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Latest News on your wrist with NewsLoop for Apple Watch

Apple’s latest and newest product, the Apple Watch has recently arrived in Singapore. The Apple Watch has attracted quite a bit of attention and fanfare worldwide and now it’s available in Singapore. Singtel announced a few days ago, on 26th June, for their support and customisation for the Apple Watch with the popular news app for local news and lifestyle content, the NewsLoop, customised for the Apple Watch.

Let me share with you more information on the NewsLoop app for Apple Watch from the press release –

With over 2.2 million downloads, over 600 publishers and 30 content categories, NewsLoop is the highest rated news app on Singapore’s Apple App Store and Google Play. It was named “one of Singapore’s essential apps” by Stuff magazine in 2014, and ranked “one of the world’s best apps” by HardwareMag in the same year.

Synced with the iPhone and designed for the wearable’s user interface, NewsLoop now incorporates quintessential Apple Watch features such as Glances, actionable notifications and Handoff to offer users a highly customised and convenient multi-device app experience. Users can keep track of top stories, receive breaking news notifications and key images of top articles and save them to read later on their iPhone. The NewsLoop for Apple Watch app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store.

Featuring a newly revamped iPhone and iPad user interface, NewsLoop now showcases a sleeker Dashboard with one-touch access to “Add/Manage Categories”, a more visually appealing grid-style “Categories” layout and a “Do Not Disturb” setting to manage news alerts.

Curating content customised on users’ preferences, NewsLoop presents the latest in local and international news and a myriad of top trending lifestyle topics ranging from luxury, health, beauty, to sports news and tech news. Users can choose what matters most to them and personalise their NewsLoop experience with news they can use from respected sources such as Channel NewsAsia, BBC, New York Times, ESPN, CNET Asia and MTV.

* Information Courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

LG Red Fair Goes Big!

LG Electronics (LG) is having something exciting for everybody with their LG Red Fair and it is going Big! From June 10 till to August 10, you can get more bang for buck with LG announcing more freebies to be given away at the LG Red Fair, in addition to the 100% Cashback Lucky Draw!

LG Red Fair (all) (1)

Consumers will be entitled to their corresponding free gifts with the purchase of selected LG products. These freebies range from an LG Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (worth $799), to the LG Minibeam Nano projector (worth $599), Music Flow Speaker (worth $249), grocery vouchers (worth up to $200) and LG Prepaid Mastercard Rebate (worth up to $1,000) amongst many others.

Hot Picks from LG Red Fair

Buy any of the following items, and bring home these hot gifts for free:

Item Free Gift(s)
Home Appliances
Multi-Door Refrigerator GF-D6011 (601L)

(Retail Price: $5,999)

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (worth $799)
Front Load Washing Machine WD-1410TS (10kg)

(Retail Price: $2,099)

Garment Steamer (worth $169)
Home Entertainment

(Retail Price: $10,999)

LG Prepaid Mastercard Rebate
(worth $1,000)

(Retail Price: $5,199)

Minibeam Nano Projector ($599) +
Music Flow Speaker NP8350 ($249)
Air Conditioners
System 3 HealthPlus Inverter Series

(Retail Price: From $2,899)

$120 Grocery Voucher
System 4 HealthPlus Inverter Series

(Retail Price: From $3,629)

$200 Grocery Voucher
Mobile Communications
LG G4 Leather Series Flagship Smartphone

(Retail Price: $998)

Leather Quick Cover Case ($88) +
G4 Battery Charging Kit ($126)

More free gifts with purchase of LG products can be found at www.lg.com/sg/promotions.

The More you Buy, the More you Get

For Home Appliance customers, LG is also offering an additional perk in the form of a Bundle Deal promotion. With the combined purchase of selected refrigerator and washing machine models, customers will receive an additional free gift worth up to $119.

Free Gifts and 50 Chances for a 100% Cashback
Customers who purchase their LG items not only get to enjoy their freebies, but also a chance to win a100% cashback on their purchases! During LG Red Fair, customers who have purchased an eligible LG product are entitled to participate in the 100% Cashback Lucky Draw. Customers will simply need to fill out a form at their respective LG authorized retailers, or online for LG mobile consumers. A total of 50 winners will be drawn. Terms and conditions apply.

If you are looking for a new home appliance, time to visit LG Red Fair and check out their LG Promotions! Maybe it’s time for me to look for a Smart TV!

