Singtel announced 2nd installment of Innov8 Connect

A programme and platform that would definitely interest start-ups in the field Internet of Things (IoT). Singtel’s Innov8 Connect programme is something that start-ups can look into for their consideration to create and test their ideas and solutions in the real world.

Here are more information and details from the Singtel Innov8 press release information below –

Singtel Innov8 announced the second installment of its Innov8 Connect programme that brings start-ups and Singtel Group members together to create innovative solutions for real world business challenges.

On the programme’s importance for innovating with start-ups, Mr Tay Soo Meng, Group Chief Technology Officer at Singtel said, “Innov8 Connect started as a win-win platform to help start-ups develop viable business solutions while allowing the Singtel Group to stay at the cutting-edge of innovation through continuous experimentation. We hope to uncover more innovative answers for real emerging business challenges with start-ups in this latest installment of the programme.”

The second installment rides on the success and momentum of the initial Innov8 Connect programme launched in January 2016, which attracted over 120 submissions from start-ups across 22 countries. Singtel shortlisted 14 start-ups for detailed discussions for potential proof-of-concepts (POCs) – some of which include: Xjera Labs for smart and safe city and Moogsoft, Opmantek and Zinier for enterprise operations.

Mr Edgar Hardless, CEO of Singtel Innov8 said, “We have been very encouraged with the results of the first installment of Innov8 Connect, which has clearly demonstrated the value that start-ups can bring to Singtel. We hope to repeat the success again in this second installment.”

In this new round of Innov8 Connect, 14 new business challenges have been identified by Singtel and its Australian arm, Optus, in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality solutions and artificial intelligence. Please see Annex A.

Relating to this round’s challenges, Mr Hardless added, “We look forward to working together with more start-ups on the new set of business challenges from this second installment of Innov8 Connect. Through these real challenges that businesses face, we hope to spur greater innovation while identifying and supporting viable solutions that meet the Group’s needs.”

Selected start-ups will be provided with up to S$75,000 to test and validate the solutions with Singtel and Optus as proof-of-concepts. Successful solutions from promising start-ups may lead to further commercialisation with the Singtel Group, as they will gain access to an extensive customer base that includes both enterprises and over 600 million mobile subscribers across Asia, Australia and Africa. These start-ups will also have the opportunity to seek funding from Singtel Innov8 and tap on its network of co-investors and partners across the globe.

Interested start-ups can submit their proposals to Innov8 Connect from today (13th September) onwards. The closing date for submission of proposals is 31 October 2016.

Innov8 Connect Application and Selection Process

For more information on Innov8 Connect, please visit the Innov8 Connect portal where briefs detailing the 14 new business challenges will be published. Start-ups with relevant solutions are invited to submit their applications through the portal from today. Selected start-ups will then be invited to pitch to a panel of management representatives from the Singtel Group.

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

Toyota Corolla Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Toyota, a very well known and reliable automotive brand in the world and among the family of Toyota cars is the the Corolla Altis series. I had a affinity with the Toyota cars, owning my 1st car while I am a university undergraduate in Australia, it was an old car, the 1982 Toyota Celica. I loved it, it was a sports car with a rich racing history! Our current family sedan is a Toyota Vios E, it is a reliable and trustworthy car for the family use.

The Corolla Altis is a well known Toyota model, I drove it before a few times when I had the opportunity. It’s pretty spacious and comfortable too! With the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Toyota Corolla, there is something special coming to you here in Singapore – a limited edition 50th year edition.

Let me share with you more information and details of the Toyota Corolla 50th Anniversary edition from the press release information below –

Borneo Motors Singapore today marked the 50th Anniversary of the Toyota Corolla Altis with the unveiling of a limited 50th year edition Anniversary variant. For the month of September, the dealership has planned a series of engagement and promotional activities to mark the anniversary and pay homage to the legacy set by all 11 generations of this humble yet extraordinary vision-leading car. Since its launch, the model has rolled out more than 40 million cars globally.

The Toyota Corolla Altis is testament to Toyota’s pursuit of continuous improvement. Launched in 1966, the (then) Toyota Corolla was conceptualised to be a car for everyone, bringing together the essence of Toyota’s technology. Being a car that featured many firsts for the automobile industry at the time, the Corolla debuted brilliantly as a model that would draw a clear line between it and other family cars of the time. The Corolla introduced numerous new features and equipment comparable to those found in higher grade models. As a result, the Corolla steadily captured the hearts of the public and achieved a solid No. 1 position in domestic sales — a mere 3 years after it was launched.

