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Start of a New Era 150524- Forward Singapore - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog
A Futuristic Forward Singapore? (Photo enhanced with Adobe Firefly GenAI)

On Wednesday 15th May 2024, this is going down in history as one of Singapore’s significant milestones with the change and handover of the Prime Minister position from the 3rd to the 4th, from Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong to Prime Minister (PM) Lawrence Wong. As many of us here in Singapore (and maybe around the world) watched the solemn swearing-in ceremony of the new Prime Minister and Ministers, listening to PM Wong addressing the nation. Truly indeed, Start of a New Era 150524 – Forward Singapore.

A Futuristic Forward Singapore?
(Photo enhanced with Adobe Firefly GenAI)

Start of a New Era – Forward Singapore
Listening to PM Wong addressing the nation (you can watch it here on YouTube), we are in it on a new ride together, writing a new chapter and era for Singapore. The route ahead is not going to be exactly straightforward, Singapore has to navigate on its own standing and direction, in situations that are very different from the decades following independence. At the start of a new era – Forward Singapore, we are starting a new chapter, a new journey, what challenges, changes and dreams lie ahead for Singapore and Singaporeans?

Prior to PM Wong official swearing-in ceremony and officially taking over the Prime Minister role. He gave an interview on writing the next chapter of the Singapore Story (you can watch it here on YouTube). A look at his humble background and beginnings (you can watch it here on YouTube), something that resonates with many of us Singaporeans. He is our 4th PM since the start of Singapore’s independence in 1965, he strikes a chord and connection with many of us on the ground level.

PM Wong has his plate full of work to do, the challenges ahead domestically and internationally. From gaining trust and vote of confidence from the ground level (in the next upcoming Singapore General Election that has to be called by November 2025), to navigating through the geopolitical tensions and a world economy that is uncertain, volatile and adopting protectionism measures.

Change of 5Cs?

For those old enough, you would know exactly what the 5Cs were all about. Interestingly, from the Forward Singapore conversations, discussions and findings, would we get to see a change of 5Cs?

What are the old 5Cs? Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium and Country Club Membership. What are the new 5Cs? Cash, Career, Cultural, Credibility and Convenience.

Would we finally see the cultural change away from the old 5Cs to the new 5Cs, this new generation might just be the starting and turning point to shift away from monetary, status and money to more intrinsic and connecting to our hearts, minds and souls?

On the topic of cash, we still need that in capitalist society and market that we are are operating in. Maybe we can be less pressured on other big ticket items.

Forward Singapore – What’s the future going to be like?

As we embark on Forward Singapore together – What’s the future going to be like, for you, for me, for Singapore? Are we finally and truly shaping and building the Singapore that we envision in Forward Singapore? What’s the future going to be like? Would we able to see a more friendly, caring and cohesive? A more vibrant arts and culture scene? Are we going to be less obsessed with rat race culture?

How do I envision my version of Forward Singapore?

Humble, grounded, friendly, caring, a more vibrant social, gracious, harmonious, artistic and cultural society. We also need to constantly upgrade and improve in an ever changing world brought about by technology advancements and market economy / business environment volatility and uncertainty.

Let us grow, mature and transform as a country, as a society, be less judgemental, less biased and prejudiced. We must always constantly remind ourselves that we must never be lazy and complacent, take things for granted, as we embark on this new chapter in Forward Singapore.

As we start to embark together on this new Forward Singapore journey with PM Lawrence Wong, this is something that we can create and work together a new era, a new chapter and maybe a new beginning in Singapore’s history. We, Singapore and Singaporeans, will have our own unique challenges and headwinds that are vastly different faced by our Pioneer and Merdeka generations.

The new chapter has opened, it’s not an empty page because we have already written many chapters before that. However, we are going to start writing our new page, our own story and our own chapters. Let’s Forward Singapore!

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