Singtel partners Telkomsel to expand mobile money services

Singtel and Telkomsel recently announced that they are partnering to launch a new service, a real-time mobile remittance service to Indonesia.

In this current era of smartphone and mobile data usage, smartphone apps can be very handy to handle some of the daily routine or monthly routine matters at your finger tips with your smartphone and app, without having to be physically there in person to do the things.

Do spread this news on the real-time mobile remittance service by Singtel and Telkomsel and pass it on to your family, relatives, friends and colleagues if they need to remit cash back to Indonesia.

Let me share with you more information and details of the Singtel and Telkomsel partnership in real-time mobile remittance service to Indonesia –

Singtel and Telkomsel launched a real-time mobile remittance service to Indonesia. Offered by SingCash under the Singtel Dash brand, this service allows customers in Singapore to send money to PT Pos Indonesia’s 4,500 cash-out points (1) across the country via Weselpos Instan (2). This is an enhancement to the current facility that lets customers send money to Indonesian bank accounts.

The service was launched at Festival Rising50, the first concert event celebrating 50 years of Singapore and Indonesia bilateral ties. It marks the first time that Singtel and Telkomsel are collaborating on mobile money initiatives to drive innovation in both their markets.

According to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore, there are 200,000 Indonesians living and working in Singapore. Outward remittance from Singapore to Indonesia totals more than US$ 409 million yearly (3).

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “Indonesia is one of our main remittance corridors and we are pleased to partner Telkomsel to offer convenient and secure mobile remittance cash pick-up service for our Indonesian friends. Singtel Dash will continue to enhance the mobile payments experience for our customers and enable their digital lifestyles. We are also excited to contribute to Singapore’s journey to a Smart Nation by developing the mobile payments ecosystem in Singapore.”

Mr Ririek Adriansyah, Chief Executive Officer, Telkomsel, said, “Telkomsel’s partnership in Singtel’s remittance service is one effort to support our government in promoting financial inclusion for Indonesian people, especially the unbanked segment. Foreign remittance enables them to improve their quality of life as well as provide an opportunity to begin saving for the future. We believe every little effort to promote financial inclusion will also accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s economy.”

In line with their commitment to work together on smart money initiatives, the two leading telcos also announced future plans to offer mobile remittance to Telkomsel’s TCash, offering a complete mobile wallet-to-mobile wallet experience. They also plan to expand the number of cash pick-up points to GraPARI Telkomsel service centres, as well as PT Bank BRI branches in the second half of this year.

Singtel Dash is Singapore’s first all-in-one mobile payments solution that is available to everyone. It is the only mobile payments app that offers fast, secure and real-time mobile remittance services, supports in-store and online retail payments, as well as transit payments. Customers can enjoy paying with Singtel Dash for their taxi, bus and train rides, as well as at supermarkets, convenience stores and food courts.

Since its re-launch in May 2016, the number of Singtel Dash customers has grown to almost 500,000. The volume of monthly transactions has also doubled over the last six months.


(1) Kantor Pos (post office) branches operated by PT Pos Indonesia

(2) Weselpos Instan is a remittance product of PT Pos Indonesia

(3) Source: World Bank Bilateral Remittance Matrix 2015

* Information and details courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

Singtel offers ZoneAlarm Mobile Security app

Singtel mobile customers alert! If you are looking for a mobile security app for your smartphone, Singtel is offering ZoneAlarm Mobile Security app as a peace of mind for you Singtel mobile customers!

Let me share with you more information and details of the Singtel ZoneAlarm Mobile Security App from the press release information –

Singtel is collaborating with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd to offer ZoneAlarm Mobile Security, a world-class mobile security app that provides comprehensive protection from malware, hackers, WiFi attacks and other cyber threats.

Available for iOS and Android devices, ZoneAlarm performs detailed risk assessments by scanning installed apps[1], detecting unsafe WiFi networks and recommending the most secure WiFi hotspot options. It alerts users of suspicious processes running on their phones and protects their operating system from attacks.

“For convenience, many people keep their credit card details, passwords and other sensitive information on their mobile devices. Mobile security is more important than ever as cyber threats become more prevalent. With ZoneAlarm and other products in the new Singtel Mobile Protection suite, our customers can enjoy a worry-free experience for mobile banking, online shopping and web surfing,” said Ms Diana Chen, Vice President of Mobile Marketing, Singtel.