Now in its 11th generation, it has been designed and engineered with the goal of bringing happiness and well-being to the people. Toyota Corolla has constantly lead the category since 1966 by offering technologies, services and value that are always better. With the limited edition model, the legend has redefined itself to give the Corolla customers confidence, enjoyment and excitement like never before.


“The Corolla Altis has been the longest and most successful vehicles in our range, and the very first model made available via Borneo Motors almost 50 years back. The Corolla has grown and evolved as much as Borneo Motors has, always improving and going the extra mile to stay ahead of our competitors,” said Ms Adelene Tan, Commercial Director, Toyota Sales & Marketing.

In light of its anniversary, only 50 units of the special edition model will be made available for sale from 8 September 2016 onwards at Toyota World. The anniversary model comes in White Pearl CS colour with an exclusive Front and Rear bumper, Side skirt and Trunk Spoiler design, Muffler and 17 inch OZ Superturismo GT alloy rims, adding an updated “royal” aesthetic befitting this legend. The limited edition will be complimented with a personalised delivery kit which includes a 1:63 scale gold plated 50th Anniversary edition die cast Corolla Altis model, 2 sets of keys with a 50th Anniversary edition pouch and a production plate engraved with the owner’s name.

The new variant also includes dramatically amplified elements built with the concept of creating Confidence, Enjoyment, Excitement and Assurance for the Corolla Altis customers. The key features of the Corolla Altis – Elegance model included in the limited 50th year edition Anniversary variant are as follows:


  • LED headlamps provide excellent visibility under all conditions, while the daytime-running lights add safety and a unique look
  • 17-Inch Alloy Rims are precision-machined and bold in design, they complement the muscular looks and character of the Corolla Altis
  • Side Profile of the model comes with improved aerodynamics, asymmetrical bodyline and sculpted panels that imbue the Corolla Altis with an athletic stance
  • Modern Interior remains a key focus that is highlighted through the soft dashboard panel to the striking cyber carbon accents to ensure the interior makes every journey both enjoyable and exciting
  • Wing Mirrors are stylishly designed and feature built-in signal indicators for increased visibility to other motorists
  • A unique t-shaped motif grille design and a boldly sculpted spoiler highlight the new front design of the model


  • A nanoe™ generator air-conditioning system cleans the air as it cools, suppressing allergens and odour
  • Smart Start & Entry can be experienced with the smart keyless ignition system
  • Auto Rain Sensing Wipers, intelligent inbuilt sensors detect rainfall and turn on the wipers automatically. This feature also adjusts wiper speed according to weather conditions.
  • Electrochromic mirror has been specially designed for night driving. The mirror automatically dims itself to cut off the glare from the high beams of rear traffic
  • Split-Folding Rear Seats are built with a 60:40 ratio that can be folded down to accommodate long and bulky items easily in the boot
  • Electric Boot Release provides access to the spacious 470-litre boot


  • Acoustic Glass is the 3-layered glass that helps lower NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels for a quieter peaceful drive
  • 1.6L Dual VVT-I Engine gives a max output of 121bhp and 154Nm of torque and achieves fuel efficiency at 6.5?/100km
  • 7-Speed Super CVT-i delivers smoother acceleration and superior efficiency as it adapts to driving style. It also allows sequential shifting for a more spirited drive
  • Aero Stabilising Fins are positioned at the wing mirrors, rear lamps and lower rear spoiler, these help reduce drag at highway speeds
  • Lightweight Suspension help in compact and weight-saving, front and rear suspensions have been optimised for best balance of ride comfort and handling
  • ECO Monitor provides real-time updates to ensure economic and environmental friendly drive


  • SRS dual Airbags help give better protection from head injuries in the event of a collision
  • Pedestrian Protection is made from impact-absorbing materials, the front bumper minimises knee injuries in the event of a collision
  • Pretensioner and Force Limiter work in tandem with the seatbelts and react intuitively to ensure safety of the driver and passengers
  • The improved Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) ensure better and effective braking and control Brake Assist aids to reduce stopping distance dramatically and generates more braking force
  • Child Restraint System complies with international safety standards, the ISO-Fix mounting points can secure up to two child seats at the rear

Toyota fans can look forward to exciting contests on Toyota Singapore social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as an interactive Corolla Altis 50th Anniversary showroom space outlining the Journey of a Legend.

Throughout the month the DriveHappy with Toyota Facebook page (brought to you by Borneo Motors Singapore) will share more on the journey of the Corolla Altis through the years (#YesterdaysDriveHappy). Corolla drivers will be encouraged to share their memorable stories and pictures with their cars. More details about the Corolla Altis and its 11-generation heritage will be shared on the Toyota Singapore website.

