There are a number of topics inside my brain, heart and mind that I wanted to write down and share my thoughts, ideas, views and experiences. I confessed that they are now written down somewhere on my iPad notes, or EverNote or inside my brain. There are just that many topics that I am planning to write about and I need to really pen it down here.

Therefore, I decided to write and share something about my running here first, for some of my friends and readers out there, I haven’t participated in any major community sports running since I was injured in a freakish and nasty fall in February 2010, that began a long route to recovery and basically out of running action for 3 years. During this 3 years, I didn’t sign up any 10km runs, half marathons or full marathons that I always used to sign up on a regular basis year on year since 2005. Given the nature of my injury, I made the decision to retire from the full marathon distance running. I may decide to make a comeback someday in the future.

Today, I decided to make a Return to Running, with the signing up of the Singapore Bay 2013 10km distance. I am filled with joy, excitement and anxiety as well since I wasn’t really running like my peak fitness and enthusiasm before my injury in 2010. It’s an official comeback run and I am going to kick my lazy butt off and start a consistent and disciplined training regime of running routines and gym/fitness workout routine to ensure it’s a good return to the running arena again!

To all my family members, relatives, old friends, colleagues and supporters who helped me through during my injury down time and rehabilitation/recover period, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope that my recovery/rehabilitation journey can help people out there to make their comeback, in their chosen sports too!

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