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PayKey at CommunicAsia 2019 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

I would like to ask a few questions, how many bank apps do you have in your smartphone? Do you have other mobile wallet payment apps as well? Do you feel that at times, even though you have those apps, they sometimes don’t “talk” to each other that well? After I met PayKey at CommunicAsia 2019, had a chat with them and learned more about PayKey’s Social Telco Solution ™, I reckon that PayKey is going to change the way we access and use financial services.

With our world today being heavily connected by smartphones and social media, there are a lot of time and activities being done on our smartphones, while on the move, at work or during our leisure time. Performing payments, banking activities are getting more common on our smartphones. The frustration for some of us would be, there might be too many mobile payment wallets used by different people, it can be a hassle and frustration when paying/transferring money from you to another person.

PayKey is the Social Telco Solution that comes into play, they fits into companies existing framework, they are not another app. They can help banks, telecommunications and e-wallets with their customer satisfaction and engagement, giving users to access key financial services on their smartphone from any app. PayKey transforms the smartphone keyboard into a new channel for financial services and communication through the various social media applications available in the market.

I was given a demonstration by PayKey at CommunicAsia 2019, on using PayKey from social media apps, making a payment to another person, without even having to open the bank’s app. Check out PayKey’s video on how their Social Telco Solution works – PayKey’s Telco Solution – As unveiled in MWC! We also had a good and interesting chat on the mobile payment space around the world, the current trends and future opportunities especially in serving those that do no have access to banking services and facilities.

PayKey’s Telco Solution – As unveiled in MWC!

PayKey’s telco solution – as unveiled in MWC! from PayKey on Vimeo.

PayKey has a number of big international banks on board, when you visit their website, you are able to view their customers on board. In Singapore, UOB is currently implementing the PayKey Social Telco Solution, in my chat with the folks from PayKey at CommunicAsia 2019, I got to learn more about their expansion progress in Singapore and I hope that their PayKey Social Telco Solution would come on board to the other banks and telecommunications companies in Singapore, in the near future!

Check out the UOB MyKey Commercial below

PayKey Customer: UOB MyKey Commercial from PayKey on Vimeo.

Many and more changes are coming to the e-wallet, financial services space, along with the upcoming rise of digital banks around the world. Telecommunications and other technology firms are coming into play in this financial services and payment gateway services. PayKey, a Social Telco Solution, might just be the solution for the different (old and new) financial services players around the world to “communicate” and “transact” with each other without any hassles, giving consumers and companies a peace of mind, trust, confidence and accessibility when dealing with payments and financial services.

Check out The PayKey Story below

The PayKey Story from PayKey on Vimeo.

For more information on PayKey, check them out below


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