* Information and picture courtesy of Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Cohn & Wolfe Singapore *

Singtel debuted mobile add-on DataX3

Singtel mobile customers alert! On 16th September 2016, Singtel debuted a new add-on for their mobile customers with the DataX3! This would definitely interest mobile users who use a lot of mobile data. Wifi calling is now available to Singtel mobile postpaid customers! More information below!

Share the news with your family, friends and loved ones on Singtel new DataX3 and Wifi calling!

Let me share with you more information and details on the Singtel DataX3 from the press release information below –

Press Release 16th September 2016

Singtel debuted its new mobile data add-on, DataX3, at its exclusive iPhone 7 launch event at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, today. With DataX3, customers will enjoy triple the mobile data allowance on their plans, for just S$9.90 a month.

Available to Singtel Combo Plan (Combo 2 and above) customers, DataX3 follows the launch of the DataX2 add-on that was first introduced earlier this year.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to give our customers more affordable data because mobile data has become essential to most Singaporeans for communicating, shopping, banking and entertainment. DataX2 has been extremely well-received and is very popular with our customers, leading us to create an even more attractive offer of DataX3. Now, customers can choose to get more value for their money by simply adding on DataX2 or DataX3, depending on their data consumption needs,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

DataX3 offers significant cost savings to customers. For example, a customer on a Combo 4 plan will have the option to top-up S$9.90 per month to get a total of 12GB of mobile data. It is available to new and re-contracting customers on eligible Combo Plans with a minimum subscription period of 24 months.

Customers can visit for more information.

WiFi Calling

Singtel also announced that it will offer WiFi Calling (also known as Voice over WiFi) to Singtel mobile postpaid customers from today. This service allows customers to make HD quality voice calls and send SMS via any local WiFi connection without the use of an app. The calls will switch seamlessly to the Singtel 4G network when users move out of WiFi hotspot coverage. The service is available at no additional cost.

“WiFi Calling is a network innovation which offers added convenience and an enhanced mobile experience to customers. Our customers can now have mobile coverage even in difficult to reach places such as basements and windowless rooms, as long as there is a WiFi signal. This service extends our extensive mobile network to cover a wider footprint and complements our ongoing efforts in delivering the fastest and widest 4G service in Singapore,” said Mr Yuen.

At launch, WiFi Calling will be available on select iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia smartphone models[1], with other devices to be supported in the coming weeks. To enjoy the service, customers will need to switch on the VoLTE, and WiFi Calling settings on their device and ensure that it is running the latest firmware or iOS. Calls and SMS messages made over WiFi will utilise the talk time and SMS bundles of customers’ mobile plans.

For more information, customers can visit

Singtel has the fastest and widest outdoor 4G speeds with the lowest latency rates in Singapore, according to IDA MyConnection SG survey results (Jan 2016 – June 2016) and IDA’s Nationwide Outdoor Service Coverage measurements (Q2 2016).

[1] iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4G+ and Sony Xperia X

Combo Mobile Plans with DataX3

  Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4 Combo 6 Combo 12
Call (minutes) 200 300 400 700 Unlimited
SMS 1,000 1,200




1,500 Unlimited
Total Data with DataX3 6GB 9GB


12GB 18GB 36GB


Price with DataX3 $42.90+$9.90 $62.90 + $9.90


$82.90 + $9.90


$102.90 + $9.90


$239.90 +$9.90

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds

Sports fanatics who are also also audiophiles, they would look for earphones and headphones to accompany in their sports regime. The wireless headphones are among the more popular choices taken by the sports fanatics as it is easier to use and carry around, you don’t have to deal with the cable.

The premium sports wireless headphones by Jaybird, the Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds, are now in its 5th edition. Being a fellow sports person (running), I like wireless bluetooth headphones, not just for sports, it’s also good for daily usage too!

Let me share with you more information and photos of the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds from the press release information below –

Jaybird, the pioneer and leader in premium sport wireless headphones, announced Freedom Wireless Bluetooth® Buds, its fifth-generation of Freedom. Combining sophisticated style, incredible sound and increased comfort into the smallest, most advanced wireless earbuds ever designed, the buds are both functional and refined, packing premium features into a bite-sized package. Jaybird’s passion for great product doesn’t stop at great buds. Through the MySound app, you can customise and save your own personal sound to Freedom from your favourite music service or the Bluetooth-enabled music device you use.


The ground-breaking, engineering-enabled Jaybird once again re-writes the rules of earbud design and user experience, marking Jaybird’s continued leadership in wireless headphone innovation.


