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Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker Review

The Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker was recently launched and I shared in an earlier post here on my website. I was given the opportunity to review the Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker and I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on the Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker.


Before that, let me give you a recap of the Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker Key Features

  • Powerful sound: Discover surprisingly powerful sound with the Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker. It delivers a deep and precise bass response, and detailed mid- and high-range sound.
  • Wireless freedom: Taking advantage of Bluetooth technology, you don’t have to worry about annoying cords or docks. You can wirelessly connect and play up to 30 feet away.**
  • Calls and Control: This speaker delivers a simple, intuitive user experience, letting you adjust volume and manage phone calls from your device, with ease.
  • Designed for performance: This mobile speaker is designed for wide-range sound. The drivers are positioned facing upward and out, for a more expansive sound spectrum.
  • Extended playtime: Enjoy up to five hours of continuous play without recharging. Recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery with the convenience of the included micro-USB cable and keep dancing.


Here are my thoughts and experiences on the Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Colourful and trendy
  • Interesting angled design to produce the surround sound system from the Logitech X300 speaker
  • Easy to use and pair up via Bluetooth


  • The bass is not really that strong and powerful

At a suggested retail price of SGD $99, it’s a value for money portable wireless surround sound stereo speaker that you can bring out in your bag for leisure use and even office usage, that you can consider getting it!

* I would like to thank Logitech Singapore and SPRG for the loan review opportunity! *

Transitions Optical releases the new Transitions® Signature™ Lenses

Transitions Optical, Inc. has released its latest Transitions® Signature™ lenses for all lens wearers across the region in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Featuring the most responsive adaptive lenses by Transitions Optical to date, the revolutionary new Transitions® Signature™ lenses are developed from Transitions Optical’s latest Chromea7™ technology and tested with an exclusive measurement methodology, Life360™. This new product promises greater adaptability to different types of lighting conditions, thus providing a superior and more comfortable wearing experience for all lens wearers.

Evolution in photochromic lens technology 

The latest Transitions® Signature™ lenses feature Transitions’ newly patented Chromea7™ technology, an exclusive dye formulation which enables the lens to be more responsive to the smallest change in light conditions outdoors while maintaining clarity indoors. This scientific breakthrough increases Transitions® Signature™ lenses’ sensitivity to light – allowing them to adapt very well across various environmental conditions – and capture colours and images more vividly; leading to a superior and more comfortable wearing experience unlike any other.

New patented Life360™product testing methodology to measure real-life effectiveness 

To assess the practical benefits of the new Transitions® Signature™ lenses, Transitions Optical Inc. developed and pioneered their new Life360™ methodology – a more holistic approach compared to current traditional lab-testing models practiced in the industry. Transitions® Signature™ lenses have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation in more than 200 real life conditions and 1000 scenarios in different countries, including Thailand and Philippines. These scenarios comprised of combinations of differing temperatures, angles of light, UV light, weather conditions and geographical locations; which improve the real life applications of Transitions® Signature™ lenses and ensure its versatility across a variety of settings for all lens wearers.

Furthermore, blind tests have been conducted with current clear and photochromic lens wearers to assess the visual experience of Transitions® Signature™ lenses. Users have reported Transitions® Signature™ lenses provide the optimal range of benefits – better darkness outdoors, improved responsiveness in more situations, faster speed of activation and fade back while maintaining clarity of vision indoors and at night – which have led to an improved visual experience compared with their existing set of clear or photochromic lenses (82% of clear lens wearers and 93% of photochromic lens wearers indicated Transitions® Signature™ provided a better experience than their existing set of lenses. Source: Transitions Optical, Life360 research)

The methodology of Life360™ means that Transitions® Signature™ lenses are able to adapt to the unique environmental conditions of both Southeast Asia and Asian countries, thus remaining relevant to the market here. Lance Lim, Marketing Manager of Transitions Optical Inc Asia explains the benefits of such a detailed testing process conducted by genuine spectacle wearers, “The high humidity experienced by countries near the Equator mean that various levels of cloud cover across the region result in more indirect sunlight. Transitions® Signature™ lenses’ level of tint adapts to all outdoor conditions, making them the smart choice for all-day protection as today’s wearers commute between indoor and outdoor environments, as well as travel from region to region.”

A virtual demonstration of the new Transitions® Signature™ lenses is available at http://www.transitions.com/en-sg/virtual-viewer/.