* Information and Picture Courtesy of LG Singapore and Brand Cellar *

Logitech Introduces 2015 Play Collection Mice

Logitech, a worldwide market leader for mice, recently unveiled its seventh annual design, the 2015 Logitech Play Collection! The 2015 Logitech Play Collection Mice are very colourful, flashy, eye catching, cute and fashionable! Based on the latest trends in fashion, furniture design and accessories, the 2015 Play Collection Mice are very distinctive and special, featuring the friendly faces of playful characters, colourful patterns and shapes!


Let me share with you some key features of the 2015 Logitech Play Collection Mice

Key Features

• Playful Design: The collection features friendly animal faces and bright geometric designs, so you can now find a mouse that is as bright, playful and high-spirited as you are.

• Reliable battery life: Keep the fun going for up to 12 months without having to switch batteries. The mouse offers smart sleep mode and an On/Off switch to save power, while an indicator light eliminates low battery surprises.

• Long Wireless Range: This mouse can roam up to 10 meters away from the computer without losing connection.



System Requirements

• Windows® 8/RT, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP

• Mac OS® X 10.5 or later

• Chrome OS™

• Linux® kernel 2.6 or later

• Powered USB port




Product Specifications

• Dimensions:

  • Height: 95 mm (or 3.74 inches)
  • Width: 55 mm (or 2.16 inches)
  • Depth: 38.7 mm (or 1.52 inches)
  • Weight (including battery): 84 g (2.96 oz)
  • Unifying ready mouse
  • Sensor technology: Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Sensor resolution: 1,000 dpi
  • Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity


• 1-year limited hardware warranty

Can you spot Owl, Monkey, Fox, Patterned (Red) and Patterned (Blue) from the 2015 Logitech Play Collection Mice?

A distinctive, bright, colourful and playful Logitech 2015 Play Collection Mice definitely can spruce up your office and surroundings, giving you the energy and fun at work! Spread the love, Pass-It-On and Pay-It-Forward, send a Logitech 2015 Play Collection Mice to your loved ones and spice up their life!

It is now available in Singapore at a recommended retail price of SGD $29.00. Check out Logitech Singapore for more information!

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of Logitech Singapore and SPRG *

Many Thoughts: Helping and Blessing Friends, Publicity, Branding, Gratitude, Humility 

For the past two months, May and June 2015, these two months had seen some key and significant milestones in my life till date. The months of May and June 2015 were filled with publicity, public relations, fame, branding, marketing and awareness, followed by personal reflection, gratitude and humility. During these two months, I was able to help my friends, and it’s indeed a blessing to be able to help your friends, in whatever kind of situations they are in.

With half time for year 2015 coming soon, the year 2015 had been a very interesting 6 months, some pretty challenging moments/situations, sometimes very emotionally drained from work and people, there were times I did not know whom I can turn to and talk about, due to some very sensitive and private matters. On the other hand, there were also some key pinnacles that I reached and conquered. Reaching the top of the mountain, I looked back and reflected on the journey climbing up towards the peak. The journey was full of ups and downs, the view at the top is gorgeous and priceless.

Appearing in The Straits Times newspaper, a feature article of me, on my life, on my documentation of Marina Bay and my photography journey. No words can describe my pride, feelings, thoughts and emotions upon the release of the newspaper article. The huge support, well wishes, encouragement and sharing of my newspaper article feature were a huge blessing for me, I really appreciate the support and well wishes. This journey had been simply amazing and mesmerising!

We were also part of Promising SME 500 2015 this year as a Business Luminary, I was tasked to front as the spokesperson for my company, featuring in the Straits Times on 24th June 2015. The company’s history, write up and profile would be featured in the upcoming Promising SME  500 2015 book, coming soon in September 2015.

Many of us set goals and objectives at the start of the year, for their profession/work or personal life. To be honest, I confessed that I set goals and objectives for profession/work and personal life, and I failed many times over many years. On 3rd January 2015, I set out my goals and objectives for my photography (from a personal and professional perspective) with my photography resolutions for Year 2015. For the year 2015, I achieved and completed #4 – Produce my own photography books with the birth of my first personal photography book over a period of 6 months – My 1st Photo Book – Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes! The most humbling moments were my friends support and encouragement, it’s very heartwarming, very touching and I am very blessed.

With the blessings in life from my family, relatives and friends, it motivates and encourages me to continue striving and moving forward, climbing to greater heights and achieving higher pinnacles in life and working profession. These are the hidden powerful positive Force that keeps you going, learning and improving, in our fast and furious, relentless unforgiving capitalist society today.

Blessing by friends and having the capabilities and abilities to bless friends, they are both priceless. When we are able to bless and help friends, we MUST NOT and SHOULD NOT expect something in return. Our human nature, our greed, sometimes override our thoughts and systems, when we help people and expect something in return. I am a human being, I erred too and I am guilty of this too.

