A new year 2016 had started, I had been thinking a lot over the past week, reflecting on getting 1 year older just as year 2016 started only for a few days. I received a number of well wishes and blessings from family, relatives and friends, I felt very grateful and thankful for everything that I had at this juncture in time. A big surprise was a small birthday cake treat by my friends, 2 pretty ladies and my old primary school mate. The 2 pretty ladies said I need to make 3 birthday wishes, 2 of them had to be declared and the 3rd wish is to be a secret. I never made 3 birthday wishes before even if I have a birthday cake to celebrate with, since it was so special, here it goes

Wish 1 – A new career
Wish 2 – My photography exhibition
Wish 3 – Top secret and classified

While I am riding through a turbulent period, I had been thinking, planning and doing my goal setting for year 2016, in my different aspects of my life. Writing it down helps me to record it down and strategising myself to reach my goals for year 2o16. Not every aspects will be covered in this post, there might be 1 post down the road soon.


  • Photography exhibition – one possible theme is Hokkaido travel photography
  • Photo book – one possible theme is Old Playgrounds
  • Travel Photographer – Working on it individually and partnership to make this dream come true
  • Heritage, History, Conservation, Preservation Photography – To bring it to the next few levels after all the work that I done over the past few years

Health and Fitness

  • I just want to keep fit and healthy
  • Lose weight and not gain weight
  • Consistent and disciplined exercise lifestyle to ease the stress and pressure of life and work

Personal Development

  • Read the books that I bought recently
  • Go back to the books that I read before

Everything and anything social media

  • Cut down on Facebook while maintaining FB page updates
  • Not too be overly engrossed into social media
  • Continue to build, maintain relationships, branding, marketing and outreach with key brands and PR agencies
  • Write and share more tech posts and personal development posts

There were still many thoughts inside my mind, condensing, summarising, writing and sharing them.

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