Designed for the modern lens wearer 

Recognising today’s wearers are constantly on the go, encountering different environments both locally and internationally for work and play, Transitions® Signature™ lenses cater to the increasingly mobile lifestyle of the modern lens wearer with the latest advancement in photochromic technology. As such, they respond quickly to the light conditions across a multitude of outdoor locations with consistent performance in all temperatures, enhancing visual experience for the lens wearer. Transitions® Signature™ lenses are also equally adaptable indoors and in low-light conditions – able to fade quickly and return to clarity – ensuring the best possible visual experience for its users. In addition, Transitions® Signature™ lenses protect its wearer from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, while maintaining its vivid and sharp colour perception.

Transitions® Signature™ lenses are currently available at all authorised eye care practitioners in a range of materials and designs. For more information, please visit http://www.transitions.com/en-sg/.

Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Signature and Chromea7 are trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2014 Transitions Optical, Inc.

Transitions® Signature™ Lenses 

Available in: Grey and Brown

Product Description: 

Fully clear indoors – but outside, they’re more responsive than ever. Based on Transitions Optical’s exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology and Life360™ testing process through more than 1000 scenarios, the new Transitions® Signature™ lenses are even more reactive to light conditions outdoors and can also adapt quickly to indirect light – they get darker even from light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. The versatility and adaptability of Transitions® Signature™ lenses always ensures you’ll be seeing things in the best possible light.

Key features/benefits: 

  • Seamless light management through the day in all environments: The new Chromea7™ technology allows Transitions® Signature™ lenses to optimize the amount of light that reaches your eyes, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. It has undergone rigorous real life testing in more than 1000 scenarios through Transitions’ Life360™ testing methodology, so you can be assured they adapt to your visual needs any time, any day.
  • Responsive to indirect light: Transitions® Signature™ lenses respond better to indirect light, giving you ample tint even when your face is away from the sun and allow you to see things in the best possible light. This includes light reflected from buildings and indirect glaze and haze from scattered light in low light conditions.
  • Responsive to hotter temperatures: Having been tested in over 200 real life conditions in various locations around the world, Transitions® Signature™ lenses provides consistent performance in all temperature conditions.
  • Fast fade back to clear speed: Chromea7™ technology allows Transitions® Signature™ lenses to be more responsive to the lighting conditions around you so they’ll adapt to your environment before you even know it. They also fade quickly back to clear once you’re indoors.
  • Protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays: Transitions® Signature™ lenses block 100% UV rays, offering comprehensive protection for your eyes when you’re out in the sun.
  • Fit any prescription and frame: Available for most frame and prescription types to suit your personal preference.
  • Suitable for any age including children: They work well for a variety of ages, including young active children.

Recommended for: 

  • People who go outdoors at different times of the day.
  • Those who need an adaptive lens that goes completely clear indoors.
  • Those who spend most of their time indoors and are also outdoors frequently.

* Information Courtesy of Transitions Optical and SPRG *

Asia’s first WiFi-integrated mobile plans by SingTel

SingTel launched a range of mobile plans that are fully integrated with a new premium high-speed WiFi network that it is rolling out at crowded locations and underground MRT stations.

The Combo plans are designed to meet consumers’ fast growing mobile data needs by offering high-speed WiFi usage in addition to 4G data bundles. As a launch promotion, customers will enjoy unlimited WiFi usage until 31 July 2015. Subsequently, all Combo plans will come with 2GB[1] of WiFi data allowances.

Mr Johan Buse, SingTel’s Vice President of Consumer Marketing, said: “Customers tell us that they want faster speeds and more generous data allowances. Our new premium WiFi network complements our 4G network and boosts network capacity in crowded, congestion-prone locations. It enables us to provide customers with an optimal mobile data experience where they need it most.”

Combo plan customers will be able to switch automatically between the 3G, 4G and SingTel WiFi network without a manual password login. To ensure that customers always enjoy a high-speed and seamless experience, SingTel has permanently waived the 4G value-added service subscription charges.

