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Singtel Powering Up Singapore with 5G

Singtel is powering up Singapore with 5G with the launch of a number of 5G Standalone (SA) use cases at its “Powering Up Singapore With 5G” event. While 5G has already step foot in Singapore, mobile users are enjoying the faster speed and lower latency provided by 5G technology, it’s going to get bigger and wider in usage. Singtel is ramping up efforts to translate their new strategic blueprint of leading in 5G into action.

New Use Cases and 5G Network Expansion

The new use cases cover various sectors from entertainment to mobility, bringing to life the benefits of 5G by redefining live, work and play experiences with blazing fast speeds and near-instantaneous response times. Meanwhile, Singtel is also continuing to expand its 5G network which now covers over two-thirds of Singapore, adding sites in densely populated areas such Choa Chu Kang, Punggol, Sembawang and Tampines. In addition to that, Singtel has also expanded its 5G indoor coverage to major shopping malls island-wide such as Funan, West Mall, Tampines Mall, Northpoint City and Waterway Point.

Powering Up Singapore With 5G

Singtel presented the speed, power, capabilities and connectivity of 5G at Powering Up Singapore With 5G event. In a 5G first for Singapore during the event, Guest of Honour, Minister for Communications and Information Mrs Josephine Teo and IMDA’s Chief Executive Mr Lew Chuen Hong were ‘teleported’ into the venue via Singtel’s 5G network, in which their high-resolution likeness were beamed from a separate location. The network’s ultra-low latency meant that Minister Teo and Mr Lew could ‘interact’ seamlessly with Mr Yuen on stage.

Speaking at the event, Minister for Communications and Information Mrs Josephine Teo highlighted the role of 5G, “Mobile networks and data exchanges are key building blocks for the digital infrastructure. 5G, which promises to be ultra-fast and supports near-zero latency, can change the way we live and work in profound ways, and become essential for the digital developments of the future. Building a digital future is certainly about the hardware, software, systems and standards. It is equally about the people and skills. For that, the Government will continue to invest in reskilling and upskilling our people so that they can achieve not just digital literacy but digital mastery. This way, everyone can benefit from the infrastructure.”

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Group CEO of Singtel said, “With the maturing of 5G technology, we’re excited to unlock the benefits of a 5G-enabled reality for consumers and enterprises. Its potential to transform business models and deliver enhanced products and services on a scale like never before, will spur Singapore’s digital economy as the country moves into post-COVID recovery. As part of our strategic reset to focus on 5G, we are accelerating our roll-out and the creation of new services. We’re proud to be leading the 5G charge and forging the next chapter of this digital era.”

Ookla® recently declared Singtel the ‘Fastest 5G mobile operator in Singapore’ in H1 2021 for clocking in the highest median mobile network speed, a testimonial to Singtel’s 5G leadership.

The arrival of 5G has proved timely during this period of remote working, working from home and safe distancing as digital adoption has accelerated at a much faster pace. More people are going digital, using digital channels to go about with their daily lives, resulting in a corresponding increase in demand for fast and reliable connectivity. This is reflected in a recent Singtel survey, in which majority of consumers indicated that 5G-enabled services such as augmented reality books and virtual reality entertainment events appeal to them.

Heralding the Future of Live, Work and Play

Singtel is delivering new entertainment experiences powered by its 5G SA network. These include:

  • 5G-powered Remote Racing: Partnering with Formula Square to deliver an immersive, lag-free experience racing remote-controlled cars powered by 5G at Southside, Sentosa;
  • 4K Live Streaming: Working with S.E.A. Aquarium to bring Singapore’s first underwater 5G livestream of the S.E.A. Aquarium to UNBOXED, Singtel’s unmanned pop-up retail store, where visitors can immerse themselves in the aquatic wonders of the aquarium, viewing manta rays, sharks and shoals of fishes in vivid 4K resolution;
  • Enhancing the Arts and Culture Experience: Collaborating with the National Gallery Singapore and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay to deliver cultural and art experiences over 5G, from the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery and the Singtel Waterfront Theatre when it opens officially next year. This will enable more people with opportunities to get up close and personal with local artists and performers amid prevailing safe distancing measures;
  • Co-creating the future of hybrid work: Teaming up with Samsung and Zoom to introduce a Productivity Data Pass plan offering data-free usage of Zoom, enabling customers to connect to family and colleagues seamlessly and lag-free. This, coupled with Samsung devices such as DeX, will enable customers to set up virtual workstations easily.

