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Ah Boys to Men – Opening 8 Nov 2012

The rite of National Service (NS) is a passage most males in Singapore will go through, the trainings, challenges, ups and downs, the physical and mental training. Our NS journey is something special and unique that many of us Singaporean males can share very passionately, deeply and emotionally, in our hearts, minds and souls. During a recent movie production shoot at Robinson Road, I was invited to the movie production set and given a close up visit and feel of the filming actions taking place. The story “Something Happened at Robinson Road !! (It’s AH BOYS to MEN in Action lah)” showcased our interesting time spent at Jack Neo’s movie production set for the movie Ah Boys to Men !!

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow NSmen, look no further, Ah Boys to Men is officially opening on the 8th November 2012 at a cinema near you! Here’s the official trailer!

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