20th November – Remembrance + Other Updates

Today on the 20th November 2017, it’s a day of significance and rememberance for me.

Remembrance Day

Exactly 1 year ago on 20th November 2016, my paternal grandmother passed away at a ripe old age of 99 years. My matriarch had always been the pillar and foundation of the extended family, someone that I had the utmost respect and admiration. Her sharpness, observations, along with her meticulous nature, were some of the life skills set that she had passed on down to her future generations, I am one of those that inherited those traits of my grandmother!

While her anniversary will be based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar (early December for year 2017), I used both calendars to remember her and what she did for the entire family under leadership and guidance. While it had been a year, we all missed her.

Other Updates

Collaboration project – Love At Second Sight

For the past few weeks, I was involved in a collaboration shoot with my friends Tiffany and Peps, for their Love At Second Sight short films project. I was shooting behind the scenes and another segment on lifestyle product shoot. Shot over a 4 days period in a two weeks time frame, I had a great time, tiring at the end of the day, managed to capture some really nice photos, for the short films, on behind the scenes, for marketing and publicity. Keep a look out for Love At Second Sight short film on Tiffany and Peps FB page, as well as my FB page for more updates!

Editorial Coverage

Editorial coverage for some of the events that I attended, in technology, lifestyle and musuems events, my coverage had been slower than I would like it to be. I promise to get my backlogged editorial coverage published and shared in the coming 2 weeks. Thank you to all for your understanding.

95th Dinner Anniversary Celebrations

95 years is not a small milestone and I am very happy to be part of this celebrations and this special family, the Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, along with my old boys and girls club a.k.a Dragon Chapter. I hope to share more photographs and stories soon, it’s just a small shout out first! 95 not out, next monumental milestone, 100! Onward Dragon Scouts!

Marketing, branding, publicity, partnerships and collaborations

An era of disruptions, more to come in the years ahead, running a business has changed, my personal opinion and view is the traditional ways of running a business may not be that applicable, adapt, change, disrupt or get left behind in this fast and furious pace. Redefining, reorganising and restructuring my business, building up more partnerships and collaborations with different groups of friends.

Some inner most private thoughts

It had been a very tough two years for me, if you had been reading my stories and updates from 2016 till today in 2017. All these life experiences shaped my in many different ways and aspects. Losing 6 people from your life within a 1 year time frame from 2016 to 2017 had quite a big impact on me. At times, when friends were celebrating their happy milestones, big travel holidays, delicious expensive restaurant food on a weekly basis, I just kept quiet and hide away.

Running a small business in this year, are more long long stories to share, some of my stories on running a small business, you might have read in my updates/stories along the way. I leave this segment for my future story telling and sharing.

As a photographer, I faced quite a number of times of unpleasant comments, remarks, sometimes dislike, sometimes asking u along the line of “when are u going to fail”. To receive credits and acknowledgement from friends, partners and supporters for the photography works that I do is a blessing.

There are times when not everything is about $$, it’s about giving thanks, gratitude, giving back and pay it forward! Giving back to my alma mater Dragon Scout Group is one of them.

Tough times never last, tough people do. A constant reminder to myself, be thankful and grateful for everything that I have at this point in time, stay humble and grounded. Keep learning and improving.

Goodbye and farewell! You will be remembered!

On the morning of Friday 23rd September 2016, I woke up and saw a group message sent to my alma mater WhatsApp group belonging to the Dragon Chapter, the old boys of the Dragon Scout Group family hierarchy. I was shocked and very sad to hear the passing of a senior Scout master from Hawaii, who lost the battle to an illness.

I took a walk down my own personal memory lane when I first met you, I was just a young boy scout. If my memories serve me correctly, I was just 15 when you came down and visited Dragon Scout Group in 1992, that was the first establishment of a long and still strong, ongoing Scouting friendship and bonding between Hawaiian scout troop that you led and Dragon Scout Group in Singapore. Never did I realised how long and wonderful this friendship and bonding lasted over two decades. I am very honoured (for a young teenager during that time) to be one of the first few Dragon Scout Group Scouts to have memories of meeting you in person in the school when you first visited us.

The first exchange was in 1994 when you led and brought the Hawaiian scout troop down to Singapore for the first exchange. I can still remember the time when you all came down for camping at Sarimbun Scout Camp and I was in my first year as a Venture Scout. The Dragon Scout Group went over in 1995 for the return exchange visit that I didn’t get to be a part of.

Even though there was a bit of a time gap in between the first and next exchange visit, the friendship was never lost. I was looking through the photographs that I took when you returned in 2007 for the exchange with Dragon Scout Group, with a group of Hawaiian scouts, leaders and parents. I was there to welcome the Hawaiian scouts at the airport, it was the start of a fun and enjoyable exchange programme. These were some very beautiful memories and I was very happy to be part of this wonderful exchange.

In 2012, the boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group visited Hawaii for an exchange and I decided to follow along too. This was one of the best travels that I had, it wasn’t just about how beautiful Hawaii is or visiting Big Island. Following along for this exchange trip gave me a chance to truly learn and understand a lot more about international scouting exchange and friendship even though I wasn’t active in the Scouting movement. Upon returning back home, I would pass it on to my junior leaders in my alma mater, Dragon Scout Group whenever I am able to, serving the role as a mentor (just an old boy coming back whenever I am able to).

When you came back to Singapore for holidays, it was always great to catch up with you along with my fellow scout leaders. We will never forget your kindness and blessings, with gifts from Hawaii!

Dear Sterling, goodbye and farewell! You may not longer be with us, we will miss you! Your legacy, your friendship, kindness and advice that you gave us will forever be remembered in our hearts, mind and soul. You are not just a Scout master, you are (and still will be) a leader, a mentor, a senior and a big brother in the international scouting movement.

Thank you, Sterling, for everything, the friendship, guidance, kindness and blessings.

We will continue to Pass-It-On, upholding the Scouting fire and spirit, spreading, building friendships and bonding through the international Scouting movement.

A Role Model of the Dragon Scout Group Family

There was a newspaper article recently that appeared on the newspaper print and online news portal, with the title “No ordinary lawyer would do this”. I saw the photograph of the lawyer and he was a familiar face, he’s a member of the Dragon Scout Group extended family / Dragon Chapter family, my senior, Thrumurgan.

I still remembered Thru when I first joined Dragon Scout Group during Secondary One, he took us for Scouting games, activities and learning Scouting skills. He was a Venture Scout, thus a senior Scout at that time. Thru went on to achieve the President Scout Award, the highest honour for a Venture Scout. During my Boy Scout to Venture Scout days, I had the opportunity to learn from my senior Thru (and many other seniors too) on various stages of my Scouting journey, his leadership, Scouting skills and knowledge were invaluable to me as a junior. Like Thru, he was a role model, like many of our seniors who came back to pass on the Dragon Scouting spirit, skills, knowledge and experience to the juniors.

Reading the news article, on what Thru had done for the young girl, it was like Wow! That’s something very noble and very heart warming, living up to the Scout Promise “To Help Other People”. What he did was beyond the call of duty, to give a second chance and to help people in society.

What does this story meant and significance for me as a fellow Dragon Chapter member? What does it meant for the current members of the Dragon Scout Group family and the young old boys and girls of the Dragon Chapter family?

Thru’s good deed to the society epitomise the Scouting spirit, to help people, to Pay-It-Forward and give back to society. I hope that this story would be able to motivate and encourage our young boys and girls to do good, Pay-It-Forward and give back to society when the time arises.

At my current juncture in life, I hope that I have done some good deeds and give back to society, in some way or another. I will continue to share, pass-it-on, pay-it-forward and mentor the juniors of the Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter family.

Yes, I am still learning from my seniors of the Dragon Scout Group extended family and Dragon Chapter family.

Onward Dragon Scout!

22nd February – Happy Founder’s Day!

22nd February, to everybody in the Scouting movement, it is Founder’s Day or World Scout Day. Even though I am not as active as before in the Scouting movement, I am still connected with my alma mater Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group and the Dragon Chapter (for us Old Boys to stay connected).

Looking back at my photographs that I took of my alma mater Dragon Scout Group during their special events and projects, it always feels great to be back to a family of great heritage, history and culture, with our roots dating back to 1922! The role now that I play and support to my alma mater is of mentoring and guidance in their special projects, it is where I learned a lot of life and outdoor skills in the Dragon Scout Group family. This is something that I have to Pass It On and Pay It Forward, the Dragon Scouting fire and spirit!

Time to find and allocate time going back to my alma mater!

If you would love to connect with my alma mater, you can find their links below and connect with them –

Dragon Scout Group website

Dragon Scout Group Facebook Page 

Dragon Chapter Facebook Page

Wishing all a Happy Founder’s Day to all in the Scouting movement! 

Happy Founder’s Day!

Today is 22nd February, I would like to wish everybody (both present and past) in the Scouting Movement  a Happy Founder’s Day!

Joining the Scouting movement was one of the best decisions that I made in my life when I started secondary school in Gan Eng Seng School, joining the Dragon Scout Group family. This was an amazing and exciting life journey that I never regretted taking the first step, the Scouting skills, outdoor recreational, life skills and friendship, a brotherhood that spans beyond my imagination.

While I am not as active as before, I always try to keep in touch and stay connected with my alumni mater, Dragon Scout Group family, their activities and events and I would try to join them as much as possible. Today, I am like a mentor/adviser to the young leaders, rovers and ventures, while more of a senior to the younger boy and girl scouts. It’s always great to be back together with the Dragon Scout Group family, with a very rich heritage, history, culture and our unique Dragon Scouting branding that was founded in 1922.

Scouting movement goes beyond the shores, with our unique and strong relationship over the years with our fellow leaders from Hawaiian Scouting. Our recent 90th Anniversary trip to Hawaii for an overseas Scouting Exchange program was filled with great fun, memories and building stronger Scouting bonds

Do check out the links below about Dragon Scouting

Dragon Scout Group Photos Collection on Flickr

Dragon Scout Group Facebook Page

Dragon Scout Group website


Happy Founder’s Day to everybody in Scouting! Keep the Scouting Fire glowing and Pass-It-On! 

Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year !

Today is Christmas Day, wishing all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy and have fun during this festive season with your family, loved ones and friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, supporters and readers here and on my personal site and photography site.

Sharing a quote from Lessons Learned In Life, it’s a reminder to count my blessings and what I have in life today, family, friends and what I have achieved and be grateful. It’s also to stop focusing on my troubles and negative things, continue to pay-it-forward, to make a difference to others, giving back to my alumni mater Dragon Scout Group, in my personal photojournalistic journey in heritage, conservation and preservation.

Thank you very much and wishing all happy holidays!D


DSG Hawaii Overseas Exchange Program 2012 – A Personal Reflection

In her 90th year, she still carries a bright shining light, a Scouting Light founded in 1922 that had metamorphosed, transformed and changed many young people. This is the Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group, an extended family and alumni mater that I am proud of and still to be a part of them since my Dragon Scouting days.

As part of her 90th Anniversary celebrations, DSG was going to Hawaii for an overseas exchange program with the Hawaiian Scouts, a friendship that was established sometime back in 1992.  It was a 10day adventure trip to Hawaii, camping, hiking, a Scouting exchange program and sightseeing. This wasn’t just a long needed and awaited overseas trip that I had been craving for, it was also a time to catch up with the Hawaiian Scoutmasters and Hawaiian scouting friends. This is also a great time for me to catch up with the Dragon Scout Group, since I had limited time and opportunities to interact with the young boys and girls of my alumni mater Dragon Scout Group.

Throughout the 10days, it was really fun, great to be with the young ones (not that I am very old) and also some older folks, making new friends from the Dragon Scouting and Hawaiian Scouting. Even though it was just 25 boys and girls from Dragon Scout Group, I wasn’t able to chat with all them during the 10day adventure.  Hopefully, I would be able to do so when I am back for Dragon Scout Group events throughout the year in the future.

Being a small cohesive group of 25 boys and girls, 4 teachers and 1 old boy (that’s me), this allowed all of us to be closer since we were together for 12 days (10 days in Hawaii and 2 days of flying + transit). We all definitely learned and grew friendships within this small group and with our Hawaiian hosts. Each group (patrol) worked together during meal/cooking times, building their Scouting gifts for exchange program. Our Hawaiian hosts helped and guided different groups daily with their cooking and meal serving duties for the whole group and Hawaiian hosts.

Every night, there would be a debrief, to reflect and recap on the day’s activities and events, to prepare and update for the next day’s activities and event schedule. Thereafter, each group had their own session for more personal insight sharing and reflection, whereby every Scout was writing down their thoughts, stories and reflections inside their daily reflection booklet. Their respective teacher in charge for each group supervised this session and it was a daily quiet reflection time for the young boys and girls.

For the 25 boys and girls who were part of the Hawaii overseas exchange program, I hope the entries you wrote inside your reflection booklet would help you look back at the wonderful and beautiful memories that you experienced during your 10days in Hawaii. Add in the photographs that you took during this trip, this booklet would even be more precious and valuable.  Do share these experiences with your family, loved ones, fellow Dragon Scouting friends and with our Hawaiian hosts too. Remember that you have been a part of a special history and bonding between Dragon Scouting and Hawaiian Scouts. Your thoughts and reflections would be a role model, a shining bright light in the future when Dragon Scout Group visits Hawaiian Scouts again for another exchange program. The memories that you wrote and the photographs that you shared with all would form a part of your Dragon Scouting memories that you can fondly looked back on, many years down the road.

To the 25 boys and girls from Dragon Scout Group that went for the Hawaii Overseas Exchange Program, remember to Pass-It-On and Pay-It-Forward to your fellow Dragon Scouting friends, share your stories, memories, thoughts, reflections and photographs.

As an Old Boy from Dragon Scout Group, I would also be sharing my huge number of photographs (approximately 2,442 photographs taken) and writing our travel adventures in Hawaii (from Day 1 to Day 12) for the Dragon Scout Group, Old Boys and Girls from Dragon Scout Group, our great loving friends from Hawaii and people who loves the Scouting movement worldwide.

I would like to say a Big Thank You from the bottom of my heart to our hosts, the loving, caring and friendly Hawaiian Scoutmasters and friends.  Mahalo! Thank you taking such good care of us, the warmest hospitality that you showered upon all of us. To the 25 boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group who traveled for the Hawaii overseas exchange program, thank you for making it fun and exciting for all of us and allowing me to be part of this wonderful exchange with everyone of you.

Happy 90th Anniversary to Dragon Scout Group and it was an awesome, exciting and fun traveling overseas exchange program in Hawaii with all of 25 of you!

Visiting Faith Acts Open House 2011

On a Sunday afternoon, 2nd October 2011, I was invited by fellow blogger/tweeple friend, Mr Smith of Waddup Events to an open house by non-profit community service agency, known as FaithActs, who were having an Open House on that day from the morning till late afternoon. Checking my schedule, I was there in the afternoon to visit FaithActs Open House 2011 and it was bustling with many people from all walks of life, with carnival activities and community interaction. Therefore, I decided to make a visit to FaithActs Open House 2011 and the Open House event was organised by Waddup Events.

FaithActs is a non-profit community service agency serving the needs of children, youths, families and seniors in Singapore. The Centre is located at Blk 76, Commonwealth Drive, # 01- 497, Singapore 140076. FaithActs aim to reach out and impact the lives of people through the provision of programmes and services which meet community needs and alleviate social problems, regardless of their ethnic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. Source : FaithActs website

FaithActs provides quality and holistic services, addressing social issues, changing lives, meeting community needs, impacting, changing and transforming the lives of people there. With character development, sharing of life skills and values, FaithActs hopes to empower and heighten the confidence, self awareness and esteem of the needy children, youths, families and seniors in our community, thus helping them to cope with the challenges and struggles that they face in their daily lives. Source : FaithActs Mission

Mr Smith was very gracious and kind enough to give me a personal tour of the entire event and the facilities of the FaithActs and we had a good chat on how such smaller non-profit community service organisations are coping and doing in the modern society of Singapore, where they stand and how much help/aid can they get from the government to help their organisations to provide even more of their services to the needy people. From the various types of facilities, it’s not just for 1 group of people, it’s for everybody from the young to the old, a place for them to gather, learn and get together, instead of mixing with the wrong company or not having people to take care of them. There are also many other activities being organised such as sports and adventure photographs on their notice board.

This Open House is probably something new for non-profit community service organisations (Especially the smaller ones) to get themselves more known to the society, to share and tell people what they have been doing and how they can help the needy people in Singapore, especially in the current climate whereby the income gap is getting bigger between the rich and the poor, the haves and have-nots. I personally believe such Open House is not meant to get them more fame and publicity, and I personally helped out small non-profit community service organisation before too. Therefore, I can empathise the difficulties and challenges that they faced to get more funding, volunteers, publicity and recognition to allow them to continue their ongoing non-profit community services provision to the needy ones especially.

The visit to FaithActs Open House 2011 also strikes a chord in me, that I have to return back to my alumni mata Dragon Scout Group and help out together with my fellow old boys at the non-profit community service organisation that we had been helping out over time.

P/S: Coming from my days as a Boy Scout with the Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, volunteering my time at non-profit community service agency is something that I can relate to, helping out at Flag Days of the community service organisations that the Dragon Scout Group had ties with and it’s a meaningful and noble activity that brought back many old boys to continue helping them out. Till today, while I am not as active like before, I would try to take the time off whenever there are Flag Days that my alumni mata, the Dragon Scout Group is helping the non-profit community service organisations.

Tradition of 89 Years and Still Going Strong

89 years old, founded 1922, rich, strong history and proud heritage, standing out among the rest of its peers. This organisation is Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, a strong extended family, tradition of 89 years and still going strong!

Attending the 89th Anniversary Campfire on 9th April 2011, it was back to school, back to Dragon Scouting and returning back to the roots and family where I learned so much from, although the age gap with the young boys and girls in the school does make it a potential generation gap, it’s the spirit, fire and love of Scouting that unites all young and old, that are related to the Dragon Scout Group family. The campfire is also a great time for the old boys and girls to come back and rekindle and reconnect with the extended Dragon Scout Group family networks.

Scouting is not just about fun, games and outdoor activities, it’s also about friendships and relationships that go beyond further than you can ever imagine, personal development in character and leadership growth. It was also an honour for me too, receiving my Centennial Silver Medal from my fellow Dragon Scout Group leader/senior (he was my leader when I was a Boy Scout in Dragon Scout Group), who is also the current Chief Commissioner of Singapore Scouts Association, Mr Tan Cheng Kiong. The Centennial Silver Medal was awarded to some of us folks from Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter who helped out at the Singapore Scout Jamboree in December 2010.

To all the boys and girls in Dragon Scouting family, wishing you all the best and Onward Dragon Scouts! Keep the Dragon Scouting fire and spirit burning strong, proud and bright!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Happy Founder’s Day !

22nd February – An important date for me since the day I entered the Scouting movement. Even though today I am not as active and not fully immersed into Scouting activities and management, with my alumni mata, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, I am always connected and keeping in touch with them, via projects, major events and through Dragon Chapter.

Looking back at my Scouting adventures, active for 6 years and the rest of the 15 years (and still counting) in a less active role, I am very grateful for what Scouting has taught me, from outdoor skills to leadership skills, that are very important in life (although sometimes not always use) and helped me a lot. The friendship and Dragon Scouting family bonding goes beyond words and description, with lifelong friendship still going on strong today.

Reading the Chief Commissioner’s Founder’s Day 2011 Message by Mr Tan Cheng Kiong (from Dragon Scout Group family too!), it’s a refreshing and great reminder message to all past and present scouts, making friends and maintaining harmonious relationships, the Scout Promise and Law that we abide by. Let’s keep this Scouting friendship burning strong and forever !

Wishing all Scouts especially Dragon Scouting Family ~ Happy Founder’s Day !

Once a Scout, Always a Scout !