Boosting Industry Digitalisation

Singtel also demonstrated at the event how 5G is empowering industries and businesses with greater productivity and operational efficiency. Key to this is multi-access edge computing (MEC), an infrastructure that maximises 5G’s low latency, high bandwidth benefits and enables functions like real-time computing, data storage, data analytics and AI services at the edge. MEC supports massive and faster connectivity of devices, bringing to life more mission critical enterprise applications than before, such as real-time asset tracking and automated quality inspection in factories and smart city planning.

Singtel has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ericsson and global industry partners to collaborate on the development and deployment of advanced 5G enterprise solutions in Singapore. This is part of Singtel’s strategy to nurture a growing and vibrant local 5G ecosystem. The MOU will allow companies to leverage Ericsson’s technology expertise and Singtel’s 5G network, test facilities and capabilities to innovate solutions and scale them up for global deployment.

5G is helping Singapore in the areas of bigger and wider digital expansion and growth, in both enterprise/business and personal segments, Singtel is Powering Up Singapore With 5G and leading the way.

For more information on Singtel 5G, please visit Singtel 5G website.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel *

Singtel first to launch 5G Standalone network in Singapore

Singtel recently launched its 5G Standalone (SA) network, offering customers early access to the most advanced 5G connectivity globally. As compared to the 4G network, 5G SA network delivers twice the responsiveness, 30% faster uploads, with strengthened authentication and encryption capability. With much greater bandwidth and near-instant responses, 5G SA will enable revolutionary applications like self-driving cars, real-time immersive entertainment, and massive Internet of Things (IoT) connections.

“We are thrilled to introduce supercharged connectivity on Singapore’s most powerful 5G network. Our customers will be among the first in the world to enjoy the benefits that 5G SA can deliver. Wherever they are, consumers can stream 4K videos seamlessly, share favourite photos and moments with friends instantaneously, and enjoy lag-free gameplay and video conferencing. 5G SA will also fuel new innovations, being a key enabler of the digital transformation across industry sectors,” said Ms Anna Yip, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

Singtel has teamed up with Samsung, their official 5G SA launch partner, to give selected customers early access to this next-generation mobile network. Customers can get a taste of Singtel’s 5G SA network on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G handsets, running a Singtel-exclusive beta release of Samsung’s 5G SA software.

Customers can register their interest at www.singtel.com/5GSAearlyaccess to be one of the first customers to experience Singtel’s 5G SA network. Customers with creative entries on how 5G will transform their lives will be selected to receive a “5G Power Up” kit that comprises a 5G SA SIM card, a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G handset and cool accessories.

Singtel has been operating Singapore’s latest 5G NSA network under a market trial since last September, offering 5G speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps. Singtel within a year of receiving their 5G license, has now turned on 5G SA and deployed over a thousand 5G sites across Singapore in strategic locations such as Orchard Road, Central Business District, Marina Bay, Harbourfront and Sentosa, as well as major residential areas including Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Jurong East, Woodlands and more. Singtel is the only telco to roll out in-building 5G, covering popular malls such as VivoCity and Ngee Ann City, and they will continue to expand its indoor 5G footprint in the coming months.

As for the enterprise market, Singtel is focused on accelerating 5G innovation and 5G adoption, launching Genie, the world’s first portable 5G-in-a-box platform and expanding its 5G ecosystem with 5G Multi-access Edge Compute trials in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

All consumers in Singapore can trial 5G’s ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low latency at Singtel’s 5G experience zones in selected Singtel Shops, UNBOXED and UNBOXED Lite on Orchard Road. Visit singtel.com/5G to find out more about Singtel 5G.

