Lenovo TruScale: New Global Everything-as-a-Service Strategy

Lenovo at its recent annual Tech World event held in September 2021, announced a new consumption-based business model to their setup. Introducing Lenovo TruScale, a new portfolio, a new global everything-as-a-service strategy. This announcement is part of Lenovo’s continuing transformation for the next reality, for a new era whereby business leaders  and consumers need new solutions and technologies to face unprecedented change in business, education, living and beyond.

Lenovo is expanding its TruScale beyond infrastructure services, bringing all of its as-a-service offerings under one umbrella to provide a truly global solution that makes everything from the pocket to the cloud via a single contract framework. Lenovo TruScale encompasses the Lenovo’s vision and transformation for the next reality – meeting the growing global demand for smarter technology amid a new era of hybrid working and learning.

“Digital transformation is accelerating faster than ever, and companies are struggling to keep pace with the speed of innovation. We hear from CIOs every day that their organization’s technology needs are evolving every 12-18 months,” said Ken Wong, president of Solutions & Services Group. “With Lenovo TruScale, customers can expect one solution, one provider, one contract framework, and a single point of accountability for everything-as-a-service.”

Lenovo TruScale, everything-as-a-service platform, offers businesses of all sizes the flexibility the need to stay competitive with a scalable, cloud-like consumption model and predictable payment options for hardware and service inclusions. Lenovo is transiting to a fully integrated as-a-service strategy provider brings to like Lenovo’s vision of “One Lenovo”. 

This would help to address common business challenges and providing IT leaders with the performance and flexibility to pay-as-you-grow. With Lenovo TruScale, IT leaders’ infrastructure solutions are fully managed, giving customers the advantages of an on-premise cloud environment along with the peace of mind around data management in a hybrid environment.

Research shows the as-a-service market is growing at four times the overall IT services TAM. In three years, as-a-service models will represent 12% of enterprise x86 server spend and over 50% of new enterprise storage spend, growing at 40% CAGR and around 17% of commercial PC spend, up from 1% two years ago and growing at 50% CAGR. (1)

The ongoing global pandemic situation has greatly disrupted our working environment and daily living. In a new era of work and living and beyond, the world is shifting towards a hybrid and flexible model of “work, learn and connect-from-anywhere” model. Organisations have to adapt, adopt and change, they have to embrace smarter technology designed for a hybrid reality that will benefit from this transition.

This requires flexibility in devices and work platforms, on-demand support when and where needed, and customisable solutions across the organization, benefits that many will recognise from Lenovo’s existing Device-as-a-Service solution. Now moving under the new TruScale umbrella, Lenovo DaaS will continue to help customers move to a Modern IT environment by combining the best end-to-end technology from across Lenovo with lifecycle services and support and convenient financing to deliver lower total cost of ownership.

Lenovo is building a new way to deliver as-a-service to the market and offer organisations ultimate flexibility in how they leverage their IT infrastructure, services and software. By forming strategic alliances with other market leaders, customers can get the public cloud experience with the security and control of an on-premises solution. As part of this new platform, Lenovo has joined with leading infrastructure partners Deloitte, VMWare and Intel, and DaaS security partners Absolute Software and SentinelOne to provide organisations with various dynamic offerings such as hybrid cloud solutions for Edge to Cloud environments, best-in-class managed security solutions and access to the most current storage infrastructure innovation, for the life of their data, with the ability to scale storage capacity on demand.

“Lenovo’s as a service approach helps meet the market’s demand for responsive, reliable hybrid cloud operations. Put simply our organizations are helping companies grow their enterprises and mitigate risks to create more value and serve society better,” said Punit Renjen, CEO of Deloitte Global.

For business organisations, business owners and chief technology officers, Lenovo TruScale would be of great interest to you. Do visit and check them out on how Lenovo everything-as-a-service strategy and portfolio can play a part for your organisation.


(1) Gartner, IDC, Lenovo Market Intelligence

* Information courtesy of Lenovo Singapore and WE Communications *

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