  Combo 1 Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4

(new tier)

Combo 6 Combo 12
Price $27.90 $42.90 $62.90 $82.90 $102.90 $239.90
Outgoing talktime minutes 100 200 300 400 700 Unlimited
Local SMS/MMS 500 1000 1200 1300 1500 Unlimited
Local 4G data 100MB 2GB 3GB 4GB 6GB 12GB
WiFi usage NA 2GB. (Promotional offer of unlimited data usage from 19 August 2014 to 31 July 2015)
4G VAS Charge Waived permanently

The Combo plans provide customers with better value for money than existing plans. They offer up to 200 minutes more local talktime and up to 500 more SMS messages. From 19 August 2014, the Combo plans will replace SingTel’s existing plans for customers who renew their contracts or subscribe to new lines. 

SingTel premium WiFi network

Unlike free public WiFi networks, SingTel’s WiFi network is fully managed to ensure high quality performance. It can provide connectivity that is five times faster than typical free public WiFi services. (Average typical speeds of SingTel WiFi range from 4 to 10Mbps.)

At launch, coverage will be available at more than 100 hotspots at 11 locations, including popular shopping malls such as Raffles City, Plaza Singapura, Junction 8, Funan Digitalife Mall, Bugis+, The Atrium and Changi City Point. SingTel will progressively roll out the network to all CapitaMall shopping centres. (Please refer to Annexe 1 for the list of malls covered at launch.)

Hotspots will also be installed in Singapore’s busiest underground MRT stations and major bus interchanges.  Customers can enjoy coverage at Orchard, City Hall and Raffles Place stations from 22 August 2014. The service will be progressively rolled out to 16 MRT stations on the North-East Line, as well as eight other stations with high commuter traffic over the next nine months. (Please refer to Annexe 2 for the list of MRT stations.)

By March 2015, approximately 1,000 hotspots at more than 100 locations across the island will have been deployed. These numbers are expected to double by March 2016.

For the full list of SingTel WiFi hotspot locations, please visit www.singtel.com/stwifi.

[1]Excess data charge of $10.70 per GB will apply

ANNEX 1 – Shopping Malls with SingTel WiFi at launch (19 Aug 2014)

  1. Raffles City
  2. Funan Digitalife Mall
  3. Changi City Point
  4. Plaza Singapura
  5. Junction 8
  6. Sembawang Shopping Centre
  7. Bugis+
  8. The Atrium
  9. Orchard Central
  10. Toa Payoh HDB Hub
  11. SingTel Shops and other SingTel locations

ANNEX 2 – MRT stations to be covered

  1. City Hall (Ready by 22 Aug 2014)
  2. Orchard (Ready by 22 Aug 2014)
  3. Raffles Place (Ready by 22 Aug 2014)
  4. Chinatown
  5. Clarke Quay
  6. Little India
  7. Farrer Park
  8. Boon Keng
  9. Potong Pasir
  10. Woodleigh
  11. Kovan
  12. Hougang
  13. Buangkok
  14. Sengkang
  15. Punggol
  16. Jurong East
  17. Dhoby Ghaut (NEL & NS)
  18. Bishan
  19. Serangoon (NEL)
  20. Buona Vista
  21. Outram Park (NEL)
  22. Paya Lebar
  23. Choa Chu Kang
  24. Harbour Front* (NEL)

* Information Courtesy of SingTel Corporate Communications *

Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

Celebrating your 49th Birthday might sound old to some, for a nation that is celebrating 49th Birthday, it’s still a young nation. This young nation is Singapore, celebrating her 49th Birthday today on the 9th August 2014. Today, as I took a step back, reflecting back over the years that I called Singapore home since the day I was born and taking a step forward, looking ahead into the future. Many many many things/landscapes/society has changed over the past 49 years of independence. Reading back my posts in 2012 and 2013 on my National Day posts, it was filled with a sense of nostalgia too.

As a young nation, growing and opening up bit by bit, slowly over the years, with the help and proliferation of social media platforms and channels. It will still need to take more time to be more mature, be more open and be more tolerant. There were many times and probably most recently, we had a lot of frustrations, stress, anger, selfishness that spilled over to the community, revealing the ugly scenes in our community. Things are not perfect, let’s be honest and open about it. While things/processes/steps are taking place to improve, it still needs time.

The social media sites published a number of interesting articles in lieu of Singapore’s 49th Birthday, 1 year more to the Jubilee 50th Year in 2015. Here are some of the articles title and their links -

The few articles strike a deep chord in me, nostalgia and my early childhood memories brought me to “go back in time”, to go on my personal journey to photograph and document, old places, memories and things/areas to be gone forever. This also came at a time when I took a few steps back and said to myself, not to be driven by chasing of monetary assets sometimes fuel by greed and wants. It was also like getting back into the flora and fauna, the beauty of the outdoors.

Nostalgia is a pretty big matter/topic in my humble personal opinion because our relentless and furious pace of development resulted in our loss of identity, culture, history and heritage. The pace was pretty fast in the past 10 years and that may be why people started to feel for the losses and started to do something about preserving memories and places in Singapore. I am happy and honoured that I am able to play my small part in documenting and photographing Singapore’s Old Places, memories, history and heritage, through my humble collection of stories and photographs here on my Flickr collection and my photography website.

Nostalgia, can be a double-edged sword too, from the TODAY article. It’s inevitable and the truth that we need to grow, improve and develop for the future generations and not live in a world that are years behind. If we are in a world 20-30 years ago, we will not be able to match the level and connectivity of the current world economies today. The key topics for future discussion are likely to be

- Where do we strike a balance between preservation and growth?

- How many can we preserve without compromising our growth?

As we all take a step towards SG50, our jubilee year in 2015, the discussions and involvement by everybody in Singapore are important and crucial while Singapore grows and mature in the coming years/decades ahead.

Singapore is not perfect, nobody is perfect, no country is perfect. We had grown and prospered in Singapore, let’s not take things for granted. Together with everybody’s involvement, from the person on the streets to the civil servants, we can make a difference and grow Singapore stronger together.

Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

WD My Book Duo 12TB is launched!

WD, a world leader in storage solutions, recently announced the WD My Book Duo, the newest member of its award-winning line of desktop storage solutions for home and office. Utilizing two drives, hardware-level RAID and USB 3.0, My Book Duo delivers massive capacity and file transfer speeds not available on single-drive solutions. Available in 4 TB[1], 6 TB, 8 TB and 12 TB capacities, My Book Duo also comes with software that creates secure local, cloud and system-level backups for complete data protection.

 “From creative pros and expert consumers to everyday content creators – people with large amounts of data will find My Book Duo the fast and reliable way to offload content from their computers, organize it in a single location and protect it with backups, passwords and encryption,” said Jim Welsh, executive vice president of content solutions and worldwide sales at WD. “My Book Duo offers super-fast transfer speeds, massive capacity and integrated WD Red® drives to provide the ultimate desktop storage solution for all your digital libraries.”

wdfMB_Duo (1)


My Book Duo’s dual-drive design offers superior performance with USB 3.0 connection to enable transfer speeds up to 290 MB/s. Optimized for small RAID environments, the integrated WD Red hard drives with true hardware RAID increase performance and reduce data bottlenecks.Preconfigured in RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) 0 for maximum performance and capacity, My Book Duo offers users the flexibility to take advantage of mirror mode (RAID 1) for ultimate data protection or use JBOD configuration to use the drives individually. In mirror mode (RAID 1) the drives continuously maintains a second copy of all digital files for real-time data backup[2]. One drive is used to store the user’s data while the second drive is used for a duplicate copy. In the unlikely event that one drive fails, all of the user’s data is still available from the other drive.

Complete Backup Protection

Software available on My Book Duo offers various forms of data protection with local, cloud and system-level backup through WD SmartWare Pro backup software and Acronis True Image software WD Edition. The automatic and continuous settings within WD SmartWare Pro make file and folder backups quick and easy. My Book Duo offers multiple data protection and access benefits to Dropbox account users. Dropbox data can be securely backed up to the local hard drive and integrated cloud backup to Dropbox accounts with WD SmartWare Pro to provide safe, offsite storage of critical files – creating an extra layer of protection. Additionally, with My Book Duo, users can then access information saved in the cloud with Dropbox Web access.


Hardware & Software Security

In addition to the performance benefits of hardware RAID, My Book Duo is engineered with optimum security in mind. My Book Duo has 256-bit AES hardware encryption and password protection to provide ultimate hardware and software security.

My Book Duo Features

My Book Duo is designed with a convenient user-serviceable enclosure and a handy USB hub on the back of the device which allows for connection of mobile phones, tablets and more for charging or data transfer, or to help de-clutter the workstation area. Additional features include:

  • Interface: USB 3.0 (x3)
  • Drives on board: WD Red hard drives
  • Available capacities: 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB  and 12 TB
  • Data management: RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD; independent CPU for RAID volume management
  • Security: Hardware RAID, Hardware Encryption, Password Protection
  • Compatibility:  NTFS (default) + Reformat to HFS + J for Mac
  • Software: WD SmartWare™ Pro, Dropbox™ cloud integration, Acronis True Image Software WD Edition, WD Security™, WD Drive Utilities
  • Limited Warranty: 3-Year limited warranty (see support.wdc.com for terms and conditions)

Price and Availability

Available at select retailers and online at www.wdstore.com.sg, My Book Duo comes with a three-year limited warranty. My Book Duo is distributed by Eternal Asia (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore. Recommended pricing for My Book Duo is $469.00 for 4 TB, $549.00 for 6 TB, $699.00 for 8 TB and $999.00 for 12 TB.

[1]   As used for storage capacity, one megabyte (MB) = one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes, and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.

[2] 1 System is shipped in RAID 1 configuration, which leaves half of the system capacity available for data storage. System is configurable to RAID 0; JBOD or spanned, which leaves all system capacity available for data storage. Up to 0.1TB may be reserved for non-user accessible storage.

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of WD Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations *

Sony Announced New CP-B20 USB Portable Charger

For the modern technology savvy and electronic gadgets (smartphone and tablets) savvy, accompanied by social media connectivity and always on the move. We are sometimes always in need of power to charge all our various electronic gadgets when we are on the move. Introducing the CP-B20, a new USB Portable Charger from Sony that has a battery capacity of a whopping 20,000mAh, making it a reliable companion no matter how long you stay out.

Suitable for power sharing among family and friends while on trips together or for users who carry multiple devices and are worried of running out of power, the aluminum-bodied CP-B20 is the perfect partner for all your charging needs. For your convenience, it comes pre-charged and is ready to use right out of the box. Not only does it have the ability to charge your smartphone up to eight times[1], it also comes with a 4 LED indicator and four USB output ports with the ability to quickly replenish up to four USB chargeable devices simultaneously at the maximumfast-charging output of 6.9A[2]. When its energy is eventually depleted, the CP-B20 can be easily charged via an AC adaptor[3].

CP-B20 with Xperia Z2

Containing a Sony-made Lithium-ion battery, the CP-B20 USB Portable Charger utilises Sony’s Hybrid Gel Technology that allows it to retain more than 90 per cent of its capacity even after 1,000 charges.

The new CP-B20 USB Portable Charger from Sony will be available in black, and at a recommended retail price of S$149.00 from mid-August 2014 onwards.

Specifications Sheet

Model CP-B20
Input DC 5V, 0.5A ~ 1.5A
Output Micro USB Max. 6.9A (Total of 4ports)
Size (W x H x D mm) 84.4 × 175.0 × 23.5
Weight Approx. 550g
Supply Time *1 Micro USB Approx. 100 min
(4 USB output: Max 6.9A)
Battery Capacity?(3.7V) *2 20,000mAh
Charging Time AC adaptor Approx. 15 hours
USB port Approx. 50 hours
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 35°C

*1 Supply time varies depending on battery condition, storage condition and portable device.

*2 Li-ion polymer battery nominal capacity.

 [1] Actual chargeable capacity varies depending on battery condition, storage condition and portable device.

[2] When connected to one USB output, the maximum output current is 2.4A (depending on the USB chargeable device output). The maximum output current when all four USB output ports are connected is 6.9A (depending on the USB chargeable device output).

[3] AC Adaptor sold separately.

* Information and Picture Courtesy of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide *

SingTel Offers Free All-Day Unlimited Mobile Data for Singapore’s 49th birthday!

Singapore is celebrating her 49th Birthday and SingTel is offering its postpaid mobile customers free unlimited data on National Day (9 August 2014). Customers can stream music and videos, download apps, surf, post, pin and upload selfies to their heart’s content.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, SingTel’s CEO Consumer Singapore, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating this important day with all Singaporeans and our customers. We hope this will help bring our customers closer to their friends and family. Sharing special moments in photos or videos of their favourite National Day activities will be made possible with SingTel’s network.”

In addition, SingTel mio TV customers can enjoy free previews of selected movies and ethnic channels such as FOX Movies Premium HD, STAR Chinese Movies HD, Astro Prima and SONY MAX.

SingTel mio TV will also offer customers 49 percent off selected Video-on-demand (VOD) movies from 8 to 10 August. Titles include blockbusters such as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, 300: Rise of an Empire and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (Click here for a full list of VODs and channels)

Customers who sign up for any SingTel mobile plan (Value Plan and above) from now until 10 August will enjoy an additional 4.9GB of local data bundle every month for three months. They will also receive a $49 discount off selected handsets when they sign up for any SingTel mobile plan (Lite Plan and above). These promotions are also available to existing customers who renew their subscriptions.

SingTel has been the technology partner of the National Day Parade (NDP) since 1995, providing the support for the event’s online ticket balloting system and other telecommunication needs. This year, 51 SingTel staff will also be participating in the Parade as part of SingTel’s marching contingent.

Free for all customers  
Free local data usage for all SingTel Mobile postpaid customers 9 Aug 2014

(Midnight to 11.59pm)

Free preview of selected movie and ethnic channels for all SingTel mio TV customers 8 -10 Aug 2014
National Day promotions  
49% off selected Video-on-demand titles 8 -10 Aug 2014
Additional 4.9GB local data bundle every month for three months for signups of Value Plan and above Ends 10 Aug 2014
$49 off selected handsets for signups of Lite Plan and above Ends 10 Aug 2014
Free 1GB local data every month for 12 months with any MobileShare or TalkMore Unlimited sign-up Ends 10 Aug 2014
Wear red and white when you sign up or recontract a postpaid mobile or fibre bundle plan at SingTel shops and receive a $10 SingTel accessories voucher 9 and 10 Aug 2014

For more information, please visit www.singtel.com.

* Information Courtesy of SingTel Corporate Communications *

My recap of recent Heritage and Conservation news

The roles, significance and importance of Singapore’s heritage, history and culture had been in the limelight and headlines recently. Happening at an important crossroad in time for Singapore, 2014 is Singapore’s 49th year birthday and we are reaching the 50th mark in 2015, that’s a significant milestone for us since our independence in 1965. While there were events, exhibitions, trails and guided walks during Singapore HeritageFest 2014, there were also other news that showcased our delicate balance in conservation and preservation versus future development for the nation.

Here are some of the areas that came into the limelight recently

Tanglin Halt Estate

One of the older HDB housing estates in Singapore,  it was reported in Channel News Asia on 27th June 2014 that 31 HDB residential blocks will be re-developed. While the relocation of the residents and local businesses around the  Tanglin Halt area will take place over the next few years, it’s inevitable that the changes and re-development will come eventually in the near future. The flats were iconic in a way that they were part of Singapore’s early HDB residential blocks, after Singapore’s first HDB estates in the areas of Queenstown, Toa Payoh and Tiong Bahru.

Before the time comes to an end for the rustic neighbourhood, I am planning to capture more of the lifestyle, architecture and surroundings. While I managed to photograph Queenstown area before it was torn down and getting ready for future developments and new residential flats, I reflected and realised that I didn’t do enough when it was still around. I must remind myself not to make this mistake again.

Dakota Crescent

Another housing estate that will bite the dust, an area that I like to go and explore because of the Old Dove Playground located there! This rustic and retro housing estate is built by SIT when Singapore was still under Colonial rule. The SIT flats designs were unique and there were not many SIT housing estates in Singapore today – Tiong Bahru where it is full of life and residents, while Silat Walk, the residents had left and relocated nearby their former neighbourhood.

Located in a prime plot of land on the edge of the city/cbd circle and right beside Circle Line Mountbatten MRT Station, it was reported in Channel News Asia on 24th July 2014 that the residents of Dakota Crescent will have to relocate by end of 2016. It will be interesting to see if the Old Playground at Dakota Crescent will be preserved with some of the SIT flats for history and conservation purposes.

Having photographed and documented Dakota Crescent over a few years when I started to photograph and document the Old Playground in May 2011, I visited the Dakota Crescent occasionally and added photographs to my collection. Dakota Crescent had many friendly and cute cats and if you are a cat lover, you will definitely love them!

While the Dakota Crescent has a shorter life span left as compared to Tanglin Halt Estate, I hope that I can go more in-depth into Dakota Crescent and add on to the photography documentation here on my Flickr collection, before the decision for Dakota Crescent future takes place.

Sungei Road

The place to find used goods, a market that breathes a kind of totally different kind of life from the modern cosmopolitan Singapore city lifestyle. An area that attracts both the local and international visitors, it is unique and special that brings us back into early Singapore days. While I may not buy the things from Sungei Road, you may never know what you can find in Sungei Road market.

I wonder what is the lifespan left for Sungei Road ? Time for me to do something.

We are now at a crossroad in our history, while we are tracing our roots, history, heritage and culture from our early days till today, we are facing urban renewal and re-development dilemma situations. The decision to preserve versus the decision to change, renew and  redevelop for the future generations.

This is the time for all of us, everyone of us in Singapore, to come together and make decisions. Let’s not change everything, renew and redevelop, we still have to keep some history, conservation and preservation for the future too.

A New Start, A New Journey, A New Beginning

This post is 1 month in the making and preparation, from the moment I decided to leave my former industry and embark on my new adventure, a new start, a new beginning and a journey ahead. To some people out there, they would probably see me as a failure and judge me as a failure. For judging people/things seems like a normal standard today and they have a right to judge. It’s true to a certain extent that I have failed to live up to standards in terms of monetary value returns that the society sees as the norm. From this failure, I learned the virtues of savings, living prudently and appreciating riskier opportunities when it became available to me. I failed a lot and I learned an enormous amount from the University of Hard Knocks. While I don’t earn the expected monetary value returns, the lifelong lessons over the years were priceless and made me more grounded, appreciative and smarter. It’s not the end of the lifelong lessons from the University of Hard Knocks, all these lessons are ongoing and continuous.

I learned from my failures and disappointments, climbed up again and again every time I fell flat face down on the ground. It slowly made me stronger slowly over time, painful at times, adding points to the exponential learning curve. In some other parts of life, there had also been ups and downs too, the achievements and disappointments, all contributed to real life marketing and social media management skills, that prepared me for my new journey ahead starting today. For my photography adventure, learning advanced skills in strobist lighting photography, account management and personal projects. There were times there were question marks too in my photography because I questioned that myself, only through more exploring, sharing and mentoring, does my photography came back to me in “Why I photograph”, sometimes I have it, sometimes I have to search for it again.

A month’s rest wasn’t and didn’t became a month’s rest, I was preparing for a new start, a new journey, a new beginning. Instead, I took on new personal projects to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, helping fellow entrepreneur/biz owner friends, along the line of honing my new photography learning in lighting photography. I am grateful for the support from fellow supportive friends who helped me and never looked down on me.

What does my new start, a new journey, a new beginning consists of ? It’s now a backend role, in terms of business development, social media management, marketing and improvisations. This would allow me to expand on my alternative investments and photography too. The 1st of August 2014 marks the new start, a new corporate profile photograph and a new cover photograph for both my Facebook personal and page.

Yes, I quit, I do not need to deny about that fact. Yes, I am making a New Start, New Journey, A New Beginning. Life is like a never ending marathon, one after another, the anxiety, the fatigue, the pain, mind over body, finishing the run and the whole life marathon starts again. As this phrase always remains part of my life forever “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, I sincerely thank you to the group of people who never looked down on me and stand by me and walked with me in my life journey till now, they are still walking the journey with me.

The Simpsons are in town! (26th July)

Simpsons fans in Singapore alert! The Simpsons will be in town on 26th July! Catch Homer and Bart Simpson at Causeway Point SingTel Shop on 26th July at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm! You can mingle and snap a photo with the life-sized cartoon characters to win attractive prizes! Take a selfie with Bart and Homer in the SingTel Shop and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag, #miotvfoxsimpsons. 30 lucky winners will receive a 2015 Simpsons calendar and this contest is open to all members of the public.

The Simpsons are in town!

Note: Winners will be notified via Instagram.

For SingTel mio TV subscribers, your selfie with Bart and Homer could help you win the top prize of a trip for two to Los Angeles and the FOX lot! Other prizes such as The Simpsons LEGO House and a set of the Simpsons family 25th Anniversary plush toys are also up for grabs. All you need to do is to email your selfie, along with a comment on why you love The Simpsons (what’s there not to love?) to contests@singtel.com.

Simpsons fans! Don’t forget to catch The Simpsons Season 25 when it premieres on FOX next Monday, 21 July, at 8pm.


The Simpsons S25
Premieres Monday, 21 July @ 8pm
Every Monday-Friday, 8pm
SingTel mio TV Ch. 330

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of FOX International Channels and Tactic PR *