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Appreciation, Gift and Blessings - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Today seemed to be another Monday, with a monthly company meeting scheduled, with its training agenda. However, it was something more than that. The back end operations branch of the organisation came down as well and attended today’s meeting with the front action force. Initially, it doesn’t seem anything more exciting or special, yet it became a great of appreciation, gift and blessings.

First and foremost, I was part of the team that helped out in company meetings operations and worked with a batch of helpful and dedicated colleagues. Batches changed over time to allow different people to take over roles and have a feel of managing and running meetings. It was a simple appreciation ceremony for all the helpers who played a role in one way or another, behind the scene or in the thick of action. A token of appreciation, the pen gift from Parker, with blessings from fellow colleagues.

As planned, my project, a new and revamped IT portal for all, was officially launched to the organisation, 2 months of planning, building and troubleshooting finally bear fruit. I was the webpage designer, the framework, my back end boss took over the 2nd half and did the touch up. I don’t deserve the full credits as I only did the 1st half, nevertheless, fellow colleagues came up and wished me well and thanked me for the effort in the IT portal project. I am indeed very blessed with many well wishes, great appreciation and in the limelight for a while !

We also gave our blessings and appreciation to a colleague who would be embarking on another different path, to spend more time with her family and children, in a new country. She’s a role model with her charisma and strong character, dedication and commitment, a shining light for everybody who knew her in some way or another. 

A great day of appreciation and blessings ! Let’s all practice the art of giving and helping, pay it foward, and showers of blessings, appreciation and precious gifts of friendships, relationships will shower upon you, in your life, business, relationships. 

Some things in life are priceless……. Let’s all be thankful and appreciative !

2 thoughts on “Appreciation, Gift and Blessings”
  1. Thank for sharing the story of appreciation and blessings.
    We always work hard for these, But not everyone can get that. Congratulate!

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