I was already planning to write a personal post here, my mind was filled with thoughts, happenings and views. However, before I could pen down all of them, my mind was thrown off the tracks by a sad news that I received, on the passing of a senior scout master from Hawaii, a mentor, a leader, a friend. My thoughts, feelings and emotions were diverted away for a while, thus this post got delayed a bit.

The current situation at this juncture in time is things are not getting easier, slowing down of the economy in Singapore and around the world, disruption in our jobs and daily life. This period is a lot about adapting and changing for the new future ahead.

Making business plans, strategies, partnerships and collaborations, getting advice from business owners of other industries, the bits and pieces of the finance and administration portion of running a sole proprietorship. Some didn’t even take off the discussion stage, some went on to a collaboration stage. Things and planning take time, people don’t see it, the “blood, sweat and tears”, hard work and usage of brain juice behind the scenes. It took me about 6 months to get myself out the mess, picked myself up from the rock bottom, and started all the planning and strategies, mostly on my own, with help and wisdom from friends who went all out to help and advice me without putting me down.

This is also another reminder that it’s time to put away and chuck away into a galaxy far far away, of the stress, hurt, disappointment and rock bottom period that I went through. This life lesson must not be forgotten, it will be and must be learned, digested and not to be repeated ever on other people under you in the future when I grow my business.

Some friends words hurt, e.g. when I told some friends I am taking on 2 jobs (photography business and marketing work) that currently don’t bring in money, one said “why are you so stupid to take on 2 jobs that don’t earn money?” Sigh … Some people don’t even seek to understand first (never ever probably). Another friend commented “Why are you slow in setting up and opening your sole proprietorship business” … Opening and setting up a business, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited or private limited, no simple words to describe the overall process, it’s never as simple as it might sound. Damn, it’s so tough and challenging.

I am also very grateful to a primary school classmate, her husband runs his own business and is a sole proprietor. When I approached her for accounting/finance advice, she did not hesitate to share her knowledge and experiences with me because she helped her husband in his sole proprietor business. She knew exactly what I am going through. Her tips and advice were priceless, it got me to my drawing board again, that the additional things that I needed to do.

The best advice she gave me was that I have only 2 hands, cannot cover so many mouths of others but my 2 hands can cover my own ears and don’t care what people say.

As long as I am working hard, trying hard, taking on the challenges ahead, one step at a time, nobody can fault me for trying and making an effort to take on this challenge or even put me down.

A mentor that I looked upon when I was in my previous industry, she said “change the word to opportunities from failure”. Words of wisdom, it’s time to rewire my brain, mindset, heart and soul.

I went for a night run on Monday 26th September, in preparation for my upcoming The Performance Series Run 4 at Bedok Reservoir. After finishing my short 2.4km run, I stopped by the West Coast Park Promenade, enjoying the sea breeze, listening to the waves hitting the breakwater, resting and relaxing. I looked up above the sky and I spotted shining stars above me. This is not a common sight due to the amount of light pollution Singapore has. The shining twinkle twinkle little stars are like a blessing. Maybe somebody above is watching over me, maybe it is someone.

Alright, the final bits and pieces for the initial start are almost in place. Once it get started, more challenges might (and will) appear.

Inspired by Jedi Master Yoda, “Begun the new journey I am, a new chapter I start.”

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