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Ups and Downs

It’s the 1st of May 2015, Labour Day holiday! 4 months of the year 2015 had gone by forever. It had been a busy busy 4 months of 2015 and I had not been able to write/share articles on a regular basis, it also affected my photography and writing too. There were a few things good and bad that happened to me recently that got me writing and I am trying to kickstart my writing on my personal site here again.

Life is of Ups and Downs, never smooth sailing. There was a recent incident in the real world, the society whereby my inexperience in dealing with the matter, also due to me being too kind and too naive. Yes, looking back, I was stupid too. This life lesson served as a reminder to me again, have I stopped learning? Such kind of life lessons in the University of Life, will serve me well. The life lessons and experiences learned, I must not repeat such mistakes again.

We all had to pay our tuition fees, our dues, to the society for life lessons. This is not my first tuition fee and neither will it be my last tuition fees to society. Learning is a life long journey, I must never stop learning, whether through books, additional education or society life education.

Life gives you the Ups when you are least expecting it. The year 2015 might just turn out to be a bit more special year for my photography journey and this quote really fits in nicely by Brian Tracy –

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”

My maiden photography photo book, a unique and special Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book, is coming soon. Inside my heart, I am excited and anxious, an achievement that I can unlock when I receive the 50 photo books prints in the first week of June. This is very special and very personal to me as a photographer.

Life is full of Ups and Downs, looking ahead towards the next 8 months of 2015!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

Star Wars fans worldwide, I am sure you are looking forward to The Force Awakens in December 2015! Being a fanatic Star Wars fan, this official teaser 2 is making me very excited to the new movie in December 2015!

May The Force Be With You!

Reflecting Back on Q1 2015

Time flies pretty fast, it’s like in the blink of an eye, the first quarter of 2015 is gone. The relentless pace of modern life today can be daunting and we do need time to slow down, relax and catch up. There were many times during the past few months when workload was heavy and at times overwhelming, along with personal matters.

Now as I sat down and reflect on my past few months, it’s a journal, a collection. For my work, doing work in a family business has its own unique challenges and stress; it can be very different from working as employee in another organisation. I have to play leadership role, management role, support, administration and clerical role. This is probably something that people around you may not, will not and do not want to know and understand. Time management is another aspect that has got me looking into it a lot more; this gets even more important when you take on leadership role in work and areas outside of work.

I am now going back to my books again, reading my personal development and leadership books again such as Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centred Leadership, for honing my leadership in work and outside of work. There was some pretty down period and reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People again helps me to pull myself out and re-align my thoughts, thinking and emotions.

Photography for me, took a back seat for the past few months, ever since I came back from my Hokkaido Photographers Invitation Program 2014, a huge travel and photography portfolio for me, it was kind of hitting a peak and now I have to relook at myself. I am looking at not just improving myself, at the directions that I plan for my photography. I cannot deny the fact that my job commitments prevented me from carrying out my photography that I would like it to be.

I picked myself up again, started my own personal Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book. At this junction in time, it is in the final stage of editing before making an appointment to visit the printer and get 50 copies printed (very special and limited edition). There was also a plan to hold my own photography exhibition and I held to push it back due to financial constraints and time constraints. Nevertheless, it’s still in my radar and I am looking forward to do it together with my fellow photographers who went with me for the Hokkaido Photographers Invitation Program. There’s still a lot of work to be done!

Photography for me today is likely to be heading in the direction of quality instead of quantity, whether it is in the area of assignments or personal projects. Time will tell what I am doing or going to do.

I wrote something about Fate on my 1st January 2015 post. So mysterious, so magical, what is the Fate for you and me? I think I just have to leave it to Fate.

Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew!

The time has come, the inevitable time that every human being on earth faces. It’s the moment when our time on Earth is up. That is when people looked back in time and asked, what is the legacy that the person has left behind? As Singapore mourn and honour Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of modern Singapore, who passed away on 23th March 2015 at 0318hrs. We all began to learn even more about Singapore’s Founding Father.

I was thinking really hard; there can be so many things/topics to write about Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, what should I be sharing? After a day of pondering and reading various articles, I decided that my personal article post is to pay my utmost respect and gratitude to Mr. Lee, giving thanks for everything that Mr. Lee did for Singapore.

There are different groups of camp that have different types of affection, views and opinions on Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, his style and policies. No matter which camp you are in, that is no denying the facts that

  • Lee is the founder and the mastermind behind modern Singapore’s phenomenal transformation and growth
  • Lee has the vision to plan ahead for the future of Singapore to ensure leadership renewal and transition to ensure peace and minimum disruptions to Singapore’s growth in the new era

What I have today, what I enjoyed today, the peace, and prosperity and growth opportunities, you also have it too. We are now enjoying the fruits of labour from Mr. Lee’s tremendous hard work, vision, sweat, tears, leadership and ideas that brought Singapore to her stature in the world today. Mr. Lee is a great leader who inspires and rallies great leaders around him to form a team that transformed Singapore from almost nothing, into what a modern prosperous country in the world.

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, for everything that he had done for Singapore. I may not agree with all of his policies and ideologies, sometimes it was very strict and very stressful for us. I grew up in an era when failure was frowned upon in studies and work, thus the fear of failure strike a big fear and dislike in some of us (or maybe many of us). However, as we entered adulthood and started working, facing the local and international economies. We finally begin to understand why we need to keep on our toes in the working world, whether we are working in Singapore or overseas countries.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew legacy goes beyond country and economics, his love for his wife, the late Mdm. Kwa Geok Choo, is very touching and heartwarming. Mr. Lee’s wish is to be reunited with his wife together in the afterlife again. His words and wishes touched many people, including myself. Their love stories, Mdm. Kwa love and support of her husband, are very sweet, caring and loving. They are a great loving and faithful couple, excellent role models for couples. I hope that one day I can find my life partner and be a loving and caring partner to my other half.

While Mr. Lee Kuan Yew passing saddens many of us, let us honour and remember his legacy that he had done for us Singaporeans. It is now up to us the current generation to ensure modern Singapore’s legacy laid by our Founding Father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, is carried on for many generations and beyond, that Singapore continues to prosper and progress to greater heights.

Mr. Lee gave many interesting and inspiring speeches and one of his speeches was from 1988

“Even from my sickbed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up. Those who believe that after I have left the government as prime minister, I will go into a permanent retirement really should have their heads examined.”

– Lee Kuan Yew speech during 1988 National Day Rally

Dear Singaporeans, let us continue the legacy laid down by Singapore’s Founding Father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. It is now up to us to shape the future growth and prosperity for Singapore for generations and beyond. We don’t want Founding Father Lee Kuan Yew to get up and start lecturing and whipping us in the correct directions, do we?

Thank you Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, for everything that you done for Singapore! We will remember your legacy and hard work that you have done for Singapore and it’s up to us now, to continue Singapore’s growth and progress in the new century!

Lest We Forget, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew!

Dell at IT Show 2015

It’s Saturday 21st March 2015! It’s the IT Show 2015 now happening in Singapore, at Suntec City Convention Centre from 19th to 22nd March 2015. If you are looking for a new laptop, desktop and a powerful gaming system laptop/desktop  Look no further, let me share with you the great deals by Dell at IT Show 2015!

Here are the great deals! Check them out and come on down to IT Show 2015 and buy them!

ITSHOW 2015_Dell_Inspiron1

ITSHOW 2015 - Alienware 1

ITSHOW 2015 - Alienware 2


ITSHOW2015_DELL_Monitors, Venue 8 and XPS

Happy weekend shopping for Dell’s products at IT Show 2015!

* Pictures Courtesy of Dell Singapore *

Canon at IT Show 2015

It’s the weekend and The IT Show 2015 is back in Singapore, happening now at Suntec City Convention Centre from 19th to 22nd March 2015. If you are looking for DSLRs, compact cameras and printers. Look no further, let me share with you the great deals from Canon at IT Show 2015!

Here are the great deals from Canon! Check them out and come on down to IT Show 2015 and buy them!

IT SHOW 2015 - DSLR-page-001

Canon IT Show 2015 A3 Flyer-page-001

Canon IT Show 2015 A3 Flyer-page-002

Have a great weekend fun and happy shopping with Canon at IT Show 2015!

* Pictures Courtesy of Canon Singapore *

Logitech & UE Sweet Deals at IT Show 2015

The IT Show 2015 is back in Singapore, happening now at Suntec City Convention Centre from 19th to 22nd March 2015. If you are looking for IT accessories and peripherals such as gaming keyboards, portable music speakers, headphones, bluetooth keyboard cases for your tablets. Look no further, let me share with you the sweet deals by Logitech and UE at IT Show 2015!

Here are the sweet deals! Check them out and come on down to IT Show 2015 and buy them!

Logitech at IT Show 2015 promos

Logitech G at IT Show 2015 promos (1)

Logitech at IT Show 2015 promos (2)

Ultimate Ears at IT Show 2015 promos

Happy shopping for Logitech and UE Sweet Deals at IT Show 2015!

* Pictures Courtesy of Logitech Singapore *

Full line of Belkin Keyboards for iPad Air 2

Belkin, a well known brand for tablet accessories, recently launched a full line of keyboards for the Apple iPad Air 2, the QODE series. Tablets are now a common and essential gadget for the internet savvy and social media connected user today, the Apple iPad Air 2 is one of the tablets that many people in the world are using. Having a keyboard to complement the tablet is useful for both work and leisure.

Here are the 3 new QODE series keyboards for the Apple iPad Air 2

QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard for iPad Air 2 (F5L176) – S$269

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for premium feel
  • Improved keyboard layout for more accurate typing
  • Backlit keys with three brightness levels
  • Adjustable landscape and portrait modes with two viewing angles
  • Detachable case works with the keyboard or alone; case is Smart Cover compatible when detached
  • Smart-sensing auto on/off technology
  • Bluetooth Smart technology pairs with up to two devices simultaneously
  • Up to one year of continuous battery life at average usage rates
  • Available in two colors: Black and White 

QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard (1)

QODE Ultimate Keyboard for iPad Air 2 (F5L178) – S$199

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for premium feel
  • Three viewing angles with dual neodymium magnets for extra stability
  • Smart-sensing auto on/off technology
  • Keyboard folds into case for comfortable handheld tablet use
  • Up to six months of active battery life at average usage rates
  • Available in two colors: Space Gray and Silver

QODE Ultimate Keyboard

QODE Slim Style Keyboard for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 (F5L174) – S$149

  • Folio-style cover and Bluetooth keyboard in one
  • Improved keyboard layout for more accurate typing
  • Innovative stand for multiple viewing angles; magnets securely hold tablet at ideal angle
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity pairs with other devices
  • Handheld media mode—keyboard tucks away flat for touch-screen use
  • Slim, lightweight, stylish design in Blacktop/Gravel
  • Flexible corner tabs hold iPad securely in place
  • Available in two colors: Plum and Black

QODE Slim Style Keyboard

Availability and Compatibility

The Belkin QODE Slim Style and Ultimate keyboards are available at reputable Apple Premium Resellers, Challenger, and other key Consumer Electronic and IT stores across the nation. The Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro keyboards will be available nationwide from March 10, 2015.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Belkin and Cohn & Wolfe XPR *

Introducing Dell Venue 8

Dell recently launched the world thinnest tablet, the Dell Venue 8 to the Dell family lineup. I was at the Dell event to watch the launch of the Dell Venue 8 in Singapore and had my hands on the thinnest tablet in the world. At just 6mm thick, it was really thin, the feel and built of the Dell Venue 8 was pretty impressive and sturdy. We were also introduced to the features of the Dell Venue 8, the interesting features and things that it could do. The dimensions of the Dell Venue 8 wasn’t too big and it was comfortable holding it on my palm.


The Dell Venue 8 is the first tablet to integrate the Intel RealSense SnapShot Depth Camera, it’s a very interesting feature that is built into the Dell Venue 8 and it does make mobile phone photography more interesting. More information can be found in the press release information further down the article.

Let me share with you more information about the Dell Venue 8 from the media press release –

Pushing the boundaries of design

Taking razor thin to a new level, the Venue 8 is the world’s thinnest tablet at 6mm. The tablet has an anodized aluminum finish which gives it a sleek and premium look. It also features the best tablet display available today, a stunning 8.4-inch OLED infinity edge-to-edge display that provides sharper viewing from all angles. The tablet’s vivid 2560 x 1600 resolution delivers crystal clear images that enables users to immerse themselves in their photos and videos.

Based on Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” OS, the Venue 8 drives performance with the latest Intel® AtomTM processor Z3500 series, allowing for faster web browsing and photo editing. Users can also enjoy an immersive audio experience through the tablet’s premium audio technology from MAXXAudio Waves and its front-firing stereos.

“Dell is at the forefront of introducing innovative solutions which fulfill users’ need to combine work and play in a single device. With its sleek form factor, revolutionary camera and features that bring greater productivity, the Venue 8 fulfills Dell’s commitment to deliver only the most cutting edge technologies to professionals,” said Harjeet Singh Rekhi, general manager for Client Solutions, Dell South Asia.

A new dimension to digital photography

The Venue 8 is the first tablet to integrate the Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot Depth Camera, which captures a high-definition depth map for every picture taken. The tablet has an 8MP main camera and two 720P cameras separated by 80cm that capture a stereoscopic image with every photograph. Together with the Dell Gallery application, users will have much more flexibility when editing photos with selective filtering and refocus functions. Users can change the brightness of a foreground object or background object, or refocus on any part of the picture. In addition, they will be able to do simple linear or area measurements with a photo, like measure the length of a sofa or the area of a room. The Dell Gallery, a new innovative software, empowers the tablet’s photo viewing experience and enables users to view all their photos from their social media sites in a single location. The application automatically sorts images into smart albums by timeline, geography or facial recognition.

“Here at Intel, we’re designing solutions that free people to think and to express themselves with their own style. In creating a truly personal experience, we want our technology to link us to the world, and to the things and people that really matter to us,” said Chetan Gohil, Intel User Experience Ecosystem Manager for Asia-Pacific and Japan at the launch event. “Technology has always served as a way to communicate – from the first printing press through today’s latest mobile technology and we’re ready to go to the next level with easier, more natural, and seamless communications with devices like Dell’s Venue 8 7000 series. We offer our heartiest congratulations to Dell for the launch of this marvelous tablet and look forward to further collaborations and to bringing more product design wins into the market.” 

Enhance productivity with an ecosystem of accessories

Whether for work or play, Dell’s ecosystem of accessories enhances the experience of the Venue 8 and offers unrivaled tablet productivity.

  • When it is time to take the Venue 8 on-the-go, the Dell Venue 8 Folio provides protection in an elegant frame that enhances the tablet’s sleek design.
  • Productivity is also improved on-the-go with the Dell Venue 8 Keyboard Folio, a slim and lightweight wireless keyboard that makes replying to emails or editing documents easier.

One of the most exciting and innovative devices Dell has ever produced, it is fitting that the Venue 8 is recognized as a 2015 CES Innovation Award Best of Innovation Honore.

The Venue 8 is now available at S$659 with the Dell Venue Folio and at S$699 with the Dell Venue Keyboard Folio.

* Information and details courtesy of Dell Singapore an Cohn & Wolfe XPR *

Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 Review

The Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 was introduced not too long ago and I shared about this new Multi-Device Keyboard from Logitech in an earlier article post. Before I proceed to share about my review and user experiences with the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480.


Photo Courtesy of Logitech Singapore

Let me refresh some key information about the Multi-Device Keyboard –

Key Features

  • Type on anything: A computer keyboard for your desk that also works with your tablet and smartphone.
  • Easy-Switch™ dial: Simply turn the dial to seamlessly switch among up to three Bluetooth wireless devices.
  • Multi-OS: A familiar keyboard layout with all the shortcut keys you use the most, whether you’re typing on a Windows, Mac or Chrome computer, or an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.
  • Integrated stand: Hold your mobile device at just the right angle to read while you type in comfort.

I was given the opportunity to test and review the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 recently and it was a good experience for me to use and share my thoughts and experiences with this Multi-Device Keyboard.


  • Easy to use, setup and pair with devices
  • Can pair up to 3 devices
  • Ideal for connecting different devices such as a smartphone and tablet
  • Easy to switch between the 3 devices just by turning the dial button


  • Thick and bulky
  • Not light for a keyboard

The Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 can be a good fit for office or home usage. Due to my workload and having to multi-task on various devices, I connected and paired up my iPhone 6 and iPad 3 to the K480 keyboard at my work desk. Having to switch between the 2 devices was easy and I can just type from the K480 keyboard.

If you are looking for an accessory to connect your various gadgets smartphones/tablets together, the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is worth a consideration!

I would like to thank Logitech Singapore and SPRG for the opportunity to review the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480.