* Information and picture courtesy of Singtel *

Singtel accelerated 5G push with 5G Standalone deployment

Singtel accelerated 5G push with 5G Standalone (SA) deployment in Singapore with the deployment of hundreds of 5G SA sites across the country in areas such as Orchard Road, Central Business District, Harbourfront and Sentosa. Singtel has also progressively expanded their 5G in-building coverage that began in VivoCity to more indoor locations, starting with Ngee Ann City and selected Singtel Shops across Singapore. The 5G SA sites run on 3.5GHz spectrum, enabling Singtel to deliver ultra-fast speeds and swifter response times.

In preparation for 5G SA commercial launch, Singtel will begin issuing 5G SA compatible SIM cards (1) to customers starting from 27th April 2021. The new Singtel 5G SIM cards are capable of supporting faster speeds, lower latency rates and offering enhanced authentication and encryption. This will ensure Singtel customers have a seamless and secure 5G experience.

Ms Anna Yip, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “We are ready to usher in a new era of connectivity with 5G SA and introduce our customers to the transformational benefits of blazing fast speeds and ultra-responsive connections which will elevate their everyday experiences. Our engineers are working in earnest with key handset manufacturers to complete testing and prepare the next-generation network for commercial launch. As our 5G network gains momentum and evolves, we invite our customers to mark an exciting 5G milestone with us and upgrade to our new 5G SIM cards to future proof and enhance their mobile experience.”

Singtel has upgraded its 5G radio access network with advanced radio technologies to connect to a cloud-native standalone 5G core network, enabling it to run 5G independently. This would allow Singtel to deliver 5G SA’s ultra-fast speeds and connections. The network will soon offer network slicing capabilities which allow for the dynamic distribution and optimisation of network resources to support a wide range of applications. Singtel will intensify its 5G SA deployment across the island in the coming months as handset manufacturers progressively roll out 5G SA software updates for existing 5G handsets and launch more 5G SA compatible models in Singapore later this year.

From 27th April 2021, new and re-contracting customers who opt for a 5G Now add-on or 5G XO Plus plans (2) will receive Singtel’s new 5G SIM card for free (U.P. S$37.45) until 31 May 2021. Existing customers with eligible plans (3) can switch out their current SIM cards at no extra charge at all Singtel Shops, Singtel Exclusive Retailers, 24/7 unmanned store Singtel UNBOXED (now located at Plaza Singapura) and Singtel UNBOXED Lite multi-media kiosks at Tong Building on Orchard Road.

Since last September, Singtel has been operating Singapore’s fastest 5G NSA network under a market trial, offering 5G speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps. This has seen Singtel extend its 5G coverage indoors and boost its island-wide coverage. Singtel customers enjoy the benefits of 5G with first-of-its-kind 5G XO Plus mobile plans, replete with innovative applications such as augmented reality books (Bookful), virtual reality live music (MelodyVR) and data-free gaming (RiotGO).

If you like to get a taste of Singtel’s ultra-fast 5G speeds in Singapore, you can visit Singtel 5G experience zones. For more information on Singtel 5G, please visit singtel.com/5G.


(1) All mobile services continue to be supported on existing 4G SIM cards

(2) XO Plus 68 plans and above

(3) XO Plus 68 plans and above

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel *

Singtel CNY Comedy Sequel – My Grandmother’s House

Chinese New Year 2021 is just round the corner, coming soon in February 2021. Singtel recently launched its annual short film for Chinese New Year, celebrating the festive season’s spirit of strengthening bonds with family and community. This is Singtel CNY Comedy Sequel, the short film is titled “My Grandmother’s House“, a sequel to last year’s Singtel CNY Comedy – My Grandfather’s Road. Last year’s festive film featured two rival families who come to a stand-off on a narrow road as both refuse to give way.

The film opens with the same frenzied scramble as both families hit the road in search of Grandma’s house. When they encounter each other en-route, the journey turns into a competitive race the moment they realise they are both headed to the same place (remember the two missus – Adeline and Wendy – are related). Given that the latest COVID-19 regulations only allow households to receive up to eight visitors, they strive to reach Grandma’s before the other party does as they’re unsure if she already has other visitors. Upon arriving, hilarity ensues as the adults fall back to their old ways of one-upmanship, with the women vying for Grandma’s attention, and the men jostling to outrank each other on a mobile game. Embedded in the plot, and revealed only at the end, is the fact that one family wields 5G connectivity and inadvertently uses it to trump the other family.