This started off as my personal photography projects, with the purpose of continuously improving my photography, helping to write and share about fellow friends who are entrepreneurs who are operating in various industries and businesses. One of them was Keith Crackling Roast, you can read more about the story here when they opened their second branch! When I saw my photographs that I took for Keith Crackling Roast, proudly printed and displayed at their second branch, it was a proud moment, for me and my photography journey. As a photographer, when you see your photography works printed and displayed, it’s definitely a proud and happy moment. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see it up like this and I am very happy that photography works was able to create an impact.

There was someone that I helped out recently and it’s a blessing to help someone. For that someone, the beautiful rainbow welcomes you with their own beautiful blessings! Your journey has been very tough and now you are back on track!

Many beautiful things happened in the past two months of May and June 2015, over the past 6 months of 2015, the ups and downs of life and work. This is something like a reflection time for me, counting my blessings, staying humble and down to earth, to keep learning and improving, to continue striving towards my professional and personal goals and objectives.

Ultimate Ears introduces UE ROLL

Ultimate Ears continues to innovate and transform the way people experience and listen to music together in the world today. Ultimate Ears recently released a unique, interesting, pint sized yet powerful Bluetooth speaker, the UE ROLL! The UE ROLL is ready for you, the music fan, for whatever, wherever, whenever. The UE ROLL gives a 360 degrees sound system that is loud, crisp with strong bass and it is ultra-mobile, just like the UE BOOM family.

You can fasten it to your swimsuit with one of its kind attach and go bungee cord or hook it to your hiking gear while you travel and backpack. The UE ROLL is waterproof and life resistant, produced from the toughest, most premium materials! It’s not just for yourself, you can also share the UE ROLL with your family and friends, sharing the music, connecting and enjoying with people!

Let me share with you the key features of the UE ROLL!

Key Features

• Awesome 360-degree sound: UE ROLL pumps out insane sound, in every direction, wherever you go. Loud, crisp sound shouts through the air with deep bass and incredible beats. This speaker brings big noise to hidden beaches, cliff jumps and mountain climbs.

• Always chooses dare: UE ROLL is designed to be part of your ultra-mobile lifestyle. It has a waterproof and life-resistant shell that’s forged from the toughest, most premium materials. It’s also lightweight and small with a nine-hour battery life and a 20-metre wireless range, so you can take it anywhere.

• Strap on. Turn up: Thanks to its attachable marine-grade bungee cord, you can hook UE ROLL to almost all your gear. Whether it’s using the bungee to fasten it to your swimsuit while you surf or hook it to your hiking gear while you backpack, UE ROLL connects to you, your friends and your music.

• In control with the app: Download the free UE ROLL app for iOS® or Android™ to unlock an expanding set of cool features, including waking up to your favorite music, remotely turning the speaker on, and even doubling the sound by pairing it with other Ultimate Ears speakers.

• It’s awesome and getting even better: UE ROLL continuously gets better over time, just like UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM. New updates are rolled out to the speakers wirelessly through the app, so you can easily continue to expand features, making each speaker even more awesome with time.

System Requirements

• Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart® wireless audio profile (A2DP) or 3.5 mm audio input

Product Specifications

• Height: 40mm

• Diameter: 135mm

• Weight: 340 grams


• Two-year limited hardware warranty

Pricing and Availability

The UE ROLL is expected to be available in August 2015, at a suggested retail price of SGD $159.00.

For more information, please visit www.ultimateears.com

* Information and pictures courtesy of Logitech Singapore and SPRG *

Reflection: Gratitude, Staying Down to Earth, Humility

1st June 2015, a new start to a brand new month. That would also mean 5 months of 2015 had passed through my life, our lives. This is not a half time report for 2015, if I am planning to do it, it would be in the month of July when 6 months of 2015 have officially been over.

The past 5 months of 2015 had been quite a bit of a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, it had also been an a period of heavy workload, responsibilities, strategic directions and making changes. Chatting with friends, some of them seemed to be in a similar situation with me, on the heavy workload portion. Some of my leisure activities were affected to the extent that it wasn’t too healthy and I decided to realign my work timings, allowing me to go back for my leisure activities on the weekend. This would allow me to rest, clear my mind and thoughts before heading back to work on a Monday. Writing and sharing articles on new IT gadgets and products also took a back seat recently in the past few months. I am trying to get this area back running again, starting to share about new IT gadgets and products with my friends and readers.

