visited Audio House Hub recently and checked out their Audio House O2O showroom. Let me share with you more information on Audio House Hub below!

One-Stop Building Centrally Located for Greater Convenience

The revamped 7-storey building is fully owned by Audio House. This is part of their strategy to provide their customers with the fastest delivery possible. Audio House Hub is located in Ubi, making it one of the most centrally-located hubs in the industry, thus allowing for convenient delivery to any part of Singapore. Their island-wide delivery is as fast as 3-hours for smaller items and same day delivery for larger items that are in stock.

Cashless Shopping through QR Codes at the Showroom

In 2017, Audio House launched Singapore’s first cashless electronic concept at its previous showroom at Bendemeer: the store operates with no cashier counters, instead provides QR codes on products for customers to scan. These QR codes then take them to Audio House’s e-commerce platform, where they can find out more about the product specifications and complete payment.

Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

If you have plans to transform your home into a Smart Home and you don’t really know where to start or plan, you can visit Audio House Hub smart home technologies mock up studio apartment. When you visit the mock up studio apartment, you will be able to experience first hand on a variety of home appliances including aircon, TV, audio, curtains, lights and more, how they will respond to voice and smart phone app commands.

From Traditional Retail to a Game-changing O2O Platform

The homegrown business came from humble roots: founder Mr Alvin Lee started Audio House as a 500sqft store in Sims Drive in 1989. Since then, the business has grown from strength to strength — at its height, Audio House had 2 stores with over 65,000sqft of retail space in Singapore.

In 2016, when Alvin saw how consumers were moving online, he started building his e-Commerce platform, and closed down his largest retail store at Liang Court. He launched Singapore’s first cashless electronics showroom, encouraging all purchases to be made through the Audio House online platform, and ensuring that all his staff were equipped with the skills and knowledge to assist customers to purchase online, even at the showroom level.

Its digital transformation proved even more fortuitous during the circuit breaker period, where Audio House had to rely fully on its online concierge service for sales. Through a series of digital sales campaigns — including Facebook Live streams and limited-time sales — Audio House dove more deeply into the online realm.

Today, Audio House carries more than just home appliances and electronics. Its e-commerce platform retails furniture, groceries, alcohol, children toys and more. With focus on e-commerce, Audio House is able to keep its new showroom space to just 12,000sqft, allowing them to save on retail and manpower costs, and pass these savings to their customers. Not only is Audio House able to match prices by any authorized dealer, they also provide customers with an additional $20 eCashback with every $100 spent. Customers are able to use these eCashback for subsequent purchases, and benefit with greater savings. Since then, Audio House has gained close to 170,000 active members.

“As the low-price champion in this industry for over 30 years, our vision is to create a comprehensive O2O retail platform that brings our customers the lowest prices, the best service both online and offline, and the fastest delivery speed for a wide variety of items,” said Mr. Alvin Lee, managing director at Audio House.

Grand Opening Promotion 

From 18th December 2020 to 18th January 2021, Audio House is having a Grand Opening sale. This is to thank their members for the support over the years and to also welcome their members to visit Audio House Hub while grabbing the best savings for home electronics and appliances.

All customers will enjoy 10% off store-wide plus 40% eCashback with every $100 spent on participating brands and models during this period. Interested shoppers can RSVP for the sale at https://exclusive.audiohouse.com.sg and head down to the new Audio House building to enjoy the promotion.

Audio House Hub information

Audio House Hub Address: 23 Ubi Road 4, Level 1, Audio House Building, Singapore 408620 (UBI MRT Exit A)

Operating Hours: 1230pm to 9pm

Online: www.audiohouse.com.sg

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/audiohousesg/

Telegram: https://t.me/sgelectronicshotbuys

* Information and pictures courtesy of Audio House and Brand Cellar *

Sharp #StayHome Deals till 31 May 2020

Sharp Electronics is offering exclusive stay home deals to help customers better enjoy their quality of life at home as they are committed to adding value to customers during this circuit breaker period. During this stay home deals, customers can redeem free gifts and discount vouchers on top of up to 50% off for selected home appliances. Check out Sharp #StayHome Deals till 31 May 2020!

Check out all the deals offered by Sharp Electronics for their #StayHome deals!


4K upconverter, 4K digital noise noise reduction, real colour, colour optimiser, tone optimiser, 4K U HDR and comfort luminance display. These 7 perfections come your Sharp AQUOS TVs for a great viewing pleasure and enjoyment.


  • Up to 50% OFF
  • Free soundbar worth $299
  • Up to $100 online discount vouchers
  • Prices from as low as $199

Plasmacluster Ion Fridge

SHARP Plasmacluster™ Technology is a world-renowned technology that eliminates 99% airborne bacteria and 97% airborne mould in the refrigerator. Placed at the top interior of the fridge, ions are released to protect your foods from contamination and keeps them fresh longer.


  • Up to 30% OFF
  • Free rice cooker worth $99 with any purchase of Sharp fridge
  • Prices from as low as $549

No-Holes Revolutionary Tub Washer

The Sharp No-Holes Revolutionary Tub Washer provides your household with cleaner, more hygienic laundry, consuming less water and it is gentler on your clothes.


  • Up to 30% OFF
  • Free rice cooker worth $99 with any purchase of Sharp washer
  • Prices from as low as $299

Plasmacluster Technology Air Purifier

The Plasmacluster™ Technology in all Sharp Air Purifiers can effectively fight various types of flu viruses (Note that the inactivation of COVID-19 has yet to be tested). It has been proven effective against bacteria and influenza viruses including A/H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, FCoV (which belongs to the coronavirus group). 


  • Pre-order FP-J80E-H & FP-J60E-W now and get Free FP-J30E worth $499
  • Free $100 online discount voucher
  • Prices starting from $1,099

Healsio Superheated Steam Oven

Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven is equipped with water heat technology, Superheated Steam, Roast, Bake, Grill and Microwave – Reduces calories and salt, seals in nutrients. The oven can be used to sterilize heat-resistant plastic dishes, lunch boxes, porcelain, ceramic, glassware and metal dishes. A heat-resistant resin cutting board or a towel can be sterilized.


  • Free $100 online discount voucher
  • Prices starting from $1,299

Where can I buy the above  Sharp #StayHome deals?

You can just simply visit Sharp LazMall or any of the dealers stores listed below to redeem the promotion:

Lazada: https://bit.ly/2yUZpei
Audio House: https://bit.ly/2zHPAR7
Best Denki: https://bit.ly/2zMO7cf
Courts: https://bit.ly/3cYHlyz
Gain City: https://bit.ly/2VQBSUQ
Harvey Norman: https://bit.ly/2YlTV6H
Mega Discount Store: https://bit.ly/3bMDcgS
Parisilk: https://bit.ly/2YlSNjE

Do take note! Sharp #StayHome deals promotion ends on 31st May 2020. While stocks last!

Do share this shopping news with your loved ones, family, friends and relatives, if there are planning to add home appliances or kitchen appliances to their home!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Sharp Singapore and Brand Cellar *