ZoneAlarm is available as a value-added service to all Singtel mobile postpaid customers at a special price of S$2.90 per month. It is available at a further discounted price of S$2.00 with any subscription of MobileSwop, Singtel’s device care add-on service.

Customers can sign up for ZoneAlarm via My Singtel app, or any Singtel Retail Shop.

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

Dash transforms every mobile phone into an ATM

SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank recently launched Dash, a ground-breaking mobile money service that revolutionises mobile commerce and banking. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration between a telco and a bank, Dash offers innovative solutions that update the way customers access, save or borrow money, make payments, and purchase insurance.

At launch, Dash offers three innovative mobile money solutions:

  • Dash Easy– a bundle of two accounts in one solution – a savings account seamlessly linked to a mobile cash account. Customers can download cash into their mobile phones to pay friends and businesses without the need to access an ATM.
  • Dash Advance – a personal loan facility which customers can apply through their mobile phones, any time.
  • Dash Abroad– a customisable mobile travel insurance service which offers customers the flexibility to pick and choose coverage options to meet their needs while on the go.


At the heart of the service is the user-friendly Dash mobile app for Apple and Android smartphones that allows customers to sign up and access these solutions seamlessly.

Mr Allen Lew, SingTel’s CEO Group Digital Life, said: “Dash is centred round the lifestyle needs and habits of a mobile Internet generation who are used to downloading information and content on the go.  With Dash, we are offering them an unprecedented experience by allowing cash to be downloaded into their phones as well.

“But Dash is more than that; it is a suite of mobile money services which integrates three important components – mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile shopping.By bringing together players in the banking, telecommunications and retail sectors, we are able to deliver a differentiating experience for consumers in terms of convenience, ease of use and accessibility. We are pleased to partner Standard Chartered, as well as the myriad of partners on our platform, to make Dash available to every mobile user.”

Mr Som Subroto, Standard Chartered’s Regional Head of Retail Clients, ASEAN, said: “At Standard Chartered, we have three guiding principles when we develop a new product: It has to be relevant to the customer; it has to be secure and it has to be innovative. Dash is a great example. We are always seeking ways to make banking simpler and more convenient for them. As device sophistication and network speed have increased over the years, so have consumers’ expectations of usability and service. We are delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate with SingTel, to conceptualise Dash and make banking even more convenient and relevant for everyone.

“Dash harnesses the power of technology and analytics to make the customer experience more intuitive, seamless and delightful, while ensuring that transactions remain safe, secure and confidential. This is just the beginning and I am excited to see how Dash will evolve.”

Dash updates the way you access money

Available to subscribers of all local mobile operators, Dash Easy is the first solution of its kind in Singapore that allows customers to download cash from a savings account directly into their mobile phones to pay friends and businesses. Customers no longer have to queue at ATMs to withdraw money.


Dash updates the way you pay friends

Dash Easy reinvents the way person-to-person payments are made, through a unique, patent-pending technology that mimicks physical cash transfer. With a swipe, customers can instantly transfer money from their phone to their friends’ phones, making it as reassuring as handing over cash itself. Alternatively, transfers can be made to anyone in their contact list.

01 Top-up

Dash updates the way you pay for goods and services

Dash has partnered retail industry leaders to create a vibrant, next-generation mobile commerce community. With Dash Easy, customers can make secure payments at more than 20,000 acceptance points islandwide, including retail outlets, convenience stores, food courts and cafes, progressively rolled out in 2014. Customers will also be able to pay for their Comfort, SMRT and Prime taxi fares, without the usual administrative fees. To ensure that payments are secure, seamless and fast, Dash uses a patent-pending technology that integrates the mobile device with the merchants’ point of sale systems.

04 Pay Business

Dash updates the way you save
Dash is the first mobile financial service in Singapore where customers are invited to be co-creators. For example, customers play an active role in determining the interest rate of Dash Easy Savings Account by participating in a unique social media promotion. By including the #needsanupdate hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts, customers can bump up the interest rate on their account to one per cent per annum.

05 Banking


Dash updates the way you borrow money and buy travel insurance
With Dash Advance, customers can use the Dash app to apply for personal loans without having to visit a branch or speak to a bank officer. Dash Abroad offers a unique customisable travel insurance plan that gives customers the flexilibity to pick-and-choose coverage options to meet their needs.

