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Goodbye Komodo, Hello DS Trainer 14 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Going back in time, reflecting on when I started running long distances, growing into half marathons and full marathons, the training runs and journey into marathon running, it’s been a significant part of my life, my business and my personal growth and development.

Therefore, how is Komodo and DS Trainer 14 related to the above lines ?


It all started with getting a new running shoe for myself after mine was gone and during a Great Singapore Sale, I saw this nice ASICS shoes at a good discount and without much hesitation and researching into the shoe, I bought the ASICS GEL-KOMODO and I didn’t look back. My Komodo went through a huge amount of distance with me, in my runs and career, a very reliable running shoe (although it is quite heavy for long distance running).


5 Full Marathons , 5 Half Marathons and the other distances of 10km and 15km, along with countless training runs mileage, my Komodo had been such a faithful and durable running shoes ! However, with time passing by, material wear & tear, my Komodo slowly “opened up” and started cracking along the sole. I patched it up with superglue and hoping to extend its lifespan.


However, it came a point in time whereby my Komodo deserves a standing ovation and an honourable stand down. I would not be throwing my Komodo away, I can still wear it for other uses ! In came a new running shoe, a very popular and reliable ASICS running shoe known as the DS Trainer 14 !


As I step on my new running journey with my ASICS DS Trainer 14, with the Singapore Marathon 2009 as the maiden run, I am already looking forward with great expectations to achieve and improve my Marathon timing (even though my training was not ideal).

Goodbye Komodo , Hello DS Trainer 14 !

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