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Another year older (again)

The time of the year when everybody is busy adjusting back to working routine after a Christmas and New Year holiday break, while preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, is the period when I am another year older again. I am very grateful and blessed to receive birthday well wishes and greetings on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, from my family, relatives and friends. While there wasn’t much of a celebration, I had a quiet day, resting and listening/discussing photography.

Looking ahead of this year 2015, it’s going to be an even more challenging year (in my personal humble opinion) than previous 1-2 years for the economy. Running and helping out in the family business is going to be challenging for year 2015 and I hope to rise up to the occasion!

Photography is still a personal thing for me, doing it on a semi-professional/freelance basis when the time and job fits. I am looking at my personal photography projects for 2015 and you can read more about it here on my photojournalist site!

Sometimes in life, the more we search and seek, the more it will not appear. When we search and seek less, it appears to you. How will year 2015 turns out?

Last but not least, I want to thank everybody for their birthday well wishes, really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that family, relatives and friends remembered me adding another digit to my lifespan 🙂

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