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The Performance Series Race 2 @ Jurong Lake

The second instalment of 5 running events from the The Performance Series, it’s race 2 @ Jurong Lake on Sunday 26th June 2016. This location is not too far away from my home and it’s a beautiful place with lush greenery, Jurong Lake, Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden, making it a good place for exercising and running!

I chose the 10km distance, a running distance that I am comfortable and happy with. The running route at Jurong Lake was pretty tight and narrow thus, there were quite a fair bit of runners traffic jam and that was totally understandable. Nonetheless, if a runner is planning on beating their personal best 10km timing, it might be a bit tricky navigating and overtaking fellow runners! The event was ran and managed pretty well by the organisers. Prior to the run on Sunday, there were quite a lot of rain over the past few days and it made some parts of the event ground wet and muddy. After my run and upon returning home, it was washing the mud off my Asics GT-2000 3 orange running shoes!

In the lead up and preparation towards race 2 at Jurong Lake, I could have and should have done better. Clocking a running time of 1hr 16mins 48s (from my Runkeeper App), it’s an improvement from my race 1 timing of 1hr 28mins 29s (from my Runkeeper App). For this race 2, I added CompresSport Calf Sleeve R2 to my running gear setup, I looked really colourful, orange colour Asics GT-2000 3 running shoes, black colour CompresSport socks, green colour CompresSport Calf Sleeve R2 and the pink colour event running shirt! The CompresSport Calf Sleeve R2 does aid in my running and recovery. I would share more about my views, review and thoughts on the CompresSport running accessories at a later time. I decided not to take a selfie of my whole running attire, I would just share my running shoes and accessories setup instead!

During my article write up on race 1, the organisers had done a good job on social media engagement with the runners and the running event itself. For race 2, they kept it up and good job to the organising and event folks from The Performance Series!

Time to sign up for Race 3 @ Gardens By The Bay! Next target is to improve on my timing from Race 2!


New Running Shoes for Year 2016 – Asics GT 2000 3

My current/old pair of New Balance running shoes is spoilt, with the sole peeling off, along with an Asics sales promotion by Running Lab during post CNY period in February, it was a great and perfect timing for me to replace my running shoes. While I do like both brands of running shoes, Asics and New Balance, the Asics shoes promotion during that period got my attention and it was like returning back to my Asics running shoes, I had two pairs of them over the last 10 years, went through so much with me in my walking and full marathon training.

Initially, I was planning to purchase the Asics Gel Kayano 21, one of the two Asics running shoes on sale, the other Asics shoes on sale was the GT 2000 3. However, at the Running Lab outlet inside Westgate shopping mall that is close to my home, there was no shoe size for the Kayano Gel 21 and there was a pair of GT 2000 3 available for my size. I went to try out the GT 2000 3 and walked around the outlet, I felt like that was a good and stable grip on my ankle area. Although it was no doubt slightly heavier than the Gel Kayano series, I loved the stability on the sole and sides of the GT 2000 3.


The Asics GT 2000 3 is an excellent and stable running/trainer shoes, ideal for clocking running mileages for your own personal runs or training up for mid to long distance runs (10km and above). My Asics GT 2000 3 maiden debut was a few weeks later after I bought it from Running Lab. It was a good comeback run after slacking and lazing too much in year 2015 with my new GT 2000 3 running/trainer shoes. The bright orange colour Asics GT 2000 3 makes it freshing and eye catching for me as a runner!

During my run, I can feel the slightly additional weight on my GT 2000 3 running shoes yet I can’t beat the stability and firm grip of the GT 2000 3 running shoes. As I continued to run regularly and consistently in the year 2016, I can slowly overcome the “additional weight” of the GT 2000 3, run in sync and faster as I pick myself up again for the journey ahead in year 2016.