Many more updates to come
Dash features will be regularly updated and enhanced, and customers can look forward to more exciting products, features and payment acceptance points in the coming months. They can submit their suggestions on new app features and enhancements via the Dash website, as well as recommend the businesses to be added to the list of supported partners.

Signing up is easy
Customers do not need to visit a bank branch or print copies of their NRIC, as all necessary personal details and documentation can be uploaded through the app.  For a limited time, customers will receive a complimentary S$10 welcome bonus, ready to be used, upon the successful sign up and opening of the Dash mobile cash account.

For more information, please visit

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of SingTel *

SingTel WePlay

SingTel recently launched WePlay, your personalised mobile games store from SingTel. Through WePlay, SingTel will be able to offer customers a custom social gaming experience tailored to gamers with the latest and most popular Android mobile games such as Candy Crush, Acorn Buster, Fruit Ninjas and many more! Smartphones are now a common and somehow an integral part of our internet/socially connected lifestyle in work and leisure. Games are popular among smartphone users and gaming is a form of entertainment for themselves, it also forms part of the social interaction between friends. Mobile is a very big and expanding market sector, it is projected to increase their revenues from US$8.8b in 2012 to US$14.4b in 2017!

WePlay is FREE ! Moreover, it is already installed on most upcoming SingTel Android devices. WePlay can also be downloaded for free through Google Play. WePlay allows SingTel customers to easily download and play the latest mobile games with their friends. Gamers are able to access multiple social features like social recommendations, friend invites, leader boards, achievements and brags. WePlay uses a customisation recommendation engine that takes into account your gaming. WePlay analyses your gaming habits and recommends Android games for you!

WePlay is only available for phones with Android 4.0 and above with a SingTel subscription. WePlay has now been launched in Singapore and will soon be introduced in Indonesia, followed by other SingTel Group markets. All games purchases can be made through SingTel and subscribers can bill their purchases, including in-app purchases to their SingTel subscription.

If you love gaming, do remember to check out WePlay!


Source: SingTel WePlay website

* Information Courtesy of WePlay, SingTel and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide *

Introducing Loop & Meet by Singtel

The exciting and fun world of events, leisure, fun and excitement today can be found easily at the hands of our finger tips with the capabilities of smartphones, social media and the internet. Finding them sometimes can be easy or difficult, however, finding, gathering and organising your friends to join you in your outing can be sometimes a hassle even with tools such as Whatsapp, e.g. organising a movie, telling your friends via a Group Whatsapp chat box, which movie to watch, when and where.

How about using an mobile application to organise, share and chat with your friends and family members ? Introducing this app called Loop & Meet by Singtel, that allows you to do all the above things in an app! You can discover fun activities, events and places to go, organise it, send out invitations to your friends quickly and easily without having to go through your emails and text messages. There are many events that can be browsed through from, that have been categorised for easy browsing and selection such as movies, festivals, leisure, music etc.  The service allows users to invite their friends via SMS or email. Recipients can then use the SMS and web platforms to confirm attendance and chat with registered users, even if they have not installed the app. Loop & Meet will help to track the responses and send invitees reminders if they do not respond. This will make it easier for all users to keep track of the full event itinerary, time, place and attendees.

During the event presentation by Singtel, our friends had a interesting time testing out the app and chatting with the Singtel folks and developers, sharing our thoughts, ideas and views. This app looks and works great and we are looking forward to further enhancements into the categories for us and our friends to plan and organise events/outings/gatherings. One example of using the Loop & Meet app is, you want to watch a movie, go the movie listings, find your movie that you want to watch, the timing at which cinema, create event and invite your friends!

You can download the Loop & Meet app here –


Google Play

The Loop & Meet is a combination of (many) events/activities searching along with communication channels and platform (like a Whatsapp group chat). This allows easy viewing of the events/activities details and locations for your family/friends to view and participate. Go quickly download the Loop & Meet app ! Have fun organising and planning your events/activities/gatherings with the Loop & Meet app!

Browse through hundreds of things to do in Singapore, categorised for easy browsing.

Organise your social calendar by creating events with your friends. You can also view what events you have been invited to.

See the details to the events and who else is invited. Track who’s going and shout out to the group.