On 1st June 2012, I made a mis-calculation & said that 6 months had passed in 2012 & it was time to take stock & reflect on what has happened, whether my goals have been achieved. It was only after friends pointed out that it was actually 5 months in 2012 instead and not 6 months!

Although realising that it wasn’t really 6 months yet, I still started my own look back into my 5months + of 2012, it was an interesting, exciting and challenging period, the world economy isn’t going that smoothly in the 2nd quarter and it would be volatile times ahead, a cautious period, probably less fearful than before.

Photography and photojournalism were great, featured in National Heritage Board Void Decks Heritage Project, pretty involved in Singapore Arts Festival 2012, enthusiastic about the Singapore Memory Project yet I haven’t started contributing and I really need to do something about it !

Investing in some photography accessories – self-learning & learning from mentors on the how-to techniques for lighting photography, it will be a budget, simple and portable setup!

Photography Honours – A Gardens By The Bay photograph was selected and printed on A1 size board for a roving exhibition around Singapore, showcasing the upcoming official opening of the Gardens By the Bay on 28th June 2012 !

Heritage, History, Conservation, Preservation with my search for ancestors at Bukit Brown, the mission was half completed, they were found and located on my google maps. The full stories behind this ancestor trail had yet to be fully documented and written down, another reminder again to myself to get this done up.

Dragon Scout Group – Promised myself to get more involved with my alumni mata and looking not too bad, going to maintain this level !

Ongoing Personal Projects – Need to get back to where I started and left off, my personal projects on Old Places and Conservation, History, Heritage and Preservation projects.

Technology gear reviews – a few outstanding reviews to be written down here, need to clear them ASAP.

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