A twist in the story emerges when Grandma starts recounting her emotional experience of losing a friendship. This intrigues Wendy’s younger son who rallies his brother and his love interest (the other family’s daughter), to ease Grandma’s distress. Eventually, everyone stops what they’re doing to watch how things unfold with bated breath. Check out the film to find out how 5G technology was deployed to ‘save Chinese New Year’, and how the families re-discovered the importance of putting aside petty quarrels to stay connected with each other.

Lian Pek, Singtel’s Vice President for Group Strategic Communications and Brand said, “Chinese New Year has always been a great time for us to underscore Singtel’s brand message that connections in the deeper sense of the word should be esteemed, hence the film’s tagline, “Stay connected to what matters”. This is all the more pertinent as Singapore eases into Phase 3 with renewed hopes of post-COVID recovery. Ultimately, we’re all in this together and we should continue to help each other out of the woods. We also wanted to bring some fun and cheer through a film that everyone can relate to, as people look forward to better things ahead.”

Commenting on the 5G references in the film, Lian said, “As a company that’s been leading in the next-generation connectivity stakes, we made a subtle nod to the benefits of 5G – from faster GPS downloads which gets the family to their destination earlier to faster gaming speeds and high-definition video calls. As we roll out our 5G network and coverage, this is a tongue-in-cheek way of illustrating how this next-generation technology can deliver positive new experiences and possibilities.”

“My Grandmother’s House” is part of Singtel’s on-going branded story-telling strategy, centred around short films that allow the Group to articulate its brand values of family, community, diversity and inclusivity. Last year’s festive film campaign paid tribute to the Singapore spirit of tenacity and perseverance, which took on new importance against the backdrop of the health crisis.

Let’s watch “My Grandmother’s House” below!

Do Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, spreading the Chinese New Year festive season spirit with your family, loved ones, relatives and friends.

* Information and picture courtesy of Singtel *

Experience Singtel 5G on Orchard Road at UNBOXED Lite 5G Experience Zones

5G networks is now in Singapore, have you come on board the 5G networks yet? If you are not on board yet, you can now experience Singtel 5G on Orchard Road at UNBOXED Lite 5G Experience Zones! For some segments of the community, do you remember the days of payphone booths and payphone when we have to use coins to make phone calls? Singtel has given its iconic payphone booths at Tong Building on Orchard Road a new lease of life with 5G connectivity. It’s named UNBOXED Lite, the payphone booths have been transformed into next-generation multimedia kiosks, providing round-the-clock access to a wide range of Singtel services and complimentary 5G-powered WiFi.

At UNBOXED Lite, this will give all consumers a taste of Singtel’s ultra-fast 5G experience, providing WiFi connections powered by Singtel’s triple-band 5G which utilises 3.5Ghz, 28Ghz and 2100Mhz frequencies. Consumers with any smartphone can connect to the 5G-powered WiFi for free to experience Singtel 5G’s blazing fast speeds, as well as smooth streaming of exclusive 4K content from Love Nature. To provide a safe and secure environment for everyone, all touch surfaces in UNBOXED Lite are disinfected frequently and coated with a long-lasting anti-microbial solution.

Ms Gan Siok Hoon, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “UNBOXED Lite 5G experience zones will allow more consumers to try out Singtel 5G and understand how super-fast speeds and quick response times can elevate their mobile data experience. With 5G set to go mainstream with more devices and applications available in the coming months, we will launch UNBOXED Lite experience zones progressively across the island to bring richer experiences enabled by 5G, AR and VR closer to the consumers.”

UNBOXED Lite features next-generation self-service kiosks powered by mmWave 5G and Singtel’s AI assistant Stella. It offers customers a 24/7 contactless experience for prepaid card purchases and top-ups, Singtel mobile, fibre broadband and TV subscription sign-ups, instant SIM card replacements and more. UNBOXED Lite is an illustration of how 5G enables innovative business solutions and enhances consumer experiences. By offering reliable high bandwidth connectivity that supports real-time machine communications and artificial intelligence, 5G can also deliver flexibility and efficiency for store deployment without having to lay fibre cables.