“This latest generation of Freedom liberates our lives like never before,” said Judd Armstrong, founder and CEO of Jaybird. “These micro-sized tapered buds deliver our best-ever sound while featuring a reduced size that fits all ears, all in a low-profile fit that resonates with everyone. The over-ear fit and elegant metal accents of Freedom bring a fashionable element while also being more rugged than ever, offering the freedom to bring your music anywhere, from mountain to motorcycle, thanks to the buds’ helmet friendly breakthrough form.”


With Jaybird Freedom, you get micro-sized sand blasted metal accented housing in a fashionable, small package. Traditionally, in-ear Bluetooth buds use plastic materials to assist with signal performance, but Jaybird has overcome these challenges by moving all electronics to its miniaturised three button controller while still delivering an incredible eight hours of play time (four hours play time with an additional four hours through the listen-while-you-charge charging clip). If you need a battery boost, clip the lightweight charger on while driving to the gym or during your workout and get an extra hour of playtime in just 20 minutes. So from the gym, to the streets, trails, office or anywhere in-between Jaybird Freedom means you’ll never miss a beat.


One of Jaybird’s hallmark design standards is drop-free music while offering incredibly small products. Jaybird continues to deliver this standard in Freedom, providing a huge win for active people where a lot of movement will not trip up the signal between phone and Freedom. Jaybird takes all these use cases into consideration when developing its products.


Jaybird Freedom is available from 16 September onwards exclusively at all Jaybird authorised resellers for $259.00. The buds come in four fresh colours: Gold, Carbon (Black), Blaze (Red) and Ocean (Blue). For more information, please visit or connect with us on Facebook.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jaybird and SPRG *


HP Reimagines Desktop to enable new Experiences

Our working environment has changed tremendously over time, even in today’s working climate, we are looking at changes ahead to our work desktop computer systems in the office and also inside your home.

HP launched 2 new PCs, the HP Pavilion Wave and HP Elite Slice, to reimagine how our desktop can be transformed, to enable and enjoy new experiences in our working environment.

Let me share with you more information from the press release information below –

HP Inc. debuted two new PCs, HP Pavilion Wave and HP Elite Slice, that are inventive alternatives to traditional designs for the home and workplace. HP is transforming the desktop PC to create unique experiences that deliver the power customers expect in small, creative designs.

The HP Pavilion Wave is designed for entertainment and productivity for the home by combining desktop power and great audio experiences. For customers who want a PC that can fit into small places, the new offering is a beautiful and compact design with the power of a full-sized desktop. This unique desktop is built around a fully integrated, advanced audio system for Cortana, to play music, listen to movies and web chats. It features an iconic triangular form with an innovative parabolic reflector with an integrated speaker on top of the PC for superb, 360-degree sound to fill a room with crisp audio.

The HP Elite Slice, HP’s smallest desktop is a desktop built for communications and collaboration. It is the first modular commercial desktop with cable-less connectivity2 and enables customers to build the desktop of their choice. This desktop changes the way office space is designed by creating streamlined work environments that boast productivity. Versatility, performance and enterprise-grade security merge to deliver greater productivity and collaboration between employees while transforming the workplace and work styles.

“Today’s desktop computing customers want sleek, innovative and powerful designs that enable new experiences at home, at work, and in team collaboration settings,” said Anneliese Olson, general manager and vice president, Personal Systems, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “The HP Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice are the result of HP engineers and designers reinventing the desktop by rethinking its shape, size and look while adding functionality to enable new use cases.”


HP Pavilion Wave Designed with Acoustic Capabilities to Power Entertainment and Productivity

The HP Pavilion Wave naturally sits on top of the desk featuring a compact, space-efficient 360-degree design and is 85 percent smaller than traditional tower PCs at 17.3 x 16.8 x 25.9cm. The desktop design is built around the central audio system and finished with premium materials including acoustic fabric engineered for room filling sound. A parabolic reflector on top of the PC reflects the sound coming from the speaker grille in parallel from all directions and acts as an outlet vent for hot air to come out. The 360 Degree Multi-Directional Reflective Audio delivers a crisp audio profile at all frequencies and is tuned by B&O Play for amazing sound whether listening to mid, high or low ranges.

The triangular design houses three main zones for components: the motherboard on one side, the hard drive on the second side and thermals on the third side. The thermal design uses heat pipes to extract heat from the motherboard and the graphics card to push out the top of the PC to keep the device running cool.

Other features include:

  • Up to two 4K displays3 are supported out-of-the-box to power entertainment and productivity.
  • Peripheral support with three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 Type-CTM port for data transfer, one HDMI port, one DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet and a microphone/headphone jack.
  • Cortana support with dual microphones for customers to talk to their PC for a hands-free experience1.
  • High-performing power house with up to 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core desktop processors4, ample storage up to 2 TB SDD5 or a 2 TB HDD5, an optional dual drive with128 GB SSD5 and up to 16GB of DDR4 system memory.
  • Optional AMD Radeon™ R9 M470 discrete graphics for photo and video editing or light gaming.

