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Reflections and Updates – Q1 2019

Q1 2019 has just gone by recently, marking the start of a new Q2 2019. Looking back at Q1 2019, time for reflections and updates. As for my photography business,Q1 2019 Reflections and Updates, I published in a separate article on my photography and travel portal/blog.

On my technology and business portal/blog, I would be sharing on my blogging, social media and other business interests, the digtial and business development segments that form my other business plans and growth.

The economy, for Singapore and the World is not going to be a fast and big economic growth. Some people would criticise me that I am pessimstic, I am just being very pragmatic and very realistic, the harsh realities of the economy. We must innovate, adapt and change for the uncertainities ahead while continuing to work harder and smarter, seeking new opportunities.

Blogging to social media portal to photography + creative / digital agency

From my early days of blogging that started in April 2006 (photography and travel blog) and January 2008 (personal, technology and business blog), the market has changed a lot, from trends, tastes, digital marketing, social media to styles and ways of doing things.

Innovating, adapting, changing and transforming from a blog to a portal, followed by combining photography business into a creative / digital agency concept. This is like running on 2 platforms concurrently, one business platform complementing another business platform.

This is still a work in progress, through collaborations and partnerships with different groups of talented friends with their own expertise and skills sets, I have worked with Hpility SG and The Epiphany Duplet by Peps Goh and Tiffany Yong. More to come, recruiting more partnerships and collaborations along the way.

Property Fractionalisation

I mentioned about Katalyst previously in some of my articles, over a period of time, getting to know them better, Katalyst is now a technology platform that has access to another business interest that I have been keen in for a period of time – fractional sale of property/property investments.

If you are keen on property investment education, property investments or you are a boutique property developer that needs a platform to find investors, look no further, sign up here – https://pol.katalyst.exchange/?genghuitan

Forex Trading with HotForex

I learned forex trading some years back, I didn’t pursue it too actively as I was building up my other areas of business interest at that time. A few years ago, I returned back to Forex trading class with Brian, the investment/trading/forex guru/teacher. Brian and myself started learning forex trading together some years back, we took different career paths, he went into trading/forex while I went to SME business before building up my photography business.

Moving forward to the next quarter and beyond, it’s going to be a turbulent ride 2019 and maybe 2020, uncertainties, slower and smaller growth, fear of recession in the world economy. Bracing myself for a bumpy and turbulent ride while seeking new opportunities and building up my current photography and digital/creative/social media agency business portfolios.

Katalyst – Blockchain to Property Fractionalisation

Katalyst, I first met them during Tech in Asia Conference 2018 whereby they were participating in Tech in Asia Singapore Conference. Since I was still learning about blockchain technology and its application, it took me a bit more time to know and understand more about Katalyst and what they are doing over the past six monthsI wrote in my earlier Tech in Asia Conference 2018 article published in May 2018 that Katalyst is a blockchain platform that accelerates growth of disruptive business and communities. I didn’t join the Katalyst eco-system directly during that time, instead it was through ikibook and my involvement in the world’s creative commons musical that I slowly learn and enter into Katalyst eco-system at a later time.

There are two main areas that I would be introducing and sharing with everybody.


Katalyst is founded by Raymond Ng, he’s also the author for this book “Rise of the Small – Catalysing on the Blockhain evolution”. I bought a copy of this book, it’s an excellent book on learning about blockchain without being technical on the technical aspects of blockchain. For myself, who has former work experiences in financial advisory and personal interest in technology topics and writing, this was a good bridge to learn more about blockchain, something that has impacted current business climate with more changes to come in the very near future for the world.

Raymond Ng with his book “Rise of the Small” at Campus Party Singapore 2018

If you are now into blockchain and digital currency, I encourage you to visit, explore and know more about Katalyst. On a personal basis, I am still learning more about digital currency, moving into some investments into some digital currency down the road and I am looking at doing it with the help of the Katalyst Exchange platform.

