In life, work and career, having a mentor or role model is very important, in terms of future growth and development.

Being an entrepreneur myself, learning from personal development coaches via their books and courses, I was also thinking of entrepreneurs around the world, regardless of the industry they were operating in, who would serve as a good role model for entrepreneurs around the world.

It started on a night, I chanced upon reading a magazine called, “WEALTH” April 2008 issue, the cover page was “Chemoil After Robert Chandran” in bold capital letters. I recalled reading in the newspapers about Robert Chandran in January 2008 due to him passing on, getting curious, I turned over the pages of the magazine and started reading about Robert Chandran’s legacy and entrepreneurship empire.

Robert Chandran was indeed somebody unique, starting off with an inspiration, building and expanding his empire over time. While he was growing his business empire, Robert Chandran had already started investing in real estate, an investment that entrepreneurs definitely would have as part of their portfolio. Even his business in marine fuel industry grown tremendously, he was also moving into other industries, adding companies to his holdings.

In the segments dedicated to the memories of the late Robert Chandran, there were many great chapters of wisdom, knowledge, advice and mentoring on businesses, opportunities entrepreneurship, post-graduate studies and giving back to society. It was a few pages of wisdom in his words and greater level of knowledge, that would serve well in the directions that I am heading.

With many writings inside the magazine, I would like to highlight 2 quotes that caught my attention –

“Don’t become an entrepreneur to make money, but be one because you want something you enjoy doing. That way, you will ultimately make money… otherwise, it’s going to be a pain in the butt. Because this is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year thing which you are going to do for two to three decades of your life”

“Entrepreneurs are generally positive people. They look at issues as a glass that’s half full, not half empty. They also tend to have a very different approach of risk from the average man, and manage risk efficiently. They always have an exit strategy, at every stage of the business, if things don’t work out.”

In the event of an unforeseen crisis, there were succession planning in place for Robert Chandran, ensuring the legacy of his empire would continue irregardless of any hiccups, thus, from this special report, would we understood and learned more about the importance of planning and changes, that is applicable not just in our career but in our daily life as well.

The late Robert Chandran, a man who left a great legacy behind, a role model for all entrepreneurs.

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