HP Elite Slice Designed for Business Productivity and Collaboration

HP Elite Slice streamlines the workspace with its clean modular design featuring stunning curves in matte black with polished copper accents. It allows customers to pick and choose a factory cover or stackable options to add functionality including the Collaboration Cover or Wireless Charging Cover, or stackable modules such as the Audio Module or ODD (Optical Disk Drive) Module for a beautiful PC that is unique to each business and its employees.

The ultra-small, big power form factor is just 16.5 x 3.5 x 16.5cm and weighs 1.05 kg7. The cable-less design allows for a clean work environment because customers do not need separate cables to be plugged into the wall to power each component. This is the first commercial desktop powered from a display8 via only one USB 3.1 Type-CTM cable with a Type-CTM compatible display including the optional new Quad HD9 HP EliteDisplay S240uj Monitor. The display is equipped with integrated wireless charging and USB Type-CTM to perfectly complement the desktop.

HP Elite Slice versatility is provided by cover and base expansion options. Customers can choose from different covers when configuring the PC and expand the solution at any time with additional modules to create the desktop that best fits their needs:

  • HP Collaboration Cover: turns the desktop into a Microsoft Skype for Business phone10 for easy call management with capacitive touch keys.
  • HP Wireless Charging Cover: wireless charging starts automatically upon contact to eliminate charging cables and ensure mobile phones and devices are powered, ready for use. The Wireless Charging Cover is expected to start shipping in the first half of 2017 and requires factory configuration.
  • HP Audio Module: spoken word tuning makes virtual meetings and call experiences crisp and clear with audio tuned by Bang & Olufsen, 360 degree speaker design, dual-microphone array with range of five meters and HP Noise Cancellation software.
  • HP ODD Module: for quick and easy back up or to archive files and access legacy content on CDs or DVDs.

    Other features include:

  • An optional touch fingerprint sensor for improved security and easy authentication.

  • HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection, the industry’s first self-healing BIOS-level protection.

  • Up to 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 35-watt processors for the performance to easily handle productivity and collaboration needs4.

  • Unique 360-degree dual fan pipe ring keeps the powerful device running cool.

  • Peripheral support for enhanced productivity including one Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi module11 and antennas, one HDMI and one DisplayPort™ to power multiple displays.

    HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms Built Uniquely for Conference Room Collaboration

    The HP Elite Slice portfolio also includes the new HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms solution, the first conferencing room PC with one-touch meeting start12. This offering helps users get more out of their meetings by having seamless technology to drive immersive conferencing and collaboration experiences with integrated audio and full desktop functionality. HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms combines HP Elite Slice, the HP Collaboration Cover, HP Audio Module and Intel® Unite™ software to create a unique Microsoft Skype for Business conferencing solution making meeting rooms more intuitive and efficient with crisp, clear sound. For a more immersive conference room experience, this configuration can be combined with the new HP LD5511 55-inch Large Format Display, which features 178-degree viewing angles with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The high brightness and contrast ratio provide excellent picture quality and readability that is perfect for meeting rooms that seat up to 12 people.

    Pricing and Availability

  • HP Pavilion Wave starting price is SGD1,499 and is expected to be available in Singapore in September 2016.

  • HP Elite Slice starting price is SGD1,099 and is expected to be available in Singapore in October 2016.

  • HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms starting price is SGD1,299 and is expected to be available in Singapore in October 2016.

  • HP EliteDisplay S240uj Monitor starting price is SGD799 and is expected to be available in Singapore in October 2016.

  • HP LD5511 55-inch Large Format Display starting price is SGD1,799 and is expected to be available in Singapore in October 2016.

    * Information and picture courtesy of HP Singapore and Porter Novelli *

Epson launched flagship L1455 Ink Tank Printer

Epson, one of the world’s leader in digital imaging solutions, have a new ink tank system printer, known as the L-series to their line-up. This would be something that businesses (both big and small) and even home users can look into and consider if they are looking for a home/work printer.

Let me share with you more information on their new L-series ink tank system printer, their Epson L1455 Ink Tank Printer from the press release information below –

Epson announced the launch of its first L-series ink tank system printer, the flagship L1455 Ink Tank Printer, delivering the lowest running costs1 for A3 size multifunction printers in the market. The feature-rich L1455 delivers on maximum productivity with blazing print speeds on PrecisionCoreTM printheads.

