Relocating your business and all your tech

Finding that you have to relocate your business either through growth or rental issues can be a real headache and not only from the point of view of the relocation itself. It can be difficult when it comes to finding that other location and then the problem with staff as well as protecting all your business tech and heavy equipment.

Moving business premises is not something that should be decided on in a heartbeat but a decision that should be considered from every angle and not just from the boss’s point of view.

Finding location

Depending on how established your business is and what your business actually does will depend on the type of site that you are looking for. If budgets are tight, then looking at prime locations may not be an option, and this is perfectly ok.

With most businesses operating and relying mainly on the internet for locating their customers as well as their suppliers, location is not as important as perhaps it once was unless, of course, you want to use it as a status symbol of how well your business is doing.

This is all well and good if you have lots of customers traipsing through your doors day in and day out. However, if you do not, you could just be wasting money on an unnecessarily expensive rent.

Moving equipment

Moving equipment may not be an as bigger issue as you think. There are plenty of moving businesses out there that would be happy to oblige you and give you a quote, but when it comes to heavy equipment transport, you may need the help of other professionals.

You can get the cheapest shipping quotes by using the services of a shipping broker, which will also save you valuable time, entering your details once in order to get multiple quotes from various businesses that will be happy to help you in getting your business equipment from A to B with no stress or hassle.

Enticing your employees to stay with you

Of course, when you are thinking of moving your business, you will also have to think about your employees and whether they will be willing to relocate with you if you are moving some distance.

With the modern way of working, hybrid or remotely for office staff, this then becomes a much easier decision. However, when it comes to manufacturing staff, there could be more issues attached.

Hiring a whole new workforce is an expensive idea, especially if you are going to have to train them before they can be let loose on any of your products. New trainees will be slow at first. Learning tricks of any trade does take time, especially if there are no experienced employees to learn from. Then you have the other issue of if you take some experienced employees with you, how happy are they going to be about teaching others to take their colleagues places should their colleagues not have been given the same opportunity as they received in relocating. Think about this carefully before you move.

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