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HALF of Year 2009 had passed by - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

The year of 2009 has arrived at Half-Time, in football, it would be a 15 minutes break for the manager to speak to his/her players and would either praise them or scold them, encourage them to make the difference in the 2nd half of their match, the game.

It is similar, the match is my life, for 2009, it’s the 2nd half of 2009 to play for. Before that, I would reflect on my 1st half, how I played my match a.k.a how I ran my life, my business, how much I progressed, where else I can improve on. Reflecting here ….

(1) Business – advisory business is affected by the financial and economic crisis for the past year and the effects doesn’t make it easier for us in this industry, striving and improving, is a key factor. It’s now my priority to do so.

(2) Blogging – Traffic Rank is achieved for my photoblog, reaching below 100k. Lots of effort, “blood, sweat and tears” put inside, my targets are on track and some are already achieved.

(3) Running – Completed my 5th Full Marathon with the 2009 Sundown Marathon, more running to come and complete, my plan to enter triathlon has not materalised yet, planning to push forward and enter this arena as I seek to venture into something more adventurous.

(4) Sports Science & Coaching – Found that I have a long and hidden passion, deep and strong, in the field of sports and its application via sports science. My recent attachments to Jack, who is a certified Volleyball coach and sports coach, makes me read, learn, analyse and assist in sports coaching. I probably qualify to be an Assistant Sports Coach without proper certification 🙂

(5) Travel – plans are on hold currently, although would love to take a short break nearby to recharge and take many photos.

(6) Personal Development and Growth Books – Guilty as charged, books still on top of my work table, still unread or haven’t read finished. I need to set quality time, at least 30 minutes a day to read up on my personal development and growth books and share with my readers here.

2nd Half of 2009 is going to kick-off soon ! I will make it better and I will play my game better !

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