Engineered for convenience and productivity, the L1455 provides high-speed printing at speeds of up to 18ipm for A4 and 10ipm for A3 size paper. It has a multitude of productivity features for the SME offices, such as A3 duplex printing, scanning and copying, 4.3-inch touch-screen LCD and convenient connectivity for printing wirelessly from smart devices, cloud storage services or to any printer remotely.


The L1455 prints black and white documents with razor sharp text that are water and smudge resistant, while offering the lowest printing costs yielding 6,000 pages for black and 6,500 pages for colour for each set of inks. In photo resolution, it can print up to 4800dpi in high quality resolution.

“The all-new L1455 encompasses the full suite of features within the L-series range to deliver on outstanding quality, while helping small and medium sized businesses achieve maximum efficiency in their operations,” said Ms. Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).


The L1455 features include:

  • Duplex Automatic Document Feeder – The L1455 is equipped with a 35-sheet duplex ADF unit for convenient scanning and copying of up to A3 size documents.
  • Dual 250-sheet input tray enables 2 different paper sizes in different trays for ease of printing different sizes
  • Full suite of connectivity solutions – Equipped with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and USB 2.0, the L1455 is perfect for workgroup printing in office environments.
  • Epson warranty – Warranty coverage for up to two years or 80,000 pages, whichever comes first.

The Epson L1455 is priced at $1,179 (inclusive of GST) at all authorized retailers.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Epson Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *

Thuraya finalises plans for next generation constellation

I first got to know more about the products and services of Thuraya Telecommunications when they introduced the Thuraya SatSleeve during CommunicAsia 2013. A product that brought consumer devices to the satellite industry, ideal for those not just in the maritime, heavy industries, it’s also suitable for those in the outdoors/travel industry too.

Thuraya is finalising their plans for their next generation constellation plans. Let me share with you more information from the press release information below –

Leading mobile satellite services (MSS) operator Thuraya Telecommunications Company confirmed it has finalized its next generation constellation plans, and is set to deliver a unique, multidimensional program of expansion and diversification.


Building on its strong track record for product innovation and convergence, lead positioning in the EMEA market and growing presence in Asia, Thuraya will extend its geographical reach, move into new market sectors and launch new services and devices.

Thuraya’s L-band network will undergo extensive evolution. While continuity is assured with both existing satellites Thuraya-2 and Thuraya-3 continuing to operate as planned, the current satellite footprint will be enhanced significantly with the planned launch of next generation satellites from 2020.

Thuraya’s next generation system will focus on delivering high mobility services in core and new markets. These will be complemented with High Throughput Satellite (HTS) services for bandwidth-hungry applications in land, maritime and aeronautical markets.


Samer Halawi, Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya, said: “Thuraya will become the provider of choice for unified connectivity through an extensive program of expansion and diversification. Unrivalled and uncompromised new generation L-band and complementary HTS form the basis from which we will aim to innovate, disrupt, and redefine. Our portfolio will transform Thuraya into a one-stop shop for L-band, HTS, IoT and GSM. New markets are now accessible to us, and new technological capabilities will deliver an unparalleled portfolio of mobile products, applications and services.”

Thuraya has already achieved a substantial turnaround of business performance while operating within its current sphere of operations. Its team has overcome obstacles of limited coverage, legacy issues, and a challenging market, to consistently outperform the MSS industry from 2011 to 2015.

Thuraya’s future proposition allows it to present next generation plans against the backdrop of a distinctive and unique set of core strengths that demonstrate an understanding of growing and future trends. Convergence is a notable example, and the integration of terrestrial and satellite communications is already well established at Thuraya. With more than 360 roaming agreements with mobile network operators around the world, end-users already use devices interchangeably both on Thuraya’s satellite network and on GSM networks worldwide.

Building upon its acknowledged reputation for innovation, Thuraya has developed a roadmap for the launch of new and innovative devices, terminals and modules, designed for enterprise, government and consumer markets. Thuraya has already demonstrated a clear understanding of the value for end users of easy, convenient access to satellite connectivity. The creation of the Thuraya SatSleeve introduced the Bring-Your-Own-Device concept to the satellite industry, for instance, reflecting both an appreciation of the demand for consumer-focused devices and an ability to offer products outside the traditional range. This approach is also reflected in recent developments and partnerships in consumer wearables technology, and is reinforced by a unique and innovative distribution model that is augmented by online retail channel agreements.

Having prepared and finalized its next generation plans with global management consultancy A.T. Kearney, Thuraya is now in the process of appointing a financial adviser to begin its fundraising activities. Discussions are already in progress with a number of potential strategic investors who are interested in the unique capability Thuraya has to offer.

