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Are You Enthusiastic ? - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Are you enthusiastic enough in the things that you do everyday ?

Enthusiasm is a dynamic quality, like a whirlwind and it can be aquired. By exercising enthusiasm, it can mean the ONLY difference between achieving the goals that you set and failure. In the quest to achieve your goal, enthusiasm is not sufficient as a standalone, it cannot replace skills, training and experience, therefore, you need to learn strategies and its application.

The World Number 1 product you are selling is YOU !

To achieve enthusiasm, there is a 4 Step Exercise –

(1) Care About Something Deeply – Caring about something is the great warm up exercise to developing enthusiasm. Set yourself a fun goal, making it a fun thing, exercising enthusiasm to achieve the goals that you set.

(2) Get Excited Out Loud – SInging out loud and making yourself happy everyday, gets you excited and enthusiastic, it is electrifying and contagious.

(3) Use a Battery Charger – By helping one another to recharge each other’s “battery” when it is low, the sparks will ignite more sparks. An enthusiastic person is a great battery charger and you must be one yourself.

(4) See Life As a Kid – Look at the world around you with wide open eyes, like a young kind expecting many different wonders and surprises, anticipating the day.

Let’s all stay enthusiastic and infect people around us with our enthusiasm, making our own world and the world around us a much better place to live and work in !

(Adapted from “How to SELL Yourself”, Chapter FIVE: Exercising Enthusiasm, by Joe Girard)

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  1. Hi Laarni

    Nice to see you here on my blog ! Do drop by often !

    Always be enthusiastic in every thing you do !

    Nice blog you have, keep blogging & sharing !

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