Katalyst Exchange – https://katalyst.exchange/

Katalyst Coin  – https://katalystcoin.com/

Katalyst Blog – https://katalystcoin.org/

Property Fractionalisation and Property Investment Education

If there is one item that people living in Singapore and most people around the world would like to have is a property that they own, a home. I reckon most people would love to own additional properties as source of side income to supplement their revenue and for their retirement funds in the future. For the more investment savvy, they would look into commerical properties, from industrial buildings to hotels.

With my previous work experiences in financial advisory and alternative investments, it allows me to learn and know a lot more about financial literacy, planning, retirement planning and investments.

We are going to work even longer and longer, some may choose to work longer because they want to continue working even though they have the means to retire, some have to work longer because they don’t have enough retirement funds. This two simple scenarios could happen to any of us, with most people hoping that they have the means to retire and continue working.

I recently read this article on BBC news, “FIRE: The movement to live frugally and retire decades early”. This article gave me an insight that if we started planning and working on financial/investment planning when we started working upon graduation from higher education (such as polytechnics or universities), this is possible with detailed strategic planning and financial goals setting.

The key to take note for everybody, even if you choose to retire in your 40s, you have to ensure, some form of perpetual income to last you another 50 years at least (assuming life expectancy to be 80s range at this point in time)

Owning additional properties beyond the property that you are living in, could be one of your source of additional perpetual income during your retirement years. There are two areas that I would like to share, to help you in your property investment that would help you in your retirement planning.

1) Property Investment Education / Real Estate Seminar

Are you keen to invest in real estate and not knowing where to start or learn from? Check out this real estate seminar by KK Goh.

Sign up here -> https://pol.katalyst.exchange/free-seminar/?genghuitan

2) Property Fractionalisation with Katalyst

For the savvy investors, if you are keen on bigger property projects as investments, the property fractionalisation with Katalyst is an area for you to consider and be a part of.

Sign up here -> https://pol.katalyst.exchange/?genghuitan

Do you want to make a difference/impact to yourself, loved ones and family, making changes for own self and also for their future? Are you are into both blockchain, digital currency and property investments, I invite you to know more about Katalyst and their property fractionalisation and property investment education programs.

1st March 2019 – Updates and Changes

Today is 1st March 2019, the start of a new month, in the blink of an eye, 2 months in the year 2019 are now gone. While things might be slower in the first two months of the year with Chinese Lunar New Year festival that kind of made some of us slow down 2 weeks before and after the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

It had been a slow start, I didn’t manage to get the photography assignments for the ones that I submitted my quotations to. Although there’s disappointment, it’s part and parcel of doing any business, let alone running a photography business. At times, it can be discouraging, many a times, it’s always picking myself up and continue pushing forward, strategic planning, creating content, creating new collaborations and partnerships.

Through some of the networking sessions at technology conferences, I hope some of them would be fruitful for future assignments, collaborations, partnerships or projects. Even a small sole proprietorship business owner, we need to adapt, change, evolve, innovate.

Last year 2018, it was my 2nd year of running my sole proprietorship photography business, it dawned upon me that a new era of running a photography business needs a major “restructuring” and “changes”, I am going to run it like a digital agency or creative agency, I need to collaborate with other people, such as a video team to complement my photography and writing, all these would make a better proposition when we pitch for campaigns, assignments and projects. I have started working on this business direction and I hope to expand on it further.

A few months back, I mentioned about having another business running concurrently, fulfilling my philosophy of having multiple sources of income. I made some strategic direction change and I would be doing more on property education and property investment, an area that I had a huge interest in, that started a few years back.

I would be writing a dedicated article on it soon, meanwhile, let me ask you some questions

Are you keen on blockchain and digital currency? If yes, check out Katalyst Exchange – https://pol.katalyst.exchange/?genghuitan

Have you heard of property fractionalisation? Are you keen on investing in properties? If yes, check out this property real estate seminar – https://pol.katalyst.exchange/free-seminar/?genghuitan

Yes, come follow me on my small business adventures, from photography, travel, technology and business writing to owning properties!