“We are preparing for focused and sustained growth, new market opportunities and exciting new sectors,” Halawi said. “We have laid the foundations in recent years from which to build a considerably larger and stronger business for the future. The true potential of Thuraya can now be unleashed. Ours is a unique approach, with a powerful combination of continuity and expansion. Meanwhile, our plan for the next few years is to pave the way for transition, ahead of launches from 2020, whilst continuing to serve our current customers with state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. We are excited at the prospect of being able to demonstrate the full extent of what we can achieve.”

* Information and pictures courtesy of Thuraya Telecommunications Company *

HP Introduces World’s Only Notebooks with Integrated Privacy Screens

In this era of work and productivity, we have become pretty mobile and nibble at times, working in offices, from homes, on the move outside with client appointments and meetings. Carrying a laptop is sometimes part of our equipment that we brings along for our our work.

Whether we work in office or outside while on the move, privacy and data protection are very crucial and very important elements in our work and also our personal life. Whenever we are working on our laptops, we do need to be careful of the privacy and sometimes not allow people to look at what we are doing on our computers.

HP has a solution for privacy on our computers, with the launch of their integrated privacy screens on their PCs. Let me share with you more information and details of the HP Sure View from the press release information below –

HP Inc. unveiled the world’s only PCs with integrated privacy screens. HP Sure View, a new option on the HP EliteBook 1040 and HP EliteBook 840, helps protect against visual hacking with the press of a single button.

“Today’s millennial workforce is increasingly mobile, creating new data security challenges for businesses as confidential information can be more easily hacked from a user’s screen – a process called visual hacking,” said Lionel Chng, Managing Director, HP Inc. Singapore. “The addition of HP Sure View to our PC security solutions helps address the risks associated with visual hacking and gives customers the freedom to work more confidently and productively in public spaces with the touch of a button.”


Developed with 3M privacy technology, HP Sure View eliminates the need to carry additional tools to guard sensitive information. Users simply press the f2 key to immediately transition the PC to privacy mode, which reduces up to 95 percent of visible light when viewed at an angle, making it difficult for others to view information on the screen.

“As the threat of data privacy evolves, more and more organizations are taking the issue of visual hacking seriously,” said Makoto Ishii, vice president and general manager, Display Materials and Systems Division, 3M. “Designed with more than 20 years of 3M optical films technology experience incorporated into the privacy screen, HP Sure View helps address the concern of protecting sensitive information through a world-class solution tailor-made for open work environments and for the mobile worker.”

Visual hacking is a real threat to a company’s sensitive data, as demonstrated by the “Global Visual Hacking Experiment,” a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by 3M. The study cited that nine out of 10 attempts to acquire sensitive business information using only visual means were successful, with nearly four pieces of private information visually hacked per trial2. Visual hacking can also impact employee productivity, given almost 60 percent of employees take their work outside of office walls3. A similar study by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by 3M also found that employees using a visual privacy solution can be twice as productive when working in close proximity to others4.

HP Sure View helps users work more confidently from public locations without fear of data on the screen being exposed to others. Building this technology directly into the device can help companies better comply with regulatory requirements, specifically for businesses in healthcare, public sector and finance.

“Due to the delicate nature of our medical facility, privacy of patients and their families is of upmost importance,” said Linda Ashcraft Hudak JD, CEO of George Mark Children’s House. “Solutions like HP Sure View allow us to provide our patients the attention and care they need while maintaining their privacy.”

“This exciting innovation allows users extremely easy access to privacy technology so that they can toggle it on and off at a moment’s notice,” said Michael Barrett, founder and CEO, Stealth Security, Inc. “HP Sure View is a game changer in helping them protect the sensitive data shown on their screen.”

“When it comes to protecting company and customer data, especially in the healthcare, public sector and finance industries, there must be a no compromise approach,” said Patrick Moorhead, president & principal analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy. “A solution like HP Sure View offers companies a new layer of data protection that can be easily deployed by employees, allowing them to work confidently in more places, thus increasing their productivity and efficiency.”

HP EliteBook 840


HP EliteBook 1040


HP Sure View is another solution in a string of firsts and bests coming from the company, including the world’s thinnest notebook with the HP Spectre 135, the world’s thinnest business notebook with the HP EliteBook Folio6, and the world’s first built for business 3-in-1 with the HP Elite x37.


HP Sure View is expected to be available in October as an option on the HP EliteBook 1040 Full HD touch and non-touch versions and the HP EliteBook 840.

For more information on HP’s Elite line of devices and accessories, visit:

* Information and pictures courtesy of HP Singapore and Porter Novelli *

Thuraya Telecoms & Xtra-Link to Co-Sponsor 25th Silver Anniversary Yacht Race

For those who are in the maritime sector, you would have heard of Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading mobile satellite services operator in the world. They are partnering with Xtra-Link to co-sponsor 25th Silver Anniversary yacht race from Dubai to Muscat in November 2016.

