The exciting and fun world of events, leisure, fun and excitement today can be found easily at the hands of our finger tips with the capabilities of smartphones, social media and the internet. Finding them sometimes can be easy or difficult, however, finding, gathering and organising your friends to join you in your outing can be sometimes a hassle even with tools such as Whatsapp, e.g. organising a movie, telling your friends via a Group Whatsapp chat box, which movie to watch, when and where.

How about using an mobile application to organise, share and chat with your friends and family members ? Introducing this app called Loop & Meet by Singtel, that allows you to do all the above things in an app! You can discover fun activities, events and places to go, organise it, send out invitations to your friends quickly and easily without having to go through your emails and text messages. There are many events that can be browsed through from, that have been categorised for easy browsing and selection such as movies, festivals, leisure, music etc.  The service allows users to invite their friends via SMS or email. Recipients can then use the SMS and web platforms to confirm attendance and chat with registered users, even if they have not installed the app. Loop & Meet will help to track the responses and send invitees reminders if they do not respond. This will make it easier for all users to keep track of the full event itinerary, time, place and attendees.

During the event presentation by Singtel, our friends had a interesting time testing out the app and chatting with the Singtel folks and developers, sharing our thoughts, ideas and views. This app looks and works great and we are looking forward to further enhancements into the categories for us and our friends to plan and organise events/outings/gatherings. One example of using the Loop & Meet app is, you want to watch a movie, go the movie listings, find your movie that you want to watch, the timing at which cinema, create event and invite your friends!

You can download the Loop & Meet app here –


Google Play

The Loop & Meet is a combination of (many) events/activities searching along with communication channels and platform (like a Whatsapp group chat). This allows easy viewing of the events/activities details and locations for your family/friends to view and participate. Go quickly download the Loop & Meet app ! Have fun organising and planning your events/activities/gatherings with the Loop & Meet app!

Browse through hundreds of things to do in Singapore, categorised for easy browsing.

Organise your social calendar by creating events with your friends. You can also view what events you have been invited to.

See the details to the events and who else is invited. Track who’s going and shout out to the group.

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