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Books Recommendation From The Library

I was surfing through this news portal, a great site of various local Singapore news collection and I came across this article contribution on

Picks from the library: Personal Finance” by Ambika Raghavan, Senior Reference Librarian, National Library. The recommendations were :

Handbook for Stock Investors
Authors: Goh, Kheng Chuan.
Publisher: Singapore : Rank Books, 2008.
Call Number: RSING 332.6322095957 GOH
Available at National Library

Financial Bliss: a Couple’s Guide To Merging Money Styles And Building a Rich Life Together
Author: Holzer, Bambi.
Publisher: New York : AMACOM, American Management Association, 2007.
Call Number: RBUS 332.024008655 HOL
Available at National Library

Lifelines for Money Misfortunes : How To Overcome Life’s Greatest Challenges
Author: Pollan, Stephen M.
Publisher: Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, 2008.
Call Number: RBUS 332.024 POL
Available at National Library

I personally this initative is awesome ! This would get more people to start reading regularly and the recommended books would give people greater knowledge in managing their financial situation and thus increasing their financial literacy. Financial knowledge is wide and diversified, these three books are just part of it.

The level of financial literacy needs to be improved as Singapore surge towards to be a world class financial hub, every one of us need to raise our financal knowledge and literacy too, by growing together along with it. It’s also a very important form of overall planning for yourself, for your future.

Poor money management for couples along with communication and misaligned goals and objectives planning for the family is something that could lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, it is very crucial and extremely important for a couple (with or without children, extended family) to sit down, discuss, plan and execute their planning for their financial future for themselves and their future generations with an independent financial consultant.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail ………………… Do you plan to fail in your retirement years without sufficient retirement funds ? Do you want to take action ?

4 thoughts on “Books Recommendation From The Library

  • I know nothing about Personal Finance.:(

  • You know it horrifies me how terribly the world is in debt. I know as I grew up I had to save up to buy my own things and was taught not to buy things unless I had the money.

    I think you’re absolutely right, we need to plan and save for our futures!

  • Hi iWalk,

    I can help you in managing your personal finance because I am a qualified independent financial consultant !

  • Hi Lauren

    Nice to see you here ! Thanks for dropping by & leaving your kind comments !

    The amount of debt in other countries are beyond our imagination, if everybody in the world learns and play a part to plan & grow their finances, it might help change the debt situation.

    Glad that you would start to plan & save for your future!

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