Let me share with you more information and details on it –

Leading Mobile Satellite Services operator, Thuraya Telecommunications Company and its long-standing service partner, Xtra-Link, will join forces to co-sponsor the 25th Silver Anniversary Yacht Race from Dubai to Muscat in November.

Confirmation of the dates of the race were announced at a press conference held by the United Arab Emirates Sailing & Rowing Federation in association with Oman’s Ministry of Sports Affairs, at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. The race is officially recognized by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC).

The prestigious event, which is increasingly becoming a firm favorite with sailors from across the globe, will be adjudicated by independent judges from RORC.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, children in schools across Dubai will be engaged in a maritime adventure of their own. Special lessons and demonstrations are being created on how to navigate a boat and a chart, the use of satellite technology, and the importance of safety equipment onboard yachts. Thuraya will share its expertise on these and other topics with children across Dubai.

Keith Murray, Thuraya Product Manager, Maritime, said: “We are proud to co-sponsor a race that has been running for 25 years and which does Dubai proud. This is a great chance to show children technology in action, linking theory and curriculum with real life here in the UAE. From a corporate responsibility perspective, too, it is good to be able to contribute towards imaginative educational platforms.”

As well as helping to create and lead elements of the education project, Thuraya and Xtra-Link voice and data equipment and 30 XT-PRO phones will be used as tracking units for crews taking part in the race.


Hans Kuijt, CEO, Xtra-Link, said: “This will be the eleventh year that I have sailed in the Dubai to Muscat yacht race. It is great to see my friends in the sailing world using Thuraya equipment to stay connected during such a challenging and exciting race.”

Tracking units are essential kit, allowing those back on land to track boats in real time, improving crew safety and permitting spectators to follow the race remotely.

Five Thuraya Maritime Atlas IP terminals will be supplied to allow broadband connection to be established by the vessels. Weather reports can be downloaded and sailors will also be able to upload posts onto social media, ensuring a more interactive race for sailors, spectators and schools.


The Thuraya Atlas IP terminals and XT-PRO handsets provide robust, versatile and cost-effective communications in the harsh maritime environment. Providing vital communication giving peace of mind in case anything does go wrong.

Murray said: “Thuraya has built a maritime portfolio to match the needs and requirements of those working in maritime markets. Our range of robust and reliable voice and data products and services continue to keep crew and vessels connected at sea.”

About Thuraya Telecommunications Company

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, an industry-leading MSS operator and global telecommunication provider, offers innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors, including maritime. Thuraya’s diverse range of innovative and superior technologies, from highly reliable mobile satellite handsets, to broadband devices and terminals, provides ease of use, value, quality and efficiency. Our maritime equipment, built by the world’s best manufacturers, can be installed on ships in just hours. This helps ship owners to reduce operational costs by up to 40%, while constant connectivity improves crew welfare.

Thuraya remains committed to delivering the essential tools for the maritime sector, never leaving anyone out of reach. Visit:

About Xtra-Link 

Xtra-Link offers a full range of communications solutions covering the small and the large: from individual business travelers to turnkey projects supporting on-the-road media; from peacekeeping missions to international corporations working hard to get to locations; from oil and gas organizations to those in the construction and shipping industry; wherever communications are hard or naturally non-existent, Xtra-Link can connect you.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Thuraya Telecommunications Company *

Singtel iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus price plans

For Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus fans that are looking forward to the price plans by Singtel, here they are! Singtel has released their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price plans on

Spread the word, share this news on the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price plans by Singtel with your family, loved ones and friends!

For those who are looking at Singtel Combo plans –

Combo Plan
Combo 1 Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4 Combo 6 Combo 12
iPhone 7 32GB S$698 S$568 S$378 S$188 S$28 S$0
iPhone 7 128GB S$858 S$718 S$538 S$338 S$188 S$0
iPhone 7 256GB S$1,008 S$878 S$698 S$498 S$338 S$0
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB S$878 S$748 S$568 S$368 S$208 S$0
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB S$1,038 S$898 S$718 S$518 S$368 S$0
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB S$1,188 S$1,048 S$868 S$678 S$518 S$0

For those who are looking at Singtel Easy Mobile plans –

Easy Mobile
iPhone 7 32GB S$657 S$550 S$371 S$14
iPhone 7 128GB S$812 S$705 S$527 S$170
iPhone 7 256GB S$967 S$860 S$682 S$325
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB S$839 S$732 S$553 S$196
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB S$994 S$887 S$709 S$351
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB S$1,144 S$1,037 S$858 S$501

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *