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7th January 2018 – 1st Update post for the Year

It’s been only a week since the new year 2018 kick off, while it wasn’t a big kick off style for me, more of slow and low key, I was happy with the work, flow and things that I wanted to do at the start of the year 2018. There is something that resonates with me, this phrase “some things never change” and one of the things was life is never perfect, never smooth and there is always ups and downs.

First few days of year 2018, my photography and travel website/blog was down for a few days (around 2-3 days) after my hosting and domain services company, Domains Priced Right updated and upgraded my hosting account. I thought everything was fine after that, the next thing was that my login was lost and I had to request for my friend’s Brian’s IT expertise to help me out.

Over an afternoon of troubleshooting, he managed to resolve the login for me and I am able to enter into my wp-admin backend panel. Initially, I thought it’s back to running normally, after further checking, I realised that my 11 years of hard work, my categories and tags were all gone, my photography and travel website/blog is now in a mess (the contents are still there though, feeling very thankful!). I need to return back and ask Brian for assistance again.

This “repair and recovery” phase is estimated going to take 1-2 weeks, after that, I am going to back up and transfer my domain and hosting services to my friend’s company Business Network Internet (BNI) Hub. During this time, I might find a new template for my photography and travel website/blog, time for a fresh start to year 2018, a fresh beginning with BNI Hub.

During the repair and recovery phase, I would spend time editing photographs, uploading them into my Flickr, 500px and Format photography portfolio. Meanwhile, I would work on my personal website/blog topics e.g. technology, gadgets, fin-tech, business, forex investing etc etc.

As for my photography business, personal photography and travel goals settings, I would put on hold until my photography and travel website/blog is “repaired and recovered” before publishing it.

Not the most ideal start to year 2018, it’s also not the worst start at all. Basically, I should be able to handle the hiccups being presented to me, I just have to find my ways and means, finding solutions, asking for assistance to get them back up and running properly again.

Other than my photography and travel website/blog update, I am continuing to spring clean my room and my possessions, decluttering, throwing away, giving away and keeping those things that I want. Following that, I am continuing to do spring cleaning in my home, helping, cleaning and decluttering as much as I could.

In the month of January 2018, I hope to clear some backlogs that I didn’t manage to clear in December 2017. Another area that I am keen to start writing and covering more on is on cryptocurrnecy, let’s hope this segment can help me grow something out of them.

Getting year 2018 on the correct note, staying firm, steady and stable on the ground while moving forward to grow and expand (it may and need not be the fastest) in this year 2018.

I want to make a breakthrough for this year 2018!

Are You a Daily Reader ?

Today’s society is filled with many technological gadgets e.g. smartphones, portable game machines such as PSP and many forms of outside activities watching movies, shopping, eating, drinking and of course, not forgetting our hectic work routine hours and home/personal hours.

Do you feel your time is always rushing and running away from you ? Even to the extent that you have no time for your own leisure activities ? The pace today is very hectic and it can be very stressful and frustrating, on top of that, the current world economic crisis adds fuel to the fire you are in.

I did face the issues and it is a challenge and a learning experience that is most enriching in the good and bad sense since the Great Depression in the early 1920s. Reading on personal development, training, sales and growth was among my works here on this blog and it came to a halt due to my ill-discipline, laziness and “fighting the fire”. Well, I decided to go back reading consistently again, to refresh, improve and change.

Anthony Robbin’s book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, mentioned on the importance of reading something of substance, something of value, nurturing, teaching new distinctions everyday and it should be at least 30 minutes a day. Anthony’s values were taught by his teacher Jim Rohn and it got me back to reading and be CANI – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.


Reading cleanse your old system, empowerment, new skills, strategies, personal development and growth. The opportunities now may seem to be lesser, yet there are still opportunities out there, if we just shut ourselves and blame everybody and society, we are just hurting ourselves. 

The opportunity is now even better to demand more of myself than other people would expect or judged and to grow and move foward even higher than what you actually set, your goals and my true ends values.

I am getting back to my books on personal development, training, sales and growth !

Why ? It is because I am both a Mentor and Mentee 🙂