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Initial Experiences with Windows 7 Ultimate !

It had been a few days since my Windows 7 Ultimate was successfully installed on my Macbook, using Boot Camp without any major hassles or hiccups. How’s my initial experiences with Windows 7 Ultimate so far ? It had been pretty good and I am really happy with its features and interface.

Microsoft dedicated a lot of resources for consumers to have a better understanding of Windows 7 with its interactive, engaging and friendly websites, to learn, know and enjoy their Windows 7 experiences. Personally for me, I had not fully explored the entire features of Windows 7, nevertheless, I would share with them some of those that impressed me.

  • Boot up speed ~ Comparing with XP & Vista, Windows 7 is much faster than their 2 counterparts and their start up is pretty good, not as slow as the other 2 previous Windows OS.
  • Customisation of Desktop Background ~ Different desktop backgrounds changing every few minutes, would definitely by attracting a lot of attention. With my photographs collections, this would make my photography portfolio a strong marketing attraction !
  • Side task bar at the bottom left segment ~ Just bring your mouse pointer over them and see how much it had changed, less cluttered and clean !
  • Side notification bar at the bottom right ~ Cleaner and less cluttered !

That’s a lot more features to be explored in Windows 7 ! Do stay tuned as I explore and share my Windows 7 experiences further !

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