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There is Light – Deepavali tribute by Singtel

“There is Light”, a Deepavali tribute by Singtel was recently launched, celebrating the Festival of Lights with an uplifting film about two Hindu colleagues preparing for the festivities with lighter hearts as safe distancing regulations ease in Singapore. This film revels in the Deepavali spirit of positivity and hope prevailing over the trials and tribulations brought on by the pandemic.

“There’s no denying the shadow that the pandemic has cast these past months. But as COVID measures ease on the back of fewer infections, there’s a growing sense that some semblance of normalcy is returning and Deepavali is resonating in new ways against this backdrop – that better things are on the way,” says Lian Pek, Vice President of Group Strategic Communications and Brand at Singtel. “This Deepavali spirit of hope is relevant not just to our Hindu colleagues and friends but all Singaporeans who look forward to better days and believe we’ll emerge stronger from this crisis.”

A touching and heartwarming story, tracing the journey of two Singtel staff, networks associate engineer Ganesan and planning and strategy manager Sujatha. This three-minute short film begins on a sombre note as they recount some of the challenges that they faced due to the global pandemic COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns and restrictions that were put in place in Singapore.

As the story develops in the short film, it takes an upbeat turn as both of them share their love for Deepavali and express their determination to, in the words of Sujatha, “always look for the good in any bad situation”. After taking comfort in the rituals and traditions of Deepavali, such as decorating the house and making classic Hindu snacks, their indefatigable sense of gratefulness and joy is captured in the final vibrant and colourful scenes of celebration and light.

‘There is light’ builds on Singtel’s ongoing brand campaign encouraging Singaporeans to stay positive in the current climate, by featuring the lives of ordinary folks and celebrating the Singaporean spirit of tenacity and perseverance. This includes ‘This Is The Year’, Singtel’s annual National Day film which paid tribute to the Majulah spirit that is propelling Singaporeans through the COVID crisis. ‘Keeping The Spirit Of Hari Raya Alive’ documented how the Malay Community kept the spirit of Ramadan alive during the circuit breaker period.

“There is Light”, a fitting tribute to Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. This short film is also a beacon of light for Singaporeans during this difficult year 2020 marked by the global pandemic COVID-19, as Singapore is persevering through this crisis together.

Conceptualised in-house by Singtel’s Brand Team and produced in collaboration with Akanga Film Asia, catch “There is Light” on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/AMCAAv3LsFY

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel *

Singtel rallying Singapore in its fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus situation has caused massive impacts around the world, spiralling the world economy on a down spin, some industries were severely hit by this situation such as aviation, travel, tourism and hospitality. The massive impacts had now spilled further and wider, many businesses around the world are currently feeling the heat and massive impacts. In Singapore, we are facing this crisis head on, while the Singapore Government has taken huge measures and support for the economy and citizens, business organisations can also play a part too. Singtel is playing their part, rallying Singapore in its fight against the COVID-19 virus situation.

Ms Chua Sock Koong, Singtel’s Group CEO, said, “This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the health of our loved ones and disrupted not just our lives, but the livelihoods of many around us. As a homegrown company, we want to stand together with the broader community and keep them supported during this time. We hope this will provide some relief to vulnerable individuals and families and tide them through this difficult period. We also want to encourage and show our gratitude to our healthcare workers and volunteers who have been working tirelessly and risking their lives to keep us safe.”

Singtel is providing financial support for impacted communities and extending a care package of services to support the broader community. The Group has raised S$2 million collectively to help vulnerable groups in the community and frontline healthcare workers and volunteers. The Singtel Touching Lives Fund, the Group’s flagship philanthropy programme, will channel this donation to 18 charities and social enterprises including S$500,000 to The Courage Fund and S$600,000 to various healthcare groups. The funds comprise contributions from Singtel’s Management Committee who have given at least half a month’s salary and voluntary contributions from Singtel’s directors and staff. The company matched these contributions dollar for dollar.

“The extensive help and courage we have seen during these uncertain times have been very heartening. We are grateful that one of our longstanding partners, Singtel, has stepped forward to help support the community. Their support through Community Chest and The Courage Fund will help augment what the government and social service agencies are doing for those affected by COVID-19. Singtel’s other contributions to special education schools, healthcare groups, social enterprises and seniors are also highly meaningful as they show a thoughtfulness for other segments of society. It is with many helping hands during this climate that we are able to overcome the challenges together,” shared Mr Phillip Tan, Chairman of Community Chest.

Singtel has also been supporting and funding efforts by six SG Cares Volunteer Centres island-wide to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the community as part of the Singapore Cares movement to build a caring society. These funds go toward care pack distribution, meal deliveries, education on health and hygiene and the provision of medical escorts or transport. With befriending services for seniors curtailed due to the current social distancing measures, prepaid mobile services are also being extended to isolated seniors to help them stay connected with volunteers.

Separately, in a show of solidarity with the company and its wider community of stakeholders, Singtel’s Board of Directors have volunteered a 10% cut in fees for the upcoming financial year.

Care package of free services to support consumers and SMEs

With consumers and businesses having to make major lifestyle and work adjustments as stricter measures are taken against the COVID-19 spread, Singtel has put together a care package of free services to support and sustain the wider public with effect from 1 April. These services range from free entertainment for the general public to business solutions for SMEs.

Ms Chua added, “The businesses we depend on, the way we live our lives have been completely upended. People are having to stay home, businesses are trying to cope and survive. We want to offer up some of our services to sustain and support the public through this time. This is our way of saying we are in this together, our commitment to you has not changed and hopefully, we can also spread a little cheer.”

On the business front, SMEs implementing work-from-home plans, remote working or split team arrangements will get six months free usage of productivity, collaboration and security tools. This will help them secure their communications and minimise disruption to business operations while keeping their staff safe. With many SMEs experiencing a drop in customer traffic at their physical stores, they will also get free access to Singtel’s 99sme.sg e-marketplace where they can set up their online shops, build a digital presence and continue to reach consumers.

On the consumer front, with people spending more time at home as a result of social distancing, all residents will get three months free access to Singtel’s CAST streaming app and its most popular entertainment and education channels including Discovery, Asian Food Network, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Singtel TV customers will also enjoy free access to 30 channels such as AXN, CNBC, Discovery Asia and KBS World on Singtel TV and Singtel TV GO. All Singtel mobile customers will enjoy data-free[1] messaging on WhatsApp to make it easier for them to stay in touch with friends and family. Free 30-day COVID-19 insurance coverage by Income will also be extended to new and existing prepaid customers[2].

We, Singapore are in this situation and crisis together, the Singapore Government has taken massive steps to help the Singapore economy and citizens. The private sector companies can also play a part and do their part too, like Singtel’s rallying Singapore in its fight against the COVID-19 situation.

Time for #SGTogether #SGCares and #SGUnited against #COVID19.

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *


[1] From 8 April to 7 July 2020

[2] Applicable for customers who top-up via hi!App