Some areas that I had been working on for the past months were on branding, public relations, brand awareness, publicity and networking. This process was learned through life and work experiences over the years, networking, learning from fellow peers, mentors and experienced seniors in their respective industries. Planting the seeds today doesn’t guarantee that it will grow up big and fast, sometimes, it can be a very long journey. “You reap what you sow” is so true for me.

During the time and behind the scenes that were building up towards the two key months of May and June 2015, I classified it as the branding, public relations, awareness and publicity months, for both work and personal. While the seeds were planted, grew, matured and ready for harvesting, there were blessings that came and appeared upon me.

It’s like 99% consisting of hard work, sweat and tears before that 1% of special blessings that were delivered to me, making it 100%. 

There were some really big highlights for me recently in the past 6 months, in my day job work and photography. This newspaper feature (of me, on my life, on Marina Bay and my photography) on The Straits Times on 20th May 2015 was definitely a pinnacle in my life!  My old primary school classmate (31 years not out and counting) gave me gentle reminders that I need to remain down to earth and grounded. I am very thankful and grateful for such reminders!

I am filled with gratitude, reminding myself to remain down to earth and be humble. I would like to say a Big Thank You to those who believed in me, supported and encouraged me all these time over the years!!

SingPost crosses 100th POPStation and Introduces P-POPS

The POPStation by SingPost recently arrived at their number 100th POPStation since their launch in 2013. It was an interesting and innovative method for customers to pick up their parcels from central locations near their homes instead of the post office delivery person delivering it to their homes. I personally like the POPStation since I can get them to deliver it to a POPStation booth instead of delivering it to my home whereby nobody is around to collect it. I ordered a Xiaomi Redmi 2 smartphone recently and it was delivered to a POPStation smart locker near my home. The process was simple and easy from being kept updated on the delivery stages/schedule/arrival at the designated POPStation location, collecting it from the POPStation was also simple, straightforward and fast!

The 100th POPStation was rolled out at KPO, Killiney Road Post Office on 16th May 2015 and with over 100 POPStations in Singapore, consumers will find it even more convenient to have their items delivered to the POPStation smart locker near to their home and they can collect it at their own time and convenience. Consumers can also post or return their parcels using the POPStation too, all at their own convenience and timing, 24hours 7 days a week.


SingPost also introduced a new service known as the P-POPS. Let me share with you more information about the P-POPS by SingPost from their press release.

The wide adoption of digital technologies like the smart mobile devices and internet has led to increasing online interactions. POPStation is well suited for urban cities like Singapore as it lets the parcels do the waiting, catering to busy lifestyle of Singaporeans in this digital age. SingPost first launched the revolutionary parcel delivery and collection system — POPStation in April 2013 as a pilot to better serve Singapore’s growing $4.4 billion ecommerce industry[1].

Innovative smart device/phone-driven P-POPS

Riding on the popularity of its POPStations, SingPost showcased a prototype unit of the individualised version of its revolutionary parcel delivery and collection system — P-POPS (Personal POPStations). P-POPS is tailored to address the needs of SMEs and individuals.

The innovative P-POPS leverages mobile technology to offer a seamless, cool and fun customer experience for both the consumers and our parcel ambassadors. It has no user interface as it is entirely managed by smart device/phone. It does not require 3G/4G or WIFI access to unlock the locker. P-POPS will communicate direct with the consumer’s smart device/phone via the Bluetooth technology. It will be fully integrated into POPStation network, offering consumers an omni-channel experience.

Ann Nee continued: “P-POPS will dovetail SingPost’s plans to transform how we serve our customers and strengthen our parcel delivery service in Singapore.”

[1] Source: Singapore Management University/ PayPal

On a personal note, I don’t buy that many things online since I am not an avid online shopper. For local purchases, the POPStation service is great and I can collect it at my own time and convenience! I hope overseas sellers can also use the POPStation and deliver our parcels/purchases there for us to collect!

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of SingPost *

Branding, Marketing, PR and Publicity

These four words have been an integral part of my work and social media engagements. I didn’t learn it as a specialisation in university, just as a subject that was part of my business degree curriculum. When I started working in the financial services industry 10 years ago, the nature of the industry taught me many real life work experiences relating to branding, marketing, public relations and publicity.

They were extended into my social media exploration adventure, from a social media consumer in 2006 to a social media influencer today. The branding, marketing, public relations, publicity and a bit of fame doesn’t fall from the sky. They were built through lots and lots of hard work, sweat, tears with emotions going high and low at different cross roads in time.

My Hokkaido Photographers Invitation Program in November 2014 was probably my maiden start into a higher level of branding, marketing, public relations and publicity. I was very grateful and full of gratitude for everybody that had supported me in this journey.

Fast forward into the May 2015, having a management and leadership role in my family business. I began to apply my various experiences in branding, marketing, public relations and publicity to my organisation. This efforts took a while and it began to see some fruits of labour from them. As I began to enter the third quarter of 2015, there are a number of events/things (3 to 4 of them) happening in the month of May and June, that puts me, my work, photography and social media sharing into a bigger limelight.

I would not know how I would feel when the 3 to 4 events/things come in, the excitement, anxiety and euphoria. Nevertheless, I must always remind myself to remain humble, down to earth, continue to learn and improve. I must not let fame get into my head.

Had I finally make it? Maybe Not Yet, I still have a lot more to learn, improve, grow and lead. Yes, I have punched through this level and can hold my head up high, to reach a top and see that my journeys ahead are going to be even higher and bigger summits, for me to carry on forward and conquer them.

Will you walk with me?

Jawbone U24 Review

The emergence and arrival of fitness trackers wristbands have been a great addition to the sports, recreation and leisure industries and users like me. While I had not been actively exercising regularly like before, I do like the idea of the the wristband fitness tracker and I would love to own one in the near future, helping me to keep track of my leisure and sporting activities.


I was given the opportunity to test and review the Jawbone U24 recently, that was launched in April 2014. During the two weeks period that I had with the Jawbone U24 wristband tracker, it was more than just a lifestyle tracker, it was also a fitness tracker for my runs. Pairing with the UP app on iOS was easy and the data was able to sync and transfer over to the app without too much of a hassle. The battery life was pretty good and has a battery life of 14 days. Jawbone released a software update in the second half of 2014, which users can download and automatically get an extra 7 days of battery life. Here are useful links that might be useful on the UP24 battery life:



Not only did the Jawbone U24 tracked my sleeping patterns, this is something very useful for me to know how many hours and minutes of deep sleep, light sleep and how times I woke up and for how long. In our modern and stressful society, our sleep patterns and hours are affected and the Jawbone U24 does help me to understand and learn more about my sleep hours and patterns.

My food intake (the quantity and types of food) is another interesting and useful feature that can be used together with Jawbone U24. Pair it up with a food app and UP app, it can tell you how much you ate, the calories you consumed and how many steps/walks do you need to do!

For the runner in me, I paired it up with RunKeeper app and it sync seamlessly with the UP app, recording my distance, runs and timing on both the UP app and RunKeeper app. This is something that I liked and find it very useful for my runs and exercises! Jawbone U24 regularly notify me on how am I doing, the number of steps I took, my sleeping patterns, comparing my results over the days before that. It encourages you, not just to hit the targets that you set, it encourages you to consistently achieve it.

The Jawbone U24 is ideal for both leisure lifestyle and a sporting lifestyle together, it looks fashionable too when you wear it around your wrist! The Jawbone U24 was recently replaced by a newer model known as the UP2 in April 2015, with an all new industrial design at 45% smaller than its predecessor, the UP24.

After reviewing the Jawbone U24, I am really keen to own a Jawbone wristband for myself! Keep you all posted in my sports, fitness and exercise posts in the future!

* I would like to thank Jawbone and Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore for the opportunity to review the Jawbone U24 *

Ups and Downs

It’s the 1st of May 2015, Labour Day holiday! 4 months of the year 2015 had gone by forever. It had been a busy busy 4 months of 2015 and I had not been able to write/share articles on a regular basis, it also affected my photography and writing too. There were a few things good and bad that happened to me recently that got me writing and I am trying to kickstart my writing on my personal site here again.

Life is of Ups and Downs, never smooth sailing. There was a recent incident in the real world, the society whereby my inexperience in dealing with the matter, also due to me being too kind and too naive. Yes, looking back, I was stupid too. This life lesson served as a reminder to me again, have I stopped learning? Such kind of life lessons in the University of Life, will serve me well. The life lessons and experiences learned, I must not repeat such mistakes again.

We all had to pay our tuition fees, our dues, to the society for life lessons. This is not my first tuition fee and neither will it be my last tuition fees to society. Learning is a life long journey, I must never stop learning, whether through books, additional education or society life education.

Life gives you the Ups when you are least expecting it. The year 2015 might just turn out to be a bit more special year for my photography journey and this quote really fits in nicely by Brian Tracy –

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”

My maiden photography photo book, a unique and special Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book, is coming soon. Inside my heart, I am excited and anxious, an achievement that I can unlock when I receive the 50 photo books prints in the first week of June. This is very special and very personal to me as a photographer.

Life is full of Ups and Downs, looking ahead towards the next 8 months of 2015!