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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022 – Be the Change, Shape the Future

Samsung’s global competition – “Solve for Tomorrow“, is back in Singapore with its sixth edition. The theme for this edition is “Be the Change, Shape the Future“. This competition starts from 5th October 2022 until 20th November 2022, it is open to all Singapore full-time students, aged 16 years and above.

Solve for Tomorrow is aligned with Samsung’s global vision for corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, this competition aims to encourage students to think deeply about the social issues affecting their community and act on it.

The competition is held in support of the Digital for Life movement, launched by President Halimah Yacob in February 2021, and managed by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Solve for Tomorrow 2022 aims to galvanise Singapore’s next generation of leaders to innovate and use technology for good to build a better and more inclusive society. It aligns with the Digital for Life movement in the mission of empowering youths to be more active in addressing the nation’s most pressing challenges.

“Whether you are a dreamer, problem-solver, or inventor, this is the platform where we enable young people to bring to life their dreams and aspirations for the future. The competition allows youths to express their creativity and passion, which will improve the lives around them,” said Mark Kim, President, Samsung Electronics Singapore. He added, “This is the platform that will enable them to apply their knowledge and skills across multiple disciplines – including critical and design thinking, marketing and communications skills, technological expertise and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) knowledge”.

Last year’s winning team, Team Adustio, shares their takeaways – “We are so thankful to Samsung for allowing us to express ourselves through our ideas. We took home more than the prizes. The competition gave us the confidence and experience to pursue our ambition and make an impact on our community,” said Alyssa Cheok. “We would like to encourage all our peers and aspiring changemakers to participate in Solve for Tomorrow 2022. It will definitely broaden your horizon and unleash your potential.”

Addressing Singapore’s Present and Future Challenges

What are Singapore’s present and future challenges that we are facing? Samsung has identified four broad themes for this year’s competition. Participants can develop their ideas around any one of these themes:

  1. Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability remains a critical challenge today. Our society need bold ideas to address our most pressing environmental issues and build a sustainable future.

  1. Health & Wellness

Technological innovations hold the key to unlock better quality of life, physically and mentally, for Singaporeans. It will also play a vital role in battling pandemics and other health risks in our society.

  1. Education & Learning

Innovation and creative application of technology will play a pivotal role in transforming our youths’ learning journey and prepare them more effectively for the evolving future workplace.

  1. Singapore’s Digital Future

As Singapore continues its digitalisation journey, there are tremendous opportunities for the next generation of innovators to create future solutions that are uniquely Singapore, such as digitalising our hawker culture.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022 Competition Details

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022 – Be the Change, Shape the Future, starts from 5th October till 20th November 2022. Students that are interested, can participate in the competition by forming groups of two to four and submitting their innovative ideas or solutions on the Solve for Tomorrow 2022 website.

There are two categories for Solve for Tomorrow 2022.


A total of 20 teams (10 from each category) will be shortlisted. Each of these teams will receive a S$600 cash prize to develop and refine their ideas and/or develop their prototype.

Out of these 20 teams, 10 teams (five from each category) will be selected to present at the finale event in January 2023, where the top three winners from each category will be announced.

  • First Prize for Category 1 and Category 2:
    • S$12,000 worth of Samsung products
    • S$5,000 cash prize
  • Second Prize for Category 1 and Category 2:
    • S$7,000 worth of Samsung products
    • S$3,000 cash prize
  • Third Prize for Category 1 and Category 2:
    • S$4,000 worth of Samsung products
    • S$1,000 cash prize

For more information on Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022 

If you like to know more information on Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022 – Be the Change, Shape the Future, please visit https://www.samsung.com/sg/solvefortomorrow.

Do Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On this information to the students in your family and friends networks!  

* Information and picture courtesy of Samsung and IN.FOM *

LG showcased latest total Air Care Solutions at LG Air Solutions Event

LG Electronics (LG) showcased latest total Air Care Solutions at LG Air Solutions Event recently in Singapore, unveiling its latest air conditioners and air purifiers. At the LG Air Solutions Event, the newly launched climate-friendly R32 refrigerant for air conditioners and the LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan were highlighted and showcased to emphasise the importance of clean air and healthy homes. Combining the new LG total air care solutions together, LG latest innovations provide fresh air for homeowners looking to upgrade their appliances (or buying new home appliances for your new home).

Mr Gerald Chun, Managing Director, LG Electronics Singapore, said, “As one of the global leaders in air solutions, LG has been diversifying efforts to introduce forward-looking products that deliver clean air to users at their comfort and convenience. Striving to make life better for all, we are focusing on developing sustainable innovations that protect the earth and cater to the evolving consumers’ needs for a healthier and better life at home.”

The LG R32 Refrigerant: The Environmentally, Friendly Refrigerant 

Are you planning to upgrade your air-conditioner at your home? Are you searching for environmentally friendly air-conditioner for your new home that you are moving into? If you are looking for a new air-conditioner, check out the LG R32 refrigerant.

Taking ecological responsibility to the next level, LG announced the R32 refrigerant, they have adopted the industry’s next-generation R32 refrigerant for its single and multi-split air conditioners in commercial and residential settings. This energy-efficient R32 refrigerant is combined with LG air conditioners’ intelligent features and innovative product design to deliver cool air in a greener way.

Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore

With zero ozone depletion potential and significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to the mainstream R410A refrigerant (1), the R32 refrigerant is widely known to be more environmentally friendly for Mother Nature. The R32 conveys heat efficiently and offers a higher cooling capacity, so less energy is required to cool indoor spaces – this highlights the industry’s gold standard in heat transfer. Users can then reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy more significant savings on electricity costs. The R32, a single-component refrigerant, can also be easily recycled or reused, minimising the environmental impact of HVAC equipment, making it the refrigerant of choice for many businesses like LG today.

Unique to its multi-split residential air conditioners line-up, LG also developed the peak current control technology to manage energy consumption efficiently. Users can set a maximum consumption level to limit the total power used. An internal test result shows that usage patterns at 1.9kW and 1.7kW compared to the maximum power consumption of 2.5kW will help to save 24 per cent and 32 per cent energy, respectively (2).

With an excellent 5-tick rating on Singapore’s Energy Guide (3), LG’s Multi-Split Smart Inverter Air-Conditioner has a coefficient of performance (COP) that surpasses regulatory expectations (4). The Dual Inverter Compressor is also structured to operate with low vibration and less noise, resulting in optimised airflow that cools the room quickly and ensures greater energy efficiency.

The compact size of the outdoor unit makes it easy to install, perfect for those with HDBs looking to upgrade their air-cooling systems. To help users make an informed decision when choosing new air conditioners, LG’s air conditioners that use the R32 refrigerant will be identified with a Climate-Friendly label.

LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan lets you Enjoy Clean, Cool Air

The new LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan is a perfect combination of an air purifier and fan, it’s aesthetically cool looking with a well-thought out design. They have an adjustable, three-way airflow modes that deliver fresh and clean air to every corner of the house.

The LG AeroTower™ graces any home with its sleek design that blends seamlessly into the interior. Employing a 3-step filtration system – comprising the Pre-Filter, 360-degree HEPA filter and Deodorisation Filter, the LG AeroTower™ effectively removes allergens, fine dust (5), odours and harmful gases (6) in the air, improving indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air purifying fan is equipped with LG UVnano™ technology to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria (7) on the fan blades, ensuring that clean air is delivered to every corner of the house.

Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore
Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore

Control Usage Remotely with the LG ThinQ™ App

The LG ThinQ™ app provides next-level convenience for users to remotely control and manage their LG products. The LG ThinQ™ app allows users to switch on/off the device and adjust temperature settings to avoid energy wastage. It also provides updates on indoor air quality and notifications to replace air purifier’s filters.

For More Information and Availability on LG Total Air Solutions

If you like to know more about LG Total Air Solutions for your home, for your office or for your commercial or housing project development, please visit https://www.lg.com/sg/air-solutions 

LG air conditioners with R32 refrigerants and AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan are available at LG official brand stores – KrisShop, Lazada and Shopee, and authorised retailers.

Photo credit: LG Electronics Singapore


(1) R410A: Ozone Depletion Potential of 0, Global Warming Potential of 2,088. R32: Ozone Depletion Potential of 0, Global Warming Potential of 675.

(2) LG internal test results on 7kW model. Cooling: Indoor Ambient Temp. 27°CDB / 19°CWB, Outdoor Ambient Temp. 35°CDB / 24°CWB

(3) Model Z3UQ18GFA0 – Energy Rating: 5 ticks, Annual Energy Consumption: 1956kWh, Annual Energy Cost: S$528, Cooling Capacity: 5.21kW

Model Z3UQ26GFA0 – Energy Rating: 5 ticks, Annual Energy Consumption: 2389Wh, Annual Energy Cost: S$645, Cooling Capacity: 6.46kW

Model Z4UQ28GFA0– Energy Rating: 5 ticks, Annual Energy Consumption: 2786Wh, Annual Energy Cost: S$752, Cooling Capacity: 7.51kW

(4) For more information, please refer to https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/climate-change-energy-efficiency/energy-efficiency/household-sector/tick-rating

(5) Tested by SGS IBR Laboratories in November, 2021 with DOE radial-pleat filter element using test method in compliance with IEST RP CC001.6 (2016) HEPA and ULPA Filters. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.

(6) Tested by Korea Air Cleaning Association in April, 2021 using test model FS061PWHA, test method in compliance with SPS-KACA 002-0132 indoor air purifier. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.

(7) Tested by TÜV Rheinland using test model FS061PWHA measuring a bacteria solution (Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Klebsiella pneumoniae) on the blower fan blade at speed Level 1 for an hour exposed to LG UVnano UV-C LED test method in compliance with ISO22196:2011. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.

* Information courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and APRW *

LG launched Healthy Home Solutions campaign in Singapore

LG Electronics (LG) launched its Healthy Home Solutions campaign in Singapore. This campaign encourages consumers to take steps toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by offering tips for better home living.

The first LG Healthy Home campaign was held in 2020, it was successful and following that, LG has a series of compelling campaigns to introduce practices for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle using the hashtags: #CareForWhatYouWear, #CareForAGreenerKitchen and #CareForWhereYouLive. This new LG Healthy Home Solutions campaign centres on creating a home environment with support form LG’s latest product innovations, ranging from sophisticated clothing care and kitchen appliances to advanced air solutions.

Small Steps, Big Impact

LG Healthy Home Solutions campaign kicked off with an inspiring video that illustrated how making small changes to your home can significantly improve one’s wellbeing and benefit the environment. From simple and effective tips such as cooking fresh, healthy meals, to refreshing garments with steam to increase their lifespan and setting the temperature of one’s air conditioner a little higher to conserve energy and protect the planet Earth that we all shared together.

Global Knowledge for Local Change

LG’s new global influencer group – The Wellness Crew – was formed to spread awareness of the LG Healthy Home Solutions campaign’s key messages. Using the #WellnessLiving hashtag, three crews will share their expert advice, each specialising in different categories; Eat (healthy eating), Breathe (mental wellbeing) and Wear (sustainable clothing).

“The new Healthy Home Solutions campaign is part of LG’s ongoing commitment to caring for consumers and the environment,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Through our Healthy Home Solution campaign series, we hope to raise awareness of how simple it can be to live more sustainably, and how important it is that we all take care of ourselves, our homes and the planet.”


For more information on LG Healthy Home Solutions campaign in Singapore, please visit LG’s official YouTube page, Facebook Page and Instagram to watch the full campaign video and learn more about this new campaign.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and APRW *

G-SHOCK announced new G-SQUAD featuring Urban Colours

G-SHOCK announced new G-SQUAD featuring Urban Colours. The new design tough sports watches base models are the GBD-200 which inherits the square design of the original G-SHOCK, and the analog-digital combination GBA-900. There are 4 colourways: Black, Beige, Dark Green and Brown. The new urban colours of the new G-SQUAD watches fit well with both outdoor and urban wear, their designs are suitable for sporty activities such as workouts and running.

The G-SQUAD watches can link with the GPS of a smartphone for quicker calibration of distance measurements. With this calibration, it makes running distance measurements more accurate, even when the watch is not connected to the smartphone. You can also measure your running pace, and an auto lap function is to measure the time, which takes you to run a specified distance.

A G-SHOCK MOVE app can be installed on your smartphone and linked with the watch and check your Lifelog and history data, which can support daily training. You can also use the app to configure various watch settings. Smartphone linking also lets you connect with the watch via Bluetooth® to enable auto time adjustment, phone notifications, step tracking, and other functions throughout the day. From daily health management to the training that improves running endurance, these new watches provide you with the tools you need to achieve a wide range of health and workout goals.

GBA-900UU-3ADR S$199

The new G-SQUAD watches are equipped with a double LED light for the face and a digital display, which gives a clear view in dark places. The soft urethane band with many band holes provides you with outstanding ventilation and flexibility, ensuring a snug fit on your wrist.


Pricing and Availability

The G-SQUAD watches will be available at https://gshock.casio.com/sg/ and at all G-SHOCK stores in June 2022.

Technical Specifications


Construction Shock-resistant
Water Resistance 200 meters
Training Functions Display of distance, speed, pace, and other calculated values based on accelerometer, auto/manual lap times, Auto Pause, target alert setting (time, altitude, calories burned) on/off, training display customization (elapsed time, distance, pace, lap time, lap distance, lap pace, average pace, speed, average speed, calories burned)
Training Log Data Up to 100 runs, up to 140 lap records per run: elapsed time, distance, pace, calories burned
Life Log Data Daily data display (step count), Monthly data display (running distance)
World Time 38 time zones* (38 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, auto summer time (DST) switching

*May be updated when connected to a smartphone.

Stopwatch Measuring unit: 1 second; measuring capacity: 99:59’59; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time
Countdown Timer Interval measurement (up to 5 timers); measuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 60 minutes; countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 60 minutes; 1-second accuracy; auto-repeat
Alarm 4 daily alarms (with snooze alarm)
Other Functions User profile setting, Mobile Link functions (Automatic Connection), full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; LED backlight (auto light, Super Illuminator, afterglow with selectable illumination duration: 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds); airplane mode; vibration function
Battery Life Approx. 2 years on CR2032
Size of Case 48.4 × 45.9 × 15.0mm
Total Weight Approx.58g


Construction Shock-resistant
Water Resistance 200 meters
Life Log Data Calorie and distance calculations based on step

count, basal metabolic rate

Daily data display: Step count, calorie, distance

Double LED Light LED light for the face (Auto LED light, Super illuminator, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow)

LED backlight for the digital display (Auto LED light, Super illuminator, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow)