Singtel operates Singapore’s fastest 5G network, tapping on 3.5Ghz and 2100 MHz 5G spectrum to deliver mobile speeds of more than 1.2Gbps. To complement its existing 5G coverage, Singtel recently switched on mmWave 5G in several locations across the island, including Orchard Road, the Padang area and Marina Bay Sands Expo.

If you are considering, wanting to learn more and planning to hop on board the 5G networks, do check out Singtel UNBOXED Lite  and experience 5G for yourself on Orchard Road when you are there!

* Information and picture courtesy of Singtel *

Fastest 5G speeds by Singtel with 28 GHz mmWave deployment

5G networks are now up and running in Singapore with Singtel taking the lead in the rollout of 5G since it was officially awarded with a 5G license by the Infocomm Media Development Authority in June 2020. Most recently, Singtel delivered the fastest 5G speeds with its 28 GHz mmWave deployment. I am using Singtel 5G networks recently with my Apple iPhone 12, the 5G speeds are really fast.

The 28 GHz mmWave along with the 3.5GHz and 2100Mhz frequencies are boosting Singtel’s rollout of ultra-fast 5G speeds in Singapore. The mmWave offers massive bandwidth, higher capacity and lower latency, this is an ideal frequency for mobile coverage delivery in manufacturing and industrial plants, maritime ports and airports, as well as dense environments such as concert venues and live sporting events. Singtel has started to switch on mmWave in several locations across the island, including Orchard, the Padang and Marina Bay Sands Expo.

Mr Mark Chong, Group Chief Technology Officer, Singtel, said, “We are progressing our 5G deployment and boosting our capabilities to meet increasing demand for advanced mobile connectivity in the consumer and enterprise sectors. mmWave 5G’s super-fast speeds and low latency will bring about a striking change in the way we communicate and work. On the consumer front, we are tapping the power of 5G to transform applications such as cloud gaming and augmented reality. We are also working with enterprise customers in key industries to develop 5G solutions in areas such as autonomous guided vehicles, mixed reality and location-based services.”

Singtel’s 5G network harnesses mmWave through a combination of the latest cellular technologies including Massive MIMO (Multiple input multiple output), carrier aggregation and beam-forming solutions. Singtel customers with 5G plans can expect to enjoy mobile speeds of up to 3 Gbps speeds when mmWave-enabled handsets arrive in Singapore next year.

If you have yet to experience 5G speeds, you can get a taste of the true 5G speeds in Singapore. Singtel will be launching Singtel 5G Experience Zones progressively across the island. These Experience Zones will feature exclusive content that consumers can stream for free over a WiFi connection powered by mmWave 5G.

At Singtel pop-up store, UNBOXED, they announced that they have achieved Singapore’s fastest 5G speeds of 3.2Gbps at its pop-up store. UNBOXED is Singtel’s first 5G use case, an example of how mmWave 5G can enable innovative business solutions and enhance consumer experiences by offering reliable high bandwidth connectivity that supports real-time machine communications, artificial intelligence and smart analytics, as well as deliver flexibility and efficiency for store deployment without having to lay fibre cables.

5G networks with its ultra-fast speeds and minimal latency, it has been expected to work together with emerging technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and edge computing, bringing on a new era of industrial 4.0 applications such as precision robotics and advanced video analytics. Singtel is also gearing up to offer dedicated mmWave network solutions to its enterprise customers in the coming months.

* Information courtesy of Singtel *

New iPhone 12 meets Singapore’s fastest 5G network

The latest Apple iPhone 12 has arrived in Singapore! New iPhone 12 meets Singapore’s fastest 5G network! On 23rd October 2020, Singtel welcomed a new era for the Apple iPhone, launching the much anticipated iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on its ultra-fast 5G network. Singtel’s 5G network utilises 3.5GHz frequency, in addition to existing 2100MHz to offer blazing fast mobile speeds of more than 1.2Gbps on the iPhone 12 line-up.

