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Rise in Cyberattacks in wake of Covid-19 - NTT Ltd Monthly Threat Report - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Covid-19 virus outbreak has caused massive impacts to the world economy and daily living, there has been a significant rise in Cyberattacks in wake of Covid-19 – NTT Ltd (World-leading global technology services company) Monthly Threat Report that was recently released in April 2020. With an increase in people working from home (WFH) as well as home-based learning (HBL) for the school children, hackers can exploit Covid-19 related panic, along with vulnerabilities created by WFH and HBL.

For businesses and individuals as well, cybersecurity is getting more important and crucial over the years. The Covid-19 situation is opening up this cybersecurity and protection space more than ever, along with its increased cyber threats and attacks. The NTT Ltd Monthly Threat Report can be found here inside this NTT Ltd press room article.

There have been recent cyberattacks, some are information-stealing malware built into a fake World Health Organization (WHO) information app, phishing emails have offered in-demand items including face masks, hand sanitiser and Covid-19 tests. There have also been high-profile attacks launched against hospitals, WHO and a Covid-19 test centre.

In response to the rise in attacks launched by cyber criminals seeking to exploit panic caused by the pandemic, NTT Ltd. will provide qualifying hospitals battling the Coronavirus with cybersecurity Incident Response support at no cost, if an incident occurs.

Beginning on World Health Day, Tuesday 7 April, for 60 days hospitals across the UK and Ireland, Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore will be able to use its cybersecurity Incident Response services. Following an assessment, the service will include remote deployment of NTT’s Incident Response tools and then focus on containment and remediation of the attack.

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When the Covid-19 situation is under control, WFH and HBL might be a part of our daily life in the near future, the economy, market, businesses and individuals would change, the way we work, telecommute, communicate and study. While how much this would change and impact how we work, telecommute and study in the near future, cybersecurity importance and significance has definitely risen.

Be safe, practice safe social distancing, remember to practice cybersecurity safety while you WFH or HBL.

* Information courtesy of NTT Ltd and Lewis *

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