Running has always been a great avenue for me, not just keeping fit and healthy, running helps me to clear my heart, mind, soul, thoughts and stress. Running lets go of all these bad stuff and vibes inside me, detoxing and allowing me to receive the good things, thoughts, ideas and emotions.

The journey ahead in 2016 took a big twist in my life, coupled with a very uncertainty domestic SG economy and international economy. Getting back to running is not just about health and fitness reasons, it’s going to be about motivation, discipline, mental health detoxing and exercises along with my physical running activities.

Alright, I need to make sure that I always practise self discipline and consistency for my running in year 2016. Time to Run Run Run!

Goodbye Komodo, Hello DS Trainer 14

Going back in time, reflecting on when I started running long distances, growing into half marathons and full marathons, the training runs and journey into marathon running, it’s been a significant part of my life, my business and my personal growth and development.

Therefore, how is Komodo and DS Trainer 14 related to the above lines ?


It all started with getting a new running shoe for myself after mine was gone and during a Great Singapore Sale, I saw this nice ASICS shoes at a good discount and without much hesitation and researching into the shoe, I bought the ASICS GEL-KOMODO and I didn’t look back. My Komodo went through a huge amount of distance with me, in my runs and career, a very reliable running shoe (although it is quite heavy for long distance running).


5 Full Marathons , 5 Half Marathons and the other distances of 10km and 15km, along with countless training runs mileage, my Komodo had been such a faithful and durable running shoes ! However, with time passing by, material wear & tear, my Komodo slowly “opened up” and started cracking along the sole. I patched it up with superglue and hoping to extend its lifespan.


However, it came a point in time whereby my Komodo deserves a standing ovation and an honourable stand down. I would not be throwing my Komodo away, I can still wear it for other uses ! In came a new running shoe, a very popular and reliable ASICS running shoe known as the DS Trainer 14 !


As I step on my new running journey with my ASICS DS Trainer 14, with the Singapore Marathon 2009 as the maiden run, I am already looking forward with great expectations to achieve and improve my Marathon timing (even though my training was not ideal).

Goodbye Komodo , Hello DS Trainer 14 !

Training Runs Update + Running Shoes

My training runs for my upcoming Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009 in December 2009 is underway, I started my training schedule this week (was supposed to start last week) and I reset my training mileage to ZERO km and start from scratch. Completed 2 x 2.4km over the past 5 days, glad to have Ray Lim training together. Ray’s training for his physical fitness test that is coming up at the end of September while my preparation is for the 42.195km distance.

It’s good to have another running buddy or group, they would be able to motivate you and help out one and another during the training runs and pushing you harder at certain stages of the training runs schedule. One reason why people don’t run in groups could be due to the peer pressure exerted on them and they would not be able to catch up and “chase” their training buddy or group members.

Some of my current training schedule notes

(1) Week 14th Sep to 20th Sep – Distance to be completed ~ 5km per training run, 2-3 runs for the week

(2) Endurance and physical conditioning and gaining mileage

(3) Building up endurance and gaining mileage before going for speed and timing runs, in a different week after that

My training runs are planned and based on my current physical conditioning and running experiences, it might not be totally applicable, different runners of different running levels and experiences, if it helps you (my running reader), I am more than happy to share my knowledge.

Next up ……. my running shoes. My current Asics Gel Komodo had served me very well for my many many runs, probably over 300km covered, it’s not light in weight, however, extremely durable and lasting. On that note, wear and tear is getting into my Asics Gel Komodo and signs had shown …… It’s time to “Stand Down” and replace it.

With regards to selection of running shoes, there would be countless reviews, comments, ideas, favorites on which brand and model of running shoes would be suitable and best for marathon running. I respect their point of views and after my own running experience and research, I am looking at Asics Gel DS Trainer 14 to replace my current running shoes –

6340_132500448034_23276038034_3205391_7820909_nPhoto Source : Asics Singapore

Would update my readers here when the replacement and handing over is complete ! Happy running folks ! Lead a healthy and sporting lifestyle !