The launch was unveiled at Singtel’s exclusive Apple showcase at 5G NOW@UNBOXED, a first-of-its kind brand takeover of its unmanned 5G pop-up store which demonstrates the powerful 5G experience that customers can have with their new iPhones together with innovative Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and gaming applications.


Ms Gan Siok Hoon, Managing Director of Sales & Mobile Marketing, Consumer Singapore at Singtel said, “We have seen very healthy demand for the new iPhone line-up with one model selling out in just 16 minutes. So far, about 70% of customers preferred to purchase their new iPhone online to avoid crowds amid the pandemic. Compared to last year, 30% more of them have opted for higher capacity phones with more memory storage for apps, photos and video content. With customers prioritising device and connectivity reliability during a time of heightened dependence on virtual interactions, a majority of them have also chosen to subscribe to our 5G services to unlock faster speeds and the next-generation features on the new iPhones.”

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro start at S$328 (1) and S$648 (2) respectively, on Singtel’s XO78 plan with 5G NOW. In order to unlock and optimise the next-generation features on their new 5G iPhone and enjoy ultra-fast mobile speeds, customers are encouraged to sign up for Singtel’s 5G NOW at S$10/month. 5G NOW comes with 5G access, 10GB of local mobile data and S$161 worth of Apple services, comprising 12-month subscriptions of Apple TV+ and iCloud 50GB storage, as well as a 9-month subscription to Apple Arcade which offers over 100 ad-free games. Singtel is celebrating the arrival of the new iPhone on its ultra-fast 5G network with exclusive deals and discounts of up to S$480 and a multitude of complimentary subscription to popular video streaming apps such as CAST, Viu Premium and Apple Music to complement customers’ iPhone 12 experience.


To enable customers to join in the excitement that surrounds the new iPhone from the comfort of home, Singtel has set up an iPhone x Singtel 5G Virtual Experience where customers can explore the new features of the new iPhone and Singtel’s valued-added services to enhance their iPhone 12 experience. They can also test their reflexes in a rhythm-based mini game, “Fastest to First” and stand a chance to win Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular), AirPods Pro, and an exclusive VIP in-store experience.

For more pricing details on the iPhone 12 and Singtel’s 5G experience, customers can visit www.singtel.com/iphone.


(1) and (2) Phone prices are inclusive of $50 discount from 5G NOW and $100 discount from new sign-ups or upgrade to XO78 and XO108 plan from a lower tier plan.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel *

Singtel’s UNBOXED – Outstanding Store Design at World Retail Awards 2020

Singtel’s unmanned 5G-powered retail store, UNBOXED, recently took home the Outstanding Store Design Award (1) at the World Retail Awards 2020. This awards was organised by retail forum World Retail Congress, the annual awards event honours the best innovation and creativity in the global retail industry.


Ms Gan Siok Hoon, Managing Director of Sales & Mobile Marketing, Consumer Singapore at Singtel said, “We are honoured to be recognised for our retail transformation efforts. As a contactless service model boosted with 5G’s hyper-connectivity, UNBOXED embodies the future of retail by demonstrating how businesses can widen their reach and forge deeper connections with their customers in a post-COVID world. We intend to continue upping the ante in retail innovation by introducing new features such as augmented reality and immersive tech to enhance the customer experience.”

This Outstanding Store Design Award recognises Singtel’s UNBOXED for representing the next new generation retail concept that delivers a positive omni-channel customer experience and it has proven to be an innovative and commercial success. In an increasing digital lifestyle today, consumers are looking to interact with brands seamlessly between online and offline channels. Therefore, it is important that physical retail stores embrace technology to enhance the shopping experience, helping to bridge and integrate the physical and online worlds together.


Singtel’s UNBOXED was launched in June 2019, it was recently outfitted with 5G technology, providing an engaging and fuss-free experience with features that are industry firsts such as a roving smart robot ambassador, Stanley, who is integrated with the security system and temperature checks to ensure safe distancing measures are being adhered to.