Stopwatch 1/100-second stopwatch

Measuring capacity:

00’00”00~59’59”99 (for the first 60 minutes)

1:00’00~23:59’59 (after 60 minutes)

Measuring unit:

1/100 second (for the first 60 minutes)

1 second (after 60 minutes)

Measuring modes: lap/split timing, distance/pace display, auto/manual lap timing

auto lap notification

Memory capacity: Up to latest 45 records (measurement start month, date, hour,

minute, lap/split times, total time, distance, average pace, calories burned, lap

number, time, distance, average pace of each lap/split)

Countdown Timer Timer for interval measurement (up to five times settings)

Measuring unit: 1 second

Input range: 00’00” to 60’00” (1-second increments)

Others: Auto-repeat, 5-second countdown auto start, repeat (1 to 20 times)

Alarm 5 daily alarms, Hourly time signal
Other Functions Mobile link (Automatic connection); Hand shift feature (Hands move out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of digital display contents); User profile creation; Airplane mode; Dual time (Home city time swapping); Full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; Button operation tone on/off
Accuracy at Normal Temperature ±15 seconds per month (with no mobile link function)
Battery Life Approx. 2 years on CR2025
Size of Case 51.3 × 48.9 × 16.6 mm
Total Weight Approx.61g

* Information and pictures courtesy of G-SHOCK and Brand Cellar *

Xiaomi Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Father’s Day 2022 is just round the corner, it falls on 19th June 2022. Have you bought your Father’s Day gift yet? If you are looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, let me share with you Xiaomi Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022, there have a wide range of latest technology gadgets and lifestyle products, from smartphones, IoT devices to home lifestyle technology gadgets for you to choose from.

For Dapper Power Dads

Xiaomi 12 Pro (RRP: SGD$1,349)

For the stylish Dad who enjoy their entertainment while on the move, yet they want a device to cruise through their work and daily emails effortlessly, look no further than the Xiaomi 12 Pro, they will love this new Xiaomi smartphone. It’s lightweight and sleek with a premium finish, combining top-tier processing power with an all-round elevated experience.

From its WQHD+ dynamic 120Hz display with a sharp 3200 by 1440-pixel resolution, to its pro-grade triple 50MP camera array, the Xiaomi 12 Pro lets Dad capture every moment in exquisite detail, and relive those moments with an exceptional entertainment experience. Dads will never run low on power for long with the phone’s smart 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge function, which charges its 4,600mAh battery fully in just 18 minutes using Boost mode. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is also SGS Eye Care Display Certified, keeping dad’s eyes well-protected.

Available on Lazada or Shopee, as well as offline via Authorised Xiaomi Stores and other official retailers in Singapore. The Xiaomi 12 Pro (12GB and 256GB) is available at a promotional price of $1299 for in-store purchases at Authorized Mi Stores from 18 – 30 June 2022, as part of its 6th Anniversary celebrations. Customers who purchase any Xiaomi 12 Series smartphones in-store can receive a free Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch (limited to the first 5 customers per shop, with 50% off the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch for subsequent customers).

For Dads who Want to Do it All

Xiaomi Pad 5 (RRP: SGD 449 onwards) | Xiaomi Smart Pen (RRP: SGD 99)

A tablet for Dad, allowing him to play hard and work smart whenever and whatever they are. A versatile and portable workstation, an all-in-one tablet with a large 11″ screen that is sleek and stylish, it also comes equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 860 with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen for a super smooth user experience. It comes with an extra-large battery capacity offers up to 16+ hours of video playback – ideal for work or entertainment on the go.

Pair up the Xiaomi Pad 5 with the Xiaomi Smart Pen for an added boost. The stylus pen is light-weight at 12.2g and comfortable to hold, just like a traditional pen, and can be magnetically attached to the Xiaomi Pad 5. The creative tool is also a productivity booster with dual buttons to go to note-taking mode or to take a screenshot. The Xiaomi Smart Pen can be fully charged in up to 18 minutes.

You can buy the Xiaomi Pad 5 on Shopee and the Xiaomi Smart Pen on Lazada!

For the fitness-conscious Dads

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active (RRP: SGD 229.00)

For the fitness-conscious Dads, the new Xiaomi Watch S1 Active can help them style up their fitness routines. There is a total of 117 fitness modes, including 19 professional modes for users to choose among. Xiaomi Watch S1 Active can automatically kick into gear when it detects walking and running, either outdoors or on a treadmill.

The 1.43″ always-on AMOLED display gives dads a crystal-clear view of important notifications on the move, while over 200 customisable watch faces and 6 interchangeable straps makes it a versatile and stylish companion. The large 470mAh battery provides up to 24 days of usage (on battery saver mode) on a full charge, with magnetic charging capabilities.

You can buy the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active on Lazada or Shopee!

For Dads who take home security pretty seriously

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 2K Pro (RRP: SGD 99)

For the superhero Dad who protects and takes great care of his family, Dad would want to actively secure the home and keeping it safe. He will find the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 2K Pro a very useful and handy addition. This home security camera is able to produce 2K super clear image quality and coupled with an upgraded AI, it can produce clear images and coloured videos that can be displayed even in low light conditions.

The camera supports two-way real time voice calling and has a 360° pan-tilt-zoom panorama functionality for all-round monitoring with no blind spots. A physical shield can be activated via the Mi Home App to protect your privacy when required.

You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 2K Pro on Shopee or Lazada!

For active audiophile Dads

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro (RRP: SGD 169)

For Dads who are audiophile and have an active lifestyle, they can check out this high quality true wireless earbuds, the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro that offer high-fidelity sound and an immersive listening experience. Dads can enjoy studio-level sound with minimised distortion as the innovative earbuds sport crystal clear sound through features including a 10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver with sectional DLC coating and LHDC 4.0 audio codec support. Dads can choose between three ANC modes, or Adaptive mode which let the earbuds adjust automatically based on the ambient noise level. The next-gen Dimensional audio feature creates a 360-degree soundscape, allowing listeners to enjoy an audio experience similar to theatres.

The earbuds come in two classic colours of Carbon Black and Gloss White, with a lightweight ergonomic design and an ultra-long battery life of up to 24 hours of playback time when paired with the charging case.

You can buy Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro on Shopee or Lazada! You can also get them offline via Authorized Mi Stores and other official retailers in Singapore. The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro is available at a promotional price of $149 for in-store purchases at Authorized Mi Stores from 18 – 30 June 2022, as part of its 6th Anniversary celebrations.

For the health conscious WFH Dads

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro (RRP: SGD 399)

For the health conscious WFH Dads, keep Dad (and also the rest of the family) healthy with a clean and safe environment while he works from home.

The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro keeps dust, smoke and other harmful pollutants away with a simple touch of a button. The purifier releases 8330L of clean air per minute up to an effective coverage area of 60m², effectively eliminating up to 99.97% of 0.3?m particles with its three-in-one filter while providing fresh air all-day long.

Buy them from Shopee or Lazada!

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro (RRP: SGD 549)

Set Dad’s mind at ease while working from (a truly clean) home with the new Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro. Take mopping power to the next level as it provides superior cleaning power at 10,000 vibrations per minute, easily removing tough stains like coffee and soy sauce as well. Microfibres on the mop ensure effective stain removals and quick drying for the floors.

The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro has a LDS laser navigation system to map the cleaning route of the entire house, even multiple floors while covering corners and hidden dust traps. With an upgraded 5200mAh big volume batter, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro can clean areas of more than 150 square meters easily.

You can get them from Shopee or Lazada!

For Dads who take extra care in grooming

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 (RRP: SGD 69)

Give dad the luxury of a comfortable and clean shave with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500. The three omni-directional shaver heads closely fit any facial contours, leaving no stubbles behind via its twin blade system. Experience next-level comfort with the shaver’s IFT floating technology, that allows dads to get a closer and safer shave without much physical contact with the blades.

For those dads with longer beards, fret not! The Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver comes equipped with two different high-speed gears that will make cutting even the thickest of hairs a breeze with its 260-series motor. Expect a quicker and more substantial shave with the shaver’s twin-track foils, with twice as many teeth and blades for 50% greater surface area coverage as compared to conventional shavers.

Get them from Shopee or Lazada!

Wishing all Dads a Happy Father’s Day 2022! Happy technology gadgets shopping with Xiaomi!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Xiaomi Singapore and APRW *

Casio announced Slimmer Profile Shock Resistant MT-G

Casio announced Slimmer Profile Shock Resistant MT-G, the latest addition MTG-B3000 featuring an innovative slim module and shock-resistant construction. These latest additions are even more streamlined models than before to the MT-G line that features a construction making the most of the properties of both metal and resin.

The MTG-B3000 pairs an innovative slim module and shock-resistant structure to achieve a streamlined shock-resistant watch with a case that is more than 2mm slimmer than the previous MTG-B1000 model.

By making full use of high-density mounting technology, Casio has developed the slimmest module for a G-SHOCK solar chronograph. To address the all-new shock-resistant structure required by this new thin module, CASIO delivered an even more advanced Dual Core Guard structure. The newly developed guard structure protects the module with a carbon-reinforced resin case and encloses the exterior with metal components, retaining the metal look and texture while reducing the weight, and further protecting the module with a case back featuring raised sides.

To craft a stainless-steel case back in 3D form, pressing, cutting, and polishing processes are applied repeatedly. The raised sides protect the crown and buttons and serve as the lugs to secure the band. These innovative designs and technologies result in a metal timepiece with a mere 12.1mm case that is very comfortable.

The MTG-B3000 features radio-controlled calibration and Smartphone Link connectivity via Bluetooth. This watch connects with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES smartphone app to automatically adjust to the correct time. They also comes equipped with a solar charging system and high-brightness LED light for practicality and convenience.


Pricing and Availability

The MTG-B3000 series will be available at https://gshock.casio.com/sg/ and in all G-SHOCK stores in May.






Soft urethane



Layered composite





Triple G Resist (shock-resistant, centrifugal force-resistant, vibration-resistant)

Water Resistance

200 meters

Radio Frequency

77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA); 40 kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan) / 60 kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5 kHz (BPC: China)

Radio Wave Reception

Automatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in China: up to five times a day); manual reception



Bluetooth® low energy

Signal Range

Up to 2m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)


1 second; measuring capacity: 23:59’59”; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place times

Countdown Timer

Measuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours)
Other Functions Smartphone Link functions (Auto time adjustment, Easy watch setting, Approximately 300 world time cities, Phone finder, Watch status display, Self check); auto hand home position correction; daily alarm; dual time (27 time zones, home time swapping, auto summer time [DST] switching); power saving; battery level indicator; full auto-calendar; LED light (super illuminator and afterglow); day and date display
Power Source Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)

Continuous Operation

About 18 months with the power-saving function ON after full charge

Size of Case

51.9 × 50.9 × 12.1 mm

Total Weight

MTG-B3000B-1A: Approx. 111g

MTG-B3000BD-1A/MTG-B3000BD-1A2: Approx. 148g

* Information and pictures courtesy of G-SHOCK and Brand Cellar *

LG announces One:Quick Flex display

LG announces One:Quick Flex display (model 43HT3WJ) in Singapore, a 43-inch 4K UHD touchscreen display that comes with innovative features to offer versatility, convenience and portability with a movable stand that accommodates diverse usage scenarios at home. This new display came about from how trends of remote work are evolving along with rapid digitalisation, has enabled many individuals and professionals to adapt and thrive when working from home.

Versatility and Productivity with an All-in-One Display

The One:Quick Flex display comes with a built-in 2K Full HD video camera, allowing users to stay connected virtually from day to night effortlessly. This video camera offers a wide 88-degree field of view, a sharp microphone that picks up sound within a 3m range and stereo sound from the left and right. Users can also expect a widescreen display for work presentations and crystal clear audio during online meetings and video calls.

With a large 43-inch screen, this makes it easy to engage in an array of activities at any time of the day. Ideal for multi-generational families coming together to catch up with their loved ones, without having to crowd in front of a small screen or pass the device around. For those into home fitness, you can now experience an immersive view of the exercise routine and keep up with the trainers’ pace.

Maximise Creativity and Collaborative Work

Equipped with In-Cell touch technology, the screen turns ideas into reality with a dedicated full touch pen support and whiteboard functionality (1), allowing for drawings and note-taking to be completed smoothly at one’s fingertips. The versatility of the screen means that young children can doodle to their hearts’ content while having fun and staying engaged without making a mess – a bonus for parents to encourage collaborative work between peers. Home-based learning and working are now even more productive as works can be conveniently saved as files and shared to a mobile phone efficiently. Operating on the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise system, users can install and run an extensive range of programs through a vast library of applications and tools (2), making it suitable for any member of the family.

Ergonomic, Portable Solution

For ease of viewing content, the screen can be switched from landscape to portrait mode by rotating it on a dedicated stand (3). The stand comes with wheels for greater portability, allowing it to be transported from one room to another effortlessly. Whether it is being moved from the home office to one’s kitchen or the bedroom for work, education and entertainment purposes, or following recipes for hands-free cooking, the screen demonstrate the flexibility to perform any role that meets the needs of different users. Featuring an ergonomic design, the height of the stand can be adjusted to the user’s desired height for comfortable use (4).

Intuitive Features and Stylish Composition

The touch user interface of the LG One:Quick Flex is designed to be akin to the mobile user experience, ensuring that the device is easy to master. Bringing further convenience to users, key functions of the screen can be controlled through voice commands without touching the screen, especially apt for those who have their hands full in the kitchen or when occupied with other tasks. The display screen is available in an elegant beige with a smooth matte finish that blends well with any interior.

“LG seeks to bridge the digital divide by incorporating cutting-edge technology into user-friendly products that can elevate consumers’ lifestyles at home. The LG One:Quick Flex is designed to provide a new generation of families and those working from home with a state-of-the-art display that encourages interconnectivity and maximises personal user experiences,” said Jackie Jeong, B2B Information Display Product Director at LG Electronics Singapore. He added, “We hope that consumers are now better equipped to perform tasks more efficiently and accomplish things that they were not able to do previously.”

Pricing and Availability

The LG One:Quick Flex is now available at LG official brand store on Lazada and Shopee, as well as through KrisShop in end-March. From now till 30 June 2022, enjoy the early bird bundle (inclusive of the movable stand) at S$3,399.

For more information, please visit https://www.lg.com/sg/business/digital-signage/lg-43ht3wj-b.


  1. One touch pen provided. Dedicated apps required for annotation and drawing (MS Whiteboard ready).
  2. The home dashboard (mid-screen app folder) and the function to add and delete apps on the launcher will be available in the 1Q of 2022. Voice ordering supports English and Korean, and is limited to some specific functions (Power, volume, built-in apps).
  3. Stands are sold separately. Screen is rotated manually. To use it vertically, users can rotate counter clockwise, and vice versa to switch back to landscape mode. Some apps may not support vertical view mode. The product needs to be plugged into the appropriate power source to operate.
  4. The height has to be manually adjusted. Can be adjusted up to 9.5cm.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics and APRW *

Panasonic CES 2022 – Forever Forward

Panasonic CES 2022 – Forever Forward. At the recent CES 2022, Panasonic announced its latest innovations, partnerships, and stepped up on its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from its business operations and value chain at CES 2022.

For those visitors that are able to attend CES 2022 in person, they would be able to go on guided tours and interact with the brand’s newest offerings. For those that are unable to visit in person, we can still explore Panasonic CES 2022 with its Panasonic CES 2022 Digital Experience. There are six primary discovery areas – Immersive Entertainment, Lifestyle Technologies, Smart Mobility, Healthy Environments, Food Tech, and Sustainability – that showcase how Panasonic’s innovations and initiatives are moving the world forward.

Here are some of Panasonic’s key announcements at CES 2022:

Flagship LZ2000 OLED TV

The flagship LZ2000 OLED TV in 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch sizes, featuring Hollywood custom “Master OLED Pro” configuration to deliver more in mid-level brightness, a new Game Control Board, automatic NVIDIA GPU detection, latency improvements for 60Hz gaming, and HDMI2.1 compatibility out of the box and more.

Final Fantasy® XIV Online EDITION, SC-GN01 Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System (WIGSS)

The Final Fantasy® XIV Online EDITION, SC-GN01 Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System (WIGSS), a special model of wearable speakers featuring iconic sound effects from FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online, three distinct sound modes and high-performance noise and echo cancellation functions, produced in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX®.

Augmented Reality HUD (AR HUD) 2.0

The Augmented Reality HUD (AR HUD) 2.0, an automotive infotainment and connectivity system featuring a new patented eye tracking system (ETS) that recognises the driver’s line of sight and optimises the AR imagery for clarity and accuracy to create a more intuitive and pleasant driving experience.


The launch of Panasonic GREEN IMPACT, a new commitment to reducing CO2 emissions generated from the company’s own business operations and value chain as well as expanding on their  contributions to reduce CO2 emissions for society as a whole

For more information, please visit Panasonic website! Keep a lookout for those products and devices from Panasonic CES 2022 – Forever Forward.

* Information courtesy of Panasonic Asia and IN.FOM *

LG CES 2022 – The Better Life You Deserve

LG Electronics (LG) presented its vision at LG CES 2022 – The Better Life You Deserve for an enhanced lifestyle and a better future for all around the world. At the LG World Premiere broadcasted on YouTube, hosted by LG CEO William Cho, introduced LG’s diverse innovations for the new year and detailed its continuous efforts to create a more inclusive user experience and sustainable tomorrow. LG’s theme for CES 2022, The Better Life You Deserve, emphasises LG’s ultimate goal to elevate all aspects of daily life through technological and design innovation. This vision is brought to life through 3 short films: A Better Life for You, A Better Life for All and A Better Life Tomorrow.

LG CES 2022 – The Better Life You Deserve 

The LG CES 2022 – The Better Life You Deserve premiered on YouTube at 0000hrs Singapore time on 5th January 2022. Watching it was definitely an eye-opener on LG’s diverse innovations for the new year, its continuous efforts for a more inclusive user experience and sustainable tomorrow.

A Better Life for You: Creating Value for Every Lifestyle

In LG’s first short film, A Better Life for You, the focus is on LG’s concept of its upgradable appliance.

With enhanced abilities to learn and evolve to better meet the needs of users’ individual lifestyles, LG’s upgraded ThinQ™ platform empowers compatible products with even more features to deliver additional conveniences in 2022. A Better Life for You shows how advancements in LG’s entertainment solutions are delivering a more personalized, interactive experience to viewers enjoying content on larger screens at home.

For example, LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV combines superior picture quality and screen brightness with a sleek form factor while LG StanbyME, a private mobile wireless display, goes anywhere in the house to deliver the ultimate viewing experience of a traditional TV. Making their worldwide debut are LG PuriCare™ AeroTower, an all-in-one home air care solution designed to deliver the benefits of an air purifier, fan and heater, and LG tiiun, an indoor gardening appliance that offers a simple, clean and reliable way to grow healthy greens all year round.

A Better Life for All: More Sustainable, More Inclusive

The topics on environmental impact and sustainability are key topics for the world to take action. LG is committed to reducing its environmental impact and making its business more sustainable, the focus inside this short film “A Better Life for All“.

LG’s products has energy saving innovations built into it, LG InstaView refrigerator with its “knock twice to see inside” transparent door, increased use of recycled materials in packaging materials of LG Soundbar and the reduction of plastic components in LG OLED TVs all point to LG’s commitment to finding solutions that are better for people and the planet. Beyond 2022, LG expects to introduce more than 600,000 tons of recycled plastic into its manufacturing processes and increase the recovery of electronic waste to eight million tons by 2030.

Inclusiveness is also key to LG’s growth as a brand and toward this goal, LG is committed to investing in Accessibility Advisory Councils across different markets. Councils are comprised of accessibility experts and those living with disabilities and play a critical role in advising LG as it develops products with more inclusive user experience in mind, such as voice commands and Braille labeling.

A Better Life Tomorrow: Blueprint for the Future

The third and final short feature focuses on the future and LG’s role in turning the stuff of science fiction into reality, with the company’s AI-powered CLOi door-to-door delivery robot being readied to roll into service. Audiences are also treated to a behind the scenes look as LG’s virtual artist Reah rehearses for her upcoming music video.

Also getting the spotlight is LG OMNIPOD, a mobility concept solution that blurs the distinction between home and car. Expanding upon the automotive solutions presented in LG’s previous Connected Car at CES 2020, LG OMNIPOD is an on-the-road extension of one’s personal living space. Designed to function as a home office, an entertainment center or even a lounge, LG OMNIPOD offers a look at how a busy individual might be able to get more done in a future where working remotely doesn’t mean having to work from home.

Located inside the main entrance of Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, LG’s on-site exhibit promises to offer both physical and online visitors an engaging and interactive experience through AR and VR technologies.

LG’s Home Entertainment showcase will be featured in LG Virtual Studio in three individual zones: LG OLED on Metaverse, Virtual Showroom and LG OLED Art. All three zones allow visitors to discover and experience the company’s latest products in compelling, interactive ways. LG’s new home appliances will be featured in the virtual exhibition halls aptly named LG Home, LG Home by Objet Collection and LG ThinQ™. LG Home is a virtual living space where visitors can explore the company’s latest appliances including a new washer-dryer set, PuriCare AeroTower and LG tiiun. In LG Home by Objet Collection, visitors can curate their own space by choosing the wallpaper, flooring and other interior design elements to harmonize with the customizable appliances in LG’s premium lifestyle collection. LG ThinQ™ gives visitors a “tour” of all the features and functions of LG’s smart ecosystem all accessible through the upgraded LG ThinQ™ app.

For more insights into what LG has in store at CES 2022, please visit LG CES website and LG official YouTube Channel for information and details.

* Information and picture courtesy of LG Electronics and APRW *

AIA Live in Singapore 2021 – Game On with Spurs!

Football fans in Singapore, take note! AIA Singapore announced the headliner for second AIA Live in Singapore 2021 event, it’s game on with Spurs! Fans of Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club would be happy to hear this, you are invited to join the stars of Spurs for an exclusive session on how to live healthier, longer, better lives together in fun and unexpected ways on Thursday 21st October 2021.

AIA is the global partner of Tottenham Hotspur Football, they have been engaging communities through football and healthy living. With an active participation in sports, AIA seeks to promote the values of teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship to positively impact people’s life.

Ms Melita Teo, Chief Customer and Digital Officer of AIA Singapore, says, “To keep active and stay positive are two key ingredients AIA believes will lead individuals and families towards healthier, longer, better lives. Our AIA Live event series ethos is to encourage our customers and the community to embrace new norms and adopt healthier lifestyle habits, especially during a time of great stress and uncertainty. We are grateful for the continuing support of our partners and ambassadors who share a similar mission in inspiring more people to take charge of their health and future.”

AIA Live in Singapore 2021 – Game On with Spurs!

This October, join a star-studded line-up of players for an hour-long virtual event focusing on the theme of mental wellbeing. With the help of local influencer Amanda Chaang and Singapore Premier League side Young Lions, the Tottenham Hotspur footballers will be taking on AIA Singapore’s challenge of football drills.

The event will be filmed at Hotspur Way in London, with a delayed telecast exclusively for Singapore the same week on Thursday, 21 October 2021, 5.00pm to 6.30pm (SGT).

Fans will also get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their questions answered by Son Heung-Min Ben Davies, Joe Rodon and Oliver Skipp during the event on how they have been managing their mental health professionally and personally. In doing so, they hope to share tips on the little changes that everyone – whether a football player or not – can make to strengthen mental resilience and improve overall health.

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-Min added, “It is an honour to play a vital role in encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles through sports. We are grateful for the opportunity to inspire great positivity among our fans and supporters in Singapore through this series with AIA. Let’s set new health goals and keep moving forward together.”

To register for the event, stand a chance to have your questions answered by the stars of Tottenham Hotspur and win exclusive signed merchandise, please visit: http://bit.ly/GameOnWithSpurs.

Question submission will close on 10 October 2021, (2359hrs) and the last day of event registration is 19 October 2021, (2359hrs).

Do share AIA Live in Singapore 2021 – Game on with Spurs! with your family, loved ones, relatives and friends, especially those are Spurs fans!

* Information and pictures courtesy of AIA Singapore and Ogilvy *