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A Role Model of the Dragon Scout Group Family - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

There was a newspaper article recently that appeared on the newspaper print and online news portal, with the title “No ordinary lawyer would do this”. I saw the photograph of the lawyer and he was a familiar face, he’s a member of the Dragon Scout Group extended family / Dragon Chapter family, my senior, Thrumurgan.

I still remembered Thru when I first joined Dragon Scout Group during Secondary One, he took us for Scouting games, activities and learning Scouting skills. He was a Venture Scout, thus a senior Scout at that time. Thru went on to achieve the President Scout Award, the highest honour for a Venture Scout. During my Boy Scout to Venture Scout days, I had the opportunity to learn from my senior Thru (and many other seniors too) on various stages of my Scouting journey, his leadership, Scouting skills and knowledge were invaluable to me as a junior. Like Thru, he was a role model, like many of our seniors who came back to pass on the Dragon Scouting spirit, skills, knowledge and experience to the juniors.

Reading the news article, on what Thru had done for the young girl, it was like Wow! That’s something very noble and very heart warming, living up to the Scout Promise “To Help Other People”. What he did was beyond the call of duty, to give a second chance and to help people in society.

What does this story meant and significance for me as a fellow Dragon Chapter member? What does it meant for the current members of the Dragon Scout Group family and the young old boys and girls of the Dragon Chapter family?

Thru’s good deed to the society epitomise the Scouting spirit, to help people, to Pay-It-Forward and give back to society. I hope that this story would be able to motivate and encourage our young boys and girls to do good, Pay-It-Forward and give back to society when the time arises.

At my current juncture in life, I hope that I have done some good deeds and give back to society, in some way or another. I will continue to share, pass-it-on, pay-it-forward and mentor the juniors of the Dragon Scout Group and Dragon Chapter family.

Yes, I am still learning from my seniors of the Dragon Scout Group extended family and Dragon Chapter family.

Onward Dragon Scout!

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