The self-serve kiosks also feature an emotionally intelligent digital sales consultant, Stella, who is able to detect customers’ emotions and offer personalised recommendations. 5G enables artificial intelligence and real-time analytics in-store, allowing Stanley and Stella to communicate with each other and provide a more seamless and swifter service to customers. Customers can browse and buy 5G services and handsets and immediately collect their purchased devices and gadgets in-store. With 5G’s high speeds and ultra-low latency, the modular store is more mobile as it can be set up anywhere without having to lay fibre cables.


Since its launch, UNBOXED has registered a footfall of 70,000 visitors, and consistently achieved a customer experience score of 96%.

In addition to this award, Singtel has also clinched several other accolades for its efforts in enhancing the retail experience. Its flagship store at Comcentre won the Most Innovative Retail Concept Award at the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations Awards 2019 and Best Retail Concept of the Year Award at the Singapore Retailers Association Retail Awards 2018 in recognition of its innovative use of advanced retail technologies.


(1) For stores less than 1200 sqm 

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel *

Experience 5G at Singtel unmanned pop-up retail store

Singtel recently unveiled their 5G use case with 5G Now@UNBOXED, its 24/7 unmanned pop-up retail store now enhanced with 5G connectivity. Customers, visitors and retailers can now experience 5G at Singtel unmanned pop-up retail store, getting a first hand taste of 5G in action, how it can transform and reshape our daily life, our work and shopping experience as we know it.


Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “Having launched our 5G NSA network last week, we are keen to share the benefits of 5G and the opportunities it brings for the retail industry. What better way to demonstrate this than through our unmanned store now powered by a faster, more reliable network that enables seamless, personalised engagement with customers and new efficiencies for retailers.”

The deployment of 5G with its low latency and high speeds makes the modular store even more moveable as it can be set up anywhere without having to lay fibre cables. In addition, Singtel’s customers will benefit from a more seamless and swifter service on its connected self-serve kiosks which allow SIM card replacements, prepaid card purchases, device collection and more while enhancing the store’s security system. 5G can also power IoT and artificial intelligence, enabling real-time intelligent connectivity and analytics in-store. This allows communication between UNBOXED’s roving smart robot ambassador Stanley and 5G virtual assistant Stella at the kiosks, creating a more personalised shopping experience for customers. Stanley is also integrated with the store’s security system to detect customers who are running a temperature as well as ensure customers adhere to safe distancing measures. As a next-generation retail concept, this contactless service model shows how 5G can help retailers better adapt and reach their customers in a post-COVID new normal.


“COVID-19 has ushered in a new, digital way of life for many people, accelerating a fundamental shift in the retail industry toward a hybrid online and offline retail model. The deployment of 5G at our pop-up store is timely as its ultra-fast speeds and low latency will make the self-serve retail model even more compelling for a digitally-minded set of consumers. UNBOXED gives a glimpse into the richer experiences 5G can offer in combination with IoT, artificial intelligence or even augmented and virtual reality while providing customers with a pleasant and safe buying environment,” Mr Yuen added.


Singtel also demonstrated speeds of more than 1Gbps at UNBOXED, showing the significantly faster speeds that customers will be able to enjoy on Singtel 5G. For instance, a two-hour HDR movie can be downloaded on a 5G connection in just 40 seconds.

Singtel also showcased how 5G can be deployed in other consumer use cases, one highlight being an interactive 3D reading experience through augmented reality, and high-performance 5G cloud gaming.

UNBOXED is currently located at Singtel Comcentre and will move to popular venues across the island in the coming year, bringing the Singtel 5G experience to a wider audience. Customers can also choose to experience the showcase from the comfort of their home via a virtual tour on singtel.com/5G.


Singtel recently announced that they have launched its 5G NSA Network, they are the first to offer 5G of more than 1Gbps on 3.5GHz, offering Singtel customers an early taste of 5G ultra-fast mobile speeds. As Singapore starts preparing to fully implement 5G networks and infrastructures, we can now have a feel of the potential and capabilities of 5G on our daily life, leisure and in our line of work. An even faster era of mobile data networks and downloads, how would 5G help or change the new normal of work in the very near future is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile, it’s time to look for a 5G ready smartphone and get ready to adopt 5G networks and technology. I do hope to find an opportunity to test out the 5G networks and share my experiences! Do keep a